• Do MPs give us value for money?
    workers are being criticised for underperforming & not giving value for money, resulting in cutbacks and redundancies. This criteria should apply to Mp`s as well. The public have no idea how much time MP`s dedicate to their jobs
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    Created by christopher madden
  • Fair price for Milk at the Farm Gate
    This endless pressure being placed upon the dairy farmers of the UK is about to implode and will bring down the dairy industry that is unique and of tremendous value to the UK , the industry supports thousands of jobs in the rural communities across the UK for every dairy farmer and employee there are over 35 people employed in the service industries that support them, not to mention banking , insurance etc. the usual service industries we all use. The knock on effect to other agricultural sectors will also have major impacts on our economy, environment and the whole infrastructure of the UK countryside. All sectors of the food producing industry are under pressure from world prices, we are unique as a country in that we are able to produce almost 100% of our food requirements if we were allowed to, we also have growing export markets in food and food producing machinery , our produce is seen as the best and safest produced world wide. This export market will also be threatened if the home market is not maintained. UK farmers will turn their backs on food production as we can now grow crops and utilise land for renewable energy production with profitable secure long term income. This would put UK food security under great pressure and we would have a greater reliance upon imports with unreliability of supply and a lack of traceability of our food supply. If you want our unique to the UK, fresh dairy produce, fully traceable farm assured wholesome produce sign this petition and buy 'Red Tractor' assured produce when you next do your shopping. BUT if you want UHT or POWDERED milk on your breakfast and your children's breakfasts tomorrow move on.
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    Created by Rod MacBean
  • Fair wages for W H Smith postal clerks
    I don't see why these very hard working people - mostly women - should be on minimum wages. Also they are cutting down on staff so that there are only ever two postal clerks working in any of their sub post offices!! It is very cheap skate to cut down on the number of postal clerks - so these people have to work MUCH harder than they would were there four postal clerks working in each sub post office. and they are working this hard for MUCH LESS!!
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    Created by Sara Weiss
  • save the last 15% of royal mail
    Scotland is the least profitable area of royal mail business and in recent months royal mail have highlighted that the long term commitment to the universal service could not be maintained indefinitely this would be catastrophic to the businesses' in Scotland and would see mass job loses with in royal mail if indeed the service could not be maintained as forcasted
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    Created by David Reid
  • No minimum wage, zero hour contracts for skilled photographers with expensive equipment
    As a skilled professional or student, minimum wage is completely out of line with market level and does not reflect the time required to learn the trade and the expensive equipment photographers must buy, maintain and replace regularly. Zero hours contracts are also exploitative and indicate that ad hoc work will be given. In this case the ethical choice would be to form a partnership with a local photographer/ several local photographers for these events or offer a competitive rate of pay as this would lead to the university paying a fair price for the service received .
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    Created by Calum Connelly
  • Better conditions for midwives to retain them after training
    1 in 4 mothers did not get a midwife when they needed one (according to a a survey by the Royal College of Midwives and Bounty) . http://protect.rcm.org.uk/news Pressure on staff leads to low morale and nearly one third of midwives with less than 10 years’ work experience are intending to leave the profession within a year. Over half of obstetric units do not employ enough consultants to ensure appropriate cover at all times. Evidence suggests quality of care is less good at weekends. The rate of babies who are stillborn or who die within seven days of birth compares poorly with the other UK nations and some European countries – and this is just not good enough. http://www.parliament.uk/business/committees/committees-a-z/commons-select/public-accounts-committee/news/maternity-services-report/ Do something now. Sign the petition before conditions get to the point where many experienced midwives are no longer there to train the students and to give appropriate care. Sign before we end up with more than 1 in 4 mothers getting little to no support at one of the most important times in their lives.
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    Created by David Kelly
  • Let mature students access new Masters scholarships
    To restrict postgraduate funding to very new graduates excludes a vast proportion of the population who could undertake Masters level study to benefit both their own career and the academic institutions at which they study. It discriminates on the grounds of age, when arguably some of the most valuable Masters candidates are those with a good level of industry experience who can bring more than just intelligence to their chosen course. Widening eligibility criteria for government funding is essential to allow proper functioning of postgraduate education and research in the UK.
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    Created by Helen Compton
  • Whistleblower definition in law to protect them.
    For the protection of Whistleblowers in society to ensure they are respected and heard which protects us all in society. They need legal status akin to a Referee in sport, where they can then be listened to instead of just being considered a "snitch". If a nurse or care worker speaks out on patient safety that may save your mum. If a friend of yours is bullied at work and someone speaks up to stop it they need protection. If banks defraud you through PPI and someone is brave enough to speak up that protects your money. If Directors of Public Companies using your Pension Funds and your savings can be held accountable that protects your money. If sportsmen and woman are able to speak up they can try to keep sports clean from doping. If Professional Drivers are able to speak up to prevent being overworked that keeps our roads safe. Even if it is just for your self interest please vote to help us gain a Whistleblower legal status definition which will allow them to be more protected from bullying and loss of their job.
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    Created by Stobart Whistleblower
  • The public should be able to fire MP's
    MP's are paid out of taxpayer revenue - the vast majority of MP's are the product of a selection process in which the public plays no part - so we extend them a considerable degree of trust when we believe they will work in the best interests of their constituents and the wider UK population. When it becomes apparent, either through assessment, admission or exposure, that this trust has been broken we should not expect these people to fall on their swords or allow them to be dealt with by their party - we need an empowered body who can terminate their employment and if necessary, refer their conduct to the police.
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    Created by Bernie Connarty
  • The fight against funding cuts in adult education
    Adult education is a source of removing dependency on government resources and hand outs. Adults living in deprivation can go back to college to retrain or gain basic skills so that they can have more confidence to secure better jobs. WHY ARE WE DOING THIS? The department for business, innovation and skills found that further education courses improved the lives of people who had completed them in countless ways. From becoming more employable to being more involved in the local community to better health and well-being. BUT... - The UK government has slashed funding for non-academic (not university based) adult education by a staggering 40% since 2010. - If government cuts continue, adult education will not exist by 2020. Colleges and training agencies have been advised to find other forms of funding. - It is a human right to have access to education at any age. Why should it be limited to our childhood? There are countless reasons why a person may not be able to read and write/speak English/hold qualifications/find a job as an adult. For instance: War Culture that does not encourage the schooling of girls Domestic responsibilities Poverty We believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to access services that may improve the quality of their lives, regardless of age. It is never too late!
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    Created by Tina Onur
  • Stop the UK Government eroding People's Union rights
    This is important because it is another example of governments eroding people's rights to withdraw their labour when employers don't pay them enough or put in place policies which change their terms and conditions for the worse. Remember people have died, been forcibly relocated and suffered for the rights you have today. Don't let any government take them away from you.
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    Created by Michael Ashley
  • Make the Tax Credits Helpline fit for purpose
    As a hardworking parent I know how important this is. A recent change to my wages led to me trying to get through to the Tax Credits helpline to report my change in circumstances. After 3 weeks of trying, giving information to the automated system and being told they were too busy, or getting through to a queue and kept on hold for over a hour then unceremoniously cut off I was frustrated, anxious and left with a large phone bill. I resorted to writing to HMRC and did eventually also get through on the phone, however the information I had given them was applied incorrectly and again I was left trying to contact the helpline with no success. I have since given up, however I know of many people in vulnerable situations who are finding the extra pressure of this unbearable, it's time this system was made fit for purpose.
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    Created by Rachel Frater