• Make the BBC dedicate time every day to updating the public on the climate crisis
    The argument about climate change is reaching a critical point where the government needs to take real action to help secure our future and set an example for other countries to follow. But they still aren’t taking the drastic action required to guarantee our safety or survival. This is likely because topics like Brexit, immigration and crime get more media coverage than the increasingly disturbing facts about climate change that are emerging. Although all these topics are very important, they pale in comparison to the fact that millions of people are dying, and that number will only increase if we don’t take action now [World Health Organisation, 2018]. For this reason, groups like Extinction Rebellion are currently taking to the streets just to raise awareness of the possible catastrophe awaiting us in the next few decades. But surely this shouldn’t be necessary. As a neutral broadcaster with the public’s interests at heart, the BBC should be doing more to make people aware of the situation. That is why I have started this petition to ask the BBC to make sure they spend a short, set amount of time everyday reporting on research, dangers and new solutions relating to the climate crisis. So that the public can be more aware and demand more action from our government. Things the BBC can talk about from day to day: - Various threats posed by the climate crisis (sea, land, air, species). - The state of current food production and predictions for the future. - Available green alternatives (should only focus on technology that has been proven to work and is planned or fully implemented). - Laws the government need to pass (including those not easy to hear). Thank you for reading – please find more details and references below References and articles of interest [1] Shayla Love - Some Compelling Reasons Not to Give Up on Solving Climate Change, [2019] - https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/nea93d/actually-humans-probably-will-survive-the-climate-crisis?utm_campaign=sharebutton [2] World Health Organisation, [2018] - https://www.who.int/airpollution/en/ [3] Kelsey Piper, [2019] - https://www.vox.com/future-perfect/2019/6/13/18660548/climate-change-human-civilization-existential-risk [4] "These temperature rises are in the lifetime of children today. It's catastrophic, this stuff should be on the news every night." Gail Bradbrook, [2018] - [00:08:50] - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2VkC4SnwY0 [5] "The power of the pen (and, more so, TV, video and Internet news platforms) could have been, is and can still be much stronger than it has been on this issue, and if editorial boards had the will to take on the fossil fuel industry in order to save humanity, they could have. Now, it is essential that they do." Ami Chen Mills-Naim, [2019] - https://medium.com/@Amichen/the-media-needs-to-report-on-the-climate-crisis-every-day-2023a1b17a71
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    Created by Christopher Deane
  • Stop All Shipping Using Bunker Fuel
    Bunker fuel has the worst effect possible on our health and global warming without stopping all ships from using this bunker fuel global warming will happen as all other things spoke about are of ittle use without stopping this.
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    Created by John Webb
  • Airport Expansion Opposition - Southampton
    Expansion of Southampton International Airport will lead to: - More noise pollution (5600 local people are already living with levels of noise that are double those recommended by the WHO for airport emissions) - Increased air pollution (from both flights and associated traffic increases) - Worse road congestion - Increased greenhouse gas emissions (inconsistent with achieving zero net carbon by 2050 - flight numbers need to be cut, not increased, to prevent climate breakdown) - Few, if any, benefits for Southampton residents (we get a worse quality of life to enable more flights) In addition: - The promise of low-paid jobs is not enough to cover the cost to us, as council tax payers, of all the above - Flights from Southampton are decreasing anyway, and if Heathrow is expanded regional airports will lose traffic, making expansion of Southampton unnecessary - More flights will undermine Southampton City Council's own Green City Charter and make a mockery of the Council's efforts to achieve a low carbon future for our city [email protected]
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    Created by AXO SOU
  • No More Plastic Packaging in JW Mag
    This magazine always comes in a plastic bag with at least one more plastic bag inside it. The free gifts that come with it are also packaged in plastic, even when they are things that do not need to be protected from being damaged in the post. For example some hairbands came wrapped around a polystyrene ball and in a clear plastic case. Other magazines have switched to compostable packaging. Jacqueline Wilson is a role model for young girls who see, through her magazine’s packaging, that she does not seem to care about the environment.
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    Created by Penny Steel Picture
  • STOP the production of plastic pellets/nurdles
    INEOS is one of the world's biggest producers of plastic, in pellet or powder form. The pellets are about the size of a lentil and used as a raw material by plastic manufacturers who 'melt' them down to form the plastic goods we use. During pellet manufacture at source, international transportation by vehicle or ship to global plastic manufacturing factories, devastating pellet spills occur. At all handling points on this journey, pellets are lost in transit. They are lost at sea from ships or at ports or factories using and moving the pellets to make their products. They find their way into our seas and oceans directly or escape from land via drains, watercourses and rivers. The pellets are tiny and they float, looking tempting to all fish, birds, marine wildlife as potential food. Once eaten, the pellets remain in the stomach so that the creature falsely thinks it has fed. If enough are ingested, the digestive tract is blocked causing a slow and painful death. We have all seen the horrific images of wildlife suffering indescribable pain on BBC's 'Blue Planet.' In June 2013, The Association of Plastics Manufacturers, noting that they 'take care,' declared (in their "Zero Pellet Loss" document) that "we should have zero tolerance for the loss of pellets anywhere anytime." The Scottish environmental charity 'Fidra' estimates that 53 billion plastic pellets are lost each year. To put this into scale, a 24-tonne ocean-going bulk ship can carry 1.5 billion tonnes of pellets. We can no longer rely on 'beach cleans'by concerned, pro-active volunteers, myself included, to remove the pellets that wash up polluting beaches around the world. It is a totally unsustainable method of tackling this chronic and infinitely persistent global plastic pollution issue.. We must tackle this at source, INEOS. We demand an intelligent, decisive and effective immediate redesign of this pellet element within the manufacturing process of plastic. This is the single origin of all plastic products. It is the base source of all that is plastic pollution in our world. All the further plastic product pollution issues that reach beyond this fundamental and primary point in the supply chain, stems from the manufacture of pre-production plastic pellets. You say that 'customer is king' INEOS however, demand for plastic goods is not coming from society, it comes from inefficient corporations who remain unmoved and in denial, not bold or wise enough to take a stance to seek alternatives to save our planet from the utter devastating future it faces. Protection of their precious easy production profit comes first. As a global primary raw plastic producer and world leading chemical company , INEOS must take the lead. The future of world plastic recycling, production and pollution starts and rests here. Remove raw unrecyclable plastic at source now, stop producing it, force manufacturers to find immediate recyclable plastic alternatives for their products. Initiate and instigate, be courageous, use only recycled plastic in your supply chain, provide only plastic that can be universally and continuously recycled by every county, state, province, city, country in the world. Do not supply any types of plastic that cannot be recycled now. Demand international support now from governments, law and policy makers to support this stance globally. If it is unrecyclable, it should not be made. Redesign and rethink the pellet system for manufacture and stop this insidious, tiny uncontrollable pollutant seeping into our world and destroying the planet.
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    Created by Emma Burton
  • Ban fracking in England
    Fracking pollutes the water, destroys our countryside, and can cause earthquakes big enough to damage homes. The emissions from dirty energy pollute the air and cause climate change, endangering our precious environment. Country after country has banned fracking, but our government still supports the fracking industry. Sign the petition now, and call on the government to ban fracking to protect our communities and the environment from this dangerous form of energy extraction.
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  • More single use plastic than we can take
    Single use plastic cannot be recycled or responsibly repurposed. Responsible packaging is a social and environmental good we all wish for.
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    Created by Paul Stansall
  • Urban tree planting
    Important for the environment as the planting of trees helps to mitigate global warming
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    Created by Hazel Richardson
  • Ban Christmas Crackers
    The prizes are usually made of non recyclable plastic that will end up in landfill and the wrappers are covered in silver or gold foil that is not recyclable so the whole lot ends up in the bin. There were 27.2 million households in the UK in 2017 & most will have crackers!
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  • Landfill Or Landscape
    Over the years Harrow council has made it compulsory for domestic food waste to be collected weekly from our doorstep and be recycled. Why not make it compulsory for schools? Hundreds & thousands of bin bags full of unwanted food from children’s plates is disposed and thrown away every academic year . This is wrong we’re teaching our children about climate change and green gasses Saving the planet should start from raising awareness of the damage we’re causing right here right now , let’s do the right thing to protect our future generation. Children are the future they have a right to a beautiful green and happy planet.
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    Created by Marina Constanti
  • Stop Killing Killingworth
    Killingworth is a beautiful, independent Town that shouldn’t be swallowed up into a faceless conurbation by unnecessary housing estates whose development will destroy green lands & kill local rare wildlife like deer and badgers and their natural habitat which needs to be protected at all costs.
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  • Stop the installation of an Electronic Billboard at Elm Grove
    This will create a new night-time light that may be bright and impact the current "quietly-lit" residential street. The applicant claims this is "consistent with the current visual amenity" and is "not materially different than the existing position". However there is every reason to believe that this electronic billboard will be a detriment the aesthetics of our neighbourhood, will be distracting to drivers as they go up Elm Grove and will adversely affect our property values and quality of life.
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    Created by Robert Bissell