• Fairer Pay now
    The Labour Manifesto rightly says it is important to strive for greater equality in the UK. It commits to raising the National Minimum Wage to living wage levels by 2020. But this will not deal with rising pay inequality in the public sector - where taxpayers' money often gives the top more than 10 times the wage of the lowest paid. Nor does it deal with huge and unjustified salaries and bonuses in large private sector firms - many of which receive huge amounts of public money - and where top incomes are often several hundred times greater than those at the bottom. A renamed Fair Pay Commission would examine both low and high pay. It would make recommendations to Parliament to reduce income inequality and will monitor progress on a year by year basis. Curbing excessive high pay is not only fair, it is also important for the economy. It will encourage longer-term investment, raise middle and lower incomes across the board and reduce the fizz at the top of the housing boom.
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    Created by Steve Jefferys
  • Supermarkets - Pay the Living Wage
    According to Citizens UK the wages of supermarket workers are being topped up by £11 billion each year in benefits. For too long supermarkets have been underpaying their staff & expecting the tax payer to foot the bill but now is time to fight back. Supermarkets turn over billions of pounds every year & are easily in the position to pay the living wage & if they were to do so would save this country £11 billion every year. Imagine where that £11 billion could go - NHS, Police, Fire Service, Education to name a few. While our public services are being drained of resources huge billion pound, multi-national companies are being subsidised by us the tax payer, it must now stop to save our economy & our public services The living wage is set at £9.15 in London & £7.85 elsewhere & is calculated according to the basic cost of living in the UK - that's right, the basic cost of living. All employers should be paying the living wage but supermarkets have the moral right to do so as they employ such a large number of employees (5 million) & turn over such masses of money. It's important to remember as well that this isn't just the big 4 who are guilty, those with a smaller market share must also accept responsibility - particularly the Co-operative whose morals & ethics were built on challenging greed & dispersing money back into society 170 years ago facebook.com/blocuk twitter.com/ukbloc
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    Created by Joe Hughes
  • Stop discrimination on the grounds of age in Northern Ireland
    It is still legal to discriminate against people in Northern Ireland in relation to the provision of goods, facilities and services on the basis of the person's age unlike in Britain and the Republic of Ireland. Older people in Northern Ireland endured the 'Troubles' for many years and looked forward to the 'peace dividend', only to find that their elected representatives can't agree to give them the same protection under the law as is enjoyed by older people in the rest of the UK & Ireland. The Northern Ireland Executive includes a proposal to introduce legislation to outlaw age discrimination in its Programme for Government in 2011, but has so far failed to get agreement in the Assembly for this over the last 4 years. Prof. Mark Lawler of Queen's University Belfast has described how many older people were being denied possible life saving and enhancing cancer treatments each year purely on the grounds of age.
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    Created by William Methven
  • Show dignity of labour for Agency workers
    The Agency Workers Regulations (AWR), which came into force in October 2011, gives agency workers the right to ‘equal treatment’ with the same pay and other basic working conditions as equivalent permanent staff, but this doesn't prevent harrassment, bullying or discrimination. It is because the law that allows verbal termination of employment for agency workers makes them vulnerable to abuse at work place. Full details of the Regulations can be found at https://www.gov.uk/agency-workers-your-rights/your-rights-as-a-temporary-agency-worker The verbal termination of employment gives too much power in the perpetuators of these crimes who are most often the reporting officer or immediate senior employee. We need to prevent it happening in the workplaces and make sure that the employer fulfills duty of care towards an agency worker from day one to the last day. This would happen only if the agency worker is made aware of their rights from day one. That's why we need: a) Induction from the employer and not just the agency b) Written Termination letter from HR A verbal termination of employment doesn't respect dignity of labour and can be unprofessional. A written letter of termination gives an agency worker a dignified exit and a fair opportunity to address grievances, if any. It also encourages senior employees to follow procedures with regard to termination of employment of agency workers, instead of acting on a whim. A written 'employment termination letter' from HR could also be used as a reference by the agency worker for future employments. This would also help the agency worker to feel like a valuable part of the work force, who is respected for their contribution to the workforce instead of being written off as a disposable replacement worker. Also, If all the the councils and government bodies set an example by changing the way they deal with Agency workers, others may follow.
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    Created by Elizabeth Spencer
  • Allow Women into Equal Armed Force Positions
    Because women are being told that in this society they are equal, but this law proves they are not. If a women passes the same physical test as a man why should she still not be allowed to join up? When I go on the army website to see what roles I could join up as I see loads of interesting, exiting opportunities yet when I click on all the ones I'm interested in one of the requirements is for me to be male. Well sorry, but thats not going to happen. I want the choice to join up! Many men when questioning feminism (simply gender equality) argue that they are pressured to join up not understanding that women can't. If a women meets the same physical requirements as a man and joins up, how is that any different to a man joining up? Even the US allows women into front line roles! I don't see how some people believe that sexism doesn't exist in the UK...
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    Created by Eve Longford
  • International organisations to pay a living wage
    To encourage wealthy global organisations to be proud of taking an ethical stance and making this part of their branding, taking a lead in changing the world so that every man, woman and child associated with their supply chains can make a living wage.
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    Created by Debbie Barazetti
  • Stop employers from issuing sickness warnings to staff off sick due to work related injury
    It is completely unfair and immoral that workers who suffer an injury in the workplace are punished by receiving warnings due to sickness level. Accidents can have a bad enough effect on a person, but making them worry about getting a warning due to an accident that wasn't their fault in inexcusable. This has to stop. People should be able to feel safe at work, but in reality the employer can punish you due to their failings, this is not right. Let's change this common practice.
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    Created by Abi Smith
  • Compulsory work experience
    Currently 95% of secondary schools offer work experience to students but this excludes the school I am currently attending.Furthermore, work experience seems to be a great way to introduce young people to the world of work before they go out and get their first job
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    Created by Abigail Regnouf-Dardennes
  • Poundstretcher wages
    People can't live on the low wages.
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    Created by Lewis Davidson
  • No derecognition of UNISON at Catalyst
    UNISON’s recognition agreement with Catalyst gives members a strong collective voice in the workplace. • Statutory powers of negotiation and consultation – on terms and conditions, pay, TUPE, redundancy and all the issues affecting our working lives. • Paid time for trade union duties so our stewards can fully represent members’ interests. • Health and Safety reps have statutory powers with regard to H&S issues. • An independent trade union is the only body which can truly hold management to account.
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    Created by Josephine Grahl
  • Justice for Shahzad and Shama
    Justice for Shahzad and Shama On 4th November 2014, a Christian couple Shahzad Masih (26 yrs) and Shama Bibi (24 yrs) were beaten, tortured and burned alive in the fiery furnace of a brick kiln -while those baying for their blood screamed praises to Allah. The incident occurred after Muslim accusers led by Muslim landowner Yousaf Gujjar alleged Shama had burnt the Koran. He then sent men to three mosques in neighbouring towns, while he tried to coerce money out of the couple who he had locked in a room on his land. Eventually in response to local Mosques preaching hatred over their loud speakers, a mob of over 300 Muslims gathered outside the locked room. They climbed the roof of the building and entered through the straw roof. They then beat the couple with sharp and hard implements, stripped them naked while they goaded them and finally burnt then alive in the kiln - when they could no longer stand due to their fractured bones. Until Pakistan reforms their ways more Christians and other minorities will meet a similar fate. This is not acceptable in the 21st Century or any other century. Petition by Wilson Chowdhry of the British Pakistani Christian Association Read more here: http://www.britishpakistanichristians.co.uk/blog/christian-couple-burnt-alive-in-brick-kiln-after-alleged-blasphemy The BPCA have initiated a benevolent fund for the family of Shahzad and Shama, if you would like to contribute, please follow this link: http://www.britishpakistanichristians.co.uk/blog/protest-in-kasur-on-9th-november If you are in the UK please join our protest outside 10 Downing Street, from 11am on Saturday 22nd November 2014. http://www.britishpakistanichristians.co.uk/blog/evangelical-christians-call-on-westminster-to-take-action-against-pakistan-for-summary-execution-of-
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    Created by Wilson Chowdhry
  • Work Assessment contract - USA Company Maximus
    In June 2001- The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that two MAXIMUS employees filed discrimination complaints against the company. The employees stated that MAXIMUS is so lacking in diversity that the companies minority employees referred to it as "White Castle". July 2007- MAXIMUS settled a lawsuit brought against it by the United States government for involvement in falsifying Medicaid claims for $30.5 million. September 2011- MAXIMUS INC. was sued by U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) for disability discrimination for failure to promote a female employee because it regarded her as disabled. MAXIMUS settled the lawsuit in August 2012. Is this really the right company to take over from ATOS to assess ill and disabled people for their ability to work.
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    Created by Diane Naylor