• Introducing Meditation and Mental Health as Part of the School Curriculum
    To improve the well-being of students, prepare them for self-responsibility and to know how to help other people in need.
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    Created by Yasmin Bligh-Hasan
  • Remove Donald Trump from Twitter
    Donald Trump shares hatred and doubt in a space where tolerance and love should exist. It is inexcusable to allow the so called leader of the free world to give a platform to a party of hate. Twitter have even admitted that the tweets were controversial and suggested they would otherwise violate its rules, but because of the newsworthiness of Mr Trump's tweets, they are allowing them to stay up. They would otherwise likely result in either the post or his whole account being removed.
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    Created by Ed Vant
  • Cancel Trump's UK visit
    He is normalising hatred, inciting fear and interfering in UK politics. As allies, we need to make it clear that his behaviour is unacceptable and that, until he changes his position, he is unwelcome.
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    Created by Dan Fieldsend
  • Telford & Wrekin Stop Punching Down On Our Buskers!
    This is important for the local buskers and for the community as a whole. with the ever expanding and growing town and ever increasing population comes art and culture. Buskers do a good job of entertaining the public and providing light entertainment generally in a professional and pleasant manner. Some of the buskers in Telford, of which maybe 10 are regular, rely on their busing monies to support them in their daily lives. Food, Water, Electric.. the essentials. It also has farther reaching benefits amongst those who struggle with mental health difficulties who use busking as a way to interact with the community where otherwise they wouldn't. This 'LAW' is designed to remove art and culture and to shut down buskers from being heard. it is supression of the arts for the benefit of big business.
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    Created by Joshua Sole
  • Reopen Base mx
    Keeps the kids off the streets and out of trouble and keeps them happy and have a public track round the area
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    Created by Steve Ross
  • Save the children of Yemen
    When the lives of so very many children are at risk, many of them under five, it is vital that people speak out. These children are the future of their nation but above all they are vulnerable and terrified and we owe it to them to spearhead a rescue plan.
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    Created by Shirley Newman
  • Priti Patel resignation
    She is exceeding her powers and showing bias towards Israel and illegal settlements on the west bank.
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    Created by paul beeston
  • Speed Calming Measures in Harpsden Road, Wilson Avenue and Watermans Road
    The residents need peace of mind and relaxation at night so speed calming measures need to be put in place to stop our cars being damaged or written off, animals being killed and prevent the injury or death of a child as a result of people constantly excessively speeding, motorbikes doing wheelie's and mainly driving like lunatics. Our roads are used as a quick cut through, with vehicles usually driving faster than the 30 mph speed limit on a regular basis, in an attempt to beat the traffic on the busy Reading Road and then used as race tracks at night. The result of this behaviour is lots of damage to vehicles and losses of beloved animals. My daughter's car that she didn't know she had was written of by a speeding driver who fled the scene leaving no details early hours of 1st October 2017, as reported in the Henley Standard. Numerous cars have been side swiped or had wing mirrors damaged by speeding vehicles and we sit and listen to the screeching of brakes and await the bang of the collision on a regular basis in the evenings. I personally have witnessed a couple of cyclists being knocked off their bike's and motorcyclists doing wheelie's or tricks up the road, animals being hit and killed while the driver carries on their way without stopping. This needs to stop!!! It was bad enough when the road was covered in potholes but since it has been resurfaced it has become 10 times worse at least. It is only a matter of time before it becomes a pedestrian that is badly/critically injured.
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    Created by Helen Pitcher
  • Sort out the Parking Problem in Stanhope Street Abergavenny
    Traffic lights are needed to prevent accidents and possible disturbances of the peace. I have been personally involved in one person being injured at this 'Bottleneck ' and I have also been threatened and verbally abused by an irate driver who had to give way to me ! Reserved Parking Places are needed to allow residents a place to 'Park' when returning home etc. as there is just not enough room to 'Park'
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    Created by David Roberts
  • Referendum on the final terms on which the UK will leave the European Union
    The EU referendum represented a low point in post war UK democratic politics. Only now are problems coming to the fore that were not considered in the referendum and not debated at the time. Oeople did not know the consequences of them and Brexit impact reports are being unacceptably hidden from the people. This is unacceptable and we need a final decision when we know exactly what Brexit means and that means the full terms of an any deal.
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    Created by Roman Haluszczak
  • Paradise Lost - Devastated Islands🌴 in the Sun -
    Everyone wants to go on your big ships around the Carribean because of the beauty of the islands and the SMILES and warmth and love of the People. It’s what the World needs NOW!
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    Created by Will Stringer
  • Awareness of Rohingya
    This is greatly important as Burmese leader Aung San Suu Kyi has been denying any mistreatment of the Rohingya muslims. Whereas in fact the situation is like a ethnic cleansing with mass murders occuring effortlessly by soldiers. A breach of basic human rights is an understatement as the Rohingya are being slaughtered soley on their choice of religion, which is atrocious. If our MP can bring this situation to eyes of Parliament, aid can be sent to refugees fleeing Burma and ultimately the government can add to the international pressure being applied on Burma to open their borders so aid can be sent for the oppressed still hiding and living within the country.
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    Created by Saadat Kamali