• Abolish Tax on Feminine Hygiene Products
    The period is a natural female bodily function. It occurs every month from the start of puberty until the menopause. Studies have shown that women pay on average £18,000 on feminine hygiene products in their lifetime. That is money that would be better spent putting our children through college. We have all seen the adverts on TV recently from Always, talking about period poverty. If these products weren't taxed, no teenager would have to miss out on their education each month because of a natural bodily function they have no control over.
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    The signal box was opened in 1875 it is one of very few remaining historical sites to the everchanging and growing town of Bingham. It’s history is what makes Bingham the town it is and whilst it is important the area expands and moves with the modern times it is drastically more important Bingham as a community are allowed to hold onto its history or before we know it, we will just be another town and the history is left in the past for good. Whilst the functionality of the signal box is now dormant, it’s building and features still tells a story. We appreciate the time consuming expense and upkeep to a none functioning signal box is a hinderance but demolition should be the last resort. I have therefore personally approached all parties with a proposition which will not only preserve its history for the town and surrounding areas but will also showcase it for all to see. Therefore if you would like Bingham’s Signal Box to be saved, please sign & share my petition. Thanks.
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  • Remove The Anti-Poor Notice At Brighton Station
    Many of you would have seen the story in today's Argus about the notice at Brighton Station asking commuters not to help beggars. Here's the Argus article: http://www.theargus.co.uk/…/16412688.commuters-are-asked-n…/ I must confess I never saw that sign, mainly because I seldom use the trains. I mostly cycle. But reading about it in the Argus this morning got my blood boiling. It deeply offended me that in austerity-ravaged Britain, where more and more families are forced to resort to food-banks, and where people are increasingly going into debt just to provide their kids with the basics, that anybody or company could be so heartless as to advice against Brightonians helping each other. I've lived here for one year, and I have never lived in a more welcoming, generous and kind city. The people here look out for each other and are happy to help people worse off than themselves. This notice is a blot on our city. It reflects badly on us. When people visiting us from all over Britain and the world arrive at the station, that is one of the first things they see. IT MUST BE REMOVED by GOVIA, the company that runs the station. I am trying to put together an effort to force them to remove it and replace it with a notice that reflects our city for the kind and generous city it is. PLEASE sign this petition.
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  • Save the Music Festivals at Bredy Farm
    This is a desperate plea for help, for the sake of not only our livelihoods and our passion, but for the young local people we employ, the musicians we support, the enjoyment of a hundreds to thousands of our loyal supporters, what they bring to the local economy, and the fear of Burton Bradstock being allowed to become truly Jurassic by nature. An abatement notice has been served based solely on a number of complaints that were sent in to Environmental Health after the event had taken place, which runs the risk of stopping any future events from taking place at Bredy Farm. We have worked incredibly hard throughout the years to make the events here at Bredy Farm a success. Although not our sole professions (Charlie runs the day to day jobs on the farm and Abi is a veterinary surgeon) we have put our hearts, minds, lives and souls into them to make them incredibly special for everyone and anyone who attends, whether it be their first ever "music festival", or they are a lifelong festival goer, and as result we have all of you wonderful, friendly and loyal supporters to show for it. Each year we donate to a good cause, last year we gave £1000 to the local primary school which enabled them to enrich the children's lives with a day long African Drumming workshop - the money also made their theatre production at a local venue possible. This year we were hoping to donate a similar sum of money towards helping the homeless in the local area, either through shelters, food sources or clothing banks. The family friendly weekend music events that we hold occur on 9 days out of 365 days of the year and the live music starts at midday and finishes at 11:45pm, with background music at the bar until 2am. We are a 500 person family friendly festival and we are considered to be a statutory nuisance. When you compare us to the likes Glastonbury, Bestival, Boomtown, Reading Festival, etc. who are not only a considerable deal larger than us, but also play music until the early hours of the morning (ours finishes at 11:45pm), you wonder how this could be possible? Despite having statements from several residents explaining that the music could not be heard within their houses or after the hours that our licensing ended as well as a history of the village petitioning and campaigning to get any novel enterprises that bring life to the village shut down, environmental health have, for one reason or another, without justification, bowed to their actions. The village are renowned for not accepting change and we believe the reason there was such a barrage of complaints that came in specifically for Bredy Farm after the event had taken place is because the main complainants had sent letters to residents to complain about the "noise coming from events at Bredy Farm", rather than encouraging people to complain about the "noise over the weekend", which should have initiated an investigation as to where the noise was coming from rather than immediately serving us an abatement notice. The key leaders of the campaign to get the events shut down coincidentally own neighbouring holiday letting and campsite businesses within the village. The Environmental Health Officer managing the case, did not witness the apparent "nuisance" nor investigate whether any other events were being held on the same weekend. There were, in fact, several other parties being held on the same weekend one within the heart of the village, and another being held to the East of us for an 80th birthday party, which involved "very loud music until the early hours of the morning". Despite the previous two events, where there has been factual audio recordings to show we are not causing a statutory nuisance, and the continued close work with Environmental Health to jump through hoops to try to reduce any sound travelling from the events, we have been issued with an abatement notice following on from a barrage of complaints all coincidentally directed at Bredy Farm. But, how did the people KNOW that the noise was coming directly from us? Letters were distributed by certain companies within the village to their residents encouraging them to complain directly to EHO about Bredy Farm events. Please do have a look at what we do: Camping Be Cider Seaside - May event 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5FRO_M-tAA SouthCider Festival - June event 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_79YUEgAYik Despite working closely with environmental health and improving the noise at each event, we are now having to expend an enormous amount of time and money to try to appeal the unnecessary abatement notices, which also run the risk of stopping any future events taking place. Spread the word and thank you for taking the time to listen to us, we really appreciate your support! If you can help us in anyway, please do get in touch.
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  • stop all ads for online gambling.
    there is a growing addiction of gambling,advertising these items on tv is exactly the same as advertising,ciggarettes,herion or cocaine.
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  • Remove condition 16 of the licensing Act for Polzeath Pancake Shack
    This is important for us as we pay a license to trade and we have overnight free camping which sometimes our spot gets parked in and we cannot trade, we are paying a license to trade and the council license team seem to think it’s not their problem if I can’t trade! Which then means I can’t provide a service to all my customers who come to Polzeath for my pancakes!! I employ local staff, and my carbon footprint is zero, I live here, all year round. Please sign and share and let the council know why you think this is important to you and your families when you come to visit Cornwall.
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  • Save Our Flower Man
    This stall is an important part of Cheltenham's vibrance, character and local colour. It is an integral part of Cheltenham's Promenade and a much-needed contrast to nearby shops. This stall helps to set Cheltenham aside from other towns with similar retail outlets. Support our local small businesses!
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  • Crawley Public Green Energy Initiative
    For a long time the country has - for the most part - relied on fossil fuels to power our houses, businesses and transportation. These fossil fuels are becoming harder and harder to pull from the earth and the effects are devastating. Not to mention the fuels we are now receiving are severely reduced in quality - what is known as "dirty fuel." Our government spends billions in subsidies on the polluting fuel sources, a market that is drastically unsustainable. Crawley is a constantly developing town. The past five years have seen the town move from having thirteen districts to fourteen and the outskirts, once fields and forest land, are now developing communities. It is clear more people are seeing the geographical benefits of the town, nestled between London and Brighton. Not only this, Gatwick Airport offers a variety of jobs and links to myriad destinations around the globe. This is where I see the importance of this initiative. As more and more people move into the area, large-scale developments are taking place. Our carbon footprint is growing, as are the prices we pay for energy. The Public Green Energy Initiative aims to move people away from relying on corporations ownership of our energy so that we, as consumers, are no longer under the threat of dramatically increasing energy prices. Not only would moving to green energy be sustainable for the future, it gives people an opportunity to reduce costs and feed energy back into the grid. This lowers our prices and helps us build a local economy in green energy infrastructure. Gatwick Airport (LGW) has already started its own initiative by changing all of its bulbs to LED's (runway included) and plans to become the worlds first entirely LED lit airport. If the surrounding town of Crawley joins in turning to renewable sources of energy, the town and conjoined airport could become a model for the country. The extra added benefit - if we turn to become a green energy town, there is a huge opportunity for a total change in town, transport and community planning. Bus routes could be added and subsidized by local council in order to reduce the need for cars for small journeys. This means that areas of the town would be more accessible for workers, the elderly and the youth. Cycle routes would be improved and cycle initiatives, such as the cycle to work scheme, could be promoted through local companies. By making the energy public, the public get the vote on where their energy comes from and therefore gain independence and pride in taking part in something large-scale.
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  • Gloucester Recycling is Rubbish
    Waste collection is an area that affects all of us, not just the day to day cleanliness of our city but also our impact on the environment. This failure by Gloucester City Council, and their Contractor Amey, has a wide ranging impact on us as residents. Our environment is unnecessarily impacted by the recycling we sort being placed into landfill due to ineffeciencies and the services we need are degraded by the shortfall in funding due to recycling not being able to be sold. £300,000 is a large part of our council's budget which, with the continued defunding of our local councils from central government, we can not afford. We are chastised if our bins are put out with the lid open but the lack of scrutiny or diligence in the Council's handling of Amey and their contract is frankly mind boggling, it's time for change. For further information on this issue please follow the below links: https://www.gloucestershirelive.co.uk/news/gloucester-news/whistleblower-claims-amey-staff-gloucester-1654289 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-gloucestershire-44374816 https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-gloucestershire-44469075 https://www.gloucestershirelive.co.uk/news/gloucester-news/astonishing-council-meeting-reveals-gloucesters-1640809 https://www.gloucestershirelive.co.uk/news/amey-not-fined-gloucester-city-1031193 https://www.gloucestershirelive.co.uk/news/gloucester-news/amey-refutes-those-claims-council-1643663
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  • Housing Policy Needs Urgent Change
    Increased supply and quality comes from competition and incentives, not from over regulation or divisive taxation policies. There's a hole in the bucket and it's not being refilled quickly enough. Private landlords are selling up in droves, thus reducing the pool of better quality homes available to rent. Private investment into much needed rental housing is being strangled, and this MUST STOP! National and Local Government policies are discouraging private investment into rental accommodation, especially in recent years. This is already negatively impacting housing development and the wider economy. If the supply of private rental accommodation continues to contract, demand will cause rents to increase and ordinary people will find it even harder to find flexible and affordable housing. Taxing suppliers, whether directly or by stealth, is always passed on to consumers. In this case, that means upward pressure on rents. There have been several forms of stealth taxes and indirect taxation applied to private housing providers. These include; the taxation of finance costs, increased Stamp Duty Land Tax, banning tenant fees and Selective Licencing. Government and Local Councils need to stop milking private housing providers like cash cows and reverse all such policies before further suffering is caused. Badly informed campaigning could also undo all the good things the Housing Act 1988 achieved. We urge Government to be mindful of this.
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  • Student Nurse Student Finance Reduction
    Student Nurses who are in receipt of a bursary receive over £500 less in their third academic year of study. Their final year of study is the same length as years one and two making the reduction on loan unjustified. This has been in dispute for nearly a year with no explanation as to why the reduction occurs.
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  • Current university failed asylum seekers should be allowed leaves to remain
    It will save the future of individuals who are vulnerable to immigration status in the uk. Education is basic right of everyone and no one can snatch this right. Education is the only way that can change not only the status of individual but also it can change the society and the world. The home office is treating educated people like animals. So we can not allow the home office do do that.
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