• Fisheries Post Brexit
    British territorial waters are some of the most productive in Europe. I started fishing full time 42 years ago. Most of that time under the EU's Common Fisheries Policy. When we joined what was then the EEC we had to sign away equal access to other European countries. Some, like Spain, had no history of fishing in British waters. Others had so little territorial waters of thier own that they must have been rubbing thier hands together with glee at gaining access to our rich and abundant waters. Over the years I have seen the Common Fisheries Policy depress the industry, with once household named fishing ports such as Fleetwood, Milford haven, Lowestoft, Hull and Grimsby all declining. Thousands of people, not only fishermen but those industries supporting them, had to face finding other work or the dole. Whole communities were destroyed. The policy led to overfishing and the consequent decimation of prime fisheries, such as Liverpool bay and the Southern North Sea. The most recent threat has come from Dutch electro pulse fishing. Wiping out whole eco systems on the north Sea in the name of efficiency. I have seen once thriving fisheries that I used to work every year, nearly destroyed. Limiting us to smaller areas and concentrating effort there, instead of the diversity of grounds and fishing opportunities we used to enjoy. We now have the golden opportunity to take back control of what is a national resource potentially worth billions. By putting our own measures in place managing our fisheries effectively and sustainably we could ensure that not only are there fish in the seas but an industry for our children and grandchildren. Those Europeans that have an historic right of access and have fished or waters for hundreds of years, must be allowed to continue within limits but only if they comply with our rules of enforcement.
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  • Say NO to passports being produced anywhere but the UK
    The main reason 1) security a passport is a critical document and should not be made outside the UK 2) if we loose the jobs then the supposed 124 million savings will be wiped out in lost tax, NI, and increased benefits 3) we should be protecting and supporting our industry not giving business to countries that Would not allow that to happen in their country. 4) we are leaving the EU so it's not in our interests to allow another company to have such a hold over our security. 5) Britain has fantastic companies doing great things and if we are to succeed we need to give them every help we can
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  • Save the Bull's Head, Craswall
    The Bull's Head is set in magnificent Marches countryside: it is "one of the last unspoiled drovers' inns in England" (CAMRA). For 125 years it was run by the same farming family. After 1998, under energetic new management, it became one of the most popular pubs in Herefordshire. Now, with owners who appear not to care, it has been closed for three years with no hint of reopening or sale as a pub. The pub is officially designated "an asset of community value". It is certainly that: our small and vulnerable rural community dearly wants it back. But it's something more - it's a boon to visitors; a resting place for weary walkers and one of rural England's hidden treasures. It must not die. "When you have lost your inns, drown your empty selves, for you will have lost the last of England" - Hilaire Belloc
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  • Gairloch downgrading of sewerage system
    1. Health (how wants sewerage in water) 2. Marine environment (The sea Life will be affected) 3. Economy (Gairloch is fishing port and highly dependent on tourist trade)
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  • Save Priorswood Library
    This library and its staff provide vital services to one of Somerset's most deprived areas where community assets are already scarce. Not only is this an essential information and communication resource but it also contributes significantly to health, wellbeing and social life, in particular for the considerable number of residents with limited mobility, especially older, disabled, and low-income residents.
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  • Stop funding cuts to the Citizens Advice Bureau
    The Citizens Advice Bureau provides vital benefits advice and support to ill, disabled and vulnerable people in and around Boston and Skegness. Lincolnshire County Council have decided to cut funding for this valuable service. There is no other organisation that provides the same service. Please sign and share.
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  • Carillion shows privatisation isn’t working: Bring Museum services back in-house!
    Carillion was managing support services at the British Museum when they announced bankruptcy on 15 January. Five years ago PCS members campaigned against outsourcing when directly employed staff were privatised and transferred to Carillion. Many have worked at the museum for over 20 years. Now they are being paid by the receivers and face an uncertain future. Under insolvency rules staff have no protection of their terms and conditions if they are transferred to another company. The Museum Director Hartwig Fischer has not even met with staff. This threat is not limited to British Museum: • The Imperial War Museum privatised its gallery services back in 2014. The private contractor Shield went bust in 2016 and was bought up by yet another private firm Noonan leaving staff unsure of the future of their pensions. • The National Gallery privatised 400 workers back in 2015 despite a long-running campaign opposing it, made from striking employees, other culture unions and a number of art campaigners and lovers. Private company Securitas has refused to honour promises and has been less than cooperative with workers represented by PCS. Meanwhile the National Gallery itself has de-recognised the union arguing that most of its members were now working for Securitas. • Some of Tate’s visitor services were provided by privateer Wilson James who used Zero Hours contracts and paid their employees far less than Tate. PCS members won union recognition and parity of pay after their EqualiTate campaign. But in 2017 the contract was passed on to Securitas who immediately de-recognised the PCS union.
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  • Ecologising
    My name is Gaia the Garbage. I help run Ecologisers, a Young People's Anti-litter Campaign. For a 2 minute fun-video that gives the whole picture, please visit https://vimeo.com/233979354 We have 4 creative projects we're forwarding and have taken into schools, and universities through current teacher-training routes. These are: Alternative Santa, LItter Goes LIterary, the Children's Humorously Captioned Photography Competition and the writing of EcoSongs. I've written 45 EcoSongs. Put upbeat celebratory eco-lyrics to famous out-of-copyright tunes. This project and others like it are important because the way we tackle problems, including global problems, is not solution-oriented. It's quick-fix or commerically-led. Though we have been running this campaign for 4 years we have funded it ourselves as litter is seen as the pariah of the enivronmental movement. Numerous applications for funding we have made have failed. At Ecologisers we want to make litter 'sexy'!!
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  • Divest from fossil fuels
    Globally, more than 800 investors with combined assets of $6 trillion USD have already made commitments to divest from fossil fuels. We have the opportunity for Highland to be the first Local Authority in Scotland to divest from fossil fuels! Six other UK Local Government pension funds have already done so. By investing in fossil fuel extraction, Highland Council are profiting from climate change. As public bodies, local governments have a responsibility to work for the public good; they shouldn’t be financially and politically supporting the most destructive industry on the planet. Fossil fuel investments undermine Highland Council’s own climate change strategies, as well as our national and international commitments. £2.3 million of the Highland Council's Pension Fund is invested in BHP Billiton, the 12th largest extractor of coal in the world. They are currently mining in the centre of the Borneo rainforest and facing prosecution over Brazil's worst ever environmental disaster. They also have £12.6 million invested in Shell, who have paid millions of dollars in fines over their oil operations in Nigeria, are threatening to drill in the Arctic and are involved in shale gas fracking in the US (a process banned in Scotland). What could change look like? We are in the midst of a housing crisis, youth unemployment is high and inequality is rising. New technologies like electric cars, wave power and floating wind can bring green jobs to our communities, whilst investment in green housing and insulation could house millions and cut fuel poverty. Council pension funds can back this change by shunning fossil fuels and investing locally in green jobs, social housing and renewable energy. By divesting from fossil fuels, Highland Council, together with other public and financial institutions, can collectively help fund a more sustainable future for the people of Highland and around the world. Please sign and share!
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    The rollout of Benefit changes is coming to Tendring soon. We have seen the chaos and consequences of benefit arrears in other areas that have rolled out and wish to do all we can to alleviate the problems in Tendring
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  • Name one of our new Royal Navy T26 Frigates HMS PLYMOUTH
    Plymouth has a long standing relationship with the Royal Navy and Defence as a whole, acting as a natural port and strategic location, it boasts world leading capabilities, employing thousands of dedicated local people to support the men and women who serve on Royal Navy Warships. The history of Plymouth and it’s military links can be traced back to before the formation of a Royal Navy. We want the Defence Secretary, Gavin Williamson, the local MPs and the nation as a whole to consider rewarding Plymouth and its dedication to the Royal Navy by naming one of the new Type 26 warships .... HMS PLYMOUTH.
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  • More shelters for the homeless in Lincolnshire
    Last week was one of the coldest weeks we’ve had in a long time . Whilst out on the street we saw people sleeping in door ways with nowhere to go. Local support workers and people who work for homeless shelters told us they were completely packed and didn't have enough space to let in more people. Recently, in Bristol and London, homeless people have been dying on the streets from hyperthermia. In Brighton alone 17 people died in 2017. And last week a homeless man in Lincolnshire died in his tent. This cannot go on.
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