• Political Debates 2015 - All Parties Large and Small
    In a country that is supposed to be democratic with a media that is supposed to be unbiased it is yet again being wholly biased with its 2015 debates. Asking the usual suspects and then inviting Nigel Farage whilst leaving out other parties is undemocratic and unfair on the electorate who want to hear all parties views and policies so they can make a fair and informed decision on who they want to run their country! : SNP who are now the United Kingdoms third largest political party 80,000 + and rising : Greens who are a bigger party than UKIP : SSP To name just three who deserve the right to be heard equally in the media debates or are the media and the parties invited afraid of the impact that will have in the actual polling stations on the day? We as an electorate demand that all parties are heard equally in the debates in 2015
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    Created by Tina McCaffery
  • Petition to Stop our Community Cafe being privately leased
    Our Community Cafe is an important space. It is a vital part of our community used by the old, the young, families, residents with mental health issues and other vulnerable members of our community. Community support is being achieved in this space and will be quickly lost to us as a community because; A decision has been made to lease out our Community Cafe to a non community organisation from the middle of October. It is unbelievable to see that the Community have been disregarded and not asked to get involved in discussions about this Community resource. Our community is full of wonderful caring people with skills and ideas to build on the work already achieved and we are entitled to be engaged in conversations about the fate of our Community resources and how they are run for the benefit of the Community it serves now and in the future- Engage us
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    Created by Moira Kerrane
  • Right to Light
    Streetlights were introduced for our safety, society hasn't got safer, it is a basic necessity in the modern world, to take this away from us, after large cuts to our police force is a very irresponsible act.
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    Created by Tina Brooker
  • Bring back weekly bin emptys
    It's important to our health and hygiene. We need to live in a clean and safe environment not filth and muck.
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    Created by Lana Kennedy
  • Suspend Nick Robinson
    Because the licence payers in Scotland deserve an impartial broadcaster in these times of great change and not to have someone biased reporting on currant events.
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    Created by Andrew Bickerstaff
  • Pay disabled Fire Service Veterans-their correct pensions & their backpay.
    Social justice and the pension law demands that disabled FSVs and their widows hurt in the service of this nation must be paid their correct injury pensions including their back pay to allow them to care for themselves by reducing the burden on local health services. In memoriam of the 345 Firefighters of NYFD on this day of 9/11 who never made it to disablement...
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    Created by Paul Burns
  • More Now Means Less Later
    It is economic and health and well being based logic. If you deal with mental health issues in young people; providing quality support for them at the early stage(s) of their problems, you will not only save millions of pounds in the long run due to less, older adults needing extended support; but you will also create a healthier and more productive adult workforce, thereby increasing the number of persons working, contributing to the UK economy, and paying tax.
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    Created by Charles Lawrence-Neumann
  • A return to affordable council housing
    For many reasons. to house Britain's 1,500,000 homeless. to revitalise the building industry and its ancilliary suppliers. to return Britain to being a community in charge of its own destiny. We have the skills we have the labour and there's plenty of money around at very low rates of interest.
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    Created by Malcolm Hart
  • Stop Referring to Migrants as 'Illegal'
    It has been almost forty years since the UN recognised that referring to migrants as 'illegal' is dehumanising, discriminatory, and above all, incorrect. Since 1975, the UN has used either 'undocumented' or 'irregular' to refer to migrants that 'do not fulfil the requirements established by the country of destination to enter, stay, or exercise an economic activity'. As Editor-in-Chief of the BBC Tony Hall has the mandate to implement this change and correct inaccurate reporting. The BBC continues to use the term 'illegal' with no justification. A headline as recent as 15 May 2014 reads: 'Illegal migration to EU rises by nearly half'. As a public service broadcaster and influential media organisation the BBC ought to abide by its own clear editorial guidlines that say: 'We...are committed to achieving due accuracy in all our output...Impartiality lies at the core of the BBC's commitment to its audiences'. Unfounded discrimination against migrants is a clear breach of these standards. Human Rights Watch recently observed, 'The term “illegal”...reinforces prejudices about nationals of a particular country or persons of a particular race.' The term incorrectly suggests that migrants are criminals and encourages prejudiced views about those individuals. Cecilia Malmström, European Commisioner for Home Affairs clarified the issue in 2010. She said, 'Let me be clear about my vocabulary...illegal migrants do not exist. People may come to the EU and might be required to use irregular ways...but no human being is illegal'. This petition supports the use of the word 'undocumented' instead of 'irregular' as 'irregular' retains connotations of otherness and deviation from a perceived norm, marking individuals as abnormal and continuing to estrange migrants. For more information see: http://www.hrw.org/news/2014/06/24/dispatches-why-we-should-outlaw-illegal http://picum.org/picum.org/uploads/file_/TerminologyLeaflet_reprint_FINAL.pdf http://www.un.org/esa/population/migration/index.html
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    Created by Matthew Bevington
  • NO charges for contacting the Police
    The charging of citizens for contacting the Police for non emergency calls is counterproductive as it deters people from reporting suspicious activity. It is also grossly unfair and unjust to ask people to pay twice for a service that should be available for everyone to use. Charges for non emergency calls are listed here: https://www.gov.uk/call-charges
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    Created by Robert Riley
    The current floor to roof height is low and a passenger is not going to always realise that the height of the vehicle is low that they will bend over and duck their heads to sit in the rear of the bus, especially as all buses other than this newly introduced bus have relatively ample head height when accessing all bus seats. A passenger made a complaint that they literally hurt themselves experiencing neck and head pains approximately 3 days after the incident, that they felt the need to make a complaint after stepping up on a step to access a rear seat they hit themselves firmly on the head on the low floor panel of the bus. Contrary, to the findings of the Automotive Engineer - Defects Investigation, Andrew M Tudor, in his letter dated 4 August 2014, who feels "VSB accepts that the head room at the rear of the vehicle is restrictive, however, this should be clear to occupants, as the roof panel remains level, the floor level raises as it progresses down the bus with a number of steps in it and the view clearly shows that the amount of head room for the rear seats is restrictive." Obviously, this statement that VSB accepts is not the case for all passengers travelling on the bus that choose to make their way to sit in the rear seats for any reason, which in the case of the person that made the complaint was to sit in one of the only available seats on a crowded bus.
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    Created by Andrea Lanning
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    Created by NICOLA BOWE