• Beyond this crisis no one recognized as a key worker should be paid less than the living wage
    Because for to long we have allowed them to be taken for granted.
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    Created by Neil Tansley
  • Protect all staff returning to work
    The UK Government’s draft plans to reopen our workplaces safely after the lockdown are being criticised for not going far enough. The Government are planning to issue guidelines to employers, but more needs to be done. In particular: 1. Forcing business to make risk assessments of workplaces public 2. Properly holding businesses to account to protect staff There isn’t long before the Government will set their plans in stone. Add your name to the petition now to ensure we can return to work confident that we will be kept safe.
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  • NHS Staff Deserve Pay Increases.
    NHS workers were on the frontline every day even before Covid-19 reared it's ugly head. It is not morally right to expect NHS workers to work long hours and punishing shift patterns in a medical war zone without having the proper PPE and acceptable remuneration. We ask that the Government grant NHS workers a 25% reduction on Residential Parking Permits, National Insurance and Council Tax, and that it raises the salaries of everyone working on the NHS frontline by 25%. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has raken a voluntary 20% paycut for the next 6 months and set herself as an exemplary moral role model. The British public ask the British Government to do likewise and take a temporary 20% reduction in your pay. Now more than ever we need to have faith in our Government, and although most of you are working long hours trying to manage this situation and get the country back on its feet, we need to know that you are prepared to take a small financial hit to show solidarity with the British people who have had the financial rug pulled out from under them. Your 20% reduction could help to feed the families who have no idea where the next meal is coming from, or pay the rent of the people who are terrified that they are going to lose their homes. It won’t be forever, and it could make all the difference in the world. In summary we ask:- 1. Grant NHS workers 25% discount 2. Salaries of NHS staff to be increased by 25% 3. Pay student nurses a full nurses wage 4. Government officials to take a temporary 20% reduction in pay The NHS saved our Prime Minister's life. There is a way we can show our appreciation. Clapping on the doorstep is great, but let’s do something that will really make a difference to people’s lives.
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    Created by Eve Bolton
  • Furlough Pay for Early Years Staff
    It's important for the Early Years Sector to be valued alongside other industries! Early Years staff are often on a low wage but not putting us on the furlough scheme has put us under huge financial strain. How are we supposed to support ourselves?
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    Created by Amanda and Tracy Way and Cole
  • Windrush NHS.
    We need these.people
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    Created by Linda Sharples
  • Tax Free Pay for Keyworkers
    Many keyworkers are paid poorly but provide essential services that keep the country going. This has been highlighted with the recent Coronavirus outbreak. Many of us turn up for work day in day out even without adequate PPE, so that the population is provided with care, food, transport, security among other services needed. We are now told we are valued but at the moment they are just words. When hopefully things get back to normal we will go back to being taken for granted. Show us how much we are actually valued.
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    Created by David Last
  • Front-line NHS staff should be given an extra £29-a-day reward
    NHS Staff are putting their lives on the line every day, My son Is in the Ambulance Service and the cases they pick up and sit with while waiting for a space to deliver their Patients, without the proper PPE. Ambulance Services, Nurses, Doctors, Are all Doing a very dangerous Job right now. My Son has three Children he can't see right now and his partner is n her third Trimester, it's not just his life he is risking it's their future too. So Many are going down with this Coronavirus that he is at times having to go out alone and doing so much overtime they are so tired easy targets for the Virus to attack. They ARE losing their lives, they deserve the front line support package.
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    Created by Lynn Shuttlewood
  • Cancel Nursing registration fees
    Nurses are risking their lives and that of their families they should not have to carry this extra financial burden. All fees for nurses to practice should be abolished.
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    Created by Kellie Miller
  • Covid 19 self employed
    It is important because there are thousands of hard working people out there that the government are discriminating against
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    Created by Huw Thomas
  • Extend Job Retention Scheme employee start date to 30th March
    Thousands of people have been told they will receive 80% pay from the government, with company’s now withdrawing that offer because the government will only cover employees that have been enrolled in to the PAYE system before the 19th March 2020. People are being left destitute and not being able to pay their rent, bills, food & basic needs. With a 5 week waiting period for universal credit approval this isn’t good enough for thousands of people, that are being put at risk. Q: Who can an employer claim for? A: Employees (which is widely defined, see below) who were: hired before 19 March 2020 and which were notified to HMRC on an RTI (Real Time Information) submission on or before 19 March 2020 and where an RTI submission notifying payment of that employee to HMRC was made on or before 19 March 2020 are furloughed for at least three weeks
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    Created by Jen Ray
  • All NHS staff to be given free parking in England and Northern Ireland
    Mr. Boris Johnson was full of praise for the dedication exhibited by NHS Staff who nursed him back to health and probably saved his life. How better to reward them than by taking off them the burden of paying typically £800 per year, to do their essential job, a burden which few others in employment have to suffer. I know of cases where many of them are working up to eleven 12 hour night shifts at a time due to staff shortages and workload. Surely they should not be "pickpocketed" in this atrocious manner. Let's level the playing field and get parity with Scotland and Wales where their caring, sharing Assemblies have introduced free parking for all NHS staff, (and the public) months ago.
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    Created by Neville Layhe
  • Why wait 2 years for full Employment Rights, people need them from Day 1 or on passing probation
    It is important as everyone deserves to be treated professionally and free from bias, bullying, poor management practice etc whilst at work. Too many companies take advantage of this 2 year gap. Everyone deserves fair treatment.
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    Created by Jane Hamilton