• Make Tesco Sell British Sugar
    Tesco has huge influence and reach and offers a great service to the community but they need to understand if they don't support local industries and jobs that there business will ultimately suffer because the communities will have less money in there economies to spend at Tesco.
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    Created by Sean Allison
  • Delayed DBS checks
    These checks are important to anyone who has a job working with the sick, disabled, or children. All care/support workers, nurses, and teachers cannot legally work in the uk without a current DBS check. However the government currently has a back log of over 150.000.00 people (and rising) who cannot start work in much needed services such as the NHS and community support as they are still waiting for their DBS.
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    Created by Michael McNamara
  • Criminal records data retention until a person is 100 in UK
    Bill to amend the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 will be debated soon. England and Wales brand young offenders criminals for life. The punitive and penal approach to the rehabilitation of young offenders and disclosers and retention of criminal records is vastly different to many other countries. Below is brief guide of how other nations treat criminal convictions. • Canada permanently deletes records of juvenile convictions once an individually turns 18 or after 5 years of turning 18. Murder, manslaughter and aggravated sexual assault are never deleted. Canada also has a pardon system that allows adults to appeal for their records to be suspended and not disclosed if an individual can show good character and rehabilitation since the offence. Also in the USA individuals can apply to have their records expunged; this is for citizens under 18 and varies from state to state. • Scotland does not disclose convictions if 15 years has passed or if an individual were 18 or over 18 at the date of conviction, 7 and half years, if an individual were under 18 at the date of conviction • Australia expunges juvenile convictions after 3 years of no repeat offending and has a pardon policy for adult convictions • In Spain, conviction records are not erased completely but are ‘cancelled’ in a process known as ‘cancelling a conviction record’. Once conviction records are cancelled, the individual will possess a clean criminal record. Therefore, the record of their convictions will be sealed in the Central Criminal Records Registry and is likely made unavailable to the police. To cancel a conviction record a period of time after having served the sentence must have elapsed (6 months, 2 years, 3 years or 5 years depending on the sentence); no further crime has been committed in the interim and civil compensation has been paid or the person has been declared without money. • Ireland. If 3 years has lapsed juveniles records are wiped clean. • In France for adults once the rehabilitation period has passed (depending on the severity of the conviction either three years for misdemeanors or five years for felony crimes, after the sentence was completed) the records of the convictions will remain on the system but will not show on the request of a record. In the case of minors and children, these are removed once the individual concerned has reached 18 years and/or three years from the date the crime was committed. • In Germany most adult convictions are deleted after 5, 10, 15 or 20 years, respectively.
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    Created by Kyle Doyle
  • Pay unused holiday to employees as a bonus scheme
    This would create a much needed sense of being valued as a hard working and dedicated employee, for minimizing the need to arrange cover for holidays. Also it would solve the problem of an employer asking workers to take holiday to prevent loss of this well earned entitlement.
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    Created by Matt Young
  • Fix the School Curriculum
    A personal experience in mine was that I had been learning (and still am) how to answer question 3 on an exam I will sit once and forget about mere hours after it's completion. Most of the skills we learn in school are learned solely 'to pass exams' which don't assess students on practical abilities.
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    Created by Logan Richards
    NPOWER a German company known as RWE Npower have consistently persecuted bullied and destroyed the health and happiness of "millions" of UK customers and their families. This despicable company "overcharged/stole/fraudulently obtained" £70 million stolen from customers bank accounts .had to be returned Prioritizing only the financial needs of the company, Npower's orgy of predation and insatiable greed combined with their utter disregard for their customers, led to their rampant plunder of customers bank accounts. https://www.facebook.com/banNpower/ for full story
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    Created by Mercedes Valentino
  • Fining the homeless
    With homelessness increasing across the UK and Northampton we should be dealing with the causes and spending money providing shelter, food and helping folks out of this situation. People asking for food and money are usually in need of society's help not punishment. People not in this situation are damn lucky though with societies safety nets being burnt by this government we may be far from being homeless or in need, so please support this petition.
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    Created by Luke Young
  • School breakfast clubs
    It opens up more job opportunities for working parents with regards to availability, employers can be assured that parents will be punctual to work, it will ensure that children are getting a healthy breakfast, of which costs very little and at a small cost to parents there would be a profit which will free up some funding or add to the quality of schools through ptas.
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    Created by Angela Scrase
  • Make Employee Representation on Company Boards Law
    Dear Theresa May, Please can you help UK industry and their Employees to have greater Success, Collaboration, Flexibility, Security and Speed of Business Decisions by ensuring we have Full Employee Representation in the Boardroom. Success • Throughout Europe the most successful companies have Employee Representation directly engaging with the company by participating in board meetings. • Company success is aided not hindered by Employee Representation. Collaboration • Employee board Representation leads to collaboration and avoids industrial disputes. • It is truly a Win-Win situation. • Collaboration between the board and the employees removes many elements of the current "them and us" attitude of UK companies that often leads to outcomes that neither the company nor employees want. Flexibility • Employee board representatives are very often more creative and flexible with their demands. Knowing the challenges facing a company they will often ask for improved investment or help develop restructuring proposals instead of a pay rise knowing that this will help the company. • Currently unions predominantly campaign for increased salaries as they have no insights to the company pressures and direction. Security • In the light of Brexit it is now more important than ever that Employee board representatives are able to work with management to ensure operations are not moved off-shore without a meaningful set of discussions.. • Flexible Employee Responses can be worked on to enhance job security. Speed of Business Decisions • Employee board representatives participating in board meeting discussions are able to formulate responses ahead of a hard company decisions. This means that consultation occurs before a hard decision is publicly declared and prevents company back tracking and face saving that wastes time and effort.
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    Created by Matthew Hopcraft
  • Immigration data collection
    Experts warn immigration data collection at work could contravene race relations and anti-discrimination laws. Amber's list is divisive;We are asking the Parliament to make any requirement for companies to collect immigration data or disclose the number of foreign workers they employ illegal. “At a time when we need strong links globally to seize new opportunities after the [Brexit] referendum, being seen as open to the best and brightest is vital,” said Josh Hardie, deputy director-general of the CBI of employers' organisation. “Those of us who want a sensible Brexit, who want Britain to remain a beacon of tolerance and who find the denigration of non-British workers appalling have a duty to speak out.”Roland Rudd,Amber Rudd's own Brother.
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    NHS staff have not had a good pay rise in years they received 3% over 3 year 5years ago. Make them feel valued and attract people to work in the NHS.
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    Created by Dale Pashley
    Small, independent businesses will drop. They give London a character. This is imprudent and obstructing business growth.
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    Created by Marian Malaki