• Road Safety Improvement for Rayleigh Road Eastwood
    Due to a high traffic accidents! Pedestrian safety/child safety while walking to and from three local schools. Traffic accidents at a high with fatalities due to speeding vehicles which needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency! High volume of traffic including large vehicles now using this as a through road where cars are parked on both sides of the street.
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  • Petition requesting a residential parking scheme in our area of Tynemouth.
    Latest information received in December last year suggests a new permit parking policy is in the process of being implemented across North Tyneside. At some point in the coming weeks or months, residents who have voiced concerns will be contacted about the possibility of implementing a permit parking scheme or parking restrictions. To stand any chance of having a residential parking scheme, we must cooperate and voice our opinion.
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    Created by Kevin Johnson
  • Stornoways gritting policy
    The road are being left in a state that is potentially life threatining
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    Created by Ruairdh Macleod
  • Improving Lea Village Park
    Lea Village park is an important resource for the whole community to share and to be proud of. We have tried to do our own bit to make it better but we can’t do it alone. Having pupils in our school that rely on wheelchairs, it is important to us that the park is accessible to all of us and that they aren’t excluded from trips to the park. We would like to see the park used to its full extent by all local people. We are happy to do some fundraising of our own to help with this cause.
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    Created by Karen Kershaw
  • Give Des O Connor a Knighthood, He deserves it !.
    I feel it's very important to recognise real entertainers like Dec whom have entertained families for literally decades on both stage and screen. Please sign Thank you Aaron Howlett
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  • I call for A vote of no confidence in the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt I ask he resigns immediately
    Because he is responsible as health minister for systematically underfunding and under resourcing the NHS and alienating the doctors and nurses he serves. We would like to register a vote of no confidence.
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    Created by Kim Emmett
  • Airport Drinking Water
    Cut down on plastic
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    Created by Rendel Hatch
  • Save our bank branch
    This is important because not every one has the internet, and even those that have sometimes have problems resolving them. This Government is suppose to be interested in promoting communities and protecting jobs Bank of Scotland will be making around 800 people redundant.
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    Created by William Gosnold
  • Vote of no confidence in David Morris MP
    Mr David Morris MP is so out of touch. Brandishing school and doctors as liars. The state of Morecambe poverty lies at his feet yet he has little empathy. His reluctance to communicate with his constituents accusations of falsehoods and bullying should no longer be tolerated
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    Created by Angela Scanlon
    The Department of Work and Pension (DWP) is sending out letters to those whose State pension is not paid into a Bank Account, Building Society or Credit Union. Those holding a Post Office account are being singled out. The DWP urges them to open a bank account so as to make it easier for the DWP to pay them. These letters that the DWP are sending are upsetting many pensioners. Many pensioners don’t live within easy reach of a bank, building society or credit union, particularly those in rural areas. Many live on limited means and the travel costs will be expensive for them. Bank accounts also incur charges. It could affect their food supplies, health and welfare if they are poor, sick or incapacitated. Whether because of their geographical situations, their physical and/or mental ailments or other personal reasons pensioners should have the right to receive their pensions where it best suits them - whether a Post Office, Bank Account, Building Society or Credit Union.
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  • Save the no 1 and no3 rural bus route service
    The no1 and no3 bus service is due to be discontinued leaving rural villages with elderly residents, working people and students without transport to Chelmsford town centre, Southend town centre and Rayleigh station. This isolates service users and stops transport to doctors surgeries, colleges, universities, train stations and hospitals.
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    Created by Helen Earp
  • Concessionary fares scheme for 16 to 18 year olds
    A Wiltshire wide concessionary fares scheme should be considered by Wiltshire Council. Many of these young people are in full time education and have no access to there own transport. And in many cases if there is public transport the price is beyond there reach.
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