For close to a decade, Isabella cleaned ex-immigration MP Mark Harper's home for £22 per week - as well as a number of other politicians. When her undocumented status was revealed, she became a pawn in a political point scoring battle and the focus of a national media campaign which resulted in Mark Harper resigning. As none of the MPs that Isabella worked for were criminalised, the same spirit of kindness ought to be immediately extended to the hard working Acevedo family. We’re asking Theresa May, the Home Secretary, to do the honourable thing and grant citizenship to this lady and her family, whose lives have been turned upside down by this whole affair. Isabella Acevedo has since been forced into hiding, her family is being torn apart and they are facing destitution having lost their income. The hard working Acevedo family have spent close to 15 years in London - building a modest life. During this time, Isabella never had any sick pay, never had any holiday pay and earned less the minimum wage. Despite the difficulty, she was able to provide for her small family and create a home and life in London. All of this is now at risk of being destroyed as result of the damaging politics of Theresa May and Mr Harper. Please sign this petition and support the Acevedo family in their struggle to stay together, to keep a roof over their heads and food on their plates. More information: http://legaldefencefund.wordpress.com/about/ ** A campaign to stand with Isabella Acevedo and others in similar circumstances was collectively launched in February. Supporters include: No One Is Illegal; Campaign Against The Criminalisation Of Communities; National Coalition Of Anti-Deportation Campaigns; Tawantinsuyu Nation; Myrdle Court Press; Defend The Right To Protest; Precarious Workers Brigade; Unity In The Community; Movimiento Ecuador en el Reino Undio Meru; This Is Not A Gateway; 3 Cosas Campaign; Movimiento Jaguar Despierto; Justice For Domestic Workers; Latin American Women's Aid; El Telefono De La Esperanza UK
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  • Save the Bombed Out Church in Liverpool.
    The Bombed Out Church is an Iconic Space in the City of Liverpool; it represents many of the struggles of the City over decades. It's not a simple a shell - It is a living, working monument to the people of Liverpool.
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  • Keep Britain Tidy
    Every day here in the UK it seems the litter problem is getting wore and worse, we need to take a stand against the government to help promote anti litter campaigns and raise awareness around littering, to enforce littering fines and target serial littering.
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  • Get more Beatles' shows on BBC radio, such as the Beatles and beyond show
    Although rock and roll came from the USA the Beatles made it possible for British performers to write and perform their own music, and therefore it is vitally important not to forget the important Beatles' legacy to British music.
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  • Preserve green spaces in Newcastle upon Tyne
    This public open space has been used by the local community for many years; to play on, to walk dogs on and to sit and enjoy the spectacular view across the valley to Gateshead. Many people living close by do not have the luxury of back gardens and rely on this space to generally enjoy a grassy open area. The open space has long been shared with Atkinson Road primary school who use it as a sports field for the children. The school have been 'gifted' the land by the council after recent budget cut backs by the council have stopped the regular maintenance of the land and grass cutting in the summer months. The school has now applied for planning permission to erect a 2.4m fence with locked access gates which will stop local people from enjoying the space and will effectively obscure the view from the top of the hill across the valley. This means the land will only be used during school hours in term time -about 6 months of the year- leaving it unused for the rest of the time and inaccessable to the public all of the time.
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  • "No" to parking restrictions at Clapperbrook Lane East, Exeter
    • Anglers generally fish for a day so parking and access is required for at least 8 hours at a time. • Angling is a sport recognised by the government and funded by sport England http://www.sportengland.org/funding/ngb_investment/whole_sport_plans_2013-17.aspx in Exeter alone there are 1,700 club members. • Many other local authorities work with their local Angling Clubs to encourage Angling for its widely known health benefits (http://resources.anglingresearch.org.uk/sites/resources.anglingresearch.org.uk/files/Making_the_most_of_community_waters.pdf) and economic benefits for the local area (http://resources.anglingresearch.org.uk/project_reports/final_report_2012) • Over the years the Council has eroded our ability to fish the River Exe throughout the town through the introduction of residents and short stay parking. • As members of the Exeter and District Angling Association we pay Exeter Council for fishing rights to the River Exe in various areas and the Exeter Canal. The club also owns the fishery rights at Weirfields with the sole access and parking facility available being the Clapperbrook car park. Without access to suitable parking we are unable to exercise these rights.
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  • Keep Brighton Hippodrome for live performance
    The magnificent Brighton Hippodrome needs your help to save it from being wrecked. It is a unique theatre building, listed Grade II* by English Heritage because of its historical and architectural significance. It was converted into a variety theatre in 1901/02 by Frank Matcham, the leading theatre architect of the time. It is one of only three theatres of its type in the country. It is of national importance. After closing as a variety theatre in 1965, it was a bingo hall until 2007. The stunning interior, however, is still in remarkable condition, with very little deterioration. Nonetheless, the Hippodrome is top of the Theatres Trust list of Theatre Buildings at Risk. Suddenly, in mid 2013, a proposal to convert the building into an eight-screen cinema emerged. The plans involve demolishing the stage, the fly-tower, all the back-stage facilities, the stalls and the orchestra pit. Without these it ceases to be a theatre. Please sign the petition to help to keep it intact. English Heritage has a statutory responsibility to protect listed buildings. It says any changes should be reversible. The proposed changes will make this impossible. No one so far has tried to produce a scheme for restoration for its real purpose: live performance. It would be a national scandal if the opportunity to save the Hippodrome were squandered because of misinformation and short-term gain. Please sign this petition to allow the Our Brighton Hippodrome campaign to produce that missing theatre proposal, for presentation to the Council, to English Heritage and the developers. We have the knowledge, we have the experience and we have the contacts. All we need is time. Read about the campaign, see the full details of our objection and see pictures of the Hippodrome Website: www.ourhippodrome.org.uk Facebook: www.facebook.com/ourbrightonhippodromepage Twitter: https://twitter.com/ourhippodrome The developer’s plan for conversion (not restoration!) to a multi-screen cinema: www.brightonhippodrome.co.uk/
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  • Save The Current Hengistbury Head Land Train Service
    This Train Service has been running for 45 loyal & accident free years, it provides an invaluable service to the Beach Huts, Black house, Mudeford Ferry, Bournemouth Boating Services Ferry & the Beach House Restaurant. We also operate the gate for site access during office hours. Our train has been specifically designed to operate as low key & environmentally as possible, and takes up only 1.1m width of road enabling plenty of room for the public to be passed in safety. We only burn 10litres of diesel per 9 1/2 hour working day, and we have electronically limited our trains to ensure they cannot go faster than the 10mph site limit. They are also satellite tracked, so we know where they are & can keep an eye on things. Being a narrow lane, we fear that at the new unlimited & untracked agency driver and guard, 'Disney' train with it's higher visual impact, in an environmentally sensitive area, burning 3.75 litres per hour (train only) - add carriages, then people & terrain could take it to 8 litres per hour at approx. 15 tons laden - is this what we want on a Special site of scientific interest, where the Council have just built an eco building to help lower it's carbon footprint? Now they will undo everything by driving 2 of these unsuitable trains up and down the lane, offering a lesser service than the current operators Train Service. Please listen to public opinion for once. By all means bring your road going trains to the hiker & then have a fare structure that allows the passengers to go on our train. Destroying what isn't broken is not what is needed, dialogue is what's needed.
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  • Adopt an English National Anthem
    God Save the Queen is an excellent anthem when a team representing Great Britain is being supported. However, when England is playing against other countries, especially Scotland, Wales and Ireland in the 6 Nations, it should have its own anthem as do each of the other three. I would suggest "Land of Hope and Glory".
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  • Keep Cardiff Bowls Greens Open & Fees Down
    For many years seniors in in the City have dutifully paid their local taxes without complaint. Now that they are approaching their twilight years, when they should be able to enjoy some relaxation with some leisure time & an affordable game of bowls, CCC are asking small clubs to stump up £6000 in green fees. As the elected guardians of this City's leisure amenities, they should realise that bowling is a working class past time that is not awash with money or sponsorship. CCC should also realise that many bowlers reside in marginal wards & as the Patriarchs & Matriarchs of families, can really make a difference come election time.
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  • Ban Dogs on Manorbier Beach
    This is a very popular holiday destination beach and surf spot that is spoiled by dog mess. There are plenty of waste disposal areas but it is clear that they are largely ignored. There is always dog mess on the beach as well as discarded bags of dog mess in the hedges, the sand dunes and on the paths leading to and from the beach. There are frequently bags of dog mess floating in the sea and near the shoreline from people bagging their mess and then burying it thinking it is sufficient disposal. There is a considerable health risk by dog mess that has not been cleared up and removed and dog mess that has been picked up, bagged and then is dumped in the hedges on the way back to the car parks. As a result this beach presents a serious health risk due to dog mess causing toxocariasis in humans. Toxocariasis causes serious illness and even blindness as a result of eggs in the faeces of infected animals that contaminates the surrounding sand and water. Toxocariasis usually affects children aged between one and four years, although cases of toxocariasis have been reported in people of all ages. It is clear that during the summer months an attitude of "it's okay because it's not on our own doorstep" is prevalent!!! Some Pembrokeshire beaches already have dog restrictions during the summer, Manorbier gets just as busy as any other beach in this area during the holiday season!!!
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  • Save BBC 3 - keep it on DTV
    BBC3 caters for the least represented group (16-34 year olds) at a time when youth culture has few opportunities to engage in the mainstream BBC3 offers great entertainment and informative programming designed for this underrepresented group. BBC3 should not be sidelined.
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