There has been a great increase in the UK of acid attacks on innocent individuals. Those people have suffered severe burns all over their bodies with substantial facial disfigurement. The injuries the victims have are life changing and have a severe negative impact on both physical and mental health. The purpose of these attackers is to spread terror and fear amongst the general public causing people not to leave their homrs and changing their daily lifestyles. It's vital that the government introduces a strong ban on such substances.
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    Created by TABREZ HUSSAIN
  • Support the court case demanding the UK keep it's promise to child refugees (DUBS)
    After the government has refused a second vote on the issue in parliament, the charity Help Refugees (represented by Leigh Day solicitors) is taking the Home Office to court over the Government’s failure to make suitable arrangements for relocating and supporting a specific number of child refugees as promised by the scheme currently known as "DUBS" under UK immigration law. For those who haven't heard about DUBS, it was an amendment made to 2016 law which requires the government to make arrangements ‘as soon as possible’ (after 31 May 2016) to relocate and support a ‘specified number’ of unaccompanied refugee children from Europe. This scheme was created as a response to the increasing pressure on the UK to help in what has been deemed the worst refugee crisis since World War Two. In February of this year our Home Office abandoned the continuation of DUBS quietly in Parliament, and local governments and charities across the UK have been trying to fight the decision. Help Refugees has now launched a formal legal challenge against the government as part of a last chance effort to protect what is truly a lifeline for unaccompanied/lone children fleeing war and/or conflict to Europe. Keeping the DUBS scheme is essential because currently there are 28 million children uprooted because of conflict in their own countries but over 1/9th of the world's refugees right now are in Europe and children make up a third of these numbers (and above 45% in the South East of Europe such as Greece and Macedonia), which make legal channels like DUBS essential for these kids to be able to begin a better life and to not be left to be targeted by traffickers and abusers who focus on Europe's camps. As the 6th richest country in the world, the UK is denying it's international commitments by reversing yet another safe legal passage for these children. Our local councils have said the UK can take in 4000 more children - meaning we have the capacity, all that's lacking is the willingness of our government to support our capacity to give. In its stance, the Home Office is targeting without justification children who have absolutely no one else to turn to and whose lives and futures are at significant risk right now. They have lost everything, meanwhile our government stands from a distance and says we have nothing to give. The Charity Help Refugees and those lawyers standing against the Home Office this week, are doing so because they reject this position. They reject that this is the UK we believe in. We ask the UK public to support this court case as the last chance to keep this scheme in law. We ask that you sign and spread the word about this case and that you don't let the lives of so many kids be determined behind closed doors. Let's shame the Home Office for its position, let's stand tall and fight for the right of these children to a better future from conflict.
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  • Ban feeding seagulls
    There is a local resident that feeds seagulls 3 - 5 times a day earliest feed is at 5:15 am. The noise Is horrendous and there is bird excrement everywhere it has become unbearable. It is disgusting and and totally anti social towards the other residents.
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  • Major development in Worthing threatens long established fox family- Please help us protect them!
    The fox family currently live on a large derelict site, which has been vacant for years, consequently growing into a beautiful wildlife haven. The two adults made their den under a hedge and the wildflower meadow that has grown on the re-wildered garden has become the cub’s playground. Many local people have watched and admired this beautiful fox family from afar over the years. It has been a thrill to observe wildlife on our doorstep. There are now plans to completely destroy their well established home and build an 11 storey block of 36 flats with underground parking. Building is imminent. Overnight, this fox family of three (a bonded pair with their six month old cub) will lose their safe haven with nowhere to go. The “best” case scenario will be that the fox family will bolt and try to find a new territory, but this will not be easy as the few nearby gardens are most likely the territory of other urban foxes that will fiercely fight to protect their space. Also, not many humans welcome foxes into their garden and there have been cases of humans attempting to poison foxes. The worst case scenario is that some or all of these foxes could be hurt or killed by the demolition or could be classified as “vermin” and killed by “pest” controllers. Foxes are a native species and play and important part of our ecologic system. They do not harm us and it is humans who take more and more of their habitat away, actively persecuting them as if we had a right to own every inch of Planet Earth. Foxes have as much a right to live here as we do and as compassionate human beings it is our duty to protect them and all other wildlife. All they want is to be allowed to live their short lives in peace. They cannot speak up for themselves. Please be the voice for these beautiful, intelligent and sociable animals, so they will not be killed and are given time to find a new home. Thank you for speaking up for these beautiful animals.
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  • Do not give guns to our frontline police officers
    The National Police Chiefs' Council will discuss a proposal to arm frontline police officers during their meeting on July 12. To allow the routine arming of our police officers would be another victory for the terrorists, normalising the threat of violence in our public spaces. Who wants to see guns on our streets? Where could this fundamental shift in approach lead to? - just look at the United States. This is the thin end of the wedge and would be a decision that is unlikely to be reversed. An unarmed police force is something to be proud of and is a clear demonstration of our society's values and priorities around violence and its peaceful resolution. The way to protect our society is to make changes to the causes of the symptoms (foreign policy, social care, education), not to try and manage them with firearms. For more information: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/jun/23/police-chiefs-to-discuss-offering-guns-to-all-frontline-officers
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  • Boris Johnson MP is not a fit or proper British Foreign Secretary. He lacks the required skills.
    To allow the government to effectively undertake Brexit negotiations and other important internationally focussed negotiations with friends and allies about Britain's place in a changing world.
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    Created by Dave Traxson
  • Set a maximum working temperature during summer
    During the heatwave, everyone is becoming very uncomfortable with the heat. Often finding that they become ill. Currently there is no set maximum working temperature, however i think this should change. Not only do i think this is unsafe for children in schools and nurseries, but adults working in poorly airconditioned workplaces too. It is important because workers and young children are at risk of becoming dehydrated and unfocused. Equally staff are feeling uncomfortable.
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    Created by Emily Price
  • British Troops in Syria
    It has been reported that US. UK and Norwegian troops have set up a base near Al Tanf on Syrian territory bordering Jordan in the South. Around it they have declared a self styled "deconfliction zone". They have already fired on and killed Syrian forces on their own soil. This is illegal as Syria is a recognised sovereign country by the United Nations. It has not been sanctioned as an act of war by the UK parliament. ISIS is not strong in the area and is weakening across Syria. Russia has given active and effective military support to the Syrian arab army at the invitation of Syria's government. There is great potential for an escalation of the war in Syria to a wider war should US and Russian troops be involved in a direct conflict. The UK should not associate itself with aggressive US foreign policy but aim to support peace in the area.
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    Created by William Wrigley
  • National Day of Mourning and Remembrance
    A great number of people perished in the Grenfell Tower disaster. This has been a tragedy on a national scale, in particular as so many children are counted among the deceased. Equally, the recent Westminster attack, the Manchester bombings, the London Bridge attack and the Finsbury Park attacks have collectively resulted in extensive loss of life and serious injury. To date, there has not been a coherent 'official' response which recognises, humanely, the enormity of these events and which fully acknowledges their collective impact. Is it not time for the UK to move beyond the '1 minute silence' gesture to a fuller recognition of the scale of the recent events, and provide a means whereby feelings of sympathy and solidarity with the survivors and their respective communities may be more fully expressed? A National day of Mourning and Remembrance would allow citizens to do this. Please sign this petition if you would like the Government to announce a National Day of Mourning and Remembrance which will show your support for the best of Britain, an open, tolerant society which cares equally for all of its citizens.
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  • National Day of Mourning Petition
    The country needs to mourn properly
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    Created by Paul Evans
  • Include commitment to membership of the single market in The Queen's speech
    In light of the British electorate's response to The Government's request for a mandate to pursue what has been termed a 'hard Brexit' approach to leaving the EU I believe that the Government should now respect the will of the people for a 'softer Brexit'. In order to demonstrate that commitment I petition The Government to include a clause in The Queen's speech to guarantee to the British people that the UK will remain within the single market as part of the terms of withdrawal from the EU.
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  • Theresa May: Review Trump's UK state visit invitation
    Donald Trump's ill-judged, offensive and divisive response to 3/5/17, and his internet harassment of London's democratically elected Mayor, disqualify him for the honour of a state visit. This petition calls on Theresa May to invite the elected representatives of the UK Government to review its offer of a state visit to Donald Trump, in response to the offence that Trump's comments on 3/5/17 have caused to huge numbers of people within the communities of London and the UK; most importantly, those directly affected by the terrorist attacks.
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