• Pension Pot Robbery
    The money paid into these pension funds has already been taxed. Now they want to tax it again. This is nothing short of highway robbery. Why should people who have scrimped and saved all their lives to try and provide themselves with a decent pension (which government fails to do) be penalised? Yet another example of rip-off government in rip-off Britain. There are enough pensioners, and people soon to reach retirement age, in this country to put a stop to this.
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    Many investors from 2007 were conned into buying properties that were fraudulently over-valued by third party professionals, including property developers, panel surveyors, mortgage brokers and conveyancing solicitors, all part of a scam to fleece money from high street lending institutions. The high street lenders have repossessed many of the properties which have so far seen millions of pounds lost in shortfalls on the original mortgages. These shortfalls have been 'lost' in the accounts of the Lloyds Group and UK tax-payers should be told in detail how much all this amounts to and what steps the group has taken to recover these shortfalls. Lloyds has protected itself by repossessing the houses of the investors who fell foul of what a member of Lloyds' Chief Executive Team termed as a 'scam', in a letter to one investor, it then repossessed. The investor had written to challenge the bank's conduct in the whole saga that saw three of her properties re-possessed to the tune of £530,000. In its reply, the bank's official wrote: 'I disagree that BoS should be accountable for the shortfall as we were also victims of the scam.' There are at least 22 properties in the north and north-west of England, which were all over-valued by between £100,000 and £150,000, involving investors that have been forced into repossession. Third-party professionals used by Lloyds on a daily basis have fleeced the group for millions. Lloyds meanwhile, has been able to 'write off' these 'bad debts' with no comeback or explanation on its behaviour. British taxpayers shored up the ailing Lloyds Group, following the disastrous and scandalous way it operated its business in the lead up to the 'credit crunch' in 2008. The public need to know exactly how the losses - in the region of £3.2 million - from this 'scam' were reported and whether Lloyds reported the 'scam' to the Police or any of the financial watchdogs and authorities. Bank of Scotland were made aware of the 'scam' in May 2008. It is now December 2017 and the Lloyds Group has not addressed any of the questions raised by investors about its handling of the situation and hides behind jargon, data protection and its solicitors, Eversheds. In the meantime, Lloyds continues to hand out 'performance' bonuses in the tens of millions to a raft of senior management, whilst it has taken no action in delving into the 'scam' that it said it was a 'victim' of. How shameful that it has not had the decency to work with the investors/borrowers involved in the 'scam' it too was involved in, other than to repossess their homes and push them into untold stress and misery! Come clean Bank of Scotland - face up to the situation like the rest of us do when times get tough!
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  • Cap rent increases and prevent rising poverty
    Year after year landlords and Councils have increased rents by at least 4%. This year many are levying 4% increases at a time when many ordinary people - 'hard working families' to use politician speak, are on minimum wage and who have not had a wage rise in 2 years. Private landlords and local Councils are proactively making people poorer as expenses increase and income remain stagnant. Just recently The Royal Bank of Scotland, that was bailed out by tax payers, has defended plans to pay £588m in staff bonuses despite suffering an £8.24bn loss in 2013 as it slumped into the red for the sixth successive year. Ross McEwan, its Chief Executive, is expected to earn £2.7m for simply doing a job he was brought in to do. However, the bank is still in the red, so he hasn't achieved the goal, yet he still receives more money in bonuses than most people earn in a lifetime. Barclays increased bonuses by 10% to £2.4bn. HSBC said it would increase salaries for its bosses to get around a European union cap on bonuses. Are we going to swallow this silently? We clearly are not 'all in this together'. Perhaps the worst offenders are those local Councils who are taking the easy option and passing on the costs of their central government funding shortfall to those in social housing and those who have to pay council tax - those who have the least ability to pay and do anything about the increase. It is sickening to hear politicians speaking about raising people out of poverty yet allowing this activity to continue.
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  • Protect small cider producers
    CAMRA fully supports the production and availability of real ciders and perries. In many cases the proposed action would make small scale cider production uneconomic. This is wholly disproportionate given that a small producer selling up to 33 pints a day has no capacity to affect EU trade to any meaningful degree. The case for rejecting the request by the EU to tax small cider producers: - Someone producing less than 70hl (12,000 pints) will generally be making less than £10,000 a year in sales. This means the tax exemption only applies to very small businesses, such as hobbyists or farm-gate producers. If a duty were to be levied on these producers it would make their operations uneconomic and lead to wide-spread closure. - 80% of Britain’s 500+ cider makers are currently small producers. A tax will severely impact on consumer choice and will cause irreparable damage to one of the nation’s most historic industries. - An exemption from this duty is essential to supporting the growth of a vibrant but still small cider and perry market. - A tax charge of up to £2,700 would drive many small cider producers out of business costing jobs, harming the countryside and dramatically reducing consumer choice.
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  • Lord Green to face PAC
    Because Lord Green subsequently became a trade minister and is a member of the House of Lords. We need transparency and accountability and unless he gives an account of his activities, his position in untenable.
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  • Prosperity not austerity
    Austerity is a lie and has been sold to us under the guise of everyone tightening our collective belts for the betterment of society. Across the world, austerity has been shown to be failing. You don't need fancy charts and spin-doctored statistics to inform the great British public that vital services to the local communities are being crushed and closed. From endless bailouts to banks that are too big to fail, to essential benefit sanctions being imposed on those who are the most needy in our society. The knock-on effect of these cuts (most of which we are yet to experience) will be immense and will take generations to fix and mend; if they can ever be repaired. This country's political leaders are selling off each and every public asset, one by one, often without any open discussion or discourse with those who elected them. Consecutive governments since Margaret Thatcher's reign of tyranny have compacted this issue and fostered an ever-growing belief that in order to cut the so-called deficit, we all need to make cuts cuts and more cuts. Privateering, profit and greed have been put before the health and wealth of the people of the United Kingdom, countless governments and their cosy private-sector Eton buddies have rapidly been horse-trading with our national wealth - and it's time for this to stop. To all the party political leaders, we say your actions and inactions will not go unnoticed through the course of history; you have a unique opportunity to repudiate the current austerity measures and allow this country to grow once more. You have a golden chance to show the voting people of this country that you are not the puppets we have seen dancing for their banking masters, but strong and defiant leaders.
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    Every man deserves a second chance to live happy and to prosper, it is the role of government to provide the conditions that allow man to do just that. Many cases where ccj's etc have occurred is simply because, of failing governments failing to recognize that they themselves are the root cause to much of the bad debt and as a consequence of their bad decision making from all sectors, society as a whole indeed suffers. Access to credit to create wealth must be made for everyone. Not everyone is bad and many suffer as a consequence. Humankind is entitled to a better standard of living. When the government demands a significant proportion of a mans wage, there is very little left for the man to prosper. We need change and we need it now. If the government removes its stealth taxes, then perhaps man can flourish and his family prosper, this will not happen and cannot happen when every door that is knocked on is closed for you unless you have a bank balance of a million pounds. The distribution of wealth is not fairly being played as the wealth is consumed by banks that are unwilling to give credit where credit is due and if the government really want to be in touch with the common man, then it must aid the common man or forever be hated by the common man.
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  • Stop BT from buying EE
    I personally feel, rightly or wrongly, that if British Telecom were allowed to buy the 'Everything Everywhere' company, it would be like Tesco's buying Morrison's or Sky buying I.T.V. We need a competitive market place to create employment and drive consumers standards to higher grounds. The reaching long term implications of this potential sale, would have to result in job losses and if the public does not raise it's concerns about potential huge company sales such this and similar situations and attempts like it, we could be guilty of scratching our heads in 5 years time and asking ourselves "Where did all the work go?" In the last 3 years, I have found B.T. and E.E's customers standards to be poor and if they become no longer in direct competition with each other, how will their customer services ever improve? We are still recovering from a double-dip recession and the last thing the business market needs is an eventual streamlining of a big phone network. This must be stopped and it is in all of our interests to stop B.T. buying E.E. I have already contacted my M.P, Andrew Turner, about this matter and hope that others are able to find the time to contact their M.P. too.
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  • Global Pensions 4 UK Pensioners
    Pensioners who have made a life outside the UK's list of "Recognised Countries" are being denied their human rights to receiving their full pensions. The UK doesn't mind sending UK citizens to Thailand or other far flung countries to fight and die for them, but if god forbid any of them choose to return and live there, their pensions are either stopped or frozen without the benefit of cost of living increases. At the very beginning of our working lives, and at 10 year intervals. We should be given a list of countries we can expect NOT to receive our pensions.
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  • An end to Austerity
    The Austerity ideology has clearly failed for the working class and the poor, who are carrying the burden of the cuts. In fact Austerity is doing exactly what it was designed to do. That is to decimate the Welfare state, to cut and privatise all our public services, reduce wages and working conditions. But austerity is working. It is working for the billionaires, who have increased their wealth and financial control since 2008. Austerity is there to privatise the profits and nationalise the debt. To this end we will be asking every Parliamentary Candidate, in the forthcoming General Election, to commit themselves to oppose all Austerity Cuts.
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  • Vodafone Data Usage Cap
    Vodafone customers are unable to limit cellular data usage. When contracted limits are reached Vodafone sends a helpful text to advise that it will charge you for exceeding the limit. Fair enough - BUT - customers cannot opt out and self-limit until the following months allowance kicks in. Most smartphone apps and operating systems are very data hungry, even when operating in the background and not in actual use, so data allowances can be consumed without realising. Parents who fund a child's phone for safety and security reasons find this particularly stressful and difficult. Commercially it's obvious why Vodafone apply this policy - to make additional profit - but it is morally questionable if one party to the contract agreement has no power to limit charges beyond what was contractually agreed under circumstances often beyond their control. Other mobile operators have recognised this and allow limits to be self enforced, Tesco Mobile is one such responsible operator. So should Vodafone. "Always here for you?" is their service strap line "Always here to fleece you" would be more accurate.
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  • Stop attacking small businesses
    Across the country, self-employed people who are low earners and therefore claim working tax credits have received letters from an organisation called Concentrix [a private, unelected and unaccountable body working on behalf of HMRC].These letters state that the recipients' self-employed status is to be investigated, and demand proof of hours worked. A person working alone from home will normally have no way to prove the hours spent on preparation, planning, strategising, thinking, social media, networking, paperwork, website management or any of the other daily responsibilities of a small business person. In the absence of this "proof", tax credits will be stopped. This will force many hardworking people to cease their business and become unemployed. Small businesses are the foundation stones of a strong economy. This policy will cause untold hardship and damage, not only human but also economic.
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