• Let The Music Play! Call For UK’s Working Visa Clampdown To Be Reviewed
    As a former Tory Treasury Minister, owner of Cubana - the well-known London Cuban bar-restaurant - and founder of Alma de Cuba coffee, we have been bringing Cuban musicians over to the UK for many years. The process used to take a day or two and cost a nominal amount. Now, all applicants have to personally travel to Havana for an interview. The applications are centrally processed in New York, taking weeks and costing thousands of pounds for an average sized band. Worse, a UK visa doesn't give access to the rest of the EU whereas under Schengen, most EU countries' visas give access to most other EU members. I'm not particularly enamoured with the EU, but by staying out of Schengen we lose a key benefit of membership and have to queue up like cattle to get into other EU countries and back into our own. Further, our visa regime is threatening to turn our once proudly open island into a ghetto. We all understand the imperatives of security and reasonable immigration controls, but what we have is heavy-handedness and bureaucracy from a Government which too often pays only lip service to de-regulation. Let’s tell the Government we condemn this harsh visa clampdown which is not only damaging London’s international standing at a cultural hub but disastrous for businesses too. Please sign our petition to Culture Secretary, Maria Miller asking her to review the current visa policy and let the music play!
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    Created by Phillip Oppenheim
  • Boost Evesham Town Centre
    Evesham is a lovely town with much potential! The Evesham area has a population of over 52,000 with over 23,000 living in Evesham town itself. We need more good, popular shops in our town centre to keep our town alive!! We all know what lovely scenery and historical buildings are here for townsfolk and tourists to enjoy but we need to offer more selection in the town centre itself. If you care about our town and would like to be able to do your shopping in your town, please show your support for the above companies to open shops here!
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    Created by Emma Haynes Picture
  • Help Everyone Suffering in the Flooding of The Somerset Levels
    People have lived on the Levels for centuries, all villages and farms are on land approx 10 m above sea levels, fields are not. The storms over the last two years have been devastating. I know as I have photographs of the area. Most of these people provide food.
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    Created by Graham Shaw
  • No Change of Hours for Schooling
    It's not important it is essential - families have to work together; from teaching right and wrong, to learning life skills - so that you raise a child, not an android in society. There are enough pressures on children from an early age and yet the Government is trying to impose more. I feel as a working Mum of three, that one very important point has been missed from all conversations - that of Child Welfare. This is at the heart of my campaign, and is supported by unicef's Convention of the Rights of the Child: "Children have the right to relax and play, and to join in a wide range of cultural, artistic and other recreational activities." Article 31 (Leisure, Play & Culture) "Governments should respect the rights and responsibilities of families to direct and guide their children so that, as they grow, they learn to use their rights properly. Helping children to understand their rights does not mean pushing them to make choices with consequences that they are too young to handle." Article 5 (Parental Guidance) Also, longer hours will not ensure better standards. OECD data shows that English pupils already spend more time in compulsory education between the ages of 7 and 14 than in Finland, Korea and Japan - countries that have very high education standards. In fact "when it comes to learning, it’s the quality of teaching at school and students’ attitude towards learning that count most, not the number of hours students spend studying.” ~ Pisa In Focus. By signing this petition it shows Government that parents do not support the idea of longer school hours. References: http://www.localschoolsnetwork.org.uk/2013/04/gove-misleads-spectator-conference-about-longer-school-days-and-shorter-holidays-in-the-far-east/ http://www.unicef.org/crc/files/Rights_overview.pdf
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    Created by Michelle Teague
  • We have hours to save fake Chagall!
    The BBC television programme ‘Fake or Fortune’ broadcast an item on 2 February in which one of my constituents, Mr Martin Lang of Leeds, had bought in good faith a painting by Marc Chagall entitled Nude 1909-1910 for GBP 100,000. Research conducted by the programme suggested that the picture may be a forgery. A final opinion was sought from the Paris-based Chagall Committee, presided over by the artist’s grand-daughters. They assert that the picture is a forgery and have now threatened to invoke their right under French law to destroy the picture, possibly immediately. I hope that a less drastic alternative can be found as I believe that this piece should be preserved for its own sake. At the very least, the picture may be used as evidence in any future criminal proceedings.
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    Created by Edward McMillan-Scott
  • Help save Winifred Kettle care home in Westhoughton
    The closure of respite care and transfers for after care from hospital to Winifred Kettle home in Westhoughton is very important to our community Many people have used the facilities of this wonderful care home over many years. The services of dedicated staff from cleaners, domestics, carers and managers is exemplary. We all may need the services in the future. The elderly population is increasing, but more homes are closing. Many carers are elderly themselves and circumstances do not allow them to look after loved ones. We must rally round together to put pressure on Bolton councillors to change their minds.
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  • Save St George's Community Hydrotherapy Pool
    This is a very important facility which at present serves 7 Schools, 4 Day Centres, 6 Care Homes and about 135 individuals each week. The people using the Pool are aged from 6 months to 80+ and cover a very wide variety of disabilities and injuries. It has 2 Physiotherapists who do one to one sessions, some Aqua fit classes and of course the straightforward sessions for people unable to exercise in a normal swimming pool or on dry land. This facility keeps people mobile, in less pain, helps them recover from surgery, eases spasms and so many more wonderful benefits. It is the only facility fit for purpose in the Peterborough and surrounding area. We need you to keep funding it until an alternative is in place. Feel free to check out St George's Community Hydrotherapy Pool on http://www.sgchp.btck.co.uk/
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  • Boycott Olympic Sponsors
    The recent laws enacted in Russia relating to the dissemination (they call it propaganda) of information on homosexuality to people under the age of 18 will result in many young homosexuals committing suicide, or harming themselves in other serious ways. This law, therefore, seems designed to "rid Russia of the homosexual problem" as it will result in the deaths of many ordinary and normal young people. The Russian authorities have indicated they do not intend to budge, so the way to hit back is to boycott commercial organisations who either directly or indirectly support/endorse these laws. Olympic sponsors should have a better moral conscience. Those who continue to offer support to an event whose hosts subscribe to such evil beliefs, should be taught a lesson. It is an action that led to the destruction of apartheid in South Africa, where pressure on commercial organisations led to large numbers of multi-national companies abandoning South Africa in the mid-to-late 1980's. The same pressure needs to happen here - we need to protect young homosexuals in Russia from this evil.
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    Created by Grahame Palmer
  • Wholock BBC Christmas Special in 2014
    Because we all love Dr Who and Sherlock http://www.geekosystem.com/wholock-sherlock-doctor-who-mashup/
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  • Proposal for crossing person/pedestrian crossing on Wheel Lane, Lichfield
    We feel this is an important step to ensure optimum safety while crossing what can be a busy road. It is en route to shops and schools, and more recently a Post Office. From personal experience it can be a tricky road to cross at school run times and I believe having a crossing would make it significantly safer and easier to cross, particularly for children who are able to walk to school by themselves. Although it is a 20mph road, I have seen many motorists exceeding the limit and think a crossing would help slow traffic down. I have spoken to a few parents who agree it would work well. My husband tells me there used to be a crossing lady at this point when he was a child. A pedestrian crossing was installed on Beacon Street where the Post Office used to be so I think a crossing on Wheel Lane would be well used by customers of the Post Office and shops also.
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  • Retaining our Leisure Facilities in Corfe Mullen
    The Virgin Active East Dorset club has been a really important part of the Corfe Mullen community. Many people, young and old, depend on it for not only keeping fit, but as a place to meet, talk and laugh with friends. Without transport and extra funds, many would find it hard (if not impossible) to travel to another club. We desperately need to keep this facility as an asset for our community.
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  • Save Central Youth Theatre Wolverhampton from the Funding Cuts
    Over 30 years 1,800 young people have participated in workshops, performances, international tours. We provide apprentices, work experience and employment. Many of those young people credit the youth theatre for changing their lives, helping them to develop their careers - not just through skill training in the arts but also through confidence building, increased self esteem and team work. These young people are ambassadors for our city, they can help to build it's future. Wolverhampton needs creative talent in these dark days.
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    Created by Jane Ward MBE