• Stop Privatisation of The Land Registry
    Privatisation of the Land Registry will create a private sector monopoly of a function essential to the property market. It will remove competition and devalue the Land Registry. The Land Registry is a very efficient public organisation that is self funding and is not a drain on public finance. It has a 98% satisfaction rating with its users. The public consultation on government proposals to privatise the Land Registry closed on Thursday 20th March. There has been no publicity or attempt to inform the public of this radical change to an organisation that is vital to the UK property market. Another consultation on giving the Land Registry wider powers in the control of data essential to the sale and purchase of property closed earlier with the majority of the public not being aware of its existence. The Land Registry is well run, efficient and professional. If the government is to sell off one of our best performing public services, the wider public needs to be able to have its say. The public consultation is at https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/land-registry-new-service-delivery-company
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  • Are they going to kill the BBC?
    Because the BBC is one of this country's gems which is admired worldwide for it's reliability. http://www.theguardian.com/media/2014/mar/08/tv-licence-fee-decriminalise-miller-bbc
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  • Bring the Energy Utilities Back into Public Ownership
    The so called competition in selling energy isn't working - wholesale price falls have not been passed on. The disgrace of elderly and poor families freezing cold in the winter is shameful in a modern, caring society; whilst these energy bosses take home telephone number salaries!
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  • Suspended for standing up for the people
    Worcestershire Conservatives suspend councilor after fire service row. 7:00am Friday 28th February 2014, in News Exclusive By Tom Edwards Worcester News: Councillor Phil Grove: suspended from the Conservative group. A LEADING Worcestershire politician has been suspended from his Conservative group - and today he could be expelled entirely. Your Worcester News can reveal how Councillor Phil Grove has landed in serious trouble with his party after trying to prevent massive fire service cuts.
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  • Force the Government to fund our food banks
    Despite a doubling in the demands on food banks in the past year, the UK Government refused to claim the UK's £22m share of a £2bn fund voted by the European Union in 2013 to tackle food deprivation across the EU. Instead, it has taken the minimum allowed sum of £3m which, despite the intention of the EU fund, it is using to prop up its already failing work programme. Labour MEP Richard Howitt, who helped negotiate the fund, said it 'defied belief' that David Cameron’s Government had 'sought to block a fund for the most deprived’. “The cost of this Government’s anti-European ideology, coupled with its bitterly felt cost-of-living crisis, is literally taking food from the mouths of children,” he said. This money would ease some of the current burden on food banks, as well as supporting the many other UK charities which help the homeless and those fleeing domestic violence.
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  • Bus service for Finchley Memorial Hospital
    We have a brand new, gleaming hospital which people cannot reach because it is not on a bus route. Many of the services based there: physiotherapy, falls prevention, community dieticians, are geared towards people who are frail and cannot walk long distances. 500m might not seem a long distance for most people, but on a zimmer frame or crutches it is forever. Parts of the hospital are empty because local GPs do not want to move to a building which their patients cannot access. The plans for this building always included a bus stop, but what we need now is a bus which will actually stop outside the hospital door. There is a cross party consensus that this needs to happen urgently. Please add your voice so the Mayor of London understands how important this is. Thanks.
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  • Save Salford Childrens Holiday Camp, Prestatyn - NOW SAVED
    The Jam Butty Camp has provided generations of Salfordian school children with the experience of a holiday by the sea, many of which would have never had the chance of a holiday under normal circumstances. Over the years it has supported our City and so when under attack we come to its aid and in turn support it. The camp is just as much a part of Salford as the Civic Centre you all inhabit, and should be protected at all costs. The purpose of this facility is just as relevant today as it was when it was first set up, and by the councils own admission the City and its people are suffering from the austerity cuts, and for many children this will be the only chance they have of having a holiday away from City life. This camp holds a special place in the hearts of many Salfordian's and should be immune to the Councils cuts on the grounds it provides a special service to Salford which is priceless.
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  • Save Brighton & Hove City Fire Fighters
    East Sussex Chief Fire Officer has agreed to make £7.1 million of savings. He is proposing to make these savings by cutting emergency frontline fire-fighter posts. As part of the countywide proposed cuts the Chief Fire Officer is proposing to cut a fire engine from the City of Brighton and Hove. This will leave potentially just 16 fire-fighters protecting 250,000 residents and the hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. These cuts will cost lives. Even East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service's own management team recognise this! These cuts must not be allowed to go ahead. Please sign the petition and tell them NO!
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  • Stop The Cuts To East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service
    East Sussex Chief Fire Officer has agreed to make £7.1million savings. These savings are being achieved by cutting front-line emergency services. By cutting fire fighters, cutting numbers of fire engines and closing fire stations.
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  • Bring Bradford into line with other Councils
    I think it speaks for itself as to why it is important. Bradford Council claim to be in line with all other Councils. How is £85 in line with £10 for exactly the same thing? The Council made 3.33 million pounds doing this in the council tax year 2012/2013. Un-waged people are struggling just to pay council tax they also have to pay bedroom tax if they are renting privately, benefits do not take these taxes into consideration and neither do Bradford Council. Bradford Council have already announced Council Tax rises for the 2 years to come. During the Council Tax year 2012/2013 Bradford Council summonsed 1 in 4 households for Council Tax. With the current economic climate more and more people will be summoned as less people are able to afford to pay Council Tax, why should people already struggling be charged £85 per summons whilst others are charged only £10 for exactly the same thing?
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  • Hands Off St Just Library
    There are at least 9 groups which use the library from tiny tots to the elderly - including knitting groups, family history group, creative writing groups, toddler groups and even wool spinning. The computers enable the unemployed without internet access at home to search for work as the job centre requires them to do. The buses from St Just to Penzance have recently been cut and the prices raised. St Just is a growing community with a new housing estate just built which will house many people who will benefit from a local library. Tourist use the library in summer for computer access and the valuable local knowledge of our librarians. Your cuts will mean the library is only open for one full day and two half days. This is planned to happen in June - just in time for the height of the tourist season!
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    Carers are being ignored and Staffs County Council don't seem to care about our children or us! We are all getting older, we no longer get any allowances for having our children and soon we will have them 24/7 if the council get their way! How is this fair: We had a consultation or was it? When 69% voted for the Day Services to remain OPEN. 21% said they were open to change & 10% didnt vote. Surely they should have gone with the majority But no they didn't They have gone for complete closure! And our poor kids will be lost and no one seems to care. But I DO, so please sign this for every one with a Special Needs child (adult) Since October last year we have all been in meetings and consultations with Staffordshire County Council concerning Daybreak in Tamworth closing! We were all offered options 4 in all. The first was to leave Daybreak as it was, with the wonderful staff members helping our children get the very best out of life, meeting there friends every day, having days out and getting the right stability that they need on a daily basis. Everyone that I know went for and wants option ONE. Option three was always mentioned at our meetings, but no one wanted that, we want our children to see there friends everyday, that's what keeps them going, they don't like change and when they get it they get unhappy and when they get unhappy they take it out on there nearest and dearest US! None of us (parents/carers) are getting any younger, in fact we are all a lot older, so we need to know our children are safe everyday. So whats going on? With this proposed option three, our poor children will never again get to meet up with friends on a day to day basis, never again be picked up by minibuses (with helpful drivers and assistants) each day (so that we know they are safe and in capable hands), never again do the things they all love doing at the moment, never again have a laugh and a joke with a member of staff or make each other drinks! No, they will be pushed from pillar to post, be taken by strangers on public transport to venues they are unfamiliar with, meet people they don't know, not see the friendly faces of the staff that they have known for so many years. Our children are vulnerable! And the council expects them to be happy, I don't think so! I know for a fact my daughter will not be happy in any way if she has to leave Daybreak. Its like her second home and she feels safe there. Roaming the streets with someone she doesn't really know, isn't the way forward for her (or any of our children) and supposing she doesn't like the person shes been allocated What happens then? Will it be a case of put up with it or lose it? Know one knows or wants to know. But to top the lot we have had no evidence that this option three would ever work with our vulnerable children. They have no evidence to support any of the services that they have to offer, What are these services? Where are these services? How much will these services cost our children? How will they get to the services? We have never seen any paperwork to prove to us that there are other routes to take, but even if there were we DON'T want to put our children in that position in the first place. We all want Daybreak to stay OPEN and continue as it is. The council says it needs to make cuts, but I as a lot of others, feel that they could make cuts by not holding free expensive firework displays/ music shows etc. Surely the day to day lives of our vulnerable Learning Disabilities children/ (to us they are children) adults, is more important, than cuts isn't it? It seems not to be the case!
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