• Ecologising
    My name is Gaia the Garbage. I help run Ecologisers, a Young People's Anti-litter Campaign. For a 2 minute fun-video that gives the whole picture, please visit https://vimeo.com/233979354 We have 4 creative projects we're forwarding and have taken into schools, and universities through current teacher-training routes. These are: Alternative Santa, LItter Goes LIterary, the Children's Humorously Captioned Photography Competition and the writing of EcoSongs. I've written 45 EcoSongs. Put upbeat celebratory eco-lyrics to famous out-of-copyright tunes. This project and others like it are important because the way we tackle problems, including global problems, is not solution-oriented. It's quick-fix or commerically-led. Though we have been running this campaign for 4 years we have funded it ourselves as litter is seen as the pariah of the enivronmental movement. Numerous applications for funding we have made have failed. At Ecologisers we want to make litter 'sexy'!!
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    Created by Gaia Dance
  • Bring Putin before the UN
    The Russian use of chemical weapons on UK territory is an act of war. The reckless use of a highly toxic chemical in a public place exposed many innocent people to mortal danger and showed contempt for the rule of law, UK sovereignty and human rights. The UN was originally set up for the express purpose of preventing acts of war between member states. Any unilateral sanctions against Russia by the UK will not have the impact or the authority of an international resolution of all states reaffirming the international rule of law. In these times of increasing international insecurity, it's vital that all peace-loving nations come together in solidarity to condemn such actions by rogue states.
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    Created by Graeme Smith
  • Recycling at BDC
    We need to lead by example and show the students that our planet is important and that we must look beyond our selves at the bigger picture. The college produces a huge amount of waste a day that is ending up in landfills which could easily be recycled. As a college we have no excuse for not recycling!
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    Created by Sally Ibrahim
  • Tell the Great Exhibition of the North to Refuse BAE sponsorship
    BAE Systems is a 'premier partner' of the Great Exhibition of the North though the charity War Child UK has accused BAE of ‘profiteering from the deaths of innocent children’. British arms companies including BAE have made more than £6bn from sales to Saudi Arabia during the ongoing war in Yemen. International humanitarian law prohibits attacks against civilians yet the British armed Saudi-led coalition has bombed schools, markets, hospitals, and health centres. The conflict has killed or injured more than 5,000 children, while survivors face malnutrition and disease with the collapse of infrastructure. Unicef warns that, ‘nearly every child in Yemen’ is in need of humanitarian assistance. The Great Exhibition of the North claims to offer ‘family-friendly fun’. This is totally at odds with its with association with BAE systems. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/yemen-war-saudi-arabia-human-rights-british-weapons-trade-uk-6bn-war-child-report-crimes-civilians-a7953496.html https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/jan/16/yemen-war-children-dead-injured-malnourished
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    Created by Jill Gibbon
  • Thicken suicide prevention on bridges
    As human life is important and people who have been about to commit suicide have said that just a few words telling them someone loves them would of deterred them from jumping
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    Created by Nathaniel Warren
  • Stop The Cardiff Arms Fair 2018
    The Cardiff Arms Fair described on their website as the “UK’s Premier Defence Procurement Event” is being hosted annually at the Cardiff Motorpoint Arena. One of their main exhibitors is BAE Systems, the world’s 3rd largest arms producer. We need to protest against such an event being held in Wales and show our opposition to the arms trade.
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    Created by Phil Jones
    The Council intend to change the green belt to brown belt in a small quaint rural village at Broomhill in Barnsley. We want to stop the application to build on our green belt. The effect this will have on our village and the abundance of wild life will be catastrophic. Both residents and visitors alike enjoy the countryside that surrounds us from dog walkers, bird watchers to ramblers. Our wild life play a big part in making our village an attraction to all. The influx of traffic and housing would be devastating. We have an abundance of squirrels, rabbits, foxes, owls and bats to name a few not to mention an extremely large variety of birds. The surrounding wetlands attracts, swans, geese, ducks, coots and a variety of other wild life. To build on our green belt would be devastating to the wild life not to mention the residents who have enjoyed the peace and tranquillity of living in the countryside.
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    Created by Sharon Baker
    Big businesses need to take responsibility, and stop harming our climate. Throughout the world more and more wildfires, heatwaves, and floods show that we must take urgent action to achieve a safe and healthy climate. HSBC Unlike some other banks, HSBC invests much less in solar or wind energy, which are now good value. You can switch to a less harmful bank. RWE (Npower) Energy generator and supplier Npower is mostly owned by the huge multination RWE, which uses an awful lot of coal. You can switch to another company which uses clean energy. Danone Danone’s brands – including Evian and Volvic – sell bottles made of unrecycled plastic. Once they shape up and commit to making these changes, we'll target other irresponsible companies – and you can suggest some. By signing and sharing this petition you’re telling businesses they must stop harming our climate NOW. Find out more about CLIMATE SERIOUS and how you can get involved: www.climateserious.org #climateserious
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    Created by 7 Friends of the Earth local groups and UK Youth Climate Coalition Picture
  • Introducing Meditation and Mental Health as Part of the School Curriculum
    To improve the well-being of students, prepare them for self-responsibility and to know how to help other people in need.
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    Created by Yasmin Bligh-Hasan
  • Remove Donald Trump from Twitter
    Donald Trump shares hatred and doubt in a space where tolerance and love should exist. It is inexcusable to allow the so called leader of the free world to give a platform to a party of hate. Twitter have even admitted that the tweets were controversial and suggested they would otherwise violate its rules, but because of the newsworthiness of Mr Trump's tweets, they are allowing them to stay up. They would otherwise likely result in either the post or his whole account being removed.
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    Created by Ed Vant
  • Cancel Trump's UK visit
    He is normalising hatred, inciting fear and interfering in UK politics. As allies, we need to make it clear that his behaviour is unacceptable and that, until he changes his position, he is unwelcome.
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    Created by Dan Fieldsend
  • Telford & Wrekin Stop Punching Down On Our Buskers!
    This is important for the local buskers and for the community as a whole. with the ever expanding and growing town and ever increasing population comes art and culture. Buskers do a good job of entertaining the public and providing light entertainment generally in a professional and pleasant manner. Some of the buskers in Telford, of which maybe 10 are regular, rely on their busing monies to support them in their daily lives. Food, Water, Electric.. the essentials. It also has farther reaching benefits amongst those who struggle with mental health difficulties who use busking as a way to interact with the community where otherwise they wouldn't. This 'LAW' is designed to remove art and culture and to shut down buskers from being heard. it is supression of the arts for the benefit of big business.
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    Created by Joshua Sole