• Sell houses locally first
    Impoverished families are struggling to improve their quality of life as the housing market is made so competitive and expensive by the purchase of these homes. It also hurts student's chances of breaking in to the property market until they are in their 30s it is predicted, and the homeless population in the UK is still growing while these houses sit unused and unavailable. Some families are forced to live in derelict conditions as house prices continue to rise out of their range, which means they remain in locations where violence, theft, and other dangers could be a problem. The more houses are bought up and create a rise in house prices with the lower availability of housing, the more local families are pushed out of their home locations as rent rises and they musk seek homes somewhere else.
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  • Petition to improve the quality of Hostel style accommodation in Leeds
    The number of people sleeping rough is increasingly becoming a national issue in the UK with figures rising for the seventh year from 1, 768 in 2010 to 4,751 in 2016. Leeds has also seen an increase in those sleeping rough with numbers increasing from 13 people in 2015 to 28 in 2017. Now this may not seem like this many but 28 people sleeping on the streets is still 28 people with nowhere to live, no access to electricity, clean water or food. Walking around Leeds it certainly seems like there are more than 28 people sleeping rough and with more people seeming to appear each week it is clear that there is nowhere else these people have to go or want to go. Upon a discussion with those sleeping rough Leeds City Council reported in its "Homeless Strategy 2016-19" that people were reluctant to spend a night in Leeds hostels and stating that the accommodation provided in Leeds acts as a barrier to getting off the streets. People don't want to sleep in Hostels, horror stories of people getting beaten up and the treatment they receive here put many people off staying in this form of accommodation. During the snow earlier this year many hostel in Leeds city centre found themselves massively over capacity and not able to deal with the numbers of people seeking refugee from the weather. This is the second year the weather has dropped below freezing causing severe snow in the city centre. Hostels and rough sleeping accommodation can't cope with the numbers of people they receive in these cold temperatures and can't get people to stay when there isn't an emergency weather warning. This just shows the issue which Leeds has with the quality of the hostels. A successful hostile will help people all year round not only when it is too dangerous or cold for people to sleep on the streets. Leeds City Council needs to look at the Hostels which are currently in operation in Leeds and bring them up to an acceptable standard of which rough sleepers want to spend the night. Communicating with those sleeping rough to improve them in a way which will encourage people to spend the night instead of choosing to spend the night on the streets over the hostels which can be found in Leeds.
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    It is important for our policy makers to think about families, youths and children when designing policies. Also, think about the long-term impact of this policy will have on families with low income. Economic development is beneficial however human development further help the government to produce economic stability and security. The current housing policy is a disaster to families like mine who are on low income, studying, working and in temporary accommodation with kids. The impact it has on children and relationship is terrible. Having to be in another type of fix term tenancy after moving from borough to boroughs or private to temporary is financially draining on household and future prospect. I want the council to give re-en state life-term tenancy with the right to buy for families in temporary accommodation and families on low income with kids. If the council doesn't have more home let them build more home or increase the current rent of tenant to be able to raise fund to build more homes. Cancelling life-term tenancy for young families is absolutely unfair, economic focus and damaging to community development of the borough. Thank you
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  • Housing the Homeless
    The number of homeless people and rough sleepers in particular have been continuously rising over the past 8 years and it is time to change!
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  • Say No to the Bedroom Tax
    The bedroom tax is unfair and is effecting a large amount of people, especially those who are in a position of need. A staggering 59% of people are in arrears due to Bedroom Tax. (Shelter 2017) This has negative impacts on lives across the UK, thus often resulting in thousands of people desperately struggling to pay rent and carry on with their day to day tasks. Sign the petition to help us rid the unfair Bedroom Tax!
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  • Domestic Violence and Housing Policy
    Domestic violence accounts for between 16% and one third of all recorded violent crime. 2 women every week are killed by their partners or ex-partners every week in the UK. Sign this petition to help raise awareness of this issue. In addition to this on average 2 million women every year are put at risk of homelessness because of domestic abuse. Statistics suggest that women are more vulnerable than men when homeless.
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    Many homeless women, particularly those who are rough sleepers refuse to stay in mixed gender hostels due to previous abuse and violence within them. We need more female-only shelters to provide a safe haven for these vulnerable members of society
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  • The Gender Pay Gap and Women's Rights
    Resolving this issue is one which the government should prioritize as gender inequality is an issue which should not be prevalent in 21st century Britain.
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  • Improve oppertunities for the Homeless in Manchester
    Manchester City Centre frequently looks like a campsite with the sheer amount of people who sleep on the streets, in doorways and parks. How can a city striving to compete nationally and internationally economically and in culture aspects simply ignore the issues surrounding homelessness that is happening at the bottom of their office blocks? The conditions that councils use to decide who qualifies to receive short-term, long-term and emergency housing need revising as they are responsible for socially excluding people and denying them of a basic human right.
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  • The Heart, Walton-on-Thames
    The garden space looks dreadful, the carpets are disgusting and the parking arrangements are stressful. A2Dominion have put barriers in place to residents enjoying their environmental surroundings. This removes any pride in living at The Heart and A2Dominion have fallen far short of there responsibilities as a social landlord. A2Dominion should be enabling of residents wanting to improve their surroundings but having submitted many complaints - A2Dominion are completely detached and run as if it is a private enterprise of champagne socialism. They are completely detached from residents and more needs to be done to address these unnecessary policy decisions which make the living environment worse.
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  • Repeal of Vagrancy Act 1824!
    The legislation is harmful to those it affects and is a non sustainable method of supporting the homeless and those who rough sleep. We need more support distributed to those who are homeless, not to convict them and make them criminals.
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  • Homes for Asylum Seekers
    Asylum seekers are been forced to live in horrible living conditions and receive no empathy from G4S, the company that manage the conditions refugees are made to live in. Asylum seekers are not permitted to work when they are waiting on a response from their case so are unable to earn an income to improve their quality of life. The change from council-house providers to G4S has been labelled a "disaster for asylum-seeker housing in Yorkshire and the North East" (Liberty, 2017). In 2012, 881 out of the 2,000 asylum seekers in many towns in Yorkshire were forced to move into poorer conditions by G4S. This is just one example of the terrible situations asylum seekers find themselves in when they come to the UK. Sign this petition today if you agree that G4S have a responsibility to ensure that asylum seekers receive standard living conditions. Help stop people having to live inadequate housing!
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