• Draw attention to and amend illegal workplace practices by Hermes Parcelnet group plc
    Thousands upon thousands of 'self employed couriers' have their rate of pay calculated , set in line with NMW, using a system that has no transparaceny or accountability. No one can accurately calculate a fair hourly rate as so much of the work completed in good faith is untracable due to shoddy invoicing and I.T. related tracability.
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    Created by D Bradford
  • Kerry Foods workers deserve a bonus payment
    Kerry Foods workers are required to continue working during this crisis. This places them at increased risk of contracting Covid-19. Other companies, including some of Kerry's customers, pay their workers an additional premium to recognise the efforts those workers are going to. To date, Kerry Foods have only offered a free breakfast, once a week, to acknowledge their workers' contribution. We demand a Hazard payment.
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    Created by Paddy Mackel
  • Give all essential workers tax free salaries during covid 19
    These are the people who are truly running their respective communities and countries
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    Created by Dermot O Regan
  • A Payrise for our Heroic Nurses
    Our NHS nurses are currently on the frontlines, risking themselves and their families during a time when we are staying safe in our homes and protecting those that we love. Some have had to leave their homes and are living alone, isolated from their families to keep them safe, during a time when they need all the support they can get. Fair pay for nursing staff has been put forward and pushed back so many times, but now is the time to give them what theu deserve. Clapping on a Thursday evening is a great way to show our appreciation, but when lockdown is over and the last case of coronavirus has been and gone, please let's back our NHS nursing staff and see that they get fair pay for the amazing care they offer.
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    Created by Sophie Holden
  • Whistl keyworkers to be paid 50%more
    Good question.. "why is this important?" Is important because we are human beings as well, we all have family to which are coming home and like this we put them at risk as well, we have friends that we can't visit to not put them as well in danger / all keyworkers are important now because they are supporting the economy and all the needs of the people.
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    Created by Adela Nïcola
  • Help gig economy workers
    Thousands of people are not covered by the support announced by the government. If you are an employee with contracted hours or you work solely as self employed, you are entitled to 80% of your income if you cannot work due the COVID-19 crisis. However many people in the gig economy have a mixed pattern of work - a bit freelance, a bit contract, a bit self-employed, a bit zero hours. Some people have a pension and do a bit of self-employed work to top it up. Students do part time work to make ends meet. Supply teachers, fee paid Tribunal members, NHS agency staff, artists, performers, contractors. These people are all left with no support. Please treat them the same as everyone else and support them with 80% of their income if they can’t work due to COVID-19.
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    Created by Sarah Baalham
  • Student nurses loans to be cleared
    They have been through so much dealing with Coronavirus and also the fact that many have had to say goodbye to their children And their families to help save people’s lives and for all their hard work and risking their lives they deserve this.
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    Created by Angela Guthrie
  • Kerry Foods - Pay Furlough Pay of 100%
    Last year, Kerry Foods made £47 million profit after tax. Per head, they made over £18,000 profit after tax for every employee. With pockets so deep, Kerry Foods shouldn't force workers to pay for being temporarily laid off.
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    Created by Paddy Mackel
  • Support self-employed people during coronavirus
    Last Friday, the UK government promised billions of pounds in support for workers - but when this announcement was made, self-employed workers seemed to slip through the cracks. Around five million of us working in the UK are self-employed. And right now, these workers are being left without equal support during the coronavirus pandemic. Schemes that help busineses keep afloat and ensure people can still receive their wages should be extended to self-employed workers as well. Right now, rumours are swirling that the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, might announce plans to help self-employed people. But the risk is that he won’t go far enough, and self-employed workers will still be left out of pocket.
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  • Free Parking For NHS Staff At All Hospital Sites
    It important because staff are going to be going above and beyond in a very stressful situation and the last thing they need is to be worrying about paying for parking
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    Created by Anita Walters
  • Hand Up For Smaller Clubs in the English Football League
    There seems to be tremendous inequality in English league football, with players who receive £350,000 per week in salary at the top, down to players who might receive £750 per week at the bottom - almost 500x less! Such dramatic inequality in salary is abhorrent in any organisation, and there is a moral duty on players who have benefitted so dramatically in financial terms from the game, to offer help and support to those who are unable to cope in the current crisis.
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    Created by Duncan Hall
  • Britannia Hotels evicting staff over Coronavirus
    What Britannia Hotels have done to these people is vile and shameful; all the more so that it was done with zero notice or concern for what happened to them afterwards. They were kicked out onto the street to fend for themselves. It is a disgusting thing to do to at any time but particularly so in the present crisis.
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    Created by Judith Cemery