• To make Fire extinguishers and fire blankets in flats Law
    Most importantly this will save lives, and fires getting out of hand so that the issue can be dealt with before it’s a full scale evacuation l.
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  • Introduce a housing model for homeless in the UK, same as Housing First in Finland
    No one should sleep rough in a country like ours, every effort should be made to ensure homeless people are treated humanely and are given a chance.
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  • Old brick heaters
    it is important to reduce energy consumption to save the environment as well as reducing costs of overall electric use so the poorest people can survive and live happy lives
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  • Night shelter provision
    Following the Homelessness Reduction Act, which came into force in April 2018, local authorities have a duty to provide interim accommodation for “all people found to be homeless and in priority need” and “In determining who is in priority need, housing authorities will need to be aware that ‘an applicant may be considered vulnerable because of a combination of factors which taken alone may not necessarily lead to a decision that they are vulnerable (e.g. drug and alcohol problems, common mental health problems, a history of sleeping rough, no previous experience of managing a tenancy)” We, the undersigned, call upon the Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk to follow on from the successful night shelter funded by Churches Together and fund a night shelter 7 nights a week as part of the interim accommodation
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  • No charge for green waste
    The citizens of Suffolk Coastal already pay significant amounts of council tax, in which waste disposal is included. There is no reasonable explanation to why we should be trying to find extra funds to support a service that is already included.
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  • Council Homes for the Many
    Local estate residents have so far not won any concessions to their vision for the regenerated estate even though these proposals have been in the public arena for well over two years. There have been repeated calls over this time for the Council to commit to delivering on these demands. But so far it has fallen on deaf ears. Enough is enough. It is more than time that residents were listened to. Started by: Phil Bevin (Kingston & Surbiton Labour Party)
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  • Protect Sutton Estate From Demolition
    The preservation of the Sutton Estate is strongly supported by The Victorian Society due to its fine architecture, historic value and its contribution to the Chelsea Conservation Area. Furthermore, RBKC have given no explanation whatsoever for why the Estate was not originally included in the Conservation Area, since all other buildings of that period are, and as a result remain protected from demolition. The Sutton Estate is an Edwarian social housing estate completed in 1913, the largest ever built at that time, comprising 16 red-brick blocks, designed by renowned architect Edward Charles Philip Monson. It was founded in 1900 with the funds of entrepreneur and philanthropist William Sutton who left his fortune to provide housing for the poor. Clarion Group (who took over Affinity Sutton) propose to demolish the historic estate and replace it with an ugly modern block which The Chelsea Society calls “bland and lacking in character”, with a large part of the land to comprise luxury housing. James Hughes of The Victorian Society wrote in support of the estate's preservation, saying “Sutton Dwellings is an early example of social housing which makes a positive contribution to the local area and sits well with the 1915 Samuel Lewis Trust Dwellings opposite. With its handsome proportions it is unsurprising that many residents are unhappy at leaving...Affinity should spend its money on sensitive restoration rather than demolishing this early attempt to address inequality in London.” There has now been a date set, 9th May, for the appeal of their plan, which was rejected on the grounds that it did not provide enough replacement social housing. The new plan will still fall short in social housing by 70 apartments.
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  • Stop the cuts to the camden homeless mental health team
    The borough of Camden has one of the highest homeless people in the country. Those living on the streets have difficulty accessing basic services. Those homeless with mental health issues are the most vulnerable and require more not less psychiatric care and follow up.
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  • Visitor Parking Permits In Medway
    You are removing the annual visitor permit for residents in permit parking zones. The daily parking permits have increased in price by 100%, from £1 to £2. This directly affects the residents who live in areas without off road parking, usually smaller cheaper properties than those who live in non permit roads with off road parking. This means instead of paying £35 a year for a visitor permit, people could have to spend £730 a year to use a daily permit every day of the year. This is a 1986% increase, which is a huge financial increase to residents.
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    The rollout of Benefit changes is coming to Tendring soon. We have seen the chaos and consequences of benefit arrears in other areas that have rolled out and wish to do all we can to alleviate the problems in Tendring
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  • Adopt the Australian model for buying and selling
    As mentioned in the ongoing consultation on the property-buying process (https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/653789/Home_buying_and_selling.pdf), hundreds of millions of pounds are wasted every year due to failed transactions in relation to purchasing property. But this consultation does not seek to address the fundamental problem underlying much of this waste: that potential buyers are being forced to prove aspects of the quality and value of a property that could have been proven - once and for all - by the vendor, yet, in the case of properties with issues, are unearthing issues that had been unearthed in surveys by previous potential vendors. The buyer has to prove to him or herself that the property is of sufficient quality! This should be the vendor’s responsibility to prove. This system only benefits those who charge fees to supply the services related to these surveys, i.e. conveyancers and surveyors. It takes place at the expense of buyers. It has to change and be aligned with the Australian system.
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  • Make it so churches and other large buildings have to open for homeless people at night time.
    ‘The beast from the East’ is currently in the UK, and even though this will pass, imagine if you or a loved one had to sleep outside for the night? Many have died already due to the freezing conditions, and whilst most wouldn’t like a complete stranger living in their house, large unused buildings could be a godsend to people in need. Regardless of weather conditions, all human beings should have the right to know they have somewhere indoors to rest their head. People would be able to socialise, share resources and know that they’re safe from the conditions which no human should have to endure.
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