• Build it in Britain, Type 31e Frigate vital to Appledore Shipbuilders Future
    The secruity of Britain relies on both a strong navy capability and a strong economy. To achieve a strong economy in Northern Devon we need to protect the jobs at Appledore Shipbuilders and continue to develop the high skills economy that is required for modern shipbuilding. The opening up of the competition to build the Type 31e to include overseas shipbuilders could lead to the diminishing of Britain's capability to provide for her own security needs. As a naval warship it is vital that we retain the skills needed to build and maintain the vessels within Britain, both during peace time and at times of conflict.
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    Created by James Craigie
  • Reinstate the Preston to Fleetwood rail link
    Dr Beeching started the closure of the rail link and Fleetwood, a seaside town on a peninsula, has been in decline since. The infrastructure to and from this beautiful town is diabolical. It is quicker to fly to Geneva from Lancaster than get to Westminster from Fleetwood. It is 5 miles to the nearest station which is gridlocked at peak times. There is no direct bus to the station and 35.2% of Fleetwood residents do not own a car which is above the 32% National average. The whole of the district of Wyre, approximately 110,000, have had one train station since 1970 when the last passenger train left Fleetwood. With the creation of more houses in Wyre another train station is needed and with the shortening of the platform at Poulton-le-fylde meaning no direct trains to London/Glasgow can stop in Wyre the reinstatement direct to Preston is needed.
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    Created by Mary Stirzaker Belshaw
    Greenlight Environmental is a social enterprise employing around 100 local people in the West of Scotland and with almost three decades of experience providing recycling services. Many of their staff have been recruited through schemes to assist the long-term unemployed and these vulnerable workers are now being issued with redundancy notices. GMB Scotland is calling on the leaders of West Dunbartonshire, Inverclyde and Argyll & Bute Councils to intervene and prevent the liquidation of the company and the redundancy of its workforce.
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    Created by Scott Rogers Picture
  • Remove condition 16 of the licensing Act for Polzeath Pancake Shack
    This is important for us as we pay a license to trade and we have overnight free camping which sometimes our spot gets parked in and we cannot trade, we are paying a license to trade and the council license team seem to think it’s not their problem if I can’t trade! Which then means I can’t provide a service to all my customers who come to Polzeath for my pancakes!! I employ local staff, and my carbon footprint is zero, I live here, all year round. Please sign and share and let the council know why you think this is important to you and your families when you come to visit Cornwall.
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    Created by Seahem Sodhi
  • Stop First Bus from carrying out devastating cuts to timetables in South Worcestershire
    Many people rely on these services to enable them to carry out every day tasks such as going to work, doing the shopping, attending medical appointments and meeting with friends & family. South Worcestershire is a largely rural area where public transport is limited and isolation a real risk. In addition to this an over reliance on car use is having a detrimental impact on air quality and health and well-being. These drastic cuts would be devastating.
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    Created by Natalie McVey
  • Overturn the refusal for a Health Complex in Selsey
    There is a 750 square meter building in Selsey which has no hope of being rented as office space but there is a public demand for a Health Complex. Chichester District Council in their wisdom thought it correct to force this building to remain empty and marketed for 18 months to see if a large company wanted to move into Selsey and rent it as office space.. Business are moving out of Selsey, not in. Just 8 months ago this was a brown field with zero employment. If Kevin Byrne wasn’t prepared to invest the money it would still be a brown unused field. Today it has the potential of providing jobs and a considerable asset to Selsey. CDC said NO to this Health Complex despite: • other land designated for office space in Selsey remains undeveloped and buildings vacant • communication from Flude Commercial saying it’s very unlikely we’ll find a tenant for office space • letters from the largest employers in Selsey saying they don’t want the building as office space • £1.7m being invested into Selsey on this project • two of the largest employers in Selsey saying they wanted to use the gym for their staff • survey via Facebook in Selsey where 236 people said they wanted this complex • 35 registering support of this c Health Complex on the CDC planning website • this Health Complex not being in competition with any other of this type in Selsey • CDC’s very own Economic Development Services stating the Complex would bring employment and help other local business keep their staff • having more than enough parking to service the complex • having a local gym company already wanting this space and run a gym • having a local beauty company wanting this space and run a company • the poor economics in Selsey and the desperate need for more jobs • the fact we would have employed people straight away • CDC councillor John Connor issuing a Red Card to fight for the approval. CDC refused this change of use on the grounds that office space would generate more than a Health Complex. Please help us force CDC to change there mind and allow this change of use to a Health Complex.
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    Created by Kevin Byrne
  • Save The Cosham Legion
    Important for the local community to socialise
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    Created by Stewart Barthorpe
  • Don't scrap the pensions dashboard
    The Welfare Secretary Esther McVey wants to "kill off" a new government website which would help millions of people keep track of their pensions throughout their careers, because she thinks it's not the government's job to help. Without it millions of pension pots are at risk of being lost. According to estimates by the Department for Work and Pensions, 50 million pension pots will be lost by 2050 without an official website to help workers to keep track of savings through their careers. The website has already been successfully tested, and was due to be rolled out nationally soon. It's all the more urgent because new laws to boost pensions have led to 9 million workers being automatically enrolled on to workplace schemes in recent years. A huge petition signed by thousands of us will show the government we expect them to keep their promises and continue to roll out the pensions dashboard.
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  • The Yew Tree Inn Faces Closure
    The Yew Tree Inn is a community hub enjoyed by villagers and visitors. It has events on most nights of the week including, quiz night, curry night, wine and cheese tasting, pool night, community meetings, live music, entertainment, annual 3 day music festival for cancer research, parties for all events/occasion and is a valuable asset to all.
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    Created by Gary Ellis
  • Sacked for attempting to take his legally upheld break
    Because it sets a dangerous precedent if companies are allowed to ignore UK and EU employment law and act in contempt of the Employment Appeals Tribunal in Croydon, which ruled the Working Time Directive in relation to the Rest breaks applied. Peter Lee was a loyal employee of Network Rail, he was employed as a signaller for a total of 44 years. He had an unblemished record. 44 years unblemished service wiped out for taking a 20 minute lawful break. Arundel Signalman sacked by Network Rail. Shame on Network Rail for denying their employee a lawful break. It is also a big safety issue because signallers need a break to make sure they can work safely.
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    Created by Peter Lee
  • A4063 Maesteg-Tondu Cycle Route
    Despite an increasing number of commuting and leisure cyclists that use this road since it was constructed, it is wholly inadequate for the purpose and it is only by luck that no cyclist has been seriously injured. Although there is a proposal for a cycle route from Maesteg out of the valley, it is not conducive for those wishing to commute via bike since it would involve narrow lanes and add at least an extra 15-20 minutes to the journey. Therefore, a route running the length of the A4063 over the ample grass verges is the only solution for journey times.
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    Created by Christopher Teague
  • The Non Renewal of the Highdown Tearoom’s Tenancy Agreement
    The Highdown Tearooms is a much loved establishment for the people of Worthing in West Sussex and beyond. This dog friendly cafe is a lovely place to meet up with friends, and is popular with dog walkers, walkers, and for those visiting the adjoining Highdown Gardens. It has been there for many years, and is a very popular and thriving business, so it was a shock to hear that their tenancy agreement is not being renewed by the owners. The notice of non renewal says that the premises have to be vacated by the 6th July. Further update today 3rd July. Donna has been advised that the tearoom can now continue trading until the 18th July 2018. Further update today 10th July. From Donna. 29th July 2018 Sadly, the 29th July 2018 will be our last day at the Tearoom. Today is not about me. I feel for our staff who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own. I feel for all our customers who have lost somewhere they could sit, chat, relax and hopefully feel valued. I’m sorry but I can’t say much more at the moment, but I thank every one of you from the bottom of my heart that has taken time to visit the tearoom to personally wish us all the best, those of you that took the time to sign the petition and to those of you that took time to add such special comments to the Worthing Herald and our Facebook page. I could not have wished for better people to call my friends. A special thank you goes out to our four-legged friends for bringing in their owners each week. We want to make our closing weekend something special. We will all be putting our heads together to come up with some idea’s. All suggestions welcome! We will keep you updated. Donna XX 10th July 2018
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    Created by Sandra Smith