• Additional holiday to thank convenience store workers
    During this pandemic convenience store workers have been at the heart of the community from before the sun rises until long after everyone is in bed to ensure that everyone in the community is not just fed but able to utilise basic services such as bill payments and cash withdrawals. They are often the invisible servants of the community who are always there to set you on your way in the morning or be there if your missing an item for your evening leisure time. You may run out of gas at 9pm but you'll be warm through the night as they can top up your meter. It's not just convenience store workers, the Act should cover all defined key workers, those who keep transport running, drivers, mechanics, engineers, communications, NHS workers, refuse collectors, post office workers, delivery drivers, those at electric and water companies, dentists any role defined as a key worker (I'm writing this up fast whilst looking after a newborn so forgive me for not mentioning other key workers, you are all hero's) one extra days holiday entitlement every year is a very small way to say thank you to all the courageous souls on the front line. Thanks for supporting, God bless you.
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    Created by Alexander Gray
  • Business's Falling through the cracks
    It is important as we are all in the same boat during this awful pandemic therefore we should all be treated the same.Whilst some businesses are receiving all the help provided some others are being left out in the cold whilst business face the impact of no financial grant as well as no business due to either being closed or having no customers due to being told to stay at home whilst we still have to fork out to pay bills ,wages as well as spending money on making the business safe.
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    Created by Lisa Minshull
  • Stop the Senedd getting a pay rise
    Too many people have lost their jobs during Covid and are now on the breadline. The Welsh Goveenment's motto is "We're in this together", but awarding themselves a pay rise contradicts this.
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    Created by David Kinrade
  • Scrap Council Tax
    Council Tax is a pernicious form of taxation as it isn't based upon an individual's ability to pay. Also it often & unaccountably increases above the rate of inflation for ever decreasing & reduced quality Local Authority services.
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    Created by Stephen Lounton
  • Shielding group to be given priority for the Covid 19 vaccine
    It will save many peoples lives and restore some trust in the government.
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    Created by Chris Bell
  • Stop DFID/FCO merger
    On 17th June the Prime Minister announced a plan to merge DFID with the FCO, to be led by the Foreign Secretary. The stated purpose is to create a united department that will better promote British interests, to allow the Foreign Secretary to make decisions on aid spending in line with the UK's priorities overseas. In other words, to prioritise helping those who can help us in return. This means that the poorest and most vulnerable people, those who can most easily be seen to offer the UK little or nothing in return, will be pushed not only to the bottom of the queue, but all too easily off the queue altogether. UK charities have already united to condemn this move, condemning it as having been taken "without any process or consultation, and against the recommendations of both independent aid scrutiny bodies as well as the UK's development and humanitarian sector", and transferring the aid budget into "the hands of those with little expertise in global health systems, humanitarian response and disease prevention and eradication" (Stephanie Draper, CEO of Bond, a UK network for international development NGOs). Mark Sheard, CEO of World Vision UK, said it would "risk money being diverted to address UK foreign policy interests rather than alleviating poverty". A Google search of "DFID merger with the FCO" will provide many more, convincing arguments from UK aid and development charities. Of course DFID isn't perfect; no institutions are. But its ability to give aid where it is most needed in the world represents the UK's ability to express our common humanity, not only with those who can scratch our backs in return, but with all our fellow human beings especially the neediest. Please write to your MP now, making the points that: * Aid tied to the perceived national interests of whatever is the government of the day will be inconsistent and short-termist. * Although DFID, like all institutions, can always be improved, removing its independence and subsuming it under a trade-focussed body will both emasculate its expertise and remove its teeth. * Finally, our true "national interests" are best expressed in being both altruistic and, if we want to gather international kudos, in being seen to be altruistic. DFID gives us a good name in the world; merging it with the FCO will lose its identity and its good name.
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    Created by CR Couchman
  • Harmful agriculture bill
    Without Committing to current UK standards a Post Brexit market could open the UK to a flood of cheap low quality produce and low animal welfare standards . This also could totally undermine the UK farming industry
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    Created by Bryn Lewis
  • Support for Brexit with or without a deal
    Theresa May tried and failed to please everybody and was brought down by the remainers deliberate obstacles. I'm not a Conservative but I appeal to whoever wins the Conservative leadership battle, to stand strong as a statesman and deliver the public mandate given to him with or without a deal. Otherwise we will lose another leader and any international respect we have remaining.
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    Created by Ian Clement-May
  • Get MEP Claude Moraes Reinstated.
    My country (UK) will therefore have to introduce a similar visa-waiver system which will be too costly. Even worse, the ETIAS system, (& ANY visa-waiver system for that matter) does NOT go far enough to ensure our safety & national security as applicants will NOT be properly scrutinised before they will be allowed to enter through borders. Whereas if the UK is on the full schengen visa list, we will just need to simply add the EU to our visa system at no extra cost & most importantly, it means that we will be able to regain FULL right of control over our borders. There is no better supporter of our union with Gibraltar than Claude Moraes. The UK really need him back at the helm.
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    Created by Gayle Stephen
  • Make MP'S accountable to the people they represent
    Too many MP's are voting against policies that both main parties promised to deliver on and it is destroying public faith in democracy. By ousting those that lie just to get elected, we can prevent dishonesty and restore trust in our democracy.
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    Created by Tony Lister
  • Continue to Remember our War Heros
    The trees were planted after the end of the first and second world wars to commemorate the dead soldiers. Unfortunately some of the trees are diseased and the local council are going to remove them. They say they will not replace the trees. It is the centenary of the end of the first world war and therefore shows a lack of respect for the men lost from our town!
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    Created by Janet Sharp
  • Keeping the free television license for people over 75 years of age.
    The television is the only way that poor people over the required age limit have contact with the outside world.It has been brought to my attention that members of the U.K.parliment receive A free television licence for there constituency offices, which is totally unfair when M.P.s can well afford to pay for T.V licence.
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    Created by James Ross