As we have seen in recent exposures regarding racism, just 1% of these complaints were upheld, can we really believe that 99% of those complaints were untrue? This is also reflected in many other complaints. Very few appeals, when made, are also upheld. it is common sense not to allow public bodies to investigate themselves. Let us have truly independent complaint investigations for everyone who feels they have a complaint regarding the police, that is only fair for those people who have suffered unfair treatment at the hands of the Police. Even the IPCC itself has been critical of local police forces investigating themselves stating:'Police forces are still failing to respond to far too many of the public’s complaints despite improvements made to the complaints system in 2004 and additional guidance issued by us to forces back in May last year'. They also criticised the time it takes for complaint to be dealt with, which is on average 6 months! Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2075045/Police-failing-investigate-thousands-complaints-officers-6-10-appeals-upheld.html
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    Created by Kathy Owen
  • We want ethical care for our elderly & disabled people in North Somerset
    We believe that elderly and disabled people in our community deserve the best possible level of homecare to help them live independently and with dignity. In order to make this happen homecare workers need to be treated fairly and decently so they can do their jobs to the best of their ability. UNISON are therefore calling for this by asking North Somerset Council to adopt our ethical care charter. Across the country too many people who need care and too many care workers are not treated with the dignity they deserve. A number of other councils such as Islington and Reading have already done the right thing and adopted UNISON’s Ethical Care Charter. Please add your name and ask that North Somerset Council take responsibility for ensuring better care for our elderly and disabled people and for better treatment of our homecare workers. We are all going to need care at some point in our lifetimes, it is only right that the people who need it and the workers who provide it are treated with dignity and fairness. For updates visit www.northsomersetunison.blogspot.co.uk & follow @nsunison on twitter or North Somerset UNISON on facebook.
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    Created by Helen Thornton
  • Save Strood's Bryant Road Library
    Because The Library here is quiet and 302 people petitioned against the move and The Council took no notice of 5000 signed signitures We had tones of meeting with them still no notice was taken We have to stop them David Cameron would not interveen with the Medway Council our Facebook page get ignored so what next please
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    Created by Daren Terry
  • EPSRC, do you still cover up academic fraud in the UK?
    EPSRC is a branch of Research Council UK, the largest public funding agency in your country. It supplies hundreds of millions of pounds in funding every year. See www.epsrc.ac.uk. The pretense is that this money is given to Research Organizations with adequate procedures to tackle scientific fraud. This is not so. In fact, fraud in publicly funded research has promoted the careers of incompetent people at British Universities. I know most of you won't know much chemistry, but there is Wikipaedia to check up simple scientific facts: what would you think, after checking that aluminum sulphate is Al2(SO4)3 and phenol an acid, I told you that two academics at two of the top five Universities in the UK wrote a research paper where they gave phenol as an alkali and aluminum sulphate as AlSO4? (Pst! Now that you are at the Wikipaedia site you could make a donation... ;-) ) And remember, corruption only spreads...It is therefore in your interest that public funding is not abused. Also, by claiming that organisations funded by EPSRC have procedures to deal efficiently with fraud lends legitimacy to such institutions when dealing with people they have damaged. For example, I want to confront EPSRC with a range of allegations which includes those made in this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2umhkGxHbasY241U3huLUZQTzA/edit?usp=sharing in an example case which still affects me.
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  • Open an inquiry into the sale of Royal Mail by the UK Government
    This is a public service, created by the hard working people of the UK in past generations, which has been sold off to make money for the government - but sold at a low price to ensure the certain people and agencies made money on the sale of the shares after going private. This is illegal, against the wish of the people, and a complete sham from a government who are supposed to represent and work for the will and welfare of the people. A full investigation should be held, and those who are found to have made money by insider knowledge held accountable.
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  • Reduce threshold for qualifying petitions
    A recent petition against the closure of Sure Start children's centres containing 6,000 signatures was insufficient to trigger a debate in full Council. This stifled debate and thus undermined democracy. 1500 signatures should be sufficient evidence of widespread public feeling on any given issue and therefore should be enough to trigger a debate in full Council.
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  • Fair Pay For Nurses and other NHS Staff
    Lets get nurses and other hardworking grassroots NHS staff the pay rise they deserve. MPs have had a 10% pay rise in the last year, cost of living is said to have gone up by 13% in the past year or so, yet nurses have been refused a 1% pay rise. Some hardworking nurses are having to visit food banks to get by, is this right ?
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    Created by Luke Hipkins
  • Say no to Amazon taking over Tube station ticket offices
    Amazon has avoided tax in the tens of billions of pounds and it is inappropriate for them to be given such high profile locations to promote themselves and sell to the public whilst starving the public purse of much needed tax revenue and taking advantage of job losses at TFL with the closure of ticket offices.
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  • Tell Northern Rail they can't Silence the Press
    On Monday 23rd June, a peaceful protest by members of Sheffield Disabled People Against The Cuts and Barnsley Retirees Action Group was broken up by British Transport police. The protesters were taking part in the Freedom Ride, a long-running protest against cuts to free travel provision in South Yorkshire. Witnesses report that the police used heavy handed tactics. One witness, Jen Dunstan, of Sheffield Disabled People Against the Cuts, said: “Dozens of elderly and disabled people have been left with bruising. Some have cuts where their skin has broken from being pushed and shoved. “A placid and calm gentleman was roughly manhandled. I am angry and shocked. The police are meant to protect elderly people.” A journalist from the Sheffield Star was present, and tried to video events on his phone. He was ordered to erase footage he’d recorded on his phone because he did not have permission to film on private property inside Sheffield station. When he initially resisted the request and continued to film, he says he was told he could be arrested under terror laws. A statement from Northern Rail said: “Members of the media must have written permission from the train operator which manages the station before undertaking any filming on station property. Under no circumstances are Northern Rail employees to be filmed without prior agreement from the Northern Rail press office.” Fortunately, other witnesses were able to video the behaviour of the police on Northern Rail's property. The treatment of the elderly gentleman can be seen here:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Svv9YcyZ6Os&list=UUiZU8ySSrpSg-qhR3BsYSSQ Many people who view this video will think that this treatment is disproportionate for an old man accused of fare-dodging, especially when he is taking part in a legitimate peaceful protest. In the video, five burly police officers are pinning the elderly gentleman down so that he cannot move, despite no visible signs of protest or resistance from him. It is not within the rights of Northern Rail, or any other organisation, to try to ban filming on their premises, when that filming clearly shows a questionable activity taking place with the collusion of that organisation. It is anti-democratic to try to silence the press in this way. Please sign this petition to force Northern Rail to retract their statement, and issue an apology that recognises the right of journalists and the public to film wherever they wish when a breach of a person's rights is taking place.
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    Created by Murray Cowell
  • Pay nursing assistants in Scotland the living wage in the private sector
    Many problems in social care in and around private sector centre around the failures of organisations to recruit and train staff appropriately. The dementia strategy is only one element of ensuring care is appropriate in both hospital and community settings, and that patients are treated with respect and the dignity they deserve. Not withstanding the fact that most of these services are purchased on behalf of either NHS scotland and local authorities and the majority of staff working in the care industry are often: (1) women (2) have unpaid caring commitments such as children or elderly relatives themselves (c) in poverty despite being in work (4) part time. Surely the large city councils in Scotland despite the squeeze on the public purse and NHS when commissioning should ensure that as part of the arms length approach to nursing and social care that staff are paid a living wage. This industry has large recruitment issues such as high turnover, and if companies paid the living wage it perhaps would go some way to address this and ensure adequate staffing with the appropriate knowledge and skills are employed. Most companies in the private sector do not recognise that the staff that are employed on basic salary despite giving up weekends and working unsocial hours with the only recognition of this fact being on 8 public holidays a year where staff are paid an unsocial hrs bonus and also a high number are on zero contracts.
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  • Rebuild Stamshaw Skatepark
    So we can get more kids of the street and into their local skatepark where you can be active with your friends and in the future there may be some sort of events. Please sign!
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    Created by Dylan Upstell
  • Save Melbourne's Public Toilets
    We consider that the public toilets are needed: *by the increasing numbers of visitors to the town arriving on foot, by bicycle, bus and car *by local residents and business owners; not all businesses have their own toilets *by the many users of the adjacent Lothian Gardens especially children and their parents and *by people working in the town on a day to day basis as part of their trade.
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