• Replace all own brand packaging with biodegradable alternatives
    It has become harder and harder to be an ethical consumer when it comes to packaging. Even fruit and veg is packed in plastic punnets most of the time. There are several, biodegradable alternatives to the plastic packaging used by the big supermarkets for their own brand items. Too much emphasis is put on customers and their duty to make the right choice. This is impossible when there is no choice presented. The banning of free plastic carriers bags has shown how big an impact can be made when those who create and sell the problem take a measure of responsibility.
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    Created by Leon Reed
  • Recyclable Plastic Packaging Labelling
    At present a large proportion of food packaging does not provide the consumer with recycling imformation either on the plastic tray, or the accompaning paper information. This lack of information means that a lot of recyclable plastic still goes to landfill. Conversely consumers may be presenting plastics for recycling having assumed them as recyclable when they are not.
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    Created by Roger Martlew Picture
  • The Blue School Wells Bus Service
    Somerset County Council have just cut fee paying seats on school transport from West Pennard / North Wootton to The Blue School. This causes great difficulty for many families who now have to all make alternate arrangements to get their children to school each day. Also, in 2018 the public transport provider First Bus cancelled a service which had been transporting at least 30 children to and from Shepton Mallet to Wells. The remaining public bus service to school is much later and is often delayed in the morning, making children late for school. It also now sees them waiting over an hour in Wells for their bus home.
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    Created by Simone Paull
  • Royal Commission on Policing and the Criminal Justice System
    Out Criminal Justice System is in Crisis, Crime is on the increase particularly violent crime (knife crime), young people are being sucked into criminality, the Police are desperate for resources and currently underfunded, the Prisons are over crowded and there are many people in prison who shouldn't be and there are many convicted violent criminals who aren't and the Courts are failing in their core duties to protect the public.
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    Created by Eddie Ffoulkes-jones
  • Get MEP Claude Moraes Reinstated.
    My country (UK) will therefore have to introduce a similar visa-waiver system which will be too costly. Even worse, the ETIAS system, (& ANY visa-waiver system for that matter) does NOT go far enough to ensure our safety & national security as applicants will NOT be properly scrutinised before they will be allowed to enter through borders. Whereas if the UK is on the full schengen visa list, we will just need to simply add the EU to our visa system at no extra cost & most importantly, it means that we will be able to regain FULL right of control over our borders. There is no better supporter of our union with Gibraltar than Claude Moraes. The UK really need him back at the helm.
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  • Protect ill and disabled people from dishonest and brutal PIP assessors
    I have read too many stories of assessors telling lies and ignoring things which confirm provided evidence and are in the claimants favour. I recently experienced this for myself. My assessor was rude, ignorant and her behaviour verged on abusive. This is wrong! If anybody else came into my home and treated me the way she did, I would call the police but I felt forced to comply with her because she held the keys to the support I need. I am a vulnerable person, yet the DWP has no safeguarding measures in place which protect me or other vulnerable people from abusive assessors. Also, if the DWP insist on putting ill and disabled people on trial, shouldn't they take on practices used in courts which make the process fair??
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    Created by Joanne Baxter Picture
  • More ethnic minority representation in Parliament
    This is important because only 8% of MP's in Parliament come from an ethnic minority background and we believe that this is unfair because currently 13.6% of the UK population is from an ethnic minority background.
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    Created by douglas hassan
  • Reverse the cut to £73.10 for disabled people on ESA WRAG
    Being disabled encurs extra costs. The current level of WRAG payment makes disabled persons lives a misery
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    Created by Philip Stanton Picture
  • Make “Smart” motorways safe - they need hard shoulders!
    When motorists experience car problems on these roads, there is no escape and people have already been killed because of this. These unsafe roads are being rolled out in order to apparently save money, at the cost of users’ lives.
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    Created by Jonathan Warren
  • Save our Police Stations
    Uxbridge Police Station is an Iconic and distinctive building in the Uxbridge Town Centre. It is very close to a busy transport hub, giving easy access to all parts of Hillingdon London and the city, Slough, Hounslow, Heathrow, etc. It is opposite to the Magistrates Court and close to the Civic Centre and busy shopping centre.
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    Created by Michelle Dibble
  • Bosses refusing to pay sick and holiday pay
    It’s important because we work all year round to earn our holiday pay and are entitled to it
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    Created by Gillian Armes
  • Free Drinking Water in Airports
    Clean drinking water is a basic human right. Plastic bottles are polluting the oceans. People would bring their own drinking water in their own re-usable containers if they were allowed, - but they are not. Apart from generating polluting plastics, airport shops charge for water at often 5 or 6 times the price it would be in a supermarket.
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    Created by JAMES OBRIEN