• Stop Advertising with Guns and Weapons
    These images are plastered all over the tube, buses, bus shelters, newspapers, magazines etc. Subliminally de-sensitising young minds that this is ok and the norm. Young minds and easily manipulated minds that see the hero carries a gun or knife. There has been 11 fatal shootings already this year in London, and endless knife attacks resulting in fatalities not to mention acid attacks. Though this may not be considered an important change we need to change the influence culture has. We can't change the films and games themselves but we can change the way they are sold to us, glorifying killing. And these small changes will contribute to the change in society. I have started an instagram page documenting what I see called. https://www.instagram.com/gunsonthetube
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    Created by G unson
  • Let Trump Baby Fly
    Donald Trump is a big, angry baby with a fragile ego. He's also a racist demagogue who is a danger to women, immigrants and minorities and a mortal threat to world peace and the very future of life on earth. Moral outrage is water off a duck’s back to Trump, but he really seems to hate it when people make fun of him. So when Trump visits the UK on Friday the 13th of July this year, we want to make sure he knows that all of Britain is looking down on him and laughing at him. That's why a group of us have chipped in and raised enough money to have a 6 meter high blimp made by a professional inflatables company, to be flown in the skies over Parliament Square during Trump's visit. Unfortunately, we need the Mayor of London's permission to be able to fly Trump Baby from Parliament Square - and Sadiq's team at City Hall have told us that flying Trump Baby does not qualify as a 'protest'. They are insisting that the only form of protest that is legally allowable on their land is "a gathering of people, with banners and placards." We are fairly sure this doesn't make any sense, but their key objection is that flying a large inflatable will occupy a (5x5M) corner of the square which will then not be available for gatherings of people with banners and placards - thereby depriving them of freedom of speech. So we need to demonstrate that there isn't, in practice, anyone planning to protest Trump's visit who would not in fact welcome a 6m high orange baby with Trump’s malevolent face flying in the sky over Parliament during this period.
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    Created by Leo Murray
  • Restart the BBC Hungarian Service
    Restriction of media freedom in Hungary has had serious, and still deteriorating, consequences for democratic order in Central Europe. Hungarian Government pressure has forced nearly all significant independent media outlets into closure or pro-government ownership. Journalists in public media organisations report overt direction of editorial policy, and even of article content, by the Orbán government. Interpretation is frequently presented as fact and outright fabrication is far from unknown. At the same time the influence of Russian propaganda in the country is growing especially (though not only) in coverage of international affairs. The Hungarian media now follows Moscow's line in describing as 'terrorists' the regular Ukranian armed forces fighting Russian-backed insurgents in Donetsk. The extensive anti-Soros campaign has made use of articles from Putin-allied Russian media.These are reproduced exactly in Hungarian translation without acknowledgement of source. The OSCE monitoring group report declared that the credibility of the April 2018 election was undermined because 'intimidating and xenophobic rhetoric, [and] media bias…constricted the space for genuine political debate'. In the years that immediately followed the fall of communism Hungary was widely perceived as the regional leader in 'westernisation'. Now it ranks bottom of Freedom House’s Democracy Index for Central Europe. That's bad enough but in 2017 F.H's press freedom audit delcared Hungary's media 'only partly free'. Its score was several points behind Mongolia's. Last year the European Parliament censured Hungary for a "serious deterioration" in the rule of law. The situation has only continued to worsen over subsequent months. The BBC Hungarian Service (est. 1940) was an information lifeline supplying factually reliable news to Hungary throughout the Cold War era. The service was disbanded in December 2005 on the basis that the post 1989 mandate to support fragile/ fledgling democracy in Central Europe had expired. That judgement now appears excessively optimistic. A radio service broadcasting objective information to the country from London would make a valuable contribution to regional stability. The BBC maintains limited services to Hungary’s neighbours Serbia and Ukraine. The Serbian Service was restarted only last year. Hungary’s need is no less pressing. BBC, will you help? References OSCE Monitoring Report on 2018 election https://www.osce.org/odihr/elections/hungary/377410?download=true Freedom House statistics https://freedomhouse.org/report/nations-transit/nations-transit-2018 https://freedomhouse.org/report/freedom-press/2017/hungary This petition has a Hungarian sister website: https://www.peticiok.com/tamogassuk_a_bbc_magyar_adasanak_ujrainditasat
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    Created by Alexander Faludy
  • PayPal should lift the ban on CBD Products!
    CBD is a legal product to sell and is an amazing health supplement! Despite this, PayPal have taken an anti-business stance that won't allow CBD product sales from certain businesses. PayPal states it "breaks the terms of its policies", however fails to show or explain where this is stated. Additionally you can use PayPal to buy CBD oil via a website owned by PayPal's parent company? A small farmer or oil producer can really benefit from the use of PayPal for their business, so you can't help but feel maybe they are being targeted and this is not right. I believe it's important for us all to do our part in stopping this from happening, please help by signing this petition and sharing with your friends. Thank you all!
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    Created by Lauren O'Malley
  • Demand that the BBC record Freddie Parrot-Face Davies reading the Rivers Of Blood speech.
    Because this recording will afford the Rivers Of Blood speech the gravitas it deserves.
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    Created by Michele Rashman
  • No further military intervention in Syria
    This would result in further bloodshed, and is a risk to world (relative) 'peace'. It is also difficult to see how this is in our national interest.
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    Created by Jolyon Allen
  • Dont broadcast the Rivers of Blood Speech
    Because it is racist and incindiary and not something that should be commemorated.
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    Created by Matthieu Lambert
  • Syria
    This is important so that democracy in the U.K. is upheld and not ignored.
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    Created by Stanley Tracey
  • Make MPS vote on military action in Syria
    I believe the people in general don't want war and making MPS vote on military action will give the people power to decide if their MPS actions are right.
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    Created by Chris Cochrane
  • Nuclear Disarmament in memory of Professor Stephen Hawking
    With an ultimate aim to make UK’s relationship in the world peaceful that is be more harmonious with each other and with the environment. If each nuclear state disarms unconditionally the process can happen without one state breaking another before a peace dividend can go further. Please apply this petition in your own country There probably is a better way of saying something like this - but Steven Hawking was exceptionally popular probably not least for his use of an electronic voice. http://www.sgr.org.uk/resources/memory-prof-stephen-hawking Discussion - alternative to facebook https://mewe.com/join/nuclear_disarmament_in_memory_of_professor_stephen ICAN (the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons) won the 2017 Nobel prize。- Winners are changing the culture on nuclear weapons - interview https://www.opendemocracy.net/uk/ian-sinclair/this-years-nobel-prize-winners-are-changing-culture-on-nuclear-weapons-interview
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    Created by Andrew Lohmann
  • Bring Anna Home to her Family
    Anna Campbell was an utterly committed and courageous woman who put her belief in social justice before her own life. This commitment took her to Syria to fight the Islamic State and Isil, and whilst fighting alongside the female Kurdish Women's Protection Units (YPJ) in northern Syria, she was tragically killed by turkish airstrikes last week on the 15th March. I come from the same home town as Anna, and have known her family for many years. They are all truly incredible individuals who have worked tirelessly for social and environmental issues and are a credit to our small town. Now even in their grief they want to continue to raise awareness of the suffering and the cause of the Kurdish people. But they also want their daughter and sister back, so that they can say goodbye properly to the woman they love so much. Please see more information here: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/03/21/father-british-woman-killed-syria-demands-help-repatriate-body/
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    Created by sapphire allard
  • Implement and Enforce the Criminal Finances Act in Full and Without Further Delay
    This act has been successfully implemented in the US, targeting those malign actors (particularly in the employ of the Russian State) that utilise intimidation, fear mongering, thuggery, assassination and trolling to further their own ends, the ends of their state and avoid prosecution through the true rule of law. It targets them where they can be hurt the most: their wallets. Following the nerve agent attack in Salisbury on 4th March 18 the Russian State (as by far and away the most likely perpetrator) have taken yet another step towards exporting globalised intimidation, corruption and "warfare by other means". The Sunday Times has today (11th March 18) revealed that, despite promises from the Prime Minister in the 2016 election, "Russian oligarchs and their associates have registered donations of more than £820,000 to the Conservative Party since Theresa May became prime minister" (The Sunday Times - 11 March 18). The leading party in the UK Government has accepted money from the most likely state agent of this attack. As such they cannot be trusted, without pressure, to respond to this attack with the necessary "robustness" that they have promised. There are already calls from within the governing Conservative Party to "wait and collect evidence" so as not to "act disproportionately". The Russian State are reliant on such rigid adherence to "due process", knowing full well how to circumvent it and continue operating with impunity. This petition calls on all MPs in all parties to support the implementation of the Criminal Finances Act IN FULL and IMMEDIATELY as the only appropriate response to this heinous and egregious assault on our sovereignty and our safety. This will not stand, and while our politicians shuffle their feet, wring their hands and worry about their donations, we will act. For Sergei Skripal, his daughter and our own Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey who remains in a serious condition at this time, we raise this petition to force all politicians from all parties (including those financially incentivised to look the other way) to vote in favour of this act as a start to the UK's response to this attack on our people and our nation.
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    Created by Mark Townend