• Save Metropolitan Open Land in Whitton
    - Metropolitan Open Land is important to all Londoners as they are a resource for biodiversity, act as a green lung, and promote wellbeing in general by providing open views. - It will be located far from the point of identified need; Fulwell & the Hamptons. In Whitton and Twickenham, there is a surplus of school places. - The school's existing Hampton Site is large enough to accommodate the school on one site (in a new purpose-built building). However, the Council wants to sell that land for housing. - The planning committee was told by officers and the applicant that they effectively had the choice of either giving the school planning permission or it would be closed down. They were also told incorrectly that expanding existing schools have to be fully funded by the borough (without any reference given to Basic Need mechanism where the Government pays the majority of the cost). - Location is wholly unsuitable for a school due to dangerous access being at the foot of a 1850s narrow humped back bridge, and the school placed next to a noisy railway line. - Dangerous main entrance shared with a landscapers/builders yard that has HGV traffic arriving and departing at the same time as pupils. - Being located outside its main 80% catchment area which will result in extra congestion and pollution, as the A316 cuts off Whitton from the rest of Richmond Borough and there are only two highly congested crossing points for road traffic. - The sixth form is an over-development of MOL as there is already a massive oversupply of sixth form / tertiary education places in the borough. - Land allocated to playing fields are excessive and if the scheme goes ahead the size of these needs to be reduced and more land handed over as an extension to Heathfield Recreation Ground as compensation. - Insufficient bus services are being provided; Transport for London wanted funding for a lot more bus services but these were negotiated down by the Government. This will result in more pupils traveling to school by car than projected in the Travel Plan. - The Hospital Bridge Road site is burial land and the London Plan policy 7.23 seeks to protect it. This was not addressed by Richmond Council. This proposal will result in Hounslow losing around a third of her burial supply. - The proposed building does not meet modern energy efficiency standards which will increase pollution and cost the school more in running costs. - The applicant has not carried out the requests in the GLA Stage 1 Report by not seriously looking at sites in Hounslow, reducing the footprint of the school buildings or the carpark, and other issues such as the use of render rather than brick. - Hounslow Council requested conditions to make the bridge safer and for there to be cycle lanes and extra crossings added to the road around the site etc (as the site borders their Borough). These were hidden from the planning committee and were not mentioned in the Officers Report.
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  • Cafe Velo - Save Our Decking Area
    1. It adds a valuable seating area to the cafe and the loss would result in a much reduced income for the business. 2. The outside area is sloped & in icy/wet weather it is dangerous. 3. It has been much admired by passersby, who have commented on how much nicer & inviting it has made the area. 4. We have recently won Cycling UKs best cycling cafe of the year & this has contributed towards it.
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  • Save The Green Man, Hixon
    Because it will involve the demolition of a local pub that is an ACV and hub of community activity.
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  • Help us create a community, living and working in an urban garden of Eden.
    There are two plans for Camley St. The Camden Council plan is business as normal, displacing existing companies and moving in more digital business and expensive houses. The Community plan is to retain the existing business integrating them with new companies to create a unique urban development focused on sustainable food co-located with up to 1,000 genuinely affordable homes
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  • Plan Bee..........Reclaim the Limehouse Triangle for the Community
    The local community surrounding the Limehouse Triangle continue to object to the development that the council want to build on this small green triangle of land. The land forms part of a green corridor from Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park to Limehouse Basin. Originally a designated green initiative by Tower Hamlets Council as part of their biodiversity plan for the Borough in 2000. This was wholly supported by Mayors Joe Ramanoop and Denise Jones, funded by the Council, Metropolitan Police and in kind by local businesses. It received the support of the local Council Housing Office, the Council Regeneration Team, Tower Hamlets Environment Trust and Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park via Terry Lyle. This project was a huge success. In 2015 residents noticed that the council had started to neglect the site. (All details on the website). Draw your own conclusions ....we are not naive! We agree more social housing is needed, we are non-partisan. We agree, but not at a cost to the existing community’s quality of life, health and wellbeing and certainly not at a cost to the environment and bio diversity. This little green triangle nurtures and enhances! Air pollution and Low Omissions are high on the Mayor of London’s agenda, all political parties are concerned about it too! In fact, in April 2017 the London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced a 2019 date for the introduction of London’s Ultra Low Emissions Zone, however, Tower Hamlets Council plan to take away one of the few urban green spaces from the Locksley Estate community; Limehouse Triangle! This community is located metres away from one of East London’s busiest arteries, the A13, so the need for green space and clean air is of the greatest importance. When it’s gone, it’s gone but we have a Plan Bee! Support us! Support the environment! Support Plan Bee!
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  • Stop Hitchcocks Expansion
    Dear Mr Radford, We, the members of the communities of Uffculme and Willand, strongly object to the proposed expansion of Hitchcocks Business Park [32 hectares (80 football fields) of agricultural/Greenfield land]. We have objections on four grounds: (1) The plan stands in stark contrast to county and national policies to avoid building on Greenfield land and contrasts bluntly to recent promises of working towards a zero emissions economy. (2) The plan would contribute to a permanent change to the character of the local area: from rural tranquillity to an industrial landscape. Especially when combining this plan with the proposed development of 70 hectares [175 football fields] at junction 27; (3) It would negatively impact on road safety; with special concern for the junctions leading to and from Uffculme School, and (4) It would unquestionably have a negative impact on community health and wellbeing with an additional 700 cars and 60 lorries going in and out of Hitchcocks with their fumes, light and noise. Thank you for taking these objections into account when you make your final decision regarding the Application. Yours sincerely, The people of Uffculme and Willand.
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  • Improving road safety Wickham Way BR3
    There have been 4 car crashes in same spot over last 3 years. Nothing has been changed to mitigate against further accidents despite communications with police and council. Pedestrians as well as road users and residents are at risk. Someone will get killed at some point if not addressed
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  • Crawley Town FC training ground
    Crawley Town FC is loved by many in the Crawley area. The club has been struggling with training facilities for years and has been forced to use unsafe plastic pitches and local school grounds. The current training ground situation is not good enough for the club to progress to the next level. With access to the land at Bewbush, RH11 8WB, Crawley Town FCs success will progress greatly resulting in more opportunities for the residents of Crawley, an increase in the community and more visitors to the Crawley area which will have a positive effect on the local economy. Football often has a huge positive impact on towns and cities and this training ground land is about the longevity and foundation of Crawley Town FC. For these reasons, it will be a massive success for the Crawley community if Crawley Town FC are allowed to use Bewbush as their training ground site.
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  • Save the Barbican Estate from harmful redevelopment
    The Barbican, described by Queen Elizabeth as "one of the modern wonders of the world" is an internationally famous icon of the Brutalist architectural style and a utopian ideal for city living. The City of London School for Girls has expanded piecemeal over the last 50 years, each time encroaching on the grounds and architectural features of the Estate, compromising the vision of the architects Chamberlin, Powell and Bon. These latest proposals, if approved, would inflict major harm on this global cultural asset, by obscuring the double-height piloti, adding large new structures which will be visible across the Estate and removing a stunning Grade II* listed vista in the Estate’s 50th year.
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  • Please change our unused park...
    It's a waste of space, lots of younger children live near there and no one uses it... It only has bars and gym/training equipment, none of which any children use and could be dangerous if they try... Please, please change it into a park local children can use and enjoy...
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  • Prohibition of Verge and Pavement Parking (Traffic Regulation Order)TRO
    The residents on Ashland have had issues with people parking their cars inconsiderately for a long time now. This causes problems to people who are either with pushchairs or have to use mobility aids to gain access to the pathways around the estate estate leaving them vulnerable to be hit by a car when they have to go on the road to pass a car parked illegally. We also have a huge issue whenever there are football matches or other events on at the stadium MK, where people park on footpath‘s, blocking people‘s driveways or on the corner of roads and verges. This is becoming dangerous and there have been so many near misses to the most vulnerable who live on our estate. Pavements are not designed to have cars half or fully parked on, this will eventually cause the pavements to break and potholes appear. The estate has been built with adequate parking. Parking in a footpath is illegal either half or fully is illegal. So we are requesting that the council put in the regulation to stop this issue. So we can live in a safe estate.
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  • Save Osler Street Park from being built on.
    Osler Street Park is an extremely important and well used green space and play area provision for our local community. It is well used by all local residents including students, families, teenagers and young children. It is a well designed, safe space with easy access and will not be able to just be replaced. The play park and Multi Use Games Area provide an important leisure and recreation site which children and adults alike can use to exercise and socialise for free, thereby promoting a healthy lifestyle. The surrounding green space (including trees) is an extremely valuable green site and open space which should be protected. It also provides recreational and exercise opportunities and helps to contribute towards cleaner air for our community. The local community do not want this precious space taken away from us. We believe that any development or building on this site goes directly against the policy for promoting and enhancing a green infrastructure network in the City (TP7) which is detailed in the Birmingham Development plan.
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