• Help Briton to become GREEN ON ITS ENERGY
    To make the UK a better and healthier place to live,and independent of other countries for our energy .
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    Created by Raymond Spencer
  • Newcastle University to pay the Living Wage
    Research from 2017 at Cardiff University suggested that 60% of British people in poverty live in a household where someone is in work. This simply has to change. We are calling on the Vice Chancellor to follow suit of many other Universities, and pay staff a reasonable amount. For a university that earned a £27 million surplus before tax in 2016-17, this is the least it can do.
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    Created by Living Wage Newcastle University
  • Keep the last bank in our Town
    This is the last bank in the community and must remain open and a fully functioning bank branch to allow the residents and businesses in the town to function, trade and undertake their financial affairs. Whilst there remains a Post Office and some banking can be undertaken through this two kiosk facility in part of the co-operative supermarket it is not an adequate or appropriate banking facility for our town. The nearest alternative bank is at least 2.5 miles away in the neighbouring town of Cannock. This branch is constantly busy and transport links and times of access will hinder the trading hours and conditions of businesses; increase the risk of crime with cash takings being transported greater distances and routes; isolate vulnerable members of our community with limited access to longer public transport journey times. Hednesford has been undergoing considerable housing and business expansion over the last few years and this will accelerate further in to the next few years including a significant increase in tourist and leisure visitors through the town to Cannock Chase an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and premium destination for mountain biking. Hednesford has always had a Lloyds, we implore you therefore to reconsider.
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    Created by Paul Woodhead
  • PayPal should lift the ban on CBD Products!
    CBD is a legal product to sell and is an amazing health supplement! Despite this, PayPal have taken an anti-business stance that won't allow CBD product sales from certain businesses. PayPal states it "breaks the terms of its policies", however fails to show or explain where this is stated. Additionally you can use PayPal to buy CBD oil via a website owned by PayPal's parent company? A small farmer or oil producer can really benefit from the use of PayPal for their business, so you can't help but feel maybe they are being targeted and this is not right. I believe it's important for us all to do our part in stopping this from happening, please help by signing this petition and sharing with your friends. Thank you all!
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    Created by Lauren O'Malley Picture
  • Old brick heaters
    it is important to reduce energy consumption to save the environment as well as reducing costs of overall electric use so the poorest people can survive and live happy lives
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    Created by Andrew oconnor
  • Keep Moseley Friends' Institute for the Use of the Local Community
    Moseley Friends' Institute was gifted to the people of Birmingham by the Cadbury family so that it could be used for the benefit of local people. It has for many years been managed by Birmingham City Council, who are currently considering the future of the building. Although it is currently in need of renovation and repair, it could be an important resource for the community.
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    Created by Noel Donnelly
  • STOP car parking charges in Dingwall
    Car Parking charges will kill off Dingwall High Street altogether. Please show your support for this cause by signing our petition and sending the letter below to all 4 of our Councillors elected to represent Dingwall. You will find their email addresses below. Thank you. Email template: Dear Councillors elected to represent the Dingwall & Seaforth Ward, I am writing to ask you to reverse Highland Council's decision to introduce car parking charges in the Dingwall south car park. Whilst car parking charges may help other towns across the region, Dingwall does not currently have parking or congestion problems. Therefore, these new charges will be seen as a barrier and are likely to deter locals and visitors from doing their shopping in the town and consequently disadvantage its small businesses. One of the best things about Dingwall is the FREE parking available. The council should be doing more to support local businesses and not hamper them. I urge you to help protect Dingwall and reverse the decision to introduce car parking charges. Finally, please update me on what action you have taken to achieve the above. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Yours Sincerely, Name: Address: Please cut and paste above then send to: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
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  • Fisheries Post Brexit
    British territorial waters are some of the most productive in Europe. I started fishing full time 42 years ago. Most of that time under the EU's Common Fisheries Policy. When we joined what was then the EEC we had to sign away equal access to other European countries. Some, like Spain, had no history of fishing in British waters. Others had so little territorial waters of thier own that they must have been rubbing thier hands together with glee at gaining access to our rich and abundant waters. Over the years I have seen the Common Fisheries Policy depress the industry, with once household named fishing ports such as Fleetwood, Milford haven, Lowestoft, Hull and Grimsby all declining. Thousands of people, not only fishermen but those industries supporting them, had to face finding other work or the dole. Whole communities were destroyed. The policy led to overfishing and the consequent decimation of prime fisheries, such as Liverpool bay and the Southern North Sea. The most recent threat has come from Dutch electro pulse fishing. Wiping out whole eco systems on the north Sea in the name of efficiency. I have seen once thriving fisheries that I used to work every year, nearly destroyed. Limiting us to smaller areas and concentrating effort there, instead of the diversity of grounds and fishing opportunities we used to enjoy. We now have the golden opportunity to take back control of what is a national resource potentially worth billions. By putting our own measures in place managing our fisheries effectively and sustainably we could ensure that not only are there fish in the seas but an industry for our children and grandchildren. Those Europeans that have an historic right of access and have fished or waters for hundreds of years, must be allowed to continue within limits but only if they comply with our rules of enforcement.
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  • Say NO to passports being produced anywhere but the UK
    The main reason 1) security a passport is a critical document and should not be made outside the UK 2) if we loose the jobs then the supposed 124 million savings will be wiped out in lost tax, NI, and increased benefits 3) we should be protecting and supporting our industry not giving business to countries that Would not allow that to happen in their country. 4) we are leaving the EU so it's not in our interests to allow another company to have such a hold over our security. 5) Britain has fantastic companies doing great things and if we are to succeed we need to give them every help we can
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    Created by Dereck Anderson
  • Save the Bull's Head, Craswall
    The Bull's Head is set in magnificent Marches countryside: it is "one of the last unspoiled drovers' inns in England" (CAMRA). For 125 years it was run by the same farming family. After 1998, under energetic new management, it became one of the most popular pubs in Herefordshire. Now, with owners who appear not to care, it has been closed for three years with no hint of reopening or sale as a pub. The pub is officially designated "an asset of community value". It is certainly that: our small and vulnerable rural community dearly wants it back. But it's something more - it's a boon to visitors; a resting place for weary walkers and one of rural England's hidden treasures. It must not die. "When you have lost your inns, drown your empty selves, for you will have lost the last of England" - Hilaire Belloc
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    Created by james ursell
  • Gairloch downgrading of sewerage system
    1. Health (how wants sewerage in water) 2. Marine environment (The sea Life will be affected) 3. Economy (Gairloch is fishing port and highly dependent on tourist trade)
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  • Save Priorswood Library
    This library and its staff provide vital services to one of Somerset's most deprived areas where community assets are already scarce. Not only is this an essential information and communication resource but it also contributes significantly to health, wellbeing and social life, in particular for the considerable number of residents with limited mobility, especially older, disabled, and low-income residents.
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