• Pay our essential workers - no more bin strikes!
    Uncollected waste is already piling up across our borough, attracting rats, foxes and flies. We fully support the refuse collectors in their strike action, they do not deserve these cuts, but we pay council tax for this service which we are not receiving. This situation is an ever-increasing health hazard. Some local residents are already saying they will burn their waste as they have no other option, with nowhere to store it - aren't Thurrock's air pollution levels high enough? With 3 more weeks of no refuse collections, the situation is only going to get worse. The residents of Thurrock want our essential workers to be treated fairly. At this time when you are reducing their earning potential, the Trussell Trust have reported a 26% increase in demand for food banks in our borough. Please don't be the reason this figure rises further.
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    Created by Sara FC
  • Make it a legal requirement for employers to backdate your salary following a promotion
    Speaking with friends and family, this is not an unusual practice for employers to promote staff and not action the agreed salary until sometime after. Employees in the meantime are being underpaid for their new role. Making this a legal requirement will ensure that employers are more proactive and fair when promoting staff.
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    Created by Georgie Hasler
  • Reduction of state retirement age post pandemic
    This will be better for the economy with less people receiving universal credit and more tax revenue. It will allow young to have the better working life the deserve, help their mental health. It will also allow grandparents to support with child care earlier and to have a more healthy retirement
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    Created by Gill Parnham
  • Front line worker tax changes
    To show that they are appreciated and without them we would be in a far worse situation than we are now
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    Created by Stephen Hindshaw
  • Fight for carers on carers allowance
    If it was not for carers who receive carers allowance it would fall on adult social care, social services, the government and the state... carers allowance for 35hrs plus per week is approximatly £67 per week... yes they can claim a universal credit top up of giving them about an extra £30 per week but when you add these 2 ammounts of pay together and divide that by 35hrs care they give it ammounts to approximatly £2.20 maybe slighly more per hour... per hour for a carer its over £5 less than minimum wage... and there is approximatly 1 million carers in this country trying to care for loved ones and friends which is helping state costs by billions of £££££'s... but they should be respected so much more by getting payed more carers allowance and universal and not pay for there own travel. Please, please, please help fight the government for all of the carers in great britain. Thankyou kindly.
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    Created by Kelly Wanless
  • Change Jobseeker's Allowance qualifying criteria
    I had to give up my job in October 2020 due to the intolerable stress and bullying. I have worked all my adult life other than when I was a stay at home mother for four years and when I cared full time for my Mother, who has dementia for almost four years. These years are credited for NI towards my pension. But they are not considered as qualifying for Jobseeker's Allowance. I have not been able to get a job yet and have no income, despite paying NI for more than 35 years. This feels like a gross injustice
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    Created by Melanie Lewis-Clubbe
  • NMC scrap payment
    NHS nurses who hold a NMC pin have worked so hard and risked themselves and their families health. Why should we have to pay for that!
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    Created by Leanne Cobb
  • Spend 16 BILLION on social housing!
    I agree with the additional funds given over 4 years to our armed forces, it will generate much new technology, employ more staff, and, rightly or wrongly, increase our market share as an arms exporter. HOWEVER, just, if not more vital, is the same amount of money given to begin the largest social housing project yet seen in the UK. The number of people it will remove from the unemployment figures into paid work will be astonishing, from builders to the carpet fitters and much more beyond.
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    Created by Glenn Anderson
  • Help financially for mobile beauty therapists
    Mobile thereapists never received a penny in help the last lockdown. Now another is beginning , so another 4 weeks of worry for them and no MONEY to live on. My Neice experienced this which made her ill through worry. Why has the Government not helped these people , it is as if they do not exist.. Many go and see the elderly in their homes , give massages give facials and do nails which a lot of elderly people cannot manage themselves. Hairdressers are the same .Will the Government HELP financially this time ????
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    Created by Pamela Drion
  • Financial support for CEV unable to work after end of furlough scheme
    To support people who find themselves having income drastically reduced due to having medical conditions that mean they cannot safely return to work
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    Created by Shirley Hunt
  • Reduce retirement age
    This allows for the flow of staff, with the current ages then no one will retire and the death in service figures will increase. It will also allow for vacancies to open up for school leavers and graduates so as to enable them to have spending power to get on the property market and buy goods which will also help the economy.
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    Created by Mark Travers
  • No Zero Contracts in NHS
    All key workers are valuable, the disparities of pay has been highlighted in this pandemic. If keyworkers are unwell, they need to self-isolate and not worry about pay. Health is a countries wealth.
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    Created by Carol Webley-Brown