• We're in a climate emergency. Hold a TV leaders climate and nature debate before election day.
    We’re in the middle of a climate emergency. A record 85% of us are now concerned about climate change, and for the first time ever, more than half of us say it will affect how we vote. Our next Prime Minister could lead the urgent action we need to save our planet, or take us even closer to a climate and nature catastrophe. We deserve to know exactly what each UK party leader will do to tackle this enormous challenge. A televised debate on climate and nature would put the defining issue of our generation in the spotlight. But leaders will only sign up if they know hundreds of thousands of us are demanding it. Add your name now - it takes just 30 seconds. Together we can make this happen. This petition is being run and organised by Possible and school-strike organisers the UK Student Climate Network (UKSCN). 38 Degrees is acting as a service provider, but is not involved in campaign strategy.
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  • Ditch the Disposable
    500,000 Disposable cups are dropped on the floor daily, littering our countryside and our streets. Many find their way into the oceans adding to the plastic islands with the biggest of these islands now 7 times the size of Great Britain! When run or cycle I am constantly stopping to pick up these cups dropped all over the countryside. Every minute in the UK 2 trees are chopped down to feed our takeaway coffee habit - that is around 2,800 trees per day! Go outside and stand looking at the trees and then imagine you come back tomorrow and every tree you can see gone for 50-100 metres in all directions ... just to get a coffee on the go! We use more than 7 million disposable cups each day in UK and recycle less than 4%. The pile of cups going to landfill each year is bigger than the Albert Hall! Mainly the cups are combined paper and plastic with the plastic taking 40-400 years to degrade in micro plastics. These then enter our environment and our bodies - already shown to be reaching the brains of fish and causing them to be disorientated. Many of the so called compostable cups are not much better as they need to be industrially composted which means they are not even collected in big numbers. As virgin paper needs to be used for these cups the trees still get cut down. There are easy alternatives to assuage our coffee habit - use a reusable takeaway cup, sit in an enjoy your cuppa in a porcelain mug or grab an espresso caffeine hit in Italian style. Baristas in all the major coffee chains hate this part of their job. They do not like giving our these highly destructive cups. In order to get change we need a blanket ban on all these cups which will mean alternatives quickly takeover - we will all still find a way to get our coffee ... simply in a more sustainable way which is nicer to our planet and climate.
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  • Bristol Uni Support the Climate Strikes!
    Universities have an obligation to play a greater role in the Climate Strike movement, showing solidarity with students who will be most affected by the climate crisis. This petition will show that this is an issue that virtually all staff and students feel very strongly about, making it impossible for the University to ignore our demands.
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  • Save Teignmouth Beach
    Following storm damage in 2014, Network Rail are currently working on a resilience programme to upgrade the London to Penzance railway between Exeter and Newton Abbot. In 2018 they hosted public forums and presented plans to build a new line 30 -40 metres (or more) out to sea at from Teignmouth's East Cliff Cafe to the Dawlish tunnel - a scheme which would destroy 1.7km of the beach. In November last year they then announced that revised plans were now being considered. Subsequent Freedom of Information requests for details have been denied, "in the public interest". In February 2019, Network Rail advised that their current proposal between Parson's Tunnel and Teignmouth is, "to deliver a new railway alignment involving a new sea wall beyond the footprint of the existing." Teignmouth Beach, with it's open sea aspect framed by the towering red Devon cliffs, is possibly the most visually outstanding part of any journey on the iconic train route, and has been a cherished destination for both local's and visitors for many generations. Whilst it is agreed that the railway must be maintained and updated, we enjoin that this must not be to the detriment of a special and unique location. Network Rail must use their best endeavours to ensure that any development they undertake specifically maintains or enhances the visual and environmental merits of Holcombe and Teignmouth Beach.
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  • We want the University of Nottingham to commit to going carbon neutral by 2028
    Climate change is the most urgent issue of our generation and those to come. The IPCC warns that we must limiting warming levels to 1.5C if we are to avoid catastrophic impacts from climate change. These impacts include more severe and frequent droughts, heat waves, coastal flooding and disease. Although impacts in the UK will be severe, this is an ethical issue as effects are being disproportionately felt by poorer countries. To avoid disastrous levels of warming, action has to be taken immediately at all levels of society. The City of Nottingham has a target of going carbon neutral by 2028, as well as many other universities.
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  • Calling for 20MPH zone for Bromley RTA hotspots -reclaiming our roads from speeding motorists
    We need 20MPH zone in Bromley with speed cameras to cut down road traffic accidents. Making the roads safer, especially for vulnerable groups e.g. primary school children and the elderly and infirm.
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  • Stop investing in fossil fuels
    The government has declared a climate emergency, and committed to making the UK a global leader on the climate crisis. But government documents have revealed that they’re planning to invest millions of pounds meant for green energy into the dirty fossil fuel industry in Argentina. Scientists say if we want to tackle the climate emergency, politicians have to take bold action in the next 15 months - and investing more money into the fossil fuel industry is taking us in the wrong direction. Will you sign the petition now, and call on the government to stop investing in the dirty fossil fuel industry, and start investing in green energy instead?
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  • Save Hengrove Park in Bristol
    Hengrove Park is used every day by hundreds of people and for Bristol Council to sell off this land is a disgrace.
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  • Save The Wick
    Middlewick Ranges (The Wick) have never been built on. Their extensive - and nationally declining - grassland and other habitats support protected birds and nationally scarce species including beetles, butterflies, moths, bats, snakes, lizards, mammals and plants. Local people - mainly from council estates - have walked The Wick for leisure, research and relaxation for 100 years or more.
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  • Save Dorset Dorset Drive (East and West) Local Green Space Designation
    Local Green Space is a precious resource, they sustain Bio-diversity, enhance recreation and wellbeing, and help mitigate against the effects of climate change. The Local Green Space at Dorset Drive enhances the setting and character of this close to Town Centre estate, it's loss would be to both residents of the estate and the Town overall.
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  • Ban multi pack plastic packaging
    generates vast quantities of non recyclable plastic.
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  • End inbuilt obsolescence
    Global warming, mountains of garbage, unnecessary waste and expense. These companies, and many more, contribute to all of them in their drive for ever greater profits. How? By designing their tech to fail when there is actually nothing wrong with it. With Apple and Samsung it's non-replaceable batteries in their phones and tablets. Not only have they stopped making phones with interchangeable batteries they've done everything they can to make it impossible to change them for the average consumer. Add in a feeble two year update cycle and at least one of them being caught out remotely crippling their devices performance and you see a time scale in which they intend you to give them more and more cash every time you're forced to upgrade. With Canon it's printers. My last one failed after 18 months. Why? Because of a piece of sponge the size of a postage stamp that's used to clean the print heads. Over time this becomes saturated and the printer refuses to work. There is nothing wrong with any other part of the printer and this spine has been buried in the middle of it requiring a long and complicated process to replace. One which is rejected by any repair shop because it will cost more than a new printer. Canon's ceo has been quoted as saying that they expect their printers to have a two year life time with consumers. The waste of resources caused by these policies cannot be sustained by the planet any longer. Plastics, metals, minerals wasted and dumped in land fill. Even recycling doesn't recover more than a fraction of the resources used to make these devices.
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