• Free Parking for NHS Staff whilst on Duty
    Nurses are not well paid and if they end up a parking ticket which could cost around £60 easily which I think is criminal. With FREE Parking whilst on duty they would not face such steep parking Fines. Medical staff are giving us (the patients) a fantastic service which is not well rewarded but this concession of FREE paring whilst on Duty is a very small price to pay.
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    Created by Raj Kundi
  • Urgent need to control GP workload
    General Practice is facing unprecedented demand after years of failing to address a mismatch between workforce and workload. If urgent action is not taken, GPs are in danger of burnout, and patients may be unable to access medical care.
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    Created by Katie Musgrave
  • Restrict leaf blowers & pesticides to avert "insect armageddon"
    Leaf blowers are contributing to the "insect armageddon" which currently threatens all life on earth. They are fatal to insects and should not be used unless absolutely "indispensable", the German government recently told its citizens. In 2019 the German government announced a roughly €100m (£85m) action plan to protect insects, which also included shoring up environmental regulation and limiting the use of pesticides. The controversial weed killer glyphosate will be banned by 2023. Yet, here in the UK, both leaf blowers and pesticides are regularly used, privately and by councils, from schools to parks, gardens to streets, to keep green spaces 'tidy', even when everything in their path is scorched and obliterated. Small animals, insect species, plants, topsoil… nothing is left undestroyed. Noisy leaf blowers are heavily polluting and pose the“risk that [insects and] small animals are absorbed or blown and thereby damaged”, the German Ministry for the Environment has said. The move followed a report from a top UK ecologist which warned bugs are dying out 8 times faster than larger animals, with 40 per cent of the roughly one million known insect species facing extinction as a result. “If insect declines are not halted, terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems will collapse, with profound consequences for human wellbeing,” Professor Dave Goulson’s report for the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust concluded. “The main causes of decline include habitat loss and fragmentation, and the overuse of pesticides. Wild insects are routinely exposed to complex cocktails of toxins which can cause either death or disorientation and weakened immune and digestive systems.” Leaf blowers are another huge part of the problem. “Leaf blowers are not only deafeningly loud and pollute the air through their internal combustion engines, they also harm the soil biology seriously.” Despite scores of cities across the US having previously instituted restrictions or bans on leaf-blowers, here in the UK they remain an almost daily fact of life. The dangers posed by leaf blowers hint at a larger trend that is harming insect populations, according to Dr Edward Turner, a lecturer at the University of Cambridge’s zoology department and curator of insects at the university’s zoology museum. “I think that leaf blowers fall into the category of being ‘too tidy’ and this can be very bad for insects,” according to Dr Turner. “Generally, if we were to cut our road verges and open grass areas less frequently, let some weeds grow along our pavements, and leave leaves to decompose more, I think it would benefit insects a lot.“Really importantly ... We should limit our use of herbicides and insecticides to an absolute minimum, especially in our urban green spaces and gardens. Basically, I think we just need to be a little less tidy and a little more tolerant of ‘weeds’ and I think insects and therefore lots of other species would benefit.” A leaf blower’s engine is environmentally awful. Designed to be air-cooled, (their original design was for crop spraying) 100% of their exhaust emissions spew directly into the area around them. They are also gas guzzlers. One hour of leaf blowing puts as many pollutants in the atmosphere as a sedan driven sedately for about 180 kilometres. One cheap leaf blower’s pollution is greater than an average-size long-distance lorries. Yet they are the main method used to keep children’s playgrounds free of leaves… They excrete high frequency sound waves with decibel levels that far exceed acceptable limits. Hearing damage begins to occur when someone is around “extended exposure” to any sound of 85 decibels or higher. Just two hours of operating a leaf blower, which hits 90 decibels, can cause permanent damage and hearing loss. The greater the exposure, the deafer the person operating the leaf blower will become. Given the decibel damage, even if the leaf blower is being used at the house next door, you will be subject to some ear damage. Please help me to get both leaf blowers and pesticides restricted unless “indispensable”. We are at the point of collapse for many insect populations - most well-known is the rate at which bees are dying – and can’t afford to keep inadvertently destroying our green spaces in the name of maintenance. Insect collapse would mean human collapse. We are also deafening children and each other, while poisoning and polluting the natural spaces we most rely on for human health.
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    Created by Emily Critchley
  • Richard Drax MP: Please Help us Save Our Paramedic Car!
    Swanage is at the end of the Isle of Purbeck peninsula and is a popular holiday destination. With the planned loss of A&E and Maternity from Poole, Swanage will be approaching 30 miles from Bournemouth or Dorset County, with much of the journey on busy single track roads. A freedom of information act response from the Ambulance Trust shows that in 2019 there were 996 call outs of a paramedic car to BH19 postcodes - that's just Swanage, Langton, Worth + Studland. Over half of these call outs were category 1-3 emergencies, the most serious, and there were more than 400 call outs each year where there was risk to life. Data for call outs to BH20 postcodes in 2019 - Corfe, Wareham and wider Purbeck - has been requested, but not yet received.
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  • GYM Shark plus size section
    As a clothing brand that promotes a gym style aesthetic, it's important to not exclude those who are already shamed for not being healthy, and making them feel unwelcome in that kind of environment. The world is moving so fast and its time to accept everyone in every form.
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    Created by Grace Simmons
  • Stop the Removal of Winchester Emergency Dept or Build the New Hospital Here.
    There is major concern from the residents of Winchester that the emergency department will be removed, with the added worry of the air ambulance service’s lack of funding and the time it takes for an ambulance to arrive being so long, some residents reporting up to 8hrs. In addition and contrast to Basingstoke; Winchester has many hundreds of thousands of tourist each year (400,000 to the Christmas market alone ) and a large number of students. This combined far exceeds Basingstoke’s population and therefore requires at a minimum that a 24/7 accident department should remain In Winchester and be invested in. The residents hereby petition to keep the 24/7 accident and emergency department in place at a bare minimum. They also suggest given the above a site should be found ( as was the new leisure centre ) just outside or within Winchester for the new hospital to be built on the Basingstoke and Andover side to serve North Hampshire. Winchester has excellent bus and rail links and we the residents believe it’s in the best interest of everyone to consult the public properly and listen to what they want and need.This includes more thorough advertising of consultation opportunities creating more public awareness. Please sign and share this link to as many people as possible if you believe your local essential services are worth fighting for for the sake of all Winchester residents young and old and our families.
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    Created by Mrs Winchester
  • 1% payrise for NHS is not good enough!
    NHS workers and staff deserve a proper pay rise. The government saying that 1% pay rise is enough is quite insulting, as the staff work hard during this pandemic to protect and care for patients, therefore it is unacceptable and may be the last straw for many employees. It is about time that a decent deal is made for NHS staff that is fair, necessary and affordable. It is time for Britain to speak up for NHS to put pressure on decision makers to approve of additional investment in health services and funding for a significant pay rise.
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    Created by Marzia Jafari
  • Make Prof Sarah Gilbert a Dame
    The UK should recognize her role in our vaccination success.
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    Created by Amin Hoque
  • Protect care home residents equally. Quality Assurance team to cover self funders, too.
    Elderly self funders in care homes, especially those with dementia, often lack mental capacity. They are highly vulnerable, and unable to discern good or safe care from bad, unsafe or abusive care. They are therefore NOT customers, which is how they're currently treated. They can't choose their care, and family advocates, especially in this pandemic, are too often unaware, or excluded, unable to support or protect their loved ones. If the Quality Assurance team is solely for social services funded people, its name should reflect its purpose, which is revenue protection.
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    Created by Helen Bremner
  • Force the increase of funding and training for Mental Health Crisis teams in Staffordshire.
    This is important because too many people, friends and family are not getting the help they need when they call a crisis team, there needs to be a better infrastructure in place to guide people back from the edge and put things in place to get them the correct therapies and medications to help them recover.
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    Created by Geo Banner
  • Wigan Council - Fix the Subsidence at Wigan Rd Park Atherton before a serious accident occurs
    The Council Officers have been in contact but are not reacting quickly enough even - it has been over a year - even though Councillors have tried. It is an accident waiting to happen and could be either geographical or climate change that is causing it. Either way there is a serious risk of potential harm to Children should it completely collapse. As the summer months arrive more children will be playing and should the worse happen it would be an avoidable disaster if the councils environment and parks dept act now as a matter of urgency.
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    Created by Michelle Morris
  • Stop the closure of the Mental Health Unit in Bassetlaw Hospital
    If this unit is closed people that require mental health support will have to go to Millbrook in Mansfield - 18 miles away. This is a long car journey, but if you do not have access to private transport, its an even longer journey by bus. I have been a patient at both Millbrook and Bassetlaw, and as I was fortunate enough to have a car, my family was able to visit me. However, I am concerned for families that do not have their own form of transport. This could act as a barrier to treatment, or family support during treatment. The pandemic has put an extra strain on mental health support services, and exposed how important they are. I believe that it is important to keep the services at Bassetlaw Hospital open as a result.
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    Created by Jean Cullen