• London's SMEs need relief from catastrophic business rates rises
    Already facing the country’s highest rents and disproportionate rates, London’s small and medium sized businesses are now likely to be hit by further rate rises at the next budget, forcing even more to close for good. London's local high streets are home to hundreds of small businesses (be they, shops, hair dressers, barbers, bars, pubs, theatres or restaurants) and are collectively responsible for many thousands of jobs. Independent businesses provide the glue that holds communities together, while forming the backbone of the national economy. Rather than adding to their burden, the government should be doing everything it can to support the owners of small and medium sized businesses as they seek to improve their lives and the lives of those around them. Ibrahim Dogus, Patrick Lilley, Pancho Lewis & Caroline Saville
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  • Give Welsh Fishing Clubs and Salmon and Seatrout a Chance
    Fishing Clubs, fishing methods and therefore fishing in Wales is at imminent risk from NRWs proposed fishery byelaws 2017. Byelaws must sustain fishing aswell as fish stocks under a sustainable management of natural resources approach. The potential knock on impacts of the proposed byelaws are likely to lead to excessive illegal fishing which could not be policed. Critical evidence - Catch Return Data - would be lost due to absenteeism of fishermen from rivers. Revised management measures must therefore be developed which do not carry the same residual risks. Sustained and increased participation in fishing through empowerment and attention to catchment specific issues will establish a progressive means of achieving healthy fish stocks and the wellbeing of fishing clubs, contributing positively to local economies. Harmonisation of the overall approach can only succeed where fish are protected from destruction and harm in the near coastal waters in particular. Following an integrated approach, the river environments must be optimised to receive and support adult and juvenile fish. At present there are obvious gains to be made that are being neglected due to insufficient funding and contradictory roles and responsibilities within NRW.
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  • Support New Malden Farmers' Market
    In order to move forward, we have found the only viable location, as is the case in other successful markets in neighbouring towns, is to relocate the market onto the High Street. We ask that the Neighbourhood Committee works with the organisers to help us in this regard to ensure the market can continue to be a community asset for the whole of New Malden.
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  • Save the emergency entertainment team at Butlins
    Butlins say keeping guests happy is a priority..... well keep the guys Butlins say they make job opportunities better..... well keep the guys The emergency entertainment team at Butlins Skegness are amazing the are forever making parents and children laugh they brighten even the darkest days
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  • Give Welsh Salmon and Sea-Trout a chance!
    In order to save from extinction and to re-build Welsh Migratory Salmon and Sea Trout stocks to their former glory of yesteryear! The National Rivers Authority (NRW) admits that migratory fish stocks in Wales are in a 'very bad condition'! My friends and I have fished the River Tywi for over 30 years and have seen a dramatic collapse in migratory fish stocks over that period, to a point today when it's hardly worth going out on the river to fish at all. Hotels and B & B's were busy in those days back then but now, like the salmon and sea trout, there are very few of them left! Very few rod and line anglers will kill their catch these days but will instead safely return their catch to the river so that they may continue on their way to their spawning grounds! Commercial trawlers and estuary nets-man kill everything that gets caught in their nets! Factory ships digest everything that they catch, including the sand eels that the salmon, sea trout and even sea bass rely on! By suspending these unsustainable fishing practices, both at sea and in our river estuaries the people of Wales and visiting anglers will not only see improving fish stocks but the Welsh people themselves will experience a significant boost in the Welsh Tourist Economy, similar to that of the highly successful and world renowned Scottish salmon angling economy of today. By calling time on the commercial exploitation of salmon, sea trout and sea bass, to name just 3 species, the Welsh Government and the people of Wales will see increased employment prospects in hotels, restaurants and shops as tourists flock once more from all over the world to fish the amazing rivers of Wales for a chance to catch that hopefully less elusive Sewin (sea trout) or salmon! If the current decline in fish stocks is allowed to continue and with no anglers on the rivers to report pollution incidents then the rivers of Wales will almost certainly decline beyond any hope of future recovery! That will be a sad day for Wales and a sad day for us all!
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  • More Funding for the Afan Valley
    As a community we want more support for Schools in the Afan Valley. More Funding to Keep one of the best Comprehensive open and to Be listened to by the welsh Government. while this is going to a loss for the afan valley we are determined to fight.
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  • Ring-fence Mental Health Spend
    We are all calling on the Chancellor to ring-fence mental health spend in his Autumn Budget. The government has announced additional funding for mental health - £1.4 billion over five years to deliver the Five Year Forward View for Mental Health and £1.25 billion for the Future In Mind programme for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services. This money is a step forward but is only a fraction of what mental health services need to meet growing demands. Across England, for the second year in a row, over half of Clinical Commissioning Groups – the bodies that decide how money is spent locally - say they plan to reduce the proportion of their budget spend on mental health. This is unacceptable. The money needed to transform mental health services and save lives is just not reaching the front line. Waiting times are too long, people are not receiving the best care in the community and people are having to travel too far for in-patient services. On November 22, in his Budget, the Chancellor Philip Hammond can make a difference and ring-fence mental health budgets to make sure that the promised money actually reaches local mental health services. Please sign this petition today to urge the Chancellor to ring-fence mental health spending on November 22 and ask your friends and family to sign too. Together, we can make a difference. #mentalhealthmatters https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/public38/images/mp.gif
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  • Clamp down on tax avoidance in the UK
    The ‘Paradise Papers’ are just the latest in a long line of tax scandals. The system, which is rigged to benefit the privileged few at the expense of everyone else, is broken. The impact on our public services of these corrupt practices, protected by a veil of secrecy, has been devastating. After seven years of austerity, it is time for irresponsible tax dodging to come to an end. HMRC, the government body tasked with policing the tax system, has seen its staff numbers and budget halved since it was formed in 2005. Meanwhile, the UK government has failed to take the opportunity to clean up the offshore system, in territories like Bermuda that are under its control, and make it harder for individuals and companies to avoid tax. It is little wonder that tax dodgers are taking advantage. Tax Justice UK, the country’s leading campaign organisation for a fairer tax system, is now calling for the UK government to take decisive action to end the scourge of tax avoidance, once and for all, by tightening up on enforcement and introducing new transparency rules.
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  • Save The current route of our Number 32/33 Fintry Bus Service
    Xplore are proposing two alternative routes to the 32/33 bus which would cut out Forfar Road. Their consultation highlights that the route could also stay as it is. You can see the proposed two route changes at this link http://nxbus.co.uk/files/NXDundee/misc/FintryRouteReview-PublicConsultationDocument.pdf This re-routing would severely restrict people's ability for travel: • make it harder for people with disabilities and older people with mobility problems to catch a bus and get out of the house, potentially leading to loneliness and social isolation • safety concerns of having to work through a scheme to get to/and from the bus • get to and from work • visit friends and relatives • access education and training • access to hospitals, doctors, dentists and other medical services • access to leisure activities including town and countryside locations Fewer buses on the road will mean more traffic congestion and delays which affects all of us.
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  • Privatization of the Ministry of Defence Guard Service (MGS)
    For the protection of MOD staff who work on the sites and visitors. Most importantly for the protection of this country
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  • Fair public sector procurement
    British businesses are being placed into administration because the public sector is choosing suppliers that are able to offer lower prices in part because they achieve an unfair competitive edge by avoiding taxes. The government should ensure that all suppliers pay a consistent share of tax. Failure to do so will only either drive British businesses into failure or force them to employ the same tax avoidance measures merely to compete. Example: A British company DataCentred was placed into administration because HMRC procured similar services from Amazon, a company that pays far less tax both in the UK and globally than any UK tax-rate. https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/10/24/datacentred_went_under_due_to_hmrc_move_to_amazon/ https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/08/11/uk_gov_cloud_favourite_amazon_comes_under_fire_for_tax_bill/
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  • Stop Insurance companies from Auto-renewing
    Annoyance, harassment & extortion in your own home, having to waste precious time sitting in answerphone queue's. Being contacted by emails which are impossible to reply to and given no reasonable or easy options to contact these companies in time. One year policies are a one year contract, after this term is over the contract ends. Companies should not by law be able to open a new contract without consent then harass the public or extort by threat of fines/bailiffs with legal address after doing so. End their ability to be able to take money out of any bank account without direct agreement beforehand, people can end up with multiple annual insurance amounts coming out at the same time. This can be crippling on finances and cause debt or non payment penalties and untold amounts of stress, this should not be possible.. Law or legislation is allowing them to do this, it is time this was changed.
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