• Make it so churches and other large buildings have to open for homeless people at night time.
    ‘The beast from the East’ is currently in the UK, and even though this will pass, imagine if you or a loved one had to sleep outside for the night? Many have died already due to the freezing conditions, and whilst most wouldn’t like a complete stranger living in their house, large unused buildings could be a godsend to people in need. Regardless of weather conditions, all human beings should have the right to know they have somewhere indoors to rest their head. People would be able to socialise, share resources and know that they’re safe from the conditions which no human should have to endure.
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  • More shelters for the homeless in Lincolnshire
    Last week was one of the coldest weeks we’ve had in a long time . Whilst out on the street we saw people sleeping in door ways with nowhere to go. Local support workers and people who work for homeless shelters told us they were completely packed and didn't have enough space to let in more people. Recently, in Bristol and London, homeless people have been dying on the streets from hyperthermia. In Brighton alone 17 people died in 2017. And last week a homeless man in Lincolnshire died in his tent. This cannot go on.
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  • Open Church’s for the Homeless
    At the moment we are seeing the coldest weather ever and terrible condition. There are so many homeless and their pets with no where to go and are been left to try and survive in this awful weather. There are so many church’s that could open their doors to give people shelter and the community could help run these between them with help from professionals. Please sign this petition to get the church’s in this country to help those in need.
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  • Remove Anti-Homeless Benches from Southampton City
    Introducing anti-homeless benches is not going to solve homelessness in Southampton. The council have a responsibility to support people living on the streets by providing shelters. Instead they are making it harder for those without a roof over there head to get by. Benches can provide a place to sleep that is off the ground and dryer than the floor, and sleeping in the town centre is often safer for people sleeping rough, due to CCTV. Hiding societies problems does not solve them. We want Southampton council to act now!
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  • Licensing of Social Housing Managers.
    In my Tower Block at one time 41 flats out of 86 had dubious people living in them. This was highlighted was the Gas Supply was turned off from the whole block, and Gas-Engenderers needed to enter every flat, in one day but after 2 weeks still could not get into 41! and we all had 2 weeks warning of this essential safety check, as the pipework had to be pressurised to remove any residue. WE Have Homelessness simply because of Social Housing Fraud!. People who will not integrate so are a danger with water leaks, infestation or just call at night to collect the latest batch of Credit Cards or mail in general using the address as a Fraud Factor or to water the Cannabis Plants after hot wiring the Electric meter. Sending a letter or making a phone call is not enough but all they do to protect bonuses connected to the percentage of rent collected!. Run a Crime Hub-but pay the rent OK, Be made redundant or be taken seriously ill and owe a weeks rent and the legal process to evict you will start.
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  • Council's investment in Social Housing
    Thanks to the Government's 'Right to Buy' Policy, local government are forced to offer Social Housing at heavily discounted prices - at approximately up to 70% of value - to elderly, disabled and vulnerable residents in Independent Living Accommodation; thus reducing the housing stock in Social Housing overall. Affordable Housing is only offered at 20% of value which most cannot afford. If residents cannot get social housing, either through an association or the council, they are forced into the more expensive - ON AVERAGE 4 TIMES AS MORE - private renting. For example: In the last six months, 130 Independent Living Accommodation Sites have been lost, never to replaced, amounting to 2% of the current total Social Housing within the Stroud Area alone; an issue that is being replicated across the United Kingdom.
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  • Create a Rossendale Council Scrutiny Committee for Housing
    I grew up on Edgeside, many residents of the valley will know about its difficult history. In 2002 Rossendale Borough Council was ranked as one of the worst in the country for local authority homes after previous administrations had left the properties to decay. Recently, there have been concerns raised about regeneration schemes, empty homes, homelessness, and planning decisions made in the area. However, these have been ongoing issues for the area for decades and have been challenging for parties of all colours. Previous empty homes initiatives haven't worked, including recent attempts and earlier ones, such as the Pathfinder initiative. Several changes of Council haven't lead to these issues being fully addressed either, but I believe that a change of how the council structures their work would make a real difference. A scrutiny committee is a missing constant and there are many issues around housing which need to be looked into in depth. Over the past year, 5 out of 10 of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee meetings have considered housing issues. This takes away from the chance to discuss non-housing matters, without giving housing the focus that it warrants. I believe these challenges deserve a scrutiny committee of their own which brings together a range of services. The Government have cut funding to councils over the past few years. This leaves many councils under-funded and over-stretched. Ours is no different. While initiatives in Edgeside have seen the area transformed, this has only been possible by working in partnership with the local community (including community groups like the White Horse Project). Yet, several challenges continue in other areas of the valley and policy. A scrutiny committee, which is open to the public, would allow the council to work more closely with its residents. Together we could glean some insight into what might be the most effective changes, focus our efforts on bringing them into fruition, and solve some of the issues facing our friends and neighbors.
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  • Sheltering homeless people in Weston Super Mare
    Currently homeless people are huddled in sea front seating shelters which have broken glass in them. In the current wintry conditions this is not adequate . There are a number of beach huts on Weston sea front that are vacant and could house people much more adequately . We do not want more needless deaths to occur.
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  • Rent Controls for Edinburgh
    Renters in Edinburgh are struggling. Year in, year out rents go up far faster than wages, and it is reaching a breaking point. Edinburgh City Council has the power to designate areas as so-called ‘rent pressure zones’ and bring in rent controls, to stop landlords ripping tenants off for poor-quality housing. It’s time for them to use these powers.
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    Created by Emma Saunders
  • Don't give forestry grants to landowners clearing out tenants
    The Scottish Government is currently promoting the increase of forestry by awarding huge sums of money through the Forestry Grant Scheme. But this is being abused by some landowners. Currently landlords are in a position to legally evict tenants, who are in non-secure leases through no fault of their own, and then obtain large sums of money from the Scottish public purse to plant trees on viable agricultural land. Every farm unit that closes means a loss of livelihood to the tenants, a loss of tenant farmers for Scotland, a loss of farming diversity in a country with the most concentrated pattern of land ownership in the developed world, and a loss of people, skills and trade for fragile rural economies. I first became aware of this when good friends who had farmed as managers for a previous tenant for 8 years, and a further 10 years in their own right, were abruptly told that their lease would not be renewed and their farming ground would be turned over to trees. I have witnessed at first hand how their lives have been devastated. All attempts to negotiate an extension have been handled appallingly by the landlord's estate and even the intervention of MSPs, the new Land Commission, and the local Tenants Association, have failed to halt the imminent eviction.
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  • Scrap Public Space Protection Orders that target rough sleepers in Gloucester
    We were all disgusted when Gloucester City Council put up these posters in Gloucester suggesting people should not give to those sleeping rough on the streets and suggesting they have accommodation. The posters were clearly a 'prelude' to the introduction of Public Space Protection Orders in Gloucester (PSPO's). In other parts of the country, these are being used to 'socially cleanse' cities and towns of rough sleepers so that they are essentially 'banned' from certain areas. Rough sleepers can also face fines if found in these areas. PSPO's give councils the power to remove people for non criminal behavior and the latest Home office advice (December 2017) states that PSPO's should not be used to target rough sleepers. This is a cruel and ill thought out approach to solving homelessness in Gloucester . In Gloucester many vulnerable people have no accommodation and due to 'ideological' cuts to funding, they have little, if any support when they're on the streets. By introducing PSPO's, the council will only move the problem, but not solve it. What's more, the most obvious solution would be for Gloucester City Council to open more shelters and open buildings that they already own for the homeless as there is nowhere near enough accommodation available in Gloucester.
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  • Make more homes affordable
    It would make land more affordable before the speculator moves in .
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