• Stop the closure of the Special Care Baby Unit at Withybush Hospital
    The Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) is the only one in Pembrokeshire. By closing it, newborn babies will have to be sent to Glangwili Hospital in Carmarthen, a round trip of around 80 miles in a rural area. Many babies will not survive this trip and parents will not be able to visit their babies due to the long distance and difficulties with transport in this area. This will have a long-term knock-on effect with the parents not being able to bond with their babies. My daughter was born six weeks premature and without the care she received immediately after birth in SCBU she would not have survived. She is now a healthy 25 year old with two sons and a daughter of her own, my gorgeous grandchildren who are the light of my life. My youngest granddaughter also needed special care when she was born prematurely, she was several months early and tiny. She is now, thanks to the care and dedication of the staff on SCBU, a healthy and happy 3 year old. My son and his wife would have been unable to spend any time with her if they had been forced to travel to Carmarthen. Giving birth to a baby that needs special care is stressful enough without adding extra problems for the parents. They need to be able to visit their baby often, especially if Mum is breastfeeding and forcing them to travel to Carmarthen will make an already hard time even harder. Most young families don't have their own transport and public transport in this area is almost non-existent.
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  • Do you believe the current plans for NHS restructure are necessary?
    Should we try to ensure the basic welfare standards via accountability, or is a profit driven NHS is preferred? Could there be a way that a less privatised NHS is able to produce the same efficiencies as the semi privatised version currently touted supposes it will?
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  • Reinstate grading system for GCSEs that teachers and pupils were working towards
    These teachers and pupils have worked hard to succeed. This government is not supporting children, especially children in the state sector and especially children who do not come from priveleged backgrounds. All children are our future.
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  • Qualified teachers for every child
    Qualified teachers have completed a rigorous training programme which ensures they hold appropriate prerequisite qualifications and that they are prepared for and have met national standards to teach. Following the Michael Gove's change, there are now no safe guards in place to ensure children have appropriately trained and qualified teachers. This flies in the face of international research and best practice which shows the best education systems have teachers who have completed lengthy and rigorous pedagological training.
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  • Re-nationalise Britain's Infrastructure
    Why should a select minority make a profit from services which we all need and which could, with proper strategic investment, make Britain a more competitive player in the world.
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  • STOP the Bedroom Tax
    Societies are judged by how they take care of their most vulnerable. As you yourself, Mr Cameron, put it so very well: "...Fairness means giving money to help the poorest in society. People who are sick, who are vulnerable, the elderly - I want you to know we will always look after you. That's the sign of a civilised society and it's what I believe..." ... David Cameron 6 Oct 2010 Those in power should not be cynically trying to distract the public by attacking the weakest; the young, students, immigrants, sick, disabled and elderly. Don't expect everyone to be fooled by these tactics for too much longer. Sooner or later, they'll wake up and realise that they're next in line. Why not make our democratic society fairer by asking more from those who can afford it - those who have profited most from the shrinkage and privatisation of our national assets; the corporate companies, the bankers, CEOs and executives, the politicians with their own private health care companies, beancounters and lawyers, shareholders, the hedgefund managers, the private equity companies, PFI contractors, russian oligarchs, and other rich and thriving individuals? The lucky wealthy have grown richer by exploiting the poor and powerless, and this 'Bedroom Tax' is yet another attempt to reduce the welfare state. Meanwhile the government continues to cut, chipping away at our welfare state, disparaging worker representation through Unions, closing hospitals, schools, public housing, swimming pools, libraries, welfare benefits, ad nauseum. The rich don't need, and don't want to pay for, any of the welfare state - they just want to benefit from the rich prizes of opportunity as public services collapse, and they pick up the cherries. And, of course their wealth has grown enormously since the recession started. Despite the poor losing their homes, the wealthy continue to do very nicely "Thank you very much" on their fat salaries and fat pensions, insider / offshore dealings, their directorships, private schools, investments, private healthcare, property portfolio, gyms, golf clubs, not forgetting their offshore: bank accounts, companies, and lavish homes with untaxed spare bedrooms galore. Why are they so greedy? Why do they need my bedroom? Will they force me out of my home?
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  • Say YES to Newark Hospital
    All patients (50,000) from the Newark district have to travel a minimum of 25 miles to a hospital when we had a perfectly good service given by our own hospital in the town. The A&E as been down graded to what is known locally as a Bumbs & Bruises (B&B). The front line staff numbers have been cut. All this was done we believe without full consultation. Finally lives are being put at risk because of time and distantance and lack of ambulance cover. We are asking Andrew Lansley for a full review without sucess.
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  • Provision of public toilets in English towns
    Public toilets serve a basic human need and lack of them can add to the problems already seen in the collapse of the high street. people with bladder or bowel conditions will not venture out. Towns become less attractive and tourism will falter. Most major cities in England no longer provide any public toilets. a few authorities provide a community toilet scheme but these depend on the goodwill of businesses and on their opening hours. Apart from tourist towns public conveniences are now rare.
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  • Force Fusion Lifestyle to improve their management and standards at Glassmill Swim School
    Fusion Lifestyle has a contract with Lewisham Council to provide leisure services at Glassmill Leisure Centre, as well as a number of other leisure centres in the Borough. However, as many Lewisham residents are aware, the standards of service at Glassmill at extremely poor, and are falling. Recently, swim school classes have been cancelled with increasing regularity - at the same time that Fusion has amended its terms and conditions so that refunds are no longer provided. This means that Fusion Lifestyle is keeping the money that Lewisham residents pay for swimming lessons, rather than providing the service for which they receive the funds. We believe that this is a breach of our consumer rights, as laid out in the 2015 Consumer Rights Act. Despite repeated complaints to Fusion, we have received no sign of (a) either a shift in policy or (b) any action to ensure that the cancellations at the swim school are being dealt with. In addition, we have concerns regarding the health and safety, child protection and safeguarding policies at Glassmill; despite repeated requests to view these policies and to understand how they are being implemented, we have received no response. Glassmill Leisure Centre was opened in 2013 and was supposed to provide a place for the residents of Lewisham, both adults and children, to participate in sport, health and fitness activities. We believe it is falling well short of the stated aims of the Council to "prevent ill health and promote independence; and also to support communities and families to become healthier and more resilient". The people of Lewisham deserve better than to be ripped off by Fusion Lifestyle - join us in the fight!
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  • The Blue School Wells Bus Service
    Somerset County Council have just cut fee paying seats on school transport from West Pennard / North Wootton to The Blue School. This causes great difficulty for many families who now have to all make alternate arrangements to get their children to school each day. Also, in 2018 the public transport provider First Bus cancelled a service which had been transporting at least 30 children to and from Shepton Mallet to Wells. The remaining public bus service to school is much later and is often delayed in the morning, making children late for school. It also now sees them waiting over an hour in Wells for their bus home.
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  • Save the Newington Library
    Libraries are a vital source of learning and education in our communities. They are a vital public good we cannot do without. It is deeply worrying that the Council plans to cut the hours of Newington Library and all Thanet libraries per year drastically. This means forced redundancy, early retirement and non filling of vacant posts. In effect this would mean losing people who are passion for what books can bring to people's lives. We call for the Council to halt its plans and rethink its approach. We must protect our library services.
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  • Primary school bus service. Millbank and rosebank primary
    This is important because it would take a lot of pressure off parents and their children. It would also keep the roads safer as it would mean less traffic on the lochloy Road as buses would mean less cars.
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