• Release jobs, let WASPI women retire
    If we get our due pensions we can retire and release jobs for the younger generation.
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    Created by Jeanette Scarrott
  • Hair dressers opening clarification
    Safety of customers . also salon owners can prepare for opening before restrictions are announced
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    Created by Clare Dix
  • Furloughed payments
    Its I's important because it is unfair for employed workers to be furloughed, self employed to be given 80% of previous wages. And people who have recently changed from employed to self employed get nothing. When they have paid taxes and national insurance for years like all the other citizens getting paid out.
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    Created by Michael Laird
  • Supporting people during Covid19
    Many of us are struggling at this time and we need all the help we can get
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    Created by Delphia Black
  • Fair pay for OVs and MHIs contracted to the FSA
    All of us risk our health in order to keep the meat on the shelves and we deserve fair conditions.
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    Created by Aleksandra Sekueva
  • Assistance for the self employed
    Jobs are being cancelled and deferred. Many face financial ruin. No support other than easing access to universal credit is being offered. The knock on effects will be immeasurable. The likelihood is that self employed tradespeople will be forced to ignore social distancing or starve.
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    Created by Dominic Hultier
  • Pay carers for travel time.
    Currently a lot of carers don't get paid for traveling from call to call. They may be on an hourly wage slightly higher than the minimum but whilst traveling they are not "on the clock". This is legal as long as their pay averages out at minimum wage. Quite often, carers are actually receiving under minimum wage!! Carers ARE still working while traveling, it is not a break!!. Also, carers deserve to be paid above the minimum wage!!
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    Created by Ellen Waites
  • Bosses refusing to pay sick and holiday pay
    It’s important because we work all year round to earn our holiday pay and are entitled to it
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    Created by Gillian Armes
  • Improved I.T. provision
    There will be notable repercussions in the standard of exam results in six different courses in Firrhill High School alone if the I.T. equipment isn't provided at an acceptable standard in schools in Edinburgh. Disadvantaged students are effected the worst as they may be unable to provide a computer at home. Pupils in classes are unable to complete tasks as the computers provided previously do not have the ability to run programs needed in course work.
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    Created by Aistair Ritchie
  • Support the Curry Industry by Reviewing Immigration Policy
    Previous attempts by this and former governments to train chefs within specialized Training Centres of Excellence in the UK have consistently failed to produce the skilled chefs required to address the shortage. Closures of restaurants around the country are at an alarming rate of 3-4 per week. Heavy handed raids by UKBA and heavily imposed penalties add to the burden levied upon the restaurateurs eager to maintain and survive the current economic climate.
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    Created by Bangladesh Caterers Association
  • Keep Greenhaugh First School open
    16 first schools are at risk of closure to fit in with a proposal from one Academy Trust. If you close these schools down 16 struggling rural communities will loose young families because they won't have a local school for their children. This will rip the heart out of our communities. Imagine living in an area with no children.
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    Created by Stephen Jopling
  • Medical Professionals in the UK Seeking Registration
    Medical Professionals in the UK Seeking Registration is a campaign group being launched through RAPAR of around 500 medical professionals - doctors, nurses, technicians, pharmacists and dentists - who are being prevented from working in the NHS because of the unreasonably high English language testing requirements currently set by the professional bodies responsible for registering them. This problem also affects many more medical professionals who are not yet members of the campaign group. The campaign is calling on the GMC and other bodies to return to more realistic and appropriate English language requirements. Doctors who passed the previous language test standards are currently working successfully in the NHS. But now highly qualified doctors – many of whom have been forced to flee their home countries for humanitarian reasons – are being stopped from using their skills and expertise. Four years ago, the GMC raised its already high score for doctors in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) even further. The exam tests general knowledge of English language and includes topics such as archaeology, jam making and current affairs – much of it irrelevant to the kind of terminology used by medical professionals. Dentists, pharmacists and technicians have also had their English language testing scores raised and want a return to the previous levels. In addition, they are asking the councils responsible for registering them to introduce the Occupational English Test (OET) which will cover medical contexts rather than topics that have nothing to do with their professions. Patients are in urgent need of these medical professionals - they should be given the opportunity to use their knowledge, proficiency and dedication to work in our struggling NHS.
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    Created by Rachel Luke