• End Loneliness
    If we can end loneliness with a little community spirit then this will lessen mental health issues down the line. This will have a positive affect on the NHS and community spirit in general. If someone knows they will get at least one visit a month it will give them something to look forward to.
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    Created by Terry Marsh
  • Consult the public about the removal of the Whalton Unit from Morpeth
    The people of Morpeth were promised that we would continue to have a rehab unit based in Morpeth, following on from the closure of Morpeth Cottage Hospital in 2009. This amenity has now been removed without any consultation with the greater public, most of whom up until this week have had no knowledge whatsoever that the Whalton Unit is leaving Morpeth in 2 weeks time. Consideration needs to be given to the fact that many elderly and vulnerable people will have to travel to Wansbeck Hospital via public transport, which means that they will have to catch 2 buses, including a walk and a wait, especially during the Winter months. Consideration needs to be given to whether a ward in a general hospital can meet the rehabilitation and end of life needs of elderly and vulnerable patients and their families in the same way as a small unit within the community. Removing a valued amenity without either public consultation or adequate notice, causes anxiety, fear and lack of confidence at a time when we should be seeking to build confidence and resilience within a community, especially amongst its most vulnerable members.
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    Created by Barbara Ross
  • Support Trussell Trust proposed fix of Universal Credit
    Because Universal Credit is driving up demand for foodbanks ---- This petition is being run by a Member of Parliament - 38 Degrees is independent of all political parties.
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    Created by Liam Byrne Picture
  • 'These Walls Must Fall' Motion Bristol
    "Over 30,000 people are locked up in prison-like conditions every year, with no time limit on how long they can be held. This is not for having committed a crime. It is purely because they do not (yet) have the correct immigration papers. The majority of people detained are eventually released, but many never really recover from the trauma. It’s a terrible waste of money (£125 million a year), and a waste of lives. Immigration detention is a wholly unnecessary, unjustifiable practice, one of the most harmful aspects of the UK’s “hostile environment” for migrants and a shameful civil rights abuse that cannot be ignored." Quoted from the 'These Walls Must Fall' Campaign Website (http://detention.org.uk/)
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    Created by David Ion
    This is a thriving and successful community pub that has served the area since the 1850s. We urge the London Borough of Lewisham planning department to refuse the application to demolish this handsome, landmark, historic pub which is well-used and much-loved by the community.
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    Created by South East London CAMRA
  • Better eating disorder services in Halton
    Eating Disorders are serious! A person who is suffering shouldn't be made to wait until they are seriously underweight or have a low BMI before they even get the help they need and ask for.
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    Created by Zoe Walsh
  • Stop Tony from being moved from his home
    Tony has Downs syndrome and is partially sighted with no sense of direction. Our mother Margaret passed away recently. He has lived in the house all his life, and he has the support of the local community to keep him safe. Our Mother was his carer; I am now going to fill the large hole left by her passing and take care of him. I have offered to give up my tenancy in the same borough to move in and provide care for my brother. Due to the house having three bedrooms (Not large) one of which is used as his dependency room. We are being told that we can not stay at the property as it would be under-occupied by one room. The upheaval and loss would be detrimental to his health and well being.
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    Created by Tracey Bright Picture
  • Protect our children from dirty air in Cardiff
    Air pollution is a public health crisis, with illegal and harmful levels of air pollution across the UK. We need national and local government to act to clean up our air and make our towns and cities a healthier place to live for everyone but especially for babies and children. Air pollution affects us all, from when we are in the womb through to old age. It is linked to premature births and can stunt lung growth in children. Air pollution can trigger heart attacks and strokes, worsens asthma attacks and causes lung cancer. Babies, children and older people are more vulnerable to the impacts of air pollution. We need the Council, with the support of national government, to take urgent action to clean up our air to protect the health of children and babies.
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    Created by Elinor Dixon Picture
  • Electricity Bills Broken promise
    It is Vital that we don't have another winter of deaths caused by people who cannot affrd to heat themselves or their families plus a lot of old folk cant get by on their pensions alone,its time this promise she made was fulfilled by the Govt and not passing the buck to OFGEM,please sign this petition,its for you and your family's Good.
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    Created by Peter Campbell Picture
  • Save Cole Thomson
    Cole Thomson is only 6 years old and has uncontrolled focal epilepsy of which he has now become drug resistant. He has tried 16 different types of medication and had his first brain surgery when he was only 2 years old. To date nothing has been able to stop his seizures. Unfortunately there has been a steady decline in his health since May this year. Coles speech, vision, movement and memory are all continuing to deplete and he has also developed Todd Paralysis, which is extremely distressing for his 9 year old brother Dylan when he takes an attack as well as his parents, grandparents, other family members and especially 6 year old Cole himself. Currently the next step in Scotland is invasive testing, which for Cole would potentially be in the first quarter of 2019. He has a 1 in 100 chance of not surviving the operation, to see if he is a suitable candidate for further exploratory brain surgery. We are looking for your help to enable a step in between which could negate the need for surgery by allowing him legal access to cannabis based medicine. After speaking to Coles mum we became increasingly concerned at the amount of unlicensed, untested products being offered to her on the black market to apparently “help Cole”. Coles parents are unwilling to take the risk with any of these products. This does not take away from the fact that they’ve been offered unlicensed products by numerous different sellers and shows that currently there is a market feeding off of the fears of vulnerable families, who are desperately looking for answers to improve their children’s quality of life or indeed save it. We are looking to support the family by putting a campaign forward to you The Scottish Government to enable Cole to gain legal access to prescription cannabis based medicine. This would be the step before invasive surgery which would give him the opportunity to try a more natural drug which has a very high success rate for children like Cole all over the world. Please support our campaign to Save Cole Thomson by allowing him to get prescription cannabis based medicine.
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    Created by monique mcadams
  • Scrap universal credit
    It's important because people are being forced into universal credit disabled made fit to work and cant work people looseing their homes under universal credit people are committing suicide under universal credit children are going to school with empty stomachs under universal credit people are suffering please I am asking and the people are asking the European court to take action on the un profesor philip Alstons damming report against the conservatives our human rights are being breached and abused please we beg you to scrap universal credit now
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    Created by Sean Maguire Picture
  • Safe School Streets for Sheffield
    School Streets are roads next to schools where traffic is restricted during the times of the day when children are arriving or leaving school. Sheffield has 25 schools in areas of high, sometimes illegal, air pollution. High air pollution levels exacerbate respiratory illnesses like asthma and recent studies have shown that children exposed to high pollution levels have reduced lung capacity that can affect them for the rest of their lives. Sheffield has a clean air strategy that already recognises the need to take action on poor air quality, especially around schools. 20mph and anti-idling initiatives are great but will not make enough of a difference. Edinburgh, Southwark, Hackney and Solihull have already implemented School Streets to protect children from traffic and traffic related pollution at the school gate. School Streets encourages active travel, improves air quality in the classroom, and reduces traffic congestion for everyone.
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    Created by Graham Turnbull Picture