• The Richest 1% to donate 1% for PPE
    This Virus doesnt discriminate
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  • Change the criteria for financial support for businesses in receipt of small business rates relief
    This technical loophole has meant that many small businesses have been overlooked by the government (as were the self-employed) and have been affected adversely. This is a testing time and rolling out such a huge financial package of support is a demanding feat, but it has to be fair and across the board. Small businesses will be suffering irreparably at this time and need this financial help to steer their business through these troubled waters. Small businesses in receipt fo business rates relief should be entitled to this grant regardless of whether they are the registered business rates payer or not.
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  • We need a crisis-profit Windfall Tax
    While some companies are making huge losses due to COVID-19, some others, including the Supermarkets and Amazon, stand to make large additional profits on the back of social distancing regulations. Just as it is fair and important that companies badly affected by the regulations, including High Steet shops and restaurants, are supported by the Treasury, it is also fair and important that no company should PROFIT from the crisis. Therefore, any additional profits should be recycled as tax to offset the cost of supporting the loss making businesses. (Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash)
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  • Business Loans From the Treasury NOT Banks and Fast
    WE should never forget that the same banks rescued by taxpayers 12 years ago are failing to return the favour. The granting of loans to keep businesses and jobs alive has been shamefully and pitifully slow despite being largely underwritten by public money. Banks seems to find every excuse not to lend. This after we bailed them out in 2008. Chancellor Rishi Sunak must bypass the banks and grant loans direct from the Treasury, as happens abroad. Hundreds of thousands of small firms and their staff do not have months to wait.They’ll be destitute in days
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  • Wage increase for Nurses - Now!
    Nurses have been on the front line of our battle against Covid - 19, yet new nurses receive a salary barely above the minimum wage. These highly skilled and dedicated workers have borne the brunt of the last 10 years of austerity, yet are supposed to put their lives on the line day and daily. They do it out of a sense of duty, but loyalty doesn't buy the groceries or pay the rent. So let's see this as the first step in paying them and people like them, what they are worth to society, not the minimum we can get away with. This will cost the average person just over £3 per week, a small price to pay for these heroes and heroines.
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  • Help small businesses through the Coronavirus
    If you are newly self-employed, sadly the Chancellor said no to including you this tax year. Under the Self-employment Income Support Scheme, the state will pay 80% of average profits up to £2,500/mth (provided total annual profits are under £50,000). The average profit is based on earnings in the three tax years up to 5 Apr 2019. This leaves those who started a business after that in the lurch. Even some who started the year before may fall foul, as to qualify, over 50% of annual income needs to be from self-employment. The Chancellor Rishi Sunak has been asked if he'd change the guidance to include profits of those who submit speedy tax returns for the most recent tax year. In his video answer, sadly he said no. Another gaping hole that needs fixing. Please sign this petition to help small businesses survive through the Coronavirus, to help the people with no income to pay their bills and look after their families. Thank you so much.
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  • Stop lenders applying interest on the 'three-month payment holiday' during the Covid-19 crisis
    We bailed out the banks, it is time for the banks to repay that debt! The three-month holiday from monthly payments is a standard feature in mortgage products offered by lenders and is nothing new. The banks are offering only to waive the assessment process of the customers financials in order to obtain approval of the facility. This facility will prove profitable for the banks, it is nothing more than a deferment of these payments into the future. Lenders still charge interest during this period and simply add this interest to the loan which will then increase monthly direct debit payments. For those people who have been struggling to meet their monthly expenses before the lockdown, how can they be expected to meet the additional cost of this facility once payments resume. The solution is to apply a three-month break from mortgage and loan payments without adding penalties and charges and simply increase the term of the loan by three months. No-one is winning here, we all have to do our bit and now it is time for banks to do theirs. The public suffered years of austerity and are in return asking for three months!
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  • Zero council tax for key workers during Covid 19 pandemic lock down
    For those working through the pandemic it would be helpful to have some form of financial support to help support them and their families, who members of which may be on furlough and losing money or worse have been made unemployed. Not being eligible , for example, for mortgage assistance as I rent this would make a big difference.
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  • No bailout for companies registered to pay tax outside UK
    With COVID-19 having a devastating impact on the UK. Companies that are not registered to pay tax in the UK, should not be eligible to claim.
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  • Suspend credit card APR rate charges
    Credit card companies must not be allowed to make money from the pandemic Many people will have taken on credit card borrowing, expecting to pay it off using their regular income, and now have no regular income, or substantially less income, or are being temporarily supported through the benefit system. Every financial avenue needs to be explored to help at this very difficult time. I have seen no sign to date that the financial sector, who have made billions from credit charges over the years, are offering this help and they need to step up now, and do their bit. This help is cross cutting as it impacts the economy, health, and welfare.
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  • Support for Agency Workers during the Coronavirus shutdown
    There are thousands of agency workers, such as myself, who would normally have work but have little or no work because the firms they usually work for have closed down. The Government has offered to pay up to 80% of the wages for employed people and will be announcing help for the self-employed but, so far, there has been no mention of the thousands of agency workers. During the current crisis we have no income if we do not work and without firms being open for business there is no demand for workers. We still have mouths to feed and bills to pay, just like the rest of society. We need the same level of support in order to make ends meet. Please send a clear message to the Government that they must support agency workers at this time of national crisis. Thank you.
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  • To include self catering businesses in Scotland for Covid19 Small Business Grant
    Self catering properties have a huge positive impact on Scotland’s small communities, creating local employment, supplying the footfall of tourism for all the activity providers, restaurants, pubs and shops, who are eligible for this grant. Both England and Wales recognise the contribution the self catering industry makes to the hospitality sector. We want Scotland to do the same.
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