• 0 hour contract staff not protected
    This is important due to the current global pandemic!! The staff on 0 hour contracts have families at home to look after!! How is this possible when they only receive SSP?!
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    There are approximately 5 million Self-Employed workers in Britain. For millions of them all contracts have been terminated with immediate effect and ALL income stopped overnight. Currently the government’s protection of 80% of salary up to £2,500 per month applies only to a tiny percentage of freelancers who are also PAYE. With an entire and immediate loss of income many can no longer make ends meet. The effects on millions of self-employed will be catastrophic without urgent and immediate action.
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    Created by Martha Constable
  • The self employed should be offered the same protection as the employed
    This is important because £94.00 a week universal credit is not going to cover even the most basic of needs, especially for people with families to support. Even if the promised grants materialise Anytime soon - they will merely stop a gap in the expenses that the business needs to pay. The business owner is still left without an income - and very possibly at the end of this - without a business either.
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    Created by Loretta Scaccia
  • Equal rights for the Self Employed during the Covid-19 Crisis
    The self employed pay the same tax and national insurance as employees but are currently not receiving the same help. Our self employed workers contribute a huge amount to Britain’s economy and shouldn’t be forgotten about during this crisis.
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  • If landlords are to get mortgage free periods then they should give tenants rent free periods
    People are unable to work due to COVID-19. Pregnant women, asthmatics and the elderly are being asked to self isolate for 12 weeks. This is going to cause major debt and homelessness nationally. If landlords cant afford mortgages how are tenants supposed to be able to afford rent, which is at a higher cost than the mortgage?
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  • Bills and fees wavered during COVID -19
    To stop the spread of Coronavirus everyone must act, by helping taking away the fear of paying bills people will feel less guilty and reluctant to not go to work where possible.
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  • Provide assistance to the hospitality industry during this Coronavirus pandemic
    Sales are down 60-85% depending on venue, they can’t sustain employment of our people being largely cash businesses for much longer - further a significant portion of these people are temporary workers on hourly rates who have little access to redundancy. Many hospitality businesses will otherwise not survive this period. With self isolation and government advice to further stay away from these venues to understandably bring this virus pandemic under control - these venues and people are increasingly at risk of not being able to survive financially. We need action now.
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  • Stop all debt repayments until the Corona Virus Crisis is over.
    It is not peoples fault this has happened they should not suffer.
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  • A Basic Income for all citizens during the coronavirus crisis months.
    Coronavirus is a worldwide crisis requiring emergency government measures to support essential services - along with citizen action. We are all learning and adjusting rapidly. Businesses, organisations and individuals are making the best decisions we can. The consequences of those decisions for a lot of people mean keeping children, elderly relatives and neighbours safe while worrying about reduced or no income for the foreseeable future. The UK government could lead the way in valuing citizens as active participants in working through this crisis and could provide a model for other countries. Afterwards, in the summer months, when we are learning from how we dealt with this crisis and making the changes needed to be better prepared next time, there will be UK wide data available to study how people used the basic income payments and what difference it made. In response to the 2008 financial crash, the UK and other governments bailed out the banking sector. That didn't stop the following years of austerity. It's worth trying out a different approach and investing in citizens.
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  • Make sure everyone flooded in February 2020 receives the £5,000 flood resilience grants
    Our homes and businesses here in the Calder Valley, just as in many areas of the United Kingdom, flooded on Boxing Day 2015 and again in the last two weeks (February 2020) due to Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis. Many of us have lost what was replaced or salvaged last time when any flood measures put in place by the Government since 2015 proved wholly insufficient. To be honest, it has been devastating to lose so much again. The community always rallies together and helps each other but the Government does not do enough. We have been suffering through flood defence works totalling £32m since Spring 2016 - what with air pollution, earth works damaging buildings that were already flooded, noise pollution, never-ending traffic jams, building works 6 days a week and through the night - and that still hasn't completed for the one village that has gone through it. The scheme has yet to progress to other towns flooded on Boxing Day 2015 and, in the case of Elland, they are due to get no flood defences at all because the Environment Agency said it was not cost-effective. To refuse to give flood resilience grants to those who have been flooded, whose homes have not been protected despite the millions paid by the Government to private contractors, is beyond heartless. Many of us have struggled to get insurance at all, despite Government promises and the Flood Re scheme, and those of us who do have incredibly high premiums that local emergency grants simply don't cover. Most of us who flooded this time flooded last time as the costly flood defence works were both incomplete and actually left us further exposed due to flood walls that were overtopped in 2015 being taken down by the Government contractors VBA and not replaced, due to works not having been done throughout the valley and due to the Environment Agency's own planning deeming certain areas sacrificial and not cost-effective to protect. In the recent Statement on Flooding in Parliament, on being pressed by Halifax MP Holly Lynch, the Government said the recently announced flood resilience grants - intended to help properties become more resilient to future floods - would not be available for those who flooded last time and who therefore received a grant. The £5,000 is a blanket amount irrespective of how inundated properties were so those who had a foot of water in their cellar received exactly the same grant as those whose homes were flooded all through. Depending on your property and how the water gets in, the grant would cover the average cost of 2 flood doors and frames which is £4,000. A sump pump in the cellar might cost you £1250/£1500 but it would only work for as long as there was working electricity. Part of the grant had to be spent on approved surveyors carrying out a Flood Mitigation Report. Our flood mitigation report identified necessary measures costing over 3 times the £5,000 grant and even then, it said, "Due to the location of the building, flood remediation measures will not totally prevent flooding in the future, but if properly implemented may reduce the incidence of flooding by slowing or preventing water entering the property, reduce damage and loss should flooding occur, and allow faster recovery from flooding in the future." Even spending that money did not stop us being flooded to the same degree, only this time the main points of water ingress were through new points of weakness created by works done to the neighbouring property by the Government contractors VBA. Arguably, the only owners of homes and businesses who didn't receive a grant last time and who are therefore eligible this time are those who didn't own that home or business last time. Many of those bought those properties at knockdown prices precisely because of the Boxing Day 2015 flooding devaluing and damaging properties; in some cases, they also benefited from works carried out by the Government contractors.
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  • Make the wealthy pay their fair share
    The UK is a wealthy country, but this wealth is very unevenly spread. The UK government doesn’t properly tax wealth, such as land, shares and property. Our current tax system gives an advantage to those who live off their wealth, as opposed to those who work for a living. This leaves us with under-funded public services and sets the UK on track to become one of the most unequal countries in the world. One change that the Chancellor could adopt is taxing income from wealth at least as much as income from work. The Institute of Public Policy Research estimate that this would raise £90 billion over five years. According to a poll Tax Justice UK commissioned with Oxfam the public overwhelmingly support this idea. Join us in calling for an end to the low tax lifestyles enjoyed by some of the wealthiest people in the country and a fairer Britain.
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  • Stop the Royal Bank of Scotland charging £3 to use the cash machine
    Because if banks start changing us to withdraw cash from there machines they could start charging us for using their debit/credit cards so we have to put an end to this before it starts.
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