• Defend the right to challenge the cuts
    Michael MacDonald was arrested on the night of the 16th February when he was at home alone looking after his young son. The arrest followed an incident earlier in the day when MacDonald, known by friends and colleagues as 'Don', engaged with Nick Forbes, the the Labour Council leader, in the street. 'Don' wanted to discuss with Forbes, the effects of the cuts to Newcastle's youth services, which the youth worker fears will have a devastating effect on the most vulnerable residents of the city. Don was not threatening to him. He didn't swear. He only tried to explain to Forbes, as a professional youth worker, the effects these cuts would have on the city's services. The actions taken by Forbes and the police are not what we expect of those who are meant to serve and protect the residents of Newcastle. It is important that situations involving the police as outlined above are not allowed to occur, which serve to intimidate and disturb the people of Newcastle who exercise their right to peaceful protest and freedom of speech. Although a minor offence, if charged Don would be left with a criminal record and there would a black mark against this hard-working and well respected community worker. Don was served a fixed penalty notice under Section 5 of the Public Order Act, but has returned this notice to the court and has stated his intention to fight the accusation. His arrest has serious implications for public protest and freedom of expression in Newcastle and nationally. We stand with him against this attack on the right to protest. The accusation is unjust, meant to intimidate and is preposterous. It is clear that: 1. A civil servant has used their authority to demand an arrest. 2. The police have removed a family man from his home in the middle of the night when he had sole responsibility for his six year old child, detained him for four hours on the basis of a minor charge, during which time he was encouraged to accept a fixed penalty fine for doing nothing more than exercising the rights we all have as residents of Newcastle. Initial signatories: John McDonnell MP Kate Hudson, national secretary Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament Jerry Hicks, Unite Grassroots Left Dot Gibson, National Secretary Pensioner Convention Bill Bowring, Haldane Society Socialist Lawyers Andrew Burgin, vice chair Coalition of Resistance
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  • Stop Earl's Court Scheme
    At £8 billion, the Earl's Court redevelopment scheme is the largest in the world outside of China. It challenges the Government's committment to the Big Society and Localism and looks set to repeat the mistakes of property speculation that busted the Western economies. The campaign to save the Exhibition Centres, the rail depot and engineering works and the two council estates is on the front line battling to champion democracy and community in the face of rampant prfiteering by tax-havenbed entitiers at the expense of the poor, jobs and our international trade. The petition wording explains further.
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  • National Probation Cuts - Creating Dangerous Communities
    PLANNING TO CUT 70% of Probation Services Nationally and replace 70% of the Probation Services delivery with the management services of SERCO and G4S WHO ARE BUILDING MORE PRISONS INSTEAD OF REHABILITATION ERODING CIVIL LIBERTIES IN BREACH OF THE UK 1689 BILL OF RIGHTS AND MAGNA CARTA 1215 2. That G4S and SERCO are to be the Lead Provider managing the Financial Risk and Risk Management in whatever form that arises with the expectation that the third sector , voluntary community organisations, supported housing etc. to take on that risk and sub-contract to G4S + SERCO to bid for Service delivery??????? 3. As our colleagues had suggested there will be a MASSIVE VACUUM WITHOUT the National Probation Services!!!! 4. We are concerned that communities will not be efficiently protected and that the PBR System is unrealistic. Community organisations cannot wait up to 3 years waiting for results before they receive any payment on the completion of an evaluated target result. The whole idea of PBR defeats the objective of the work that we all do. 5. The most accurate analogy of the relationship between Community Organisations + Supported Housing Providers+Probation Services + MAPPA is the equivalent of : 6. MAPPA + PROBATION SERVICES IS A MARRIAGE THAT SHOULD NOT BE INTERFERED WITH OR SEPARATED!!! IT IS DANGEROUS FOR ALL COMMUNITIES ALL OVER THE UK.
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  • Public inquiry into handling of the Trump Resort
    Only a full public inquiry can now get to the bottom of this story. We need to know how local and central government dealt with the Trump Organisation, what was offered by whom and when, and we need to establish why planning guidelines and environmental regulations were simply unable to protect our community and the unique environment we live in. Finally, we need to know what changes can be made so the planning system again works like it is supposed to.
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  • Keep libraries open in Brent and in the UK
    Libraries is an essential public service for the community/society, especially Brent is one of the most deprive area in London/the UK. ● Library is for the whole community (children, adult, elderly, disable people and for different culture and religions…). Library is the area which let people to gather and have more knowledge about the community/UK/world, study/self study and can join other activity. And ● If you have doubt about things, you have someone/staff near you. Library make you don’t feel isolation from the community/people and less worry about things if you have doubt on them. ● Library is good for the community, Councils close local libraries; it is inconvenience for people and isolate them, especially in Labour councils run/create deprived area. Children, elderly, disable people….are difficult to go any further and some can’t/don’t go any further as well - Culture issue….and save money for living.  !!! Labour council goal is to make people become more stupid, have no knowledge themselves for the community, the UK, the world. And make them dependent on welfare system for easy to control the area. !!! Labour council/government are often emphasizes diversity country/borough and give different kind of benefit and housing for the people they need. It is just for inner circle. For example: I experience and know deeply about libraries in Brent and in London, and their public service and welfare system… in Brent Council.
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  • Don't withdraw cost free visas for the children of Chernobyl
    A number of charities currently provide recuperative breaks in the UK for Belarusian children living with the after-effects of radiation caused by the Chernobyl disaster. These breaks give the children a chance to experience a healthy, happy few weeks with a volunteer family and improve both their quality of life and their health. Until recently, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) have recognised the importance of this work by providing free visas to these children. However, as of 31st March 2013, the FCO plans to withdraw these gratis visas, resulting in an additional cost to the charities of £86 per child. As the charities are already struggling for funding this amounts to a heavy additional burden. This could result in less children being able to benefit from these recuperative breaks and/or the complete closure of smaller charities.
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  • Stop This Road To Nowhere
    We are local people, determined to prevent the environmentally disastrous white-elephant that is the “Bexhill-Hastings Link Road” from devastating one of Hastings’ and Bexhill’s most amazing natural treasures.We demand an affordable, sustainable transport system for our area, that improves the quality of all our lives without costing the earth.
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  • Save Highfield Park (HFP)
    I’ve been skating at Highfield Park for over ten years. It’s the only place that provides an outdoor space for families and young people to enjoy. We’ve raised funds that have enabled us to install skating facilities and floodlights so we can use the space in the winter. But now we have 13 years left on the lease. This makes it hard to apply for any other funding to improve the area – benefactors will only invest in something they see being around for the foreseeable future. Lease needs to be over 25 years for funding. It also makes us concerned that the next generation of families and young people won’t be able to enjoy the space that we have. If it wasn’t for the park there would be nowhere in the area for young people to go – we’d end up back on the streets or sitting indoors playing computer games. We already have the support of Councillors, Thompsons of Prudhoe, James Dolan and Bespoke Concrete. – who often helps with digging and putting in new facilities – but we need you to grant us our wish to extend the lease. Highfield Park is a great place for the family and if we continue investing in it then it could be even better. Please help us save Highfield!
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  • Stop the Cuts in Gateshead
    The gradual withdrawal of services will eventually mean the end of local democracy as the council becomes ever more pointless and powerless. For example as part of its budget proposals Gateshead City Council is proposing reduction of branch libraries to 12 and the withdrawal of professional support for 5 libraries which may or may not continue being run by volunteers. This comes on top of massive staff cuts last year and more proposed in the future. Local government may not be perfect but it's better than a mish mash of services provided by charity or multinational companies like G4s or SERCO.
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    To ensure that every child has equal access to a good school appropriate to their ability. To prevent the separation of a minority of the borough's children to be given the best education, leaving the majority to be given an inferior education. To remove the distress and psychological damage suffered by the children who 'fail' the test. To stop money buying advantage in state education.
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    Every person must have equal access to the state of marriage and have their choices concerning the arrangements respected.
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  • Make the walk to school safe for Orchard Primary School pupils
    For children walking to Orchard Primary School, crossing Well Street - a major road running through Hackney - is extremely dangerous. In the past, there have been several serious accidents involving children near the school, and many more near misses. It's time the road safety was improved once and for all.
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