Huncoat Colliery is one of the best places in Hyndburn to see butterflies, wildflowers and other wildlife. Since the Colliery stopped operating in the 1960s, the land has been reclaimed by nature and is now a haven for wildlife. Although classed as brownfield land, Huncoat Colliery is more like a nature reserve. 21 butterfly species are present at Huncoat Colliery, 13 of which are in decline, including 2 species classed as a priority in the UK Biodiversity Action Plan (Small Heath and White-letter Hairstreak). Butterflies are attracted to Huncoat Colliery by large areas of wildflowers, including stunning patches of wild orchids. Huncoat Colliery is an accessible site which gives local people easy access to nature, as well as providing educational interest. Sadly, Huncoat Colliery has been earmarked for housing development. This could be terrible news for local biodiversity, as we stand to lose an area rich in wildlife at a time when it’s more important than ever to protect the precious habitat we have left. This site has the potential to be a destination and a contribution to tourism in the Borough.
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  • Say no to health cuts at Broomfield Hospital
    The unitary authorities in Southend and Basildon & Thurrock have listened to local people and rejected the local STP plans, a huge reorganisation of our local NHS driven by massive cuts. https://www.theenquirer.co.uk/more-protests-over-planned-nhs-cuts-and-proposed-hospital-merger/ Although we won the first battle to keep A&E services at Broomfield, these current plans will see many emergency patients, once stabilised, transferred to Basildon. In one way these plans are far worse for people in the Chelmsford and the mid-Essex health area, than they are for people in Southend. Southend at least has a direct train route to Basildon. If you want to get a train to visit a relative in Basildon from here you need to go via London. The public transport links are woeful. Chelmsford to Basildon by public transport is bad enough. Halstead to Basildon is virtually impossible. Yet support from friends and family is vital for patients in recovery. Councillors in Southend and Thurrock have put our representatives with responsibility to scrutinise these plans on Essex County Council to shame. Our county councillors now need to step up to the plate and stand by the people of mid-Essex. It needs to be made quite clear to the health secretary that Chelmsford and mid-Essex rejects these plans every bit as much as Thurrock and Southend.
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  • Prostate testing for all men over 50 in the UK
    Many men exhibit no signs of prostate cancer, but a simple blood test may identify this issue. Prostate cancer is a huge killer in the UK which needs early diagnosis and It is often missed by the NHS. Every 45 minutes a Man dies of prostate cancer... many go undiagnosed until it is too late. PSA testing is currently only recommended if you have symptoms, but many men do not have any symptoms. When mammograms were recommended for all women over 50 because breast cancer was a huge killer, I like many others, fought hard for this screening, I feel that it is now time for standard screening to be introduced for prostate cancer. Years ago, we were told that mammograms were unreliable, but we now know they have saved millions of lives. Surely it is time for prostate cancer to be treated equitably and at minimal cost. This is a simple blood test which could save lives... it is not foolproof but is better than the current uncaring approach. Currently the NHS does not support this testing as they describe it as unreliable, however... 1. Every man I know who has had symptoms has been sent for a PSA test as the first stage diagnosis (why would the NHS use this if it does not work ?) 2. I know 5 people in my circle of close friends who have all had their Prostate Cancers picked up by PSA testing. Two had other symptoms, three had no symptoms at all, just a raised PSA level. 3. My doctor has been very supportive and has allowed me a PSA test - I know of 5 men locally (who attend another medical practise) who have had their request for a test denied this year.
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  • No zip wire at Honister Slate Mine, Lake District
    The proposed zip wire will have a huge impact on the landscape's character and loss of beautiful tranquility. Planning officers had recommended the plan at Honister Slate Mine be refused due to the impact on the landscape. But the Lake District National Park Authority's planning committee went ahead and approved the zip wire. The views are outstanding and would be spoilt by the 1km-long (3,400ft) zip wire. The zip wire had previously been refused permission in 2011 and 2012.
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  • Parking Restrictions at Thornes Park, Wakefield
    Many users of the Thornes Park Athletics Stadium and the park itself, regularly need more than 3 hours parking. Both Gymnastics and Bowling sessions run for 3 hours or more, changing and set up time has not been factored in, athletics meets sometimes last all day. The Council is supposed to be encouraging people to have healthy lifestyles and should not put obstacles in their way.
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  • Eating Disorder Services for East Yorkshire
    I want to highlight the sparsity of resources in the NHS for treating patients with eating disorders. This is a national issue but it has to begin somewhere. I mention anorexia in particular because it came into our family, but the same points apply to all eating disorders. The eating disorder charity BEAT states: "Anorexia has the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric disorder, from medical complications associated with the illness as well as suicide." So where is the funding? Where are the specialists? The Royal College of Psychiatrists report: “We are seeing waits of up to 16 months for non-urgent referrals. It is really worrying, because we know that the more quickly people start receiving treatment the quicker they are to respond to it.” Anorexia is an illness. Despite what some people might think, no-one chooses to be anorexic in the same way that no-one chooses cancer. It is a physical illness and it is a mental illness but it is also a neglected illness as far as the NHS is concerned. In the East Riding of Yorkshire, until recently, there was no provision for eating disorders. This year, CAMHS has established an Eating Disorder Service. What about those patients who are not children? Those patients like my own loved one. Four years ago, a beautiful, talented, artistic young lady whom I love with all my heart fell prey to anorexia and I watched in impotence as she shrank before my eyes. She was 16 and resisted medical treatment for the best part of a year. Once she accepted help, her GP was wonderful at keeping an eye on her and referring her to a general mental health therapist but there were no specialists in eating disorders or any specialist treatment. Early in 2017, when my loved one became so ill that she weighed 5 stone and had a BMI of 12, she was admitted to a gastroenterology ward at the general hospital. The doctors and nurses were marvellous but they were not experts in the treatment of eating disorders. However, they found her a place at a residential ED Clinic in Grimsby, 54 miles and a drive of an hour and a half away. Grimsby is not in East Yorkshire; it’s in Lincolnshire. Still, we were lucky. Did you see the programme, ‘Wasting Away: The Truth about Anorexia’, which told the story of news reader Mark Austin’s daughter? I watched in tears as their story unfolded in an almost carbon copy of our own. Now if someone in the public eye, with a doctor for a wife, had no clue what to do, and if help wasn’t readily available to them, then what chance did we have? Mark Austin's research taught him that there are only 200 beds for ED patients in Britain and his programme revealed a young woman from Nottingham who was sent to Edinburgh for treatment. Her mum had to make a 600 mile round trip to visit her. UK eating disorder statistics • 1.6 million people in the UK are affected by an eating disorder • 11% of the 1.6 million people struggling with an eating disorder are male • Eating disorders are more common in individuals between the ages of 14 and 25 years old • There are up to 18 new diagnoses of bulimia nervosa, per 100,000 people, per year • 1 in 100 women aged between 15 and 30, are affected by anorexia nervosa • 10% of people affected by an eating disorder suffer from anorexia nervosa • 40% of people affected by an eating disorder suffer from bulimia nervosa • The rest of sufferers fall into the BED (binge eating disorder) or OSFED (other specified feeding or eating disorder) categories of eating disorders • Research suggests that the earlier that eating disorder treatment is sought, the better the sufferer’s chance of recovery These UK eating disorder statistics are derived from data published by Beat and Mind. For the sake of the futures of our young people, we need to hold the government to account, locally and nationally, to keep their promises and to ensure that there is money in every local authority for ED Services.
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  • Focus ultrasound scanner for Scotland
    It is important because not everyone wants to go down the D b s route It means brain surgery. the focus ultrasound scanner is an non invasive treatment and not as costly as D B S. I have essential tremor for 62 years, since birth and children are having to go through a living hell just as i did. I don,t want any one to go through the fiscal and verbal abuse I did .
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  • Immediate reduction of high stakes gambling machines
    These machines let people spend thousands in a matter of minutes, creating lots of gambling addicts. This directly effects social and mental wellbeing, and leads to 2 people committing suicide every day. The only reason the government has done this is because of financial gain from the tax system of around £400 million! This is a very disappointing irresponsible attitude.
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  • Keep the X68 bus service from Kenilworth to Warwick
    This bus service provides a vital link for visitors to and volunteers and staff at Warwick hospital who live in Kenilworth. Without this service it will be much harder for these people to get to and from the hospital and, if they can afford, it will further increase the number of cars on our local roads.
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  • Remove Pinkham Way nature conservation site from the North London Waste Plan
    There is no justification or evidence for including this nature conservation site in the new North London Waste Plan. Haringey's own Regulatory Committee has recommended that it be removed. PLEASE NOTE: This issue will now be considered at the Haringey Cabinet Meeting on 22 January 2019, and not the one in November mentioned above. The point of the petition remains exactly the same, and it will now remain open for signing until just before the new date in January.
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  • Fracking Moratorium
    So far, one earthquake has been recorded at 1.1 on the Richter Scale and the intensity appears to be increasing putting homes, businesses, people and the environment at risk if this dangerous practice is allowed to continue and escalate.
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  • Closure of day centres for the elderly
    Loneliness is considered to be one of the main problems among elderly persons which can have a serious effect on health so why would the government close such active community centres?
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