• Front-line NHS staff should be given an extra £29-a-day reward
    NHS Staff are putting their lives on the line every day, My son Is in the Ambulance Service and the cases they pick up and sit with while waiting for a space to deliver their Patients, without the proper PPE. Ambulance Services, Nurses, Doctors, Are all Doing a very dangerous Job right now. My Son has three Children he can't see right now and his partner is n her third Trimester, it's not just his life he is risking it's their future too. So Many are going down with this Coronavirus that he is at times having to go out alone and doing so much overtime they are so tired easy targets for the Virus to attack. They ARE losing their lives, they deserve the front line support package.
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  • Cancel Nursing registration fees
    Nurses are risking their lives and that of their families they should not have to carry this extra financial burden. All fees for nurses to practice should be abolished.
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    Created by Kellie Miller
  • Covid 19 self employed
    It is important because there are thousands of hard working people out there that the government are discriminating against
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    Created by Huw Thomas
  • Extend Job Retention Scheme employee start date to 30th March
    Thousands of people have been told they will receive 80% pay from the government, with company’s now withdrawing that offer because the government will only cover employees that have been enrolled in to the PAYE system before the 19th March 2020. People are being left destitute and not being able to pay their rent, bills, food & basic needs. With a 5 week waiting period for universal credit approval this isn’t good enough for thousands of people, that are being put at risk. Q: Who can an employer claim for? A: Employees (which is widely defined, see below) who were: hired before 19 March 2020 and which were notified to HMRC on an RTI (Real Time Information) submission on or before 19 March 2020 and where an RTI submission notifying payment of that employee to HMRC was made on or before 19 March 2020 are furloughed for at least three weeks
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  • All NHS staff to be given free parking in England and Northern Ireland
    Mr. Boris Johnson was full of praise for the dedication exhibited by NHS Staff who nursed him back to health and probably saved his life. How better to reward them than by taking off them the burden of paying typically £800 per year, to do their essential job, a burden which few others in employment have to suffer. I know of cases where many of them are working up to eleven 12 hour night shifts at a time due to staff shortages and workload. Surely they should not be "pickpocketed" in this atrocious manner. Let's level the playing field and get parity with Scotland and Wales where their caring, sharing Assemblies have introduced free parking for all NHS staff, (and the public) months ago.
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    Created by Neville Layhe
  • Why wait 2 years for full Employment Rights, people need them from Day 1 or on passing probation
    It is important as everyone deserves to be treated professionally and free from bias, bullying, poor management practice etc whilst at work. Too many companies take advantage of this 2 year gap. Everyone deserves fair treatment.
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  • Draw attention to and amend illegal workplace practices by Hermes Parcelnet group plc
    Thousands upon thousands of 'self employed couriers' have their rate of pay calculated , set in line with NMW, using a system that has no transparaceny or accountability. No one can accurately calculate a fair hourly rate as so much of the work completed in good faith is untracable due to shoddy invoicing and I.T. related tracability.
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    Created by D Bradford
  • Kerry Foods workers deserve a bonus payment
    Kerry Foods workers are required to continue working during this crisis. This places them at increased risk of contracting Covid-19. Other companies, including some of Kerry's customers, pay their workers an additional premium to recognise the efforts those workers are going to. To date, Kerry Foods have only offered a free breakfast, once a week, to acknowledge their workers' contribution. We demand a Hazard payment.
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    Created by Paddy Mackel
  • Give all essential workers tax free salaries during covid 19
    These are the people who are truly running their respective communities and countries
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    Created by Dermot O Regan
  • A Payrise for our Heroic Nurses
    Our NHS nurses are currently on the frontlines, risking themselves and their families during a time when we are staying safe in our homes and protecting those that we love. Some have had to leave their homes and are living alone, isolated from their families to keep them safe, during a time when they need all the support they can get. Fair pay for nursing staff has been put forward and pushed back so many times, but now is the time to give them what theu deserve. Clapping on a Thursday evening is a great way to show our appreciation, but when lockdown is over and the last case of coronavirus has been and gone, please let's back our NHS nursing staff and see that they get fair pay for the amazing care they offer.
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  • Whistl keyworkers to be paid 50%more
    Good question.. "why is this important?" Is important because we are human beings as well, we all have family to which are coming home and like this we put them at risk as well, we have friends that we can't visit to not put them as well in danger / all keyworkers are important now because they are supporting the economy and all the needs of the people.
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  • Help gig economy workers
    Thousands of people are not covered by the support announced by the government. If you are an employee with contracted hours or you work solely as self employed, you are entitled to 80% of your income if you cannot work due the COVID-19 crisis. However many people in the gig economy have a mixed pattern of work - a bit freelance, a bit contract, a bit self-employed, a bit zero hours. Some people have a pension and do a bit of self-employed work to top it up. Students do part time work to make ends meet. Supply teachers, fee paid Tribunal members, NHS agency staff, artists, performers, contractors. These people are all left with no support. Please treat them the same as everyone else and support them with 80% of their income if they can’t work due to COVID-19.
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    Created by Sarah Baalham