• Review of tax credits system
    People are not claiming benefits that they are entitled to for fear of finding themselves in debt, or because it can take so long to get through on the telephone. Also because once it has been deemed that tax credits have been overpaid people are powerless to appeal against the decision
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    Created by Aisling Donnelly
  • End the archaic and oppressive regime of sanctions at DWP
    It's a matter of principles in belief and defense of the last remnants of the welfare state of which a slow and deliberate attempt has been made to eliminate to the benefit of nobody in society. It's also in contradiction of human rights legislation recognized on an international basis...
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    Created by Damian Kershaw
  • protection of whistle blowers
    Whistle blowers are being hounded out of jobs for speaking up about wrong doings and then becoming unemployable because of this. Colleagues are too scared to back them. Confidence in public services will be restored and confidence of employees to report issues without reprisals. Current internal whistle blowing policies are ineffective and not used.
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    Created by sue sutherland
  • 50+ women being crucified by the new pension rules
    This is an important issue whereby many women over the age of 55 particularly will suffer financial hardship through no fault of their own. There has been no proper planning or compensation considered for or this small minority of women which will suffer as a result. Many women over 50 find themselves living alone and had always expected to retire with a state pension at 60. The new legislation has not given woman a fair enough amount of time to prepare for such a major financial disruption to their lives.
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    Created by Susanna Young
  • Say NO to Increased Parking Charges for staff at RCHT
    The staff provide a service to the community and they feel they need more consideration to any changes being made. They are passionate about their Trust and the service they provide but feel unappreciated with the lack of communication regarding important issues such as the increase in parking charges.
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    Created by David Philips
  • Care UK staffing contracts, fair deal.
    Everyone has parents who may need care as they age. Unless you die young you will all get old and may need care. The cost of caring for old or disabled people and children is for the most part payed for with taxpayers money. It is outrageous that private equity companies can profit from need, financed by tax money of ordinary people and pay poverty wages.
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    Created by Prue Handley
  • Terminate contract of BHCC housing contractor Mears Group
    It is important that unions play a role in working with providers of Council services so that a living wage is achieved and maintained to lessen the benefit burden on taxpayers.
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    Created by Phillip David Jones
  • Implement a statutory maximum multiplier between the lowest and highest earners
    The vast majority of people are appalled by the massive gap between the very richest and the very poorest in society; a gap that over the past two or three decades has been ever widening. Most people are particularly dismayed at the growing need for those in work to need the crutch of benefits to bring their income up to a living wage. An effective way of combating this is to outlaw excess at the top and to obligate fairer wages at the bottom. A relative earnings limit which puts a statutory maximum multiplier on the earnings of the highest paid employee v the lowest, should go some way to curbing this inequality. For example, if that maximum multiplier were x50 (which itself is massive), then if a CEO wished to be paid earnings (including bonuses) of £1,000,000 per year, then the lowest paid employee must earn the equivalent of £20,000 full-time salary. This petition doesn't in itself suggest what that maximum multiplier should be but simply that there should be some degree of relativity. We also appreciate that the policy and any legislation needs to be drafted with considerable care, to ensure that all earnings are included (including bonuses, pensions and share options) and to ensure that lowest wages aren't disguised by outsourcing the lowest paid jobs to other bodies. However fear of loopholes and abuse should not stop the brightest politicians and economists from devising a workable and legally binding way of promoting fairness through a relative earnings limit. We do not see such a limit applied to personal investors in and entrepreneurs and creators of new ventures - only to employees within organisations.
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    Created by Catherine Potter
  • Support Your Firefighters
    The government is threatening to change firefighters’ pension schemes, meaning all members will pay more, work longer and still get less. Pay more Before 2010, firefighters already contributed one of the highest proportions of their salary towards their pensions (11%), and in April this year it increased for the third year running. Firefighters typically now pay over £4,000 a year from a £29,000 salary, and the government has announced they will impose another increase in 2015. Work longer Firefighters will be expected to work until they are 60 however the government’s own report by Dr Tony Williams, published in December 2013, recognises that two thirds (66%) will not meet the current fitness standard. Firefighters, who are forced to retire at 55 due to a natural decline in fitness, could lose up to half of their pension or face the sack. Get less Firefighters will only receive the full pension they signed up for if they work for 40 years in the service which given current retirement and fitness rates is unlikely for the majority of firefighters.
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    Created by Liam Reed
  • Job Centre staff should have DBS cover
    It is important because everyone who works with vulnerable adults and children should have a DBS check and be vetted. Why should there be rules for us and rules for them. Surely if I as a teacher have to have a DBS check paid for and a certificate in my hand before I set foot in the building I am working in then so should they. If you have been to the job centre recently you will notice that it now looks and feels more like a drop in centre. It is full of despairing people , hopeless lives trying to get out from under. I feel it is paramount that the staff not only have DBS checks complete prior to working there but they also need extra training and to have regular skills up dates too. The job centre is a difficult environment to cope with for the best of us these days but particularly for the vulnerable in society more so. And ironically most of the vulnerable people in society are unemployed and they are on the verge of becoming homeless and suicidal as a consequence of these punitive and unreasonable cuts. This is why the staff need to be properly equipped and show a professional duty of care.
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    Created by thomas wilson
  • Please give Carers more respect.
    Carers save the country an estimated £119 Billion pounds a year, and yet achieve no recognition for their work. Like myself a full time carer for my wife most carers are unable to escape the stresses of placed on us by the continuous need to be on duty 24/7 and the assistance provided by GPs Social Services and Charities, is severely limited by the cuts inflicted by this government. In general most governments and public service unions prefer to ignore us, and are content to allow us to take the brunt of spending cuts full on. These stresses are increasing day by day, causing both physical and mental problems thus increasing the workload on an already over stretched NHS. This must stop right now. Home Carers should be supported by the government and not be pitched from one charity to another like orphans looking for a new home. The government must stop abdicating it's responsibilities and do something positive.
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    Created by Paul Tulk
  • Northampton General Hospital Pathology staff locked out.
    Biomedical Scientists working in the Pathology Department at Northampton General Hospital have been involved in a bitter year long dispute over changes to their shift patterns and payments. This involved plans to sack and re-engage them resulting in payments for out-of-hours being slashed by 80% and a doubling of night time shifts. Consequently Unite members voted to take industrial action, short of strike, at 00:01 on Thursday 26th June. However, when the 78 Biomedical Scientists turned up for work at 9am they were barred from entering the workplace unless they were prepared to sign that they would not participate in industrial action. They have been 'locked out' since and Unite has accused the hospital Management of a disgraceful abuse of power in retaliation for the laboratory staff exercising their legal right to take industrial action. Currently the service is being provided by a handful of poorly trained locums and non-laboratory based managers with many tests being out sourced to other laboratories. The cost of this may reach up to £1 million a year and the staff believe the service is no longer safe. Unite is calling on the Trust to abandon it's bully-boy tactics and to sit down with ACAS to settle the dispute.
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    Created by Derek Millard