• Delay IR35
    Covid 19 has destroyed businesses and made an unprecedented amount of people unemployed. With Brexit and changes to EU employment on the horizon, IR35 will destroy ability to engage short term resource and force that work force into the permanent employment market creating a surplus of people looking for work in an already saturated market. This legislation will create added pressure to the job market and see levels of unemployment reach all time highs.
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    Created by Malvin Kamara
  • Increase Salary of Hospital Porter, Cleaners, Catering Staff and Security
    As a Hospital Porters, Cleaners and Catering staff will play a vital role in keeping the hospital operating and doing what it does best. Without the Porters the hospital wouldn’t be able to deliver its lifechanging medical services. Believe us when we say, this isn’t just any job, this is a job which makes a real difference.
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    Created by Faycel B.
  • Increase carers allowance
    To support us through this financial hardship. To show our value. So we can maintain high care.
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    Created by Hazel Buckingham
  • Furlough and Minimum Wage Guarantee
    If we believe that people cannot survive on less than the minimum wage then this true all the time even when they cannot work due to lockdown and the current COVID crisis.
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    Created by Rachel Plumstead
  • Fair support for the self employed
    With another national lockdown about to begin, once again the self employed are being unfairly treated. Through the SEISS scheme, the self employed have already missed out on 2 months worth of support. Payment 1 was for ‘3 months to May’ so March, April, May. Therefore the second payment is for June, July, August. But now, the third payment is for November, December, January and the fourth is for February, March and April. What happened to September and October?? Please account for the missing months. Now we are heading into a second lockdown where 80% furlough is extended but the self employed are expected to survive a second lockdown on 40% support (with no support at all for the last 2 months). Please review this and make it fair.
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    Created by Lisa Cryer
  • Include internet and mobile phone with universal credit
    Keep pace with modern times and if you lose your job you need the internet to use universal credit websites you also need your mobile phone phone to keep up-to-date with everything else. As these are now assessed as utilities shouldn't the government take that into accounts
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    Created by Daniel o'brien
  • Fair pay for all NHS workers #NHSPAY15
    We need to retain and recruit healthcare staff. There are estimated to be well over a 100,000 vanccancies within the NHS. To put this into context, £6.2bn was spent on agency and bank staff last year to cover staff shortages and keep the NHS afloat! We are now dependent on bank or agency staff to help plug the gaps, mainly to fill nursing roles. Staff state that the quality of care is “compromised” and one in six said “patient safety was put at risk. NHS staff have been forced to work outside of their skill remit and contracted hours of work to meet the demands of a failing workforce. There have been initiatives to recruit overseas nurses to bridge these gaps however this is not feasible due to the travel restriction at this time. In order to recruit and retain staff the NHS needs to be a safe working environment that puts patient safety and the health and wellbeing of its staff first. It is astonishing that NHS professionals cannot afford to live and are using food banks or exhausting themselves with second jobs to make ends meet. NHS staff need to be paid in line with other healthcares workers and pay inequality needs to be addressed by the NHS Pay Review Body (NHSPRB). This petition is very important, the only report covering pay satisfaction was conducted in England and from the data collected it is clear that only a small proportion of staff were satisfied with pay the they received on AFC. The evidence states that staff satisfaction increased from 29% in 2017, before the pay agreement, to 36% in 2019. Therefore every signature counts towards evidence. Please sign this petition.
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    Created by Matthew Tovey
  • Stop redundancies at National Museums Liverpool Trading company
    On 5th October, National Museums Liverpool issued a press release announcing that they were considering redundancies across its organisation due to the Covid pandemic. They explained that they would allow employees within the charity arm of the organisation to apply for voluntary redundancy as an initial stage, but compulsory redundancies might take place later, but not before March 2021. What was not disclosed is that within the commercial arm of the museums (National Museums Liverpool Trading), a process started to make staff compulsory redundant by the first week of November, giving just 4 weeks notice to employees working in cafés, shops and events. This is a kick in the teeth for those staff who returned to work back in July and were deemed as ‘essential workers for the reopening of the museum’. Staff who are risking their health and possibly their lives to keep the museums and galleries open during a global pandemic are being rewarded with every chance of losing their jobs with very little notice. The Trading Company does not recognise Trade Unions and despite making more than 20 employees redundant, has refused to engage with a collective consultation. This is unacceptable and morally wrong. In a time when jobs are more scarce than ever, when people on low wages are getting paid less but their bills and rent/mortgages are the same, when there is a backlog of benefit claims as more and more people are laid off, NMLT has chosen to give its staff only 4 weeks to arrange new jobs or other forms of income. Many of the staff will receive little to no redundancy compensation. Staff are also expected to re-apply for their jobs but with less contracted hours and less jobs available.
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    Created by Clara Paillard Picture
  • Pay hotel staff furlough
    To save jobs and stop the whole hotel b&b & leisure industry crumbling. To keep trades and traditions going, these jobs need people with experience to pass on knowledge to the next generation. To ensure that people who work in these jobs can survive the winter.
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    Created by Sean Spicer
  • Four Day working week for Construction Workers
    Construction Work is A Strenuous ,Physical Dangerous All weather Job . The impact of This on a Daily Basis to the Body is Damaging to Healthy Persons. The Body when put through constant Physical work needs rest .Two days rest is just not good enough ,for the body to repair and Heal .
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    Created by Sheila Falconbridge
  • Justice for Greencore Northampton Workers
    The company, Europe's leading sandwich maker, supplier to M&S, has put staff who tested positive on statutory sick pay and all other staff on the furlough scheme. So the government is paying 80% of the salary bill. The company has refused to provide the 20% top-up. This despite posting £56.4 million pre-tax profits last year. Employees were furloughed and sent home to self-isolate for 14 days. They're carrying the burden of the Covid-19 outbreak. Hundreds of families will be plunged into poverty as a result of Greencore's actions. The Union estimates that 60% of the workforce will be left below the minimum wage. If they only get 80% of their current wages - which is what the Government's furlough scheme provides - they won't be able to make ends meet. The managers are self-isolating on full sick pay. The workforce should get the same.
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    Created by Sally Keeble
  • Give all care workers a wage rise
    Very important to all them that work so hard and the long hours and caring for our most vunreuble and elderly , They work hard and they seem to be forgotten yet again its so sad . I looked at my partners wage on a normal 3 days 12 hour shifts no overtime and was getting only a , , £1000 pounds clear and that her working nights its shocking . We and our goverment should consider this with high proirty , I personally have voted the goverment in and live in scotland and boris please do the right thing it could cost you next election
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    Created by Mark Mcgill