• Save The Current Hengistbury Head Land Train Service
    This Train Service has been running for 45 loyal & accident free years, it provides an invaluable service to the Beach Huts, Black house, Mudeford Ferry, Bournemouth Boating Services Ferry & the Beach House Restaurant. We also operate the gate for site access during office hours. Our train has been specifically designed to operate as low key & environmentally as possible, and takes up only 1.1m width of road enabling plenty of room for the public to be passed in safety. We only burn 10litres of diesel per 9 1/2 hour working day, and we have electronically limited our trains to ensure they cannot go faster than the 10mph site limit. They are also satellite tracked, so we know where they are & can keep an eye on things. Being a narrow lane, we fear that at the new unlimited & untracked agency driver and guard, 'Disney' train with it's higher visual impact, in an environmentally sensitive area, burning 3.75 litres per hour (train only) - add carriages, then people & terrain could take it to 8 litres per hour at approx. 15 tons laden - is this what we want on a Special site of scientific interest, where the Council have just built an eco building to help lower it's carbon footprint? Now they will undo everything by driving 2 of these unsuitable trains up and down the lane, offering a lesser service than the current operators Train Service. Please listen to public opinion for once. By all means bring your road going trains to the hiker & then have a fare structure that allows the passengers to go on our train. Destroying what isn't broken is not what is needed, dialogue is what's needed.
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  • Adopt an English National Anthem
    God Save the Queen is an excellent anthem when a team representing Great Britain is being supported. However, when England is playing against other countries, especially Scotland, Wales and Ireland in the 6 Nations, it should have its own anthem as do each of the other three. I would suggest "Land of Hope and Glory".
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  • Keep Cardiff Bowls Greens Open & Fees Down
    For many years seniors in in the City have dutifully paid their local taxes without complaint. Now that they are approaching their twilight years, when they should be able to enjoy some relaxation with some leisure time & an affordable game of bowls, CCC are asking small clubs to stump up £6000 in green fees. As the elected guardians of this City's leisure amenities, they should realise that bowling is a working class past time that is not awash with money or sponsorship. CCC should also realise that many bowlers reside in marginal wards & as the Patriarchs & Matriarchs of families, can really make a difference come election time.
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  • Ban Dogs on Manorbier Beach
    This is a very popular holiday destination beach and surf spot that is spoiled by dog mess. There are plenty of waste disposal areas but it is clear that they are largely ignored. There is always dog mess on the beach as well as discarded bags of dog mess in the hedges, the sand dunes and on the paths leading to and from the beach. There are frequently bags of dog mess floating in the sea and near the shoreline from people bagging their mess and then burying it thinking it is sufficient disposal. There is a considerable health risk by dog mess that has not been cleared up and removed and dog mess that has been picked up, bagged and then is dumped in the hedges on the way back to the car parks. As a result this beach presents a serious health risk due to dog mess causing toxocariasis in humans. Toxocariasis causes serious illness and even blindness as a result of eggs in the faeces of infected animals that contaminates the surrounding sand and water. Toxocariasis usually affects children aged between one and four years, although cases of toxocariasis have been reported in people of all ages. It is clear that during the summer months an attitude of "it's okay because it's not on our own doorstep" is prevalent!!! Some Pembrokeshire beaches already have dog restrictions during the summer, Manorbier gets just as busy as any other beach in this area during the holiday season!!!
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  • Save BBC 3 - keep it on DTV
    BBC3 caters for the least represented group (16-34 year olds) at a time when youth culture has few opportunities to engage in the mainstream BBC3 offers great entertainment and informative programming designed for this underrepresented group. BBC3 should not be sidelined.
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    British Transport Police are putting up signs across nationwide train stations, including London Victoria, London Waterloo and Leeds stations. These signs state that any individual who is involved in activities including begging and rough sleeping can be issued with a Withdrawal of Implied Permission order, resulting in being “banned from entering or passing inside or outside the station for 6 months." Breaching this order can result in being arrested for trespass: Refusing to quit, which is a criminal offence if found guilty. You can be arrested immediately and charged with this. I strongly believe that the BRITISH TRANSPORT POLICE should not be targeting homeless people for sleeping rough around train stations, neither should they be prosecuting people with criminal convictions and arrest simply because they are homeless. According to the LinkedIn profile of Network Station’s Support Assistant “This project will be rolled out nationally to all Managed Station[s] eventually.’’ Since when has homelessness become a criminal offence? People who are homeless and have less fortune than others are still human beings. For whatever reasons they have found themselves down on their luck they are individuals struggling to survive in cities around the country. To prosecute homeless people for begging and rough sleeping is nothing short of abhorrent. I recently had a conversation with a young gentleman who was in this exact predicament. Cold, wet and hungry, he sat in a puddle on Buckingham Palace Road. Someone had stolen his sleeping bag the previous night. He was forced to beg outside Victoria station to raise enough cash for either a hostel that night or a new, cheap sleeping bag. Being short of money myself I gave him what I could muster - a meagre 90p. Other benevolent commuters within the vicinity joined us and listened to this man's predicament, offering him their small change whilst simultaneously voicing their disgust over the draconian posters proclaiming that vagrants will be prosecuted if caught begging. I strongly believe our most vulnerable in society should be treated with compassion – not made to be criminals. Perhaps we can look to our friends across the pond in Utah as to other ways of tackling homelessness: Nation Of Change recently reported that: “In 2005, Utah figured out that the annual cost of E.R. visits and jail stays for homeless people was about $16,670 per person, compared to $11,000 to provide each homeless person with an apartment and a social worker. So, the state began giving away apartments, with no strings attached. Participants in Utah’s Housing First program also get a caseworker to help them become self-sufficient, but they keep the apartment even if they fail. The program has been so successful that other states are hoping to achieve similar results with programs modeled on Utah’s.” “Using a 2004 survey and anecdotal evidence from activists, the report concluded that permanent housing for the homeless is cheaper than criminalization. Housing is not only more humane - it’s economical.” You can read the full article here: http://www.nationofchange.org/utah-ending-homelessness-giving-people-homes-1390056183 If they can get it right in a Republican state in the USA surely we can in the UK! Thanks in advance for reading and signing this petition.
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  • MP's: If 100,000+ sign a petition all MP's must attend the debate.
    This petition is a direct response to the perception that we cannot change the system which already exists. Even if it isn't fit for purpose, up to date with the modern world, or representative of most of the electorate. We can! The promise of parliamentary debate on any petition which reached 100.000 signatures was a brave manifesto promise by the conservatives, but without some significant changes in the way the commons work, these petitions will fall on deaf (or absent) ears. We live in an age of technology and information, many embrace it, many fear it. It is an age where almost everything you do is done on line. Whatever your personal feelings about it, the internet is here to stay, and has the so far untapped potential to allow YOU unprecedented control over YOUR life, and the direction of politics in real time. We have social media which is acting as a lightning rod, by allowing us to display our righteous indignation at policy's which we don't agree with, but with no effect whatsoever. How many would bother to sign a petition which WOULD be heard by those that create all of our futures? Internet petitions are branded "slacktivism" by the press, and yet many of us who walk in the middle of the road, or the "silent majority" fear taking part in any more pro active activism, because of the disproportionate response by the state to peaceful protest. Also in these austere times many simply cannot afford to take the time to participate in politics, except by signing these e- petitions, and going out to vote once every 4 or 5 years. At these times you are faced with a choice; to support one of 3 main parties, because it supports something which you are passionate about, even though you do not support all of the manifesto, give your vote to a fringe party, or like 45% of the electorate, not bother at all. If these changes were implemented then that would no longer need to be the way. At present there is no record (accessible to the public) of attendance in the commons except for voting figures. This is not acceptable, as the public must be able to see whether their MP has attended any debate which they have petitioned for, and for general transparency, as promised by every incoming government. All MPs are public servants, paid by the public purse, and, as we're reminded when we call HMRC, DWP, or any other government body, we are all customers of the state, and as customers we are entitled be listened to, and served well. We demand a certain level of service for our taxes,and as customers, as voters and most importantly as Humans, we demand the right to determine how we live, and have our voice heard! Its time to accept your "invitation to join the government of Britain" (This was the title of the Conservative manifesto 2010) "People have been shut out of Westminster politics for too long. Having a single vote every four or five years is not good enough – we need to give people real control over how they are governed. So, with a Conservative government, any petition that secures 100,000 signatures will be eligible for formal debate in Parliament". "The Big Society runs consistently through our policy programme. Our plans to reform public services, mend our broken society,and rebuild trust in politics are all part of our Big Society agenda. These plans involve redistributing power from the state to society; from the centre to local communities, giving people the opportunity to take more control over their lives". "Big Society; our reform plans require a social response in order to be successful. So building the Big Society is not just a question of the state stepping back and hoping for the best: it will require an active role for the state. The state must take action to agitate for, catalyse and galvanise social renewal. We must use the state to help remake society". The above are all excerpts from the Conservative party manifesto, printed before winning the 2010 general election. They all seem to say very much the same as this petition, and yet more and more of the people I speak to, feel the same as me, that they have less and less freedom, power and control over the way they are governed. Apathy is a dangerous thing because it shows a lack of hope. A lack of hope is acceptance of that which makes you unhappy. Acceptance of unhappiness is surrender. Once surrender has been accepted, it is irrevocable.
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  • Save Salford Childrens Holiday Camp, Prestatyn - NOW SAVED
    The Jam Butty Camp has provided generations of Salfordian school children with the experience of a holiday by the sea, many of which would have never had the chance of a holiday under normal circumstances. Over the years it has supported our City and so when under attack we come to its aid and in turn support it. The camp is just as much a part of Salford as the Civic Centre you all inhabit, and should be protected at all costs. The purpose of this facility is just as relevant today as it was when it was first set up, and by the councils own admission the City and its people are suffering from the austerity cuts, and for many children this will be the only chance they have of having a holiday away from City life. This camp holds a special place in the hearts of many Salfordian's and should be immune to the Councils cuts on the grounds it provides a special service to Salford which is priceless.
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  • Nye Bevan Day
    We need to commemorate those people who helped others by their selfless efforts to improve the lot of the many.
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  • Hands Off St Just Library
    There are at least 9 groups which use the library from tiny tots to the elderly - including knitting groups, family history group, creative writing groups, toddler groups and even wool spinning. The computers enable the unemployed without internet access at home to search for work as the job centre requires them to do. The buses from St Just to Penzance have recently been cut and the prices raised. St Just is a growing community with a new housing estate just built which will house many people who will benefit from a local library. Tourist use the library in summer for computer access and the valuable local knowledge of our librarians. Your cuts will mean the library is only open for one full day and two half days. This is planned to happen in June - just in time for the height of the tourist season!
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  • BBC to Commit to Diversity in Political Programming
    Engagement with politics happens for the vast majority of people through radio and television, particularly on popular programs such as Question Time. The lack of diversity amongst MP's is a problem for the UK. The lack of diversity in our political programming is a linked problem. Politics should not be the sole domain of well educated, white men. Nor should political commentary, debate and discussion.
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  • Save Stow on the Wold Fair
    If Stow Fair is moved outside of the area it will lose the protection of the royal charter that has insured its continuance to date. Stow Fair is crucial to The Gypsy and Traveller community and its loss would be detrimental to many.
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