• Fame 3rd season
    Because the 1st and 2nd season is already out on DVD i think the fame series should continue to be brought out on DVD BOX SET until it is finished.
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  • Make it compulsory to have a dog licence for ownership and breeding. Ban the BSL
    Too many people are getting dogs and seeing them as possessions or "money makers" by over breeding them for some easy cash or using the as "status dogs" using them to fight. When a dog is so cheap to buy, people are buying them then realizing they didn't want one in the first place. People are getting dogs free from people and selling them on. They are now treated as something with no value, as easy as if they were selling a mobile phone. This leads to unwanted dogs clogging up the kennels taking up time and money because of irresponsible owners. By making everyone licence their dog, this would weed out people who actually care and love their dogs. By having a breeding licence with vet check and behavioral expert, this will stamp out deformities caused through inbreeding and stop the aggressive gene passing on to the next generation, thus reducing the risk dramatically of "dangerous dogs". It is very important for the BSL to be banned as no dog should be targeted and killed because of what breed it is. You wouldn't go and jail or kill all murderers children because of what their parents did... so why do it to a dog? It can't help that it was born and there is no proof to say that dog will grow up aggressive. This should be abolished and every dog tested separately and treated as individual cases. If you really wanted to stop dangerous dogs and the suffering of dogs happening all across the UK, there is no excuse. Act now and stop the suffering!
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  • Help UK DVD publishers withstand the revised Video Recordings Act
    Right now, Britain has some of the most exciting and inventive independent DVD labels in the world, companies doing everything from producing definitive editions of arthouse classics to rescuing the forgotten treasures of British film. The Government has changed the Video Recording Act so that any 'documentary' material that includes clips of films that would be rated higher than a U (including clips that have already been classified) will no longer be exempt from classification. This means greatly increased costs and the potential end of extras-laden releases. It therefore threatens the very existence of the independent DVD publishing sector who rely on these editions to make purchasing a legal edition attractive, thus combating piracy. More details are available in MovieMail's story: http://www.moviemail.com/blog/news/1974-BBFC-changes-A-major-threat-to-indie-DVD-labels/
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  • Abolish the Work Programme (WP)
    This is important because the General Public of the UK are not being given a fair and accurate picture of the clear failure of the WP to provide what the public are paying for through their taxes. People are not fully aware of the "sanctioning regime", seemingly endorsed by the DWP Provider Guidance Notes and the detrimental impact it is having on the health and well being of many of the most vulnerable people in society. These tactics are actually creating barriers to work, rather than removing them. People should be aware that the DWP Provider Guidance is constantly being updated to strip the unemployed of their rights under the Data Protection Act 1998. It is also being used as a license to cut welfare expenditure by providing more avenues and extra guidance on how to issue more sanctions against WP participants. There is more information contained within the DWP Provider Guidance relevant to sanctioning people correctly, than there is information relative to helping people back into suitable full time employment. Where are our priorities? For too long now, our government has discredited the unemployed in the UK, creating a negative stereotype for everyone on benefits, including those who are doing their utmost to find work with very little support from this Work Programme. Two contentions are being widely overlooked here: a) Jobseeker's allowance is a taxable income b) No person would be able to claim anything from the welfare/benefit safety net, if they could not prove on a regular basis that they are doing everything they can to find suitable full time employment From reading the DWP Statistics, this is what they should say: 1.41 million people have partaken in the work programme 16.6% managed to find work regardless of whether this work was found through the WP or not 22,000 people – that’s 1.5% - managed to stay in employment long enough for the WP provider to claim the maximum amount of job sustainment payments. 219,000 people, roughly 15% have returned to the Jobcentre still looking for work after being on the Work Programme for over 104 weeks. [source: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/work-programme-statistical-summary-december-2013] It is clear from interpretation of the evidence that the success rate has been approximately 1.5%. The ‘corollary’ is that the failure rate has been 98.5%. The DWP Provider Guidance: 8. Providers are required to present all of their customers with a leaflet explaining the Departmental position in respect of consent to contact an individual’s employer. (A fair processing notice) 9. DWP now has a designation order in place that allows the Department and Providers to contact the customer’s employer directly to validate employment details for the above benefit groups. 10. There is no longer a requirement for you to obtain customer consent to allow DWP to contact a customer’s employer or for you to contact an employer in connection with Outcome or Sustainment payments. 11. You may also share this information with the Department for Work and Pensions. [Source: Chapter 9, Work Programme Provider Guidance] This begs the question – of the 1.5% of participants that did find suitable full time employment, how many of these people found the jobs themselves, only for the WP to take the credit and get paid, even in cases where the WP provided no assistance whatsoever? This failure has come at great cost to the tax-payer, and it seems people are generally misinformed and are allowing 'celebrities' to dominate the discourse on welfare reforms, rather than listening to those of us who are already on the receiving end. No moral conscience can simply walk on by and allow the suffering of their comrades. "When a complaint is freely heard, deeply considered and speedily reformed, then is the utmost bound of civil liberty attained, that wise men look for" (Milton, 1644) Please note that, not being experienced myself in the realms of ESA benefits, I don't feel that I qualify enough to really discuss that in much detail. But what I can say is that there was a risk highlighted by the National Audit Office upon the introduction of the Work Programme that people who the WPP's deem "easier to help back into employment" will always receive the help first. This is because the WPP's are paid on a target basis and by helping those who they deem easiest to help first, they can achieve their targets more easily and hence get paid more readily. THIS RISK IS NOT BEING MANAGED PROPERLY. The reasons the WP have provided for not managing this risk at all is that they "treat everybody equally", however in reality, this is clearly not the case and my argument is supported by the official statistics. It follows then, that if you are a person who needs extra help to find employment, unfortunately the WPP will get round to helping you last. This is disgraceful, it is unfair and it is unethical.
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  • Save Little Oasis DIY Skatepark
    On Thursday 27th March, Thanet council bulldozed our local community built skatepark with no notice, now they need to work with the local community to re-build it. Thousands of locals have spent time using this free community facility. Skating can bring together communities and encourage a positive outlook on life. If we work with Clive Hart we could create a safe family friendly community resource in one of the most deprived areas in England. https://secure.38degrees.org.uk/page/-/CBY/CBY-thanet_skate_crowd.jpg You can read more about the council bulldozing the community skate park here: http://www.thanetgazette.co.uk/Fury-council-bulldoze-popular-skate-park/story-20860112-detail/story.html https://secure.38degrees.org.uk/page/-/CBY/CBY_thanet_skate.jpg
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  • Ken dodd for Knighthood
    Because he has stayed true to his roots and fights for local campaigns
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  • Bomber Command Clasp
    This change is important because it impacts the lives of those few remaining souls who bravely fought for our freedom. Many thousands of their comrades died paying the ultimate sacrifice so that people like you and me could enjoy a life in relative peace, have the ability to receive justice and live as we wish.
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  • Take away the world cup final from Russia.
    We must fight bullies wherever we find them
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    Created by Jim Wingham
  • Bring in VIDEO EVIDENCE to help Referees
    Wrong decisions are causing Clubs to lose points, and therefore could cost them millions in lost revenue in the future, players are being suspended because of wrong decisions and cheats are getting away with their antics. Managers could lose their jobs because of Refereeing mistakes, it only takes a second or two to get the decision right. The Referees need this help because they too can be demoted etc for these wrong decisions we are seeing all too frequently lately. The F.A. needs to act now or millions could be lost by relegation, Managers lose their jobs and Referees are castigated and demoted.We are now in the 21st Century, Rugby uses this system so why not Football. Please vote for VIDEO EVIDENCE, it can only help all Clubs.
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  • Decriminilize and regulate the supply, cultivation and consumption of cannabis
    Thousands of doctors and patients across the world have confirmed that cannabis is an effective medicine that can treat and cure a number of problems from aches and pains and sleeping problems to cancer. cannabis has a ridiculously small negaitive impact on communities compared to alcohol and tobacco. millions of pounds are spent every year by the police and courts processing 'criminals' found in possession of small amounts of cannabis. thousands of people are taking up space in prison for cannabis related 'crimes'. cannabis can cause significant amount more damage to peoples health when criminals are able to weigh it down with glass, plastic, sand and chemicals. hundreds of millions in tax could be collected yearly. tax made could be used to counter serious drug addiction. massive boost in tourism.
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  • No three-storey care home on Penns Lane
    ***The developer is now applying for planning permission for a third time; his first two applications were unanimously rejected as inappropriate. However, for this application, the council have neglected to send out notification letters to nearby residents, and have scheduled the consultation to end on February 7th, leaving very little time to object. Please sign and share widely!*** This development has already had a serious impact on the local area and community. Two large and attractive houses have been demolished, and a huge number of trees uprooted during the clearance of the site, many of which were subject to tree preservation orders. The proposed development will fill the whole of a site surrounded on all sides by residential properties. Windows on three sides will overlook residents' gardens, removing any hope of privacy. Due to its entirely inappropriate height, the development will also cast these gardens into shadow for the majority of the day. Additionally, the development poses a real threat to the safety of road users in Penns Lane, situated, as it is, just metres from the junction of Penns Lane and Orphanage Road/Beech Hill Road – a known accident blackspot. Penns Lane is an extremely busy thoroughfare – statistics say 12000 cars use the road each week day. Parking provision is inadequate, and this will cause visitors and staff to use the narrow pavement to park vehicles, blocking a newly installed bicycle lane and dangerously narrowing the road for car drivers. Penns Lane has always been a pleasant residential area, with peaceful, private gardens. The proposed development is completely out of character for the neighbourhood, both in terms of architecture and function, and would destroy the quality of life currently enjoyed by residents. New Planning Application Number: 2015/10407/PA For more information, and to comment on the proposal visit: https://eplanning.birmingham.gov.uk/Northgate/PlanningExplorer/PLComments.aspx?pk=781541 and submit the number above. Consultation ends 7/2/15
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  • Save North Devon Record Office and Local Studies Centre
    Devon is a large county and the present North Devon Record Office and Local Studies Centre provides a local and family history facility covering a wide geographic area for both local people and visitors from across the world. These customers and visitors also contribute to the local economy in terms of heritage tourism as they research their ancestors in the place of their origin. The current proposal, based on a service point model dependent on online resources, without knowledgeable staff and only occasional access to original documents, is not fit for purpose and will result in a diminution of quality of service and a consequent inequality of opportunity between North and the rest of Devon.
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    Created by Polly Peachum