• Give us back our surgeries
    Because patents are getting bad service. Referrals aren't being made. Prescription changes being noticed at the pharmacy. False advertisement of opening times.
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    Created by Michael Castle
  • Improve Wigan Cycle Network
    A fatality happened on Robin Park Road in May. http://www.itv.com/news/granada/update/2015-05-15/cyclist-killed-near-wigan-polcie-station/ A tragedy like this is a clear indicator that the Wigan cycle network is unfit for use. Its high time that something has to be done to make cycling safer in the borough and to prevent any further incidents happening in the future. Other references that display the disappointing effort Wigan council make towards the cycling infrastructure: https://samuriinbred.wordpress.com/2014/05/05/wigan-orrell-cycling-corridor/
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    Created by Andrew Yates
  • Don't destroy the BBC
    The BBC is a crucial public service broadcaster in Britain and across the world which millions of people rely on everyday. We call on you to protect this British institution by ensuring it has the necessary governance structure which is free from interference and the required resources to remain a strong, independent and inspiring broadcaster.
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    Created by Kevin Souter
  • Keep Your Hands Off Our NHS Cameron
    Without the NHS people like the elderly, disabled, which we all know your poor late son Ivan was, sick children and poor will suffer as they will not be ableto afford private health care and subsequently, like poor Ivan, die. I, myself, have epilepsy and, at the age of six months, contracted menigitis. This left me partially disabled and, without our beloved NHS I, no doubt, would've probably died as my parents were unable to afford private health care. In recent times my 70 year old dad suffered a subdural haemotoma and, yet again, without the NHS, we would have no doubt lost him. Get rid of the NHS and our blood will be on your hands.
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    Created by Ben Wilson
  • Keep 119 Bus service for Pennington
    The 119 bus service is a bus service that runs between Lymington and New Milton. Other bus services also travel this route but the 119 is the only service that goes via Pennington village. It is the only bus that the elderly and infirm can access because the other services all stop at other ends of the village. It may not seem like an important issue but for people unable to access the X1/2 services then they are left isolated and abandoned. This is simply not acceptable in our society today.
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    Created by Jack Davies
  • Get more recycling bins around Liverpool
    This is important because recycling is part of building a sustainable future for the young people of tomorrow. If we do not recycle now then we will face major problems in the future. There's SO much plastic and recyclable material just dumped into landfill every day. Having extra bins around Liverpool and Merseyside would help people to actively recycle and feel good about doing it!
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    Created by Katherine McDonald
  • We are petitioning for free childcare for all from the age of two years
    We believe in free childcare as a step toward a poverty-free Britain. The government must do all they can to get adults living in deprivation back into education and into work. Free childcare is therefore a MUST. Currently free childcare is available for all regardless of income for children over the age of three. As a teacher in the further education sector (not university based) I have had women either not show up to classes due to lack of childcare, quit a course or not show up all together for the same reason. Often, these women have been in need of support in the array of ways only a classroom can provide. As I am a lecturer in teaching English to speakers of other languages, I specialise in catering for the needs of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants. Often facing social isolation, the classroom is not only a place for learning but a place to feel like a human being again. It isn't fair that I have had to turn women away from classes because they need to come in with their young, screaming children. Other further education teachers will know what I am talking about! I have done what I can in the past, but it is the other students in the class that often have to put their foot down and say they can't concentrate when there are children in the room. It affects the material of discussion and in the past I have even had to provide under 5's with things to do to keep them occupied. The mothers often have to leave the room, dragging their children to the bathroom, disrupting class discussions or the kids play on their mum's mobile - music blaring, guns firing. Us adult ed. teachers do our best but we shouldn't have to play nursery nurse too. There is a proven link between poverty and inaccessible childcare especially for single parents. A child raised in a single parent household is twice as likely to live in deprivation as a child raised by a couple. Current early years provision is just too expensive for those on lower wages. Furthermore, lack of funding for established nurseries means that there are extremely limited places available, often on a first come, first serve basis. So if a parent doesn't get their child into the creche on time, the parent doesn't get to attend class. For equality between rich and poor, parents and non parents, single parents and coupled parents, free childcare for all, regardless of income, must be made available. Without it, these groups of people are not getting equal rights to education and employment. Educate to Liberate is calling on the government to make it pay to work. We ask them to make it pay for people to go back to study. Anyone would think they wanted to keep people in the poverty cycle not help them out....
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    Created by Tina Onur
  • People Powered Headlines - Reform the BBC News
    The BBC has always professed to a 'non-bias' standing, yet without public involvement in the News selection process ANY form of auditioning can be seen as agenda bias. We are in the age of technology and as such the majority of the general public have at their availability a wealth of news items from across the internet. I would argue that the daily high profile news topics broadcast to the country via the BBC's television and radio programmes should be determined by THE PEOPLE. A rolling billboard of News stories voted up in importance by the general public would broaden the spectrum of what is determined News from that of one organisation to the entire country - should they choose to participate. Not only would this reinvigorate people's interests in current affairs, reinstall some faith in the BBC and be a truly revolutionary concept - it would allow the PEOPLE to influence the pervading tone of society.
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    Created by Luke De-Sciscio
  • The fight against funding cuts in adult education
    Adult education is a source of removing dependency on government resources and hand outs. Adults living in deprivation can go back to college to retrain or gain basic skills so that they can have more confidence to secure better jobs. WHY ARE WE DOING THIS? The department for business, innovation and skills found that further education courses improved the lives of people who had completed them in countless ways. From becoming more employable to being more involved in the local community to better health and well-being. BUT... - The UK government has slashed funding for non-academic (not university based) adult education by a staggering 40% since 2010. - If government cuts continue, adult education will not exist by 2020. Colleges and training agencies have been advised to find other forms of funding. - It is a human right to have access to education at any age. Why should it be limited to our childhood? There are countless reasons why a person may not be able to read and write/speak English/hold qualifications/find a job as an adult. For instance: War Culture that does not encourage the schooling of girls Domestic responsibilities Poverty We believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to access services that may improve the quality of their lives, regardless of age. It is never too late!
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    Created by Tina Onur
  • Make the Tax Credits Helpline fit for purpose
    As a hardworking parent I know how important this is. A recent change to my wages led to me trying to get through to the Tax Credits helpline to report my change in circumstances. After 3 weeks of trying, giving information to the automated system and being told they were too busy, or getting through to a queue and kept on hold for over a hour then unceremoniously cut off I was frustrated, anxious and left with a large phone bill. I resorted to writing to HMRC and did eventually also get through on the phone, however the information I had given them was applied incorrectly and again I was left trying to contact the helpline with no success. I have since given up, however I know of many people in vulnerable situations who are finding the extra pressure of this unbearable, it's time this system was made fit for purpose.
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    Created by Rachel Frater
  • Stop the cuts to the police
    The British state will no longer be able adequately to protect the public from criminals and the growing threat of homegrown terrorists if the Conservatives push through their plans to cut further into police numbers. The coalition has already slashed the police budget by around 26% over the last five years, at a cost of 35,000 officers, and has signaled its intention to maintain that rate of cuts. New figures from the House of Commons library show that if Tory spending cuts announced in last year’s autumn statement – which would lead to public spending falling to just 35% of GDP – were applied equally across un-ringfenced departments, they would lead to the loss of 29,900 police officers and 6,700 community support officers by 2019/20, bringing the ratio of officers to population to its LOWEST level since records began. David Cameron says "But crime has fallen". I think you will find "Recorded Crime" has fallen. This is because of a loss of faith in the police by the public to report crime, officers managing to tactically write a job off as their workload is already piled sky high and with response times dropping massively the incident is normally done and dusted before an officer is ever on scene. The police rely on metal "Operation in progress" signs instead of physically patrolling an area as they don't have the resources. Villages at left in harms way with a response of 20 minutes at times due to shutting local police stations and removing the community's sense of being "safe". Unpaid special constables are being relied on to back up the front line, they are merely paving over the cracks as they are under-trained. The police is at breaking point, stop the cuts, before its too late.
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    Created by Thomas Wing
  • bus stops outside lewisham police station
    they want to move the bus stops 150 metres from where they are. many people use these bus stops, including a lot of pensioners. i believe there can be a better solution than moving the stops.
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    Created by peter willson