• Lets stop envelopes with plastic windows!
    Plastic is a major polluter of landfill sites and more and more of our plastic is ending up in our oceans. Every year the amounts increase. We need to take steps, even small ones, to protect our world for our children and grandchildren.
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    Created by Julian Stokes
  • Stop cars speeding down Dallowie Road in Patna, East Ayrshire
    Having lost two cats in the last 16 weeks due to being hit by cars in this street, my worry is that maybe next time a child could be killed. Dallowie Road is a road which is regularly used especially by children and adults going to School and the local Doctor’s surgery plus also has access to the local shops. Dallowie road has a straight expanse and yet does not have any speed bumps installed which would help to slow drivers down. East Ayrshire Council, please take action and install speed bumps before someone is killed.
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    Created by Fiona Blain Picture
  • Saving the No.10 Bus Service
    This Bus is currently used by staff, outpatients and visitors to travel to Southmead Hospital The loss of this service will cause unnecessary problems to these groups in seeking alternative travel arrangements.
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    Created by MICHAEL BELL
  • Safe access path to Girton Recreation Ground
    To ensure the safety and well-being of the many users of the community facilities. Currently, parishioners must cross the busy recreation ground car park, which is especially hazardous for the many young children using the playground and other community facilities. There has been talk of a path being built for years but still no action taken.
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    Created by Sharon Doris
  • Keep Manchester Diabetes Centre on Hathersage Road
    Many of the patients who attend Manchester Diabetes Centre have mobility issues. Not all but a considerable amount. Enforcing wheelchair users who have become accustomed to the large car park and one tier access are going to struggle in a busy hospital environment. The staff at the centre are always a constant, which gives people suffering with chronic illnesses some comfort and less feeling of anxiety.
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    Created by Sarah Milne Picture
  • potholes
    The potholes are dangerous to the public and drivers and Nottinghamshire county council and highways agency are nit bothered
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    Created by Julie Maltby Picture
  • Bring back swimming in Bolton!!!
    This is important to the community because for a variety of years prior to now people have had to travel to swim and enjoy themselves, in which is difficult for people in certain circumstances lately. It is important for people who have children as they may not be able to travel so far or may not be able to afford to travel so far and pay for a swim also. This is important for those who don't drive. This is simply because it is easy to attend to and it is easy to pay public transport too if we had one much close to home. This is also important to those with disabilities. Simply because their carers may not be able to travel so far with the wheelchairs and walkers etc and may not be able to travel certain distances with their family members. This is important because people in certain situations like these could use these fun pools for education of some sort and would benefit from this increasingly! Persons like these are missing out on bundles of fun! Yes we have swimming pools in and around Bolton but each and every single one is basic. We want a swimming pool with slides and inflatables to be able have fun with instead of swimming lengths back and forth for hours! We want somewhere to swim with friends and family, we want somewhere to swim and have fun with these people and somewhere to make more memories! This would also create a variety of job opportunities for those who are looking to be employed and would also benefit from this too.
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    Created by Leah King Picture
  • Council Tax to be paid by ALL private landlords.
    In the street where I live more than 75% of the houses have been bought by private landlords who have converted them into multiple occupancy properties for students. The average house now accommodates 4 to 5 individual rooms paying an average of £100 per week each. And yet the landlords pay no council tax at all. Each of these houses produces more refuse than an average family does and yet they pay nothing towards bin collection or any of the other services that the council provides. At a time when local councils are struggling to provide basic services it is totally infuriating to see private landlords making huge profits from students without making any contribution to the local councils who provide the services we ALL benefit from.
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    Created by John Bloor
  • Transport link for people of THORNE, MOORENDS, RAWCLIFE BRIDGE TO GOOLE
    Remote villages need access to frequent reliable transport links to towns. Anyone who does not drives will be isolated and cut off from doing normal things in society
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    Created by Sally Lee
  • Repair the A82 and surrounding Lochaber Roads
    A serious accident is going to happen and more lives are going to be lost. People work hard to keep there cars on the road. People are having to pay for repairs to their cars, some people are struggling as it is. Something needs to done.
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    Created by Jacqui Campbell Picture
  • Shrewsbury Council please put a road crossing for Meole and Priory students on the A4380 (old A5)
    Over 2000 students attend the two schools on the road off this main road and many need to cross this road to walk home. It is not currently safe to do so.
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    Created by Nell Hughes Picture
  • Local residents in support of the plans for Oxhey Park North
    This proposal is important to the local residents and the wider community as it will bring us: • A free to use and family-focused centre for cycling, skateboarding, and play for all ages and abilities in a safe and well-maintained environment • A new café and community facility with toilet facilities in the park • Improvements to the River Colne, landscaping, and better access to and from the park
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    Created by Local Residents