• Stop imposing fines on organisations funded by taxpayers.
    There must be real accountability for the bad behaviour of individuals, not a counter-productive additional burden on the resources of our public institutions which is shouldered by the very public that have been badly served. It adds insult to injury.
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    Created by David Turner
  • Are they going to kill the BBC?
    Because the BBC is one of this country's gems which is admired worldwide for it's reliability. http://www.theguardian.com/media/2014/mar/08/tv-licence-fee-decriminalise-miller-bbc
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    Created by Lorna Jones
  • Bring the Energy Utilities Back into Public Ownership
    The so called competition in selling energy isn't working - wholesale price falls have not been passed on. The disgrace of elderly and poor families freezing cold in the winter is shameful in a modern, caring society; whilst these energy bosses take home telephone number salaries!
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    Created by John Humberstone
  • No VAT on UK Air Ambulance Fuel
    In a life threatening emergency the Air Ambulance Service is your lifeline no matter where you live in the UK. If you live in a rural area it is often your ONLY lifeline because it is too far by road for you to be treated within the golden hour. See also the BBC program "An Hour To Save Your Life" http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b03xkwyb
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    Created by Steve Jagger
  • Bring Bradford into line with other Councils
    I think it speaks for itself as to why it is important. Bradford Council claim to be in line with all other Councils. How is £85 in line with £10 for exactly the same thing? The Council made 3.33 million pounds doing this in the council tax year 2012/2013. Un-waged people are struggling just to pay council tax they also have to pay bedroom tax if they are renting privately, benefits do not take these taxes into consideration and neither do Bradford Council. Bradford Council have already announced Council Tax rises for the 2 years to come. During the Council Tax year 2012/2013 Bradford Council summonsed 1 in 4 households for Council Tax. With the current economic climate more and more people will be summoned as less people are able to afford to pay Council Tax, why should people already struggling be charged £85 per summons whilst others are charged only £10 for exactly the same thing?
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    Created by Kenny Priestley
  • Stop Children's Centre and Nursery Cuts in Cambridgeshire
    These centres provide crucial universal and targeted support for parents, carers and young children. This withdrawal of funding will cause irreparable damage to the service, increase risk and vulnerability across the county, and mark a reversal of the 'Every Child Matters' agenda which is striving to eradicate inequality for under 5’s.
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    Created by paula champion
  • Pay upland farmers to help prevent flooding
    With rising sea levels and climate change (whatever the cause of that change) the problem of flooding is not going to get better, it will only get worse. Everyone, especially the Government, needs to be better educated about the management of our water courses, or hydrology, in order to make informed, intelligent choices about where we focus our limited financial resources. Flooding caused devastation to people, our economy and our environment. We must act now to change Government spending habits which currently serve to increase flooding rather than decrease it. I refer people to the well referenced article in the Guardian as a starting point: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/jan/13/flooding-public-spending-britain-europe-policies-homes Follow the references for more details.
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    Created by Lorraine Lockyer
  • Save the Free Bus!
    The service is a lifeline to many ordinary people, particularly those with mobility problems. Sheffield's FreeBee service is very popular and has been a great link to the new Moor Market. It is described on the Travel South Yorkshire website as “a huge success” and in 2009 after only two years of operating “carried its millionth passenger…, smashing predicted figures and receiving glowing feedback." We urge you as Councillors who represent people in South Yorkshire not to enforce these savage cuts and other associated 'savings' on the local population and instead look at the long-term value to society and the local economy this service provides.
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    Created by Matthew Reeve Picture
  • Railway Matters (And Railways Matter)
    A national need, highlighted by the resent desperate situation in Cornwall: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-26042990 Also large areas of central of Wales and the English Midlands (not least Lutterworth and many towns and villages in Leicestershire along with those in many other counties in the Midlands and the North) were deprived of services when the Great Central and local lines were closed. Beeching's "one route only from major city A to major city B" left thousands of towns and villages without rail access, also leaving many major towns in close geographic proximity without direct links. Roundabout routes may be OK for freight and mail, but they simply are not efficient for commuters, especially at a time when pollution, energy needs and road maintenance costs all point towards the better, greener alternative; rail. This is made all the more relevant by the need to reduce road traffic, and plan for a more environment-friendly future.
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    Created by Tony Seaton
  • Let People Power determine Privatisation of Public Services
    Public sector organisations belong to the public and should not be sold off to private interests without consulting those who currently own them, and have funded them so far. Privatisation outcomes so far have rarely been to our profit or benefit.
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    Created by Maxine Mathews
  • Tell BT to desist from trying to wreak the inauguration of Proposed Scottish NHS Computer System
    Patient Care in any Health Service is paramount. Any action which adversely affects this service - calls for public awareness to address the issue.
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    Created by Eric McArthur
  • Hereford Visions
    Too many destructive decisions have been taken behind closed doors resulting in a budget deficit largely created by (at best) mismanangement, and the resulting closure or reduction in all the services the citizens value. The recent campaigns to Save The Edgar Street Trees, Libraries & Museums, Customer Services, social and health care, and other current campaigns we have also supported in the last year, have highlighted the items that the public consider most important to their society and the unholy debacle caused by a small cabal of councillors refusing to listen has resulted in a huge amount of anger and frustration. This campaign continues .... so please keep signing and sharing.
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    Created by John Perkins