• Lytham St Anne’s Residents against promenade parking charges
    I feel this will discourage local residents from shopping locally at a time when the town needs it most as well as cause congestion from reckless parking.
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    Created by Bry Michaels
  • Subway / Greggs For New Mills
    The nearest subways are in Hazel Grove (8 Miles) and Glossop (8 Miles), and the one in Buxton recently closed. There are very few shops similar to Subway in New Mills. The nearest greggs are in Buxton (12 Miles), Marple (4 Miles) or Glossop (8 Miles). It would be understandable that Greggs might not want a store in the main town centre, due to local bakeries, but one on the A6 would be highly successful
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    Created by Neil Pateick - Jenkins
  • Homeless pods
    Without these pods in my garden I could not do what NEEDS to be done in Cornwall to house Homelessness people off the streets.
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    Created by Kevin Baker
  • Substation
    We were not informed Northern power grid were building a substation right in front of my house about 13 feet away.blocking my driveway. I'm worried about health. Noise we have lost the sale of our home. Other people have walked away as they do not want to buy a home with a substation in front of it. They are also building more house and a road through a field which is home to much wildlife ect The Duke of Northumberland has caused most and many of the problems up in Northumberland . I stand correct Duke the property developer. home is in Beadnell. Northumberland.
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    Created by Ann Morton
  • Capel St Mary Skatepark
    This is important because there is a very little amount of public entertainment in the local area. Building a skatepark would bring new people into the village and would help the local stores by bringing in new customers. A skatepark provides endless hours of entertainment for all.
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    Created by Aaron Cole
  • Pharmacie Café outdoor safe garden
    This is extremely important as we are in the middle of a pandemic and we would like customers to be able to use the café and be at a safe distance from each other. Using the garden and outside space will mean we can have a larger capacity and therefore have more opportunity to be a viable business.
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    Created by Deiron Patel
  • To keep and improve cycle lanes in Crawley
    Cycling can not only reduce congestion but more importantly reduce pollution and help people with healthier lifestyles
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    Created by Steven Coppard
  • Save Waterfront Tea Room’s Shepherds Hut
    It is a valuable business asset and I have used it to trade from selling ice creams, drinks and in the winter months waffles and crepes also since 2018. During the current pandemic it is providing my sole income. The Tea Room is closed due to logistical issues whereby it is not possible to trade safely due to government restrictions. If I am forced to remove the hut I will be forced out of business. It is simple as that! Thank you for signing.
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    Created by Steve Allely
  • Goring Community Skatepark Project
    Skateparks are proven to increase health, well-being and community cohesion whilst reducing social exclusion and anti-social behaviour. The skatepark will not only benefit skatepark users, it will enhance the village and will be an asset to the whole community. The new skatepark will be a free-to-use, safe, inclusive and family orientated sports facility for users of all ages. It will be professionally designed and constructed by a company selected by the Goring Community Skateboard Project with design input from local skatepark users
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    Created by Geraldine Poole Picture
  • Save the Trees of Little Stoke
    Our Trees and hedgerows are precious to us, they are characteristic of the area having been here for a very long time. Since Covid-19 hit there is even less need for a new bus, our roads In the stokes and surrounding areas at rush hour are practically empty and the busses that do run have even less passengers than before. Our hedgerows thrive with small birds and other wildlife. Where will they go? If the trees and hedges are removed there will be nowhere. This is not the behaviour we would expect of a local authority in an area so caring about its wildlife and trees. We question whether there’s even a need for this bus, the COVID-19 crisis is predicted to last years not months, what a huge waste of local council tax payer’s money. Surely our money could be better spent helping small businesses and families rebuild and adjust to our new post lockdown normal.
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    Created by Sarah Jessop
  • No fun for Nature - Save Swanscombe Marshes
    The Swanscombe Peninsula is home to a remarkable mix of habitat of high value to wildlife – these include grasslands, coastal habitats, brownfield features, scrub and intricate wetlands. Known as Swanscombe Marshes, this urban wilderness is home to thousands of species, including over 250 invertebrate species which are rare or under threat. As well as abundant bees, butterflies and beetles, Swanscombe Marshes is one of just two places in the UK where you can find the Critically Endangered Distinguished jumping spider (Attulus distinguendus). It is home to Nightingales, Cuckoos, Marsh harriers and a thriving population of Common lizards, thanks to its array of rich habitats. Swanscombe Marshes is not just important for wildlife. The site has been enjoyed by local people for years for walking, bird watching, angling and escaping the hustle and bustle of North Kent. But all of this is now threatened by the proposed London Resort theme park. Hyped as the ‘UK’s Disneyland’, much of the unique habitat of Swanscombe Marshes would be destroyed and concreted. The wildlife riches of the site simply will not survive this development. At a time when the value of wildlife and open spaces is being appreciated more than ever and amid a biodiversity crisis, we urge the Secretary of State to reject this unnecessary and ill thought out application. Please sign our petition to save this unique site, let’s save Swanscombe Marshes! For more information please visit our website https://www.buglife.org.uk/campaigns/save-swanscombe-marshes/. Photos l to r (c) Diamond Geezer, Peter Harvey
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    Created by Paul Hetherington Picture
  • Support Manor Farm Dog & Sports Complex
    For over 6 years now we as a family have taken pride in caring for the Manor Farm 22 acre site. When we moved in it was heading into ruins with vandalism and lack of care. My family and I were welcomed by the local residents and community and we felt obligated to do what we can to make this site enjoyable to all. In doing so we have been pleased to offer our dog day care and dog homeboarding service since 2014 along side all of the other benefits to the site. Many of you may have heard of our dog cafe that opened 3 years ago in Wythenshawe called "The Beach Dog Cafe". We have now moved our cafe to this muched loved site. In order to do this planning permission is required. And since our overall concept is unique some of our other services are being reviewed. So we need your help.  We know our ambitions are big for our Manor Farm site and the service we offer and we are looking for support to help bolster our application. Our 22 acre site will be more than a café and day care, it will be a focal point for the community - combining sports, outdoor recreation, a dog café, as well as a rewarding dog day care and dog home boarding service.  And if that wasn’t enough, we will have indoor space for small gatherings, exercise and fitness, as well as workshops and space for community organisations.  The Manor Farm site located in Timperley has lacked a  purpose for many years now but we feel combining these interests will offer fun, exercise, mental wellbeing along with community spirit for all to enjoy.   Please support us by signing our petition to grant planning permission to open our doors. Many thanks From Tony, Tania & all of our staff
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    Created by Tony Golden