• Protect the Green Belt
    This is a national problem driven in part by developers with their land bank areas of green belt. The north of Bristol is no exception, where South Gloucestershire Council have proposed to build a total of 22,000 houses at central government behest, and 3,200 will be in Stoke Gifford/Winterbourne, 1,200 of which are being built at Harry Stoke and 2,000 are proposed on the green belt East of Harry Stoke ref: LEOHS. Filton Airfield and Cribbs Causway are brown field sites, more than capable of accommodating the majority of this requirement. There is serious vehicle congestion in and around Stoke Gifford and the proposal will only bring more traffic estimated to be around 6,000 vehicles onto the all ready congested road network
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    Created by David Bradshaw
  • Planning accountability
    Corruption in planning is rife, the system can be very biased. Currently there is no recourse to reports and advice that is clearly against the planning law, except by a very expensive legal route that the majority cannot afford.
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    Created by Chris Hatcher
  • Save our Verges
    Bees and other insects rely heavily on our roadside verges for their food and habitat. There is very little meadow land left and the verges should be providing much needed food. I notice that the cutting goes as far back to the banks or hedges as far as possible, often twelve feet or more. I cannot see a reason for this. One cut in would be sufficient for any motorist to see the edge of the road. I have no doubt that it costs a considerable and unnecessary amount in council tax, not to mention the pollution entailed by the cutting machines.
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    Created by Vivien Cruickshank
    Local people want to be able to communicate their negative response to the extra planes more easily. The way the trial requests the community to respond does not work with the way people live today. People are in and out of their homes, busy with their lives etc and most aren't even aware of the quiet times presently. If BAA has a low response to the time trials and there are more planes more of the time, we know then the community will regret they didn't say more and it will be too late to reverse.
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    Created by sharon Bowles
  • Save the Hervey Road Sports Field
    It is important to keep this site that has been used by and has been integral for the local community for many years. It has been a green space and been used since 1890 by the local community for various sports activities, including tennis, football, rugby, athletics, cricket, hockey, bowls, and even a rifle range.
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    Created by Kim Peluffo
  • Coventry: Save Lyng Hall School Playing Fields
    Primary school places have increased significantly. Before too long these children will be at secondary school. In the spirit of the post Olympics let us preserve our children's right to access school playing fields that can accommodate them all.
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    Created by Susan Davey