• Sheppey No More Houses
    More houses on Sheppey means more people on Sheppey. It is obvious that these ‘new’ people need jobs, medical services, pre-school and school places, better transport to get on and off and around the island, and many other facilities. Despite promises from previous developers, the considerable amount of new housing which has already appeared has not been accompanied by any such new infrastructure. Sheppey people are therefore unhappy at the expansion of Sheppey so far; traffic congestion, in particular, is truly awful. Bus and train services are not good enough to persuade residents to abandon their cars. There is not enough work for the existing population, most of whom commute on and off the island every day, compounding the traffic problems. This is all very bad for the environment and, ultimately, for the economy. The Facebook page “Sheppey NO more houses” offers photographic evidence for this congestion. It also demonstrates considerable disquiet at the way Kent County Council, Swale Borough Council and developers are perceived to see the Isle Sheppey as a profitable ‘dumping ground’, especially for London overspill.
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  • Ban this wretched man - William Newman
    Freedom of the press is essential for any functional democracy. The hacking scandal has exposed the UK's press urgent need for reform and effective regulation. The majority of the press want to self-regulate with a new body IPSO but the recruitment of William Newwman to the new IPSO board shows it will be business as usual for the press. Most people understand ,the risk of government involvement in press regulation as recommended by Lord Justice Leveson, but this represents continued contempt by the press for the 96 who died at Hillsborough. It seems you will never learn...
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  • Make house-buying fairer
    In highly competitive markets that favour sellers, such as that in London at present, house sellers often renege on the agreement to sell, or increase the price after accepting an offer. This is distressing, time-consuming and costly for buyers, who are already faced with rapidly increasing house prices. Some buyers go through this process several times, costing them thousands of pounds in wasted fees. Vendors can continue to remarket properties, often through different agents, once sales have been agreed. The sales process is slowed down, buyers are misled and some agents do not receive their fees. Many house sales form part of a chain. If one person in the chain reneges on their agreement, this has financial and emotional implications for many others. Through no fault of their own, buyers miss out on houses, prices must be renegotiated or extra funds found. All this causes distress and increased financial pressure. Until completion, there is no guarantee or protection for buyers or sellers. This makes an already stressful process even more painful, frustrating and costly than it needs to be. In Scotland, there is far more protection. Should the seller attempt to accept a higher bid after a written offer and acceptance, their solicitor will refuse to act for them as this, according to the Law Society of Scotland code of practice, would be professional misconduct. The same rules should apply to England and Wales. This will reduce house price inflation, and make the process fairer and more transparent.
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  • Petition: Public parks for the public - Castle Park closure 2014
    Parks and green spaces have been shown to improve the wellbeing of local people and attract visitors from further afield. According to Bristol City Council's Parks and Green Spaces Strategy the centre of Bristol is lacking in green space, so temporary park closures would further deplete this green space. Parks are a Public Service owned and run by the council on behalf of the People of Bristol and should not be exploited as a way to generate revenue.
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  • stonehenge retirement home for hippies
    Because it is our ancestral home and we have a right to live there granted to us by queen Arthur
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  • Report Green Party gains across the UK
    Ignoring the rise in Green Party successes membership is an obvious move towards discrediting them. You are telling your readers that the Green Party is a negligible entity, which discourages them from voting for this party. This kind of partiality and political complacency is extremely disappointing in one of the most respected newspapers of the UK - a newspaper that likes to remind its readers of the prizes it's won.
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  • Fair use of Concessionary Pass for those live in TfL Zone 6. (ie. Caterham)
    Those people who live within TfL zone 6 who have London Freedom Pass are recognisable accepted to use all TfL transports and National. ENCTS pass is not. It is because some areas within TfL zone 6 are not managed by the London Borough Councils, As we live within Tfl zone 6 and pay council tax to Tanridge Council, those people who live in London have freedom pass take their granted for using our nearest railway stations for free travel to/from London that our ENCTS concessionary pass cannot. This is unfair. Have they met Equality Act 2010 regarding our concessionary passes that are limited use whilst people with London Freedom passes can be used everywhere in England including all TfL transports? I discovered that the funds for Tfl are partly from the Central Government Fund where we pay our taxes, why we don’t have this benefit?
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  • Ban offensive Blue Inc t-shirts from their stores.
    I would like my daughter to grow up believing we are all equal beings and are not put on this planet as sexual objects to be leered at by men. Young men need to be encouraged to see women in positive positions and these t-shirts do nothing to encourage this.
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  • Stop blood sports on Ilkley moor
    Our land is being abused by blood sport hunters, and in doing so much of our wildlife is being killed to facilitate this such as the trapping of small mammals which in turn are prey for larger mammals and the beautiful Red kite which is strangely largely absent from Ilkley moor!
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  • No political party names or logos on voting forms in local elections
    Elections should require the individual candidates to make their case for being elected. There should be space for good local independent candidates to win on their merit. Local elections often become about national politics and nothing to do with local issues. Poor candidates often succeed in getting elected, not because they will be any good, but because they are the candidate for a given party. Candidates will still be able to stand as the candidate for a given party, but they will have to get their name known by going out out and campaigning, instead of relying on a party vote that can see candidates getting elected without having seen a single leaflet delivered, door knocked on, or telephone call made.
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    TWO DIRECTORS ARE LORDS AND THIS, I BELIEVE, IS A CONFLICT OF INTEREST. THERE JUST ISN'T THE INFRASTRUCTURE, LET ALONE THE WATER SUPPLY TO DEAL WITH THIS MASSIVE INVASION OF OVER 30,000 PEOPLE. Vast areas of countryside where many Red Listed and Schedule 1 Protected birds live, as well as other rare species of wildlife including badgers will be concreted over, ruining the countryside forever. HS2 WILL BE BUILT TO FERRY PEOPLE FROM THE NORTH TO LONDON. THEY CAN BUILD THEIR SPRAWL NEAR ALREADY DEVELOPED TOWNS WHERE HOUSES ARE NEEDED AND BUSINESSES ARE NEEDED UP NORTH. - OR ON THEIR OWN DOORSTEPS. https://www.mayfieldtowns.co.uk/ I believe that Lord Borwick and Lord Mathew Taylor (housing ‘advisor’ to the current Conservative government) are potentially breaching a ‘conflict of interest’. Large donations were made to the Conservative party. Peter Freeman is a director of Mayfields - founder Argent Plc. Donations made to Conservative party from M FREEMAN (over £500,000) of Argent plc - Co founder of Argent - Peter Freeman who is now a director of Mayfields. Mr Freeman founded the property group Argent in 1981. He is Founder, Chairman, and Non-Executive Director of Argent Group Plc. Lord Borwick group of companies: http://companycheck.co.uk/director/900170909 http://companycheck.co.uk/director/900170909/GEOFFREY-ROBERT-JAMES-BORWICK/directors-shareholders ENSCO 946 LIMITED - Lord Borwick Director - Federated Investments LLP Lee Newlyn; Lord Matthew Taylor, Lord Jamie Borwick; Jacqueline Craymer - Mayfield, directors will be gaining, prospering and benefiting financially from this vast concrete sprawl.
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  • Stop MPs from taking a prominent role at the Cenotaph.
    The Queen is this Country's figurehead and took her part in supporting the War Effort. She should be the Country's focal point at this occasion. Any MPs present should lay wreaths at the end of the service behind all the 'Groups' and Associations and NOT as in a 'puppet' position because it is 'What is expected of them'. It is pure and simple hypocrisy when they are still sending our men and women to enter war zones especially in countries and situations which are no benefit or concern to England and the Commonwealth. It is just a useless waste of lives. Will they never learn by the brave example of those men who gave their lives to try to end conflicts and bring peace and security to what was a wonderful country. They as a Government, allegedly representing the people, do not properly take care of their veterans by making sure that there is adequate help and security to those returning with either mental or physical disabilities. Which is why so many become suicidal or living on the streets. This is a form of cruelty that must be stopped.
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