• Ask to Government to stick to their commitment of helping 3,000 unaccompanied child refugees
    There is an estimated 90,000 unaccompanied children and teenagers across Europe Help Refugees, one of the British charities working in France, had already launched legal action against the government's handling of Dubs. Its judicial review, which will be heard on Friday, argues that ministers failed to consult local authorities properly about how many unaccompanied children could be housed.
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    Created by Robert Jones
  • Unused Drug wastage
    Wastage of resurses and money
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    Created by Lance Jones
  • All drink drivers should be banned from driving for life as they are not fit to hold a licence!
    Because they are flouting the law and putting innocent people in danger with their actions.
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    Created by Mike Devery
    NPOWER a German company known as RWE Npower have consistently persecuted bullied and destroyed the health and happiness of "millions" of UK customers and their families. This despicable company "overcharged/stole/fraudulently obtained" £70 million stolen from customers bank accounts .had to be returned Prioritizing only the financial needs of the company, Npower's orgy of predation and insatiable greed combined with their utter disregard for their customers, led to their rampant plunder of customers bank accounts. https://www.facebook.com/banNpower/ for full story
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    Created by Mercedes Valentino
  • Fining the homeless
    With homelessness increasing across the UK and Northampton we should be dealing with the causes and spending money providing shelter, food and helping folks out of this situation. People asking for food and money are usually in need of society's help not punishment. People not in this situation are damn lucky though with societies safety nets being burnt by this government we may be far from being homeless or in need, so please support this petition.
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    Created by Luke Young
  • Hitting the homeless where it hurts, in their empty pockets
    We have all lost our way in as much that this is a Christian country so we should show kindness and help to the needy.
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    Created by John McMahon
  • Revenues from new sugar tax should be spent on UK children.
    According to Barnados, there are 3.7 million children living in poverty in the UK. Clearly more needs to be done. It is important to public confidence in the government, that the government is seen to prove that it has the welfare of children at heart and is not just seen as using children's health issues just to raise tax revenues.
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    Created by Chris Barnett
  • Increase spending NOW on health and social care to a minimum of 10.6%GDP
    The NHS is the embodiment of British values, free healthcare to all at the point of access. Social Care is entwined in healthcare. We need to stop the collapse of the NHS and the Social Care system now, and the only way we can do this is by putting enough money into the system to allow it to work. Telling the local councils to raise money through local taxes is not enough. This is a national problem for a national service, and it needs more money raised through taxes.
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    Created by judith brown
  • Urinary Tract Infections tested for and prescribed for by a pharmacist instead of a GP.
    It saves the patient the hassle of waiting for an appointment or call back from the GP for a prescription of antibiotics. This would also save the NHS the cost and time of a GP testing and prescribing for a UTI. Many who have suffered a UTI before know and understand the symptoms but can end up painfully waiting to be treated. Balancing work, family commitments and your health can be difficult and is made more difficult when worrying about missing the call back from the GP or making sure you get your prescription into the pharmacy before closing. A UTI can be very debilitating and this could be dramatically improved by allowing patients antibiotic prescription treatment over the counter.
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    Created by Leah Hewerdine
  • Draw attention to government policies which shorten the lives of the elderly.
    Statistics published by the ONS in July 2016 show that the mortality rate in England and Wales increased by 5.7% in 2015. This was equivalent to an extra 27,000 deaths, the biggest annual rise since 1968. Rates were notably higher at ages 75 and over for both males and females in 2015 compared with 2014. In fact, the death rate has increased year on year since 2011 (with the exception of a 1.1% fall in 2014), indicating the reversal of a long term trend of falling death rates which began in the 1970s. Danny Dorling, an Oxford University professor and an adviser to Public Health England, said: “When we look at 2015, we are not just looking at one bad year. We have seen excessive mortality - especially among women - since 2012 ….. I suspect the largest factor here is cuts to social services - to meals on wheels, to visits to the elderly …” Social services budgets have been badly affected by reduced grants from central government, which have been cut by 36% since 2011. Furthermore, as noted by the Guardian (14th November 2015): “Councils in northern, urban cities and London boroughs with high levels of deprivation predominantly run by Labour have seen their budgets cut by almost 10 times the amount lost by mostly Tory-administered authorities in rural southern England.” The precedent for a UN inquiry into violations of human rights caused by government spending cuts was established in October 2015, when, at a closed hearing in London, the UN launched an investigation into alleged violations of disabled people’s human rights in the UK. The inquiry’s findings will be published in 2017.
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    Created by Mark White
  • Blame Culture
    Another example of the deficiencies of the regulator essentially shifting blame and their own shortcoming on to these practitioners who very bravely risked their own lives in treating ebola patients. These wonderful nurses and human beings should be honoured and deeply respected not persecuted, its an absolute disgrace. Its about time this injustice was recognised and put right please speak up on their behalf
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    Created by Mike Bush
  • LGBT+ Support Session
    I am a student at Blackburn University Centre I have created a project linking with the LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexuals and Transgender plus) Community. I think there is a lack of support out there. There was support sessions in place but due to funding cuts the help diminished so I want to re-instate that to the public. So I want to have support sessions in place offered by trained staff in all schools, colleges and Universities. I feel that there is a need of this campaign due to a lack of understanding of the meanings and clarification of the LGBT+ Community. SO I want YOUR HELP!! Some facts - 58% did not feel that their school was a safe and welcoming place for lesbian, gay or bisexual pupils, also 13% said that reporting bullying actually resulted in anything being done about it. 50% of lesbian and bisexual women under the age of 20 have self-harmed in the past year, compared to 1 in 15 generally. (Stonewall: 2008) and finally LGB people are twice as likely as heterosexual people to have suicidal thoughts or to make suicide attempts. Also another shocking fact - Lesbian, Gay and Bisexuals people are two to three times more likely than heterosexual people to suffer from depression. I want your help so please sign this petition - I will appreciate it!
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    Created by Robert Howarth