• Make 'We're in this together' real in post Covid-19 recovery
    The slogan, 'We're in this together' has been used a lot recently. The Institute for Fiscal Studies has suggested that a government deficit of over £200bn could be expected once this Covid-19 crisis is over. We have been told that everyone must be prepared to do their part to help the economy recover and prevent a second wave of austerity measures. I would suggest that one way of aiding this recovery would be to call on all those who hold money offshore and in tax havens, to ‘do the right thing’, by bringing this money back in from these tax havens and offshore accounts, so that they pay tax on the money and aid in the financial recovery. In particular I would address this call to members of the government and those who make decisions in financial institutions. If 'We are in this together' and want to avoid austerity measures, this would seem only just. There is currently no legal way of making this happen. I therefore hope that public opinion would be able to sway those concerned in offshore investment to make a moral decision to contribute to the recovery of the economy and therefore give credence to the statement, 'We're in this together.’
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  • Micro/Small manufacturing businesses - Please help! They feel abandoned
    This company is between a rock and a hard place at present due to Covid 19. They cannot work as they are, indefinitely without help, but can't lockdown completely as they are part of a key industry for medical machines. Unfortunately, this area of the customer base is not enough to cover monthly overheads. The company does not want to let these customers down or the recipients of these invaluable machines but this is not sustainable. They need help, not only to keep going though this but to still be a functional company after, when they will be a part of rebuilding the economy of the businesses that rely on them.
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  • Prevent coronavirus support for companies based in tax havens
    Companies that headquarter themselves in tax havens choose to do so to avoid paying UK corporation tax and should not therefore be able to benefit from taxpayer funded state support, the bill for which will ultimately be paid for by everyone in the UK who does pay tax. Allowing such companies to access coronavirus financial support is like allowing uninsured drivers to claim for accident damage – it clearly doesn’t make sense.
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    Created by David Gynn
  • Ban Tax Haven Companies
    Any company that is not registered in the United Kingdom for Tax purposes and doesn't contribute their fair share should under no circumstances receive Government bailout money.
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  • Individuals with over a billion pounds worth of assets - no bail out
    The public built your fortune, the government recovers bail out money from the public. The public is hurting, doing their best to survive while the rich get richer at our expense. Is this government going to accede to their request or is humanity going to win over greed and so called power? We have been a great opportunity to stop polluting the earth and if measures can be put in place globally to fight a virus then we can save the planet
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  • Increase Enterprise Investment Scheme tax relief to at least 50%
    As almost never before UK start-ups are under acute threat and not just as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. Urgent help is required to support them. The proposed government Future Fund is unattractive to most start-ups and something simpler is required. Increasing the EIS tax relief could be done very easily and extremely rapidly - in days and not weeks.
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    Created by John Simpson
  • Freeze interest payments on all loan and credit card 'holidays'
    It seems to me that the payment holiday being offered by banks and credit card lenders is a bit of an empty gesture. Yes it will allow customers to miss 3 months of payments without incurring additional charges for being unable to pay the monthly bill, but the interest on those payments will continue to accrue. In simple terms, these companies are making extra profit from their customers pandemic induced difficulties. this cannot be right, or fair.
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    Created by Jason Spiller
  • 0% interest on all Credit Cards/for 3 months
    This is very important because majority public do not have salaries and are jobless at the moment and have no income coming in but still have to spend on their day to day groceries and daily essentials. A majority of which are paid on credit cards. Millions of house holds rely on the credit card payments for all necessary items on a daily basis. Charging interest on their every day essential SPEND is crippling and unethical during this economically trying time. Majority of the house holds are struggling financially at the moment. If interest is levied this would help each individual financially to repay back with no interest charged on their credit cards. At the moment the credit card agencies are giving staggered payment facility BUT CHARGING interest on ALL outstanding balances. Government has imposed this on high street banks for all BANK CHARGES and similarly this should be done to credit card agencies.
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    Created by Rajesh Patel
  • Support public sector employees laid off due to the pandemic
    Tax payers in the public sector have not been supported in the same way as the private sector. They deserve the same level of support in terms of furloughing (80% of salary up to £2,500).
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    Created by Lorraine Key
  • Stop charging tax on NHS overtime during covid crisis
    NHS workers are not only working hard to care for all during this crisis at the moment, we are also working a lot extra and having annual leave cancelled to cover the crisis. We are all working a lot of extra hours but are being penalised massively by tax. I believe that all NHS workers should not be taxed on overtime and NHSP shifts whilst this crisis is ongoing. Not only are we attending work like lambs to the slaughter we are also paying a lot more in tax for the privilege of covering the front line and keeping people safe.
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  • VAT refunds for SMEs
    It’s imperative that help to save and sustain small businesses. The current climate will have catastrophic effects of the economy and socio economic issues in the community. We need to protect jobs and the businesses. I have asked the government to consider to refund the last two quarters of VAT for all businesses who have been trading for over 3 years or more and have set up a petition, This would help  SMEs to survive over the next few weeks and months . They too have outstanding bills to pay especially to their suppliers.  We know the Government has done a lot in terms of furloughed staff and the self employed. However unfortunately very little has been suggested for the owners of SMEs other than to get a loan.  Sadly not all companies could afford to take this on and repay; Especially now that businesses have been affected by this crisis. In addition the banks are NOT lending. I believe this initiative would be easy to implement and could possibly save thousands of businesses across the U.K. Notwithstanding all the monies could be returned over a period of time.  I plead with you to-put this forward in your capacity as a very high profile person in the media and within the government. I would be very grateful if you could sign and share the petition. As you know I need 10000 for it to be considered. Many thanks and stay safe and healthy.
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    Created by Sadia Hussain
  • All politicians in the U.K. to take a pay cut
    The world is in such a turmoil and we need this. We have far too many politicians in the first place
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    Created by Maddie Davidson