• Transport link for people of THORNE, MOORENDS, RAWCLIFE BRIDGE TO GOOLE
    Remote villages need access to frequent reliable transport links to towns. Anyone who does not drives will be isolated and cut off from doing normal things in society
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    Created by Sally Lee
  • Frontline staff on boards of management of companies and nhs trusts
    At present decisions are made by senior staff who have little or no contact with the frontline and the staff who work there and all information is received through middle managers or through impersonal reports and graphs leading to poor decision making and unnecessary failure of companies and trusts, loss of jobs and hardship suffered mainly by frontline staff.
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    Created by Elias Cheriyan
  • I call for A vote of no confidence in the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt I ask he resigns immediately
    Because he is responsible as health minister for systematically underfunding and under resourcing the NHS and alienating the doctors and nurses he serves. We would like to register a vote of no confidence.
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    Created by Kim Emmett
  • Save our bank branch
    This is important because not every one has the internet, and even those that have sometimes have problems resolving them. This Government is suppose to be interested in promoting communities and protecting jobs Bank of Scotland will be making around 800 people redundant.
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    Created by William Gosnold
  • Force Living Wage Foundation to make service providers try and get real living wage for staff
    As it stands, if an Accredited Living Wage Service Provider gets their contract renewed without a competitive bid, they are under no obligation to try and get their staff the real living wage. This means a company can get accredited and some staff could be forced to wait an unlimited amount of years before the company will try and get them the real living wage. The service provider gets good PR out of being accredited, yet they can have hundreds or even thousands of staff on min wage and not even make the effort to try and end what the Living Wage Foundation call poverty wages.
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    Created by David Scott
  • Consult the People of the UK on the final Brexit deal
    An offer was recently made to MPs to vote on whether to accept the deal that is negotiated, or to leave without one. But there is a third option, which is to say no to both, and to stay in Europe. The original public debate on whether to leave Europe was full of misinformation and promises that have no prospect of being kept. As time moves on, it is becoming increasingly evident that the damage to the UK economy is significant, and is forecast to get even worse. In view of this stark reality the terms on which the UK will be obliged to quit Europe should be put to the nation as a whole, and not left to politicians alone.
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    Created by Marc Lavelle
  • Concessionary fares scheme for 16 to 18 year olds
    A Wiltshire wide concessionary fares scheme should be considered by Wiltshire Council. Many of these young people are in full time education and have no access to there own transport. And in many cases if there is public transport the price is beyond there reach.
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    Created by TERRY CHIVERS
  • bring down retirement age to 64
    adults who have worked hard for years cannot expect to do hard manual work over the age of 64.
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    Created by Bradley Pugh
  • Increase Apprenticeship Wage
    I would love to undertake an apprenticeship in Business Administration but as I am unemployed £3.50 is not sufficient as the National.Minimum Wage is over £ 7.00
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    Created by Danielle Axford
  • Save Heysham Swimming Pool.
    Cllr Margaret Pattison, Cllr Janice Hanson, Cllr Darren Clifford and Cllr David Whittaker are very concerned with living in a seaside area such as Morecambe and Heysham that children should have a local pool to learn to swim. The pool has 54.000 visitors a year with 16 schools using the pool for swimming lessons and groups helping people to keep fit and healthy, if closed this would effect the health and safety of the people in Morecambe.
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    Created by Cllr Margaret Pattison.
  • Better Wifi for Kenmore & Acharn
    So people can run their business Better Residential communication
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    Created by Heather Wallace Smith
  • Get fair interest rates for student loans
    Students are currently paying 6.1% on the loans they take out so they can complete their education. TO put this in perspective, the government and large banks can borrow money at 0.25% interest. A 6.1% interest rate means that graduates will have to earn £55,000 a year just to keep up with the interest and prevent their loans getting larger. Its completely unrealistic, unsustainable and unfair. Its inevitable that most loans will never be re-paid and a generation will be saddled with un-payable debt. Interest rates are this high because the government has sold the debt on to private companies who hope to make a profit on young people trying to get an education and make their way in the world. We need people to go to university. We need a highly skilled workforce to drive the economy and tackle the urgent problems of the 21st Century with the creativity and innovation that Britain is known for. There is no excuse for charging students 24 times the base rate of interest. Ask Jo Johnson, Universities minister to ensure fair interest on student loans now.
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    Created by Sarah MacDonald