• Traffic Warden Patrol at peak times in Pavilion Drive for the safety of Darlinghurst Academy pupils
    Currently members of the public are parking illegally on the Yellow Keep Clear school road markings and the double yellow lines directly outside of Darlinghurst Academy and either side of the school. This also includes resident driveways. Through this inconsiderate parking it is causing a danger to all school children/Parents/carers who are trying to cross the road safely.
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    Created by Marc Woodcock
  • Save the Lydney and Dilke hospitals in the Forest of Dean
    People of the Forest of Dean originally helped to pay for these hospitals and their Friends organisations have supported them financially over the years.
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    Created by Peter Stanway
  • Save Heysham Swimming Pool.
    Cllr Margaret Pattison, Cllr Janice Hanson, Cllr Darren Clifford and Cllr David Whittaker are very concerned with living in a seaside area such as Morecambe and Heysham that children should have a local pool to learn to swim. The pool has 54.000 visitors a year with 16 schools using the pool for swimming lessons and groups helping people to keep fit and healthy, if closed this would effect the health and safety of the people in Morecambe.
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    Created by Cllr Margaret Pattison.
    Public transport is a major part of peoples lives, it allows old people, students to visit their friends, to do shopping, and allow people to go on days out. Currently, the last bus from Blackburn Bus Station is 19:00 with NO SERVICE at any time on a Sunday or bank holidays. This is affecting people who used to use the bus on a Sunday and nighttime and particularly on the run up to Christmas when Blackburn market opens the last few Sundays before Christmas.
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    Created by Alex Davies
  • Ask Starbucks UK TO recycle their daily waste
    For obvious environmental reasons. Their daily usage of waste across the UK from their 549 nationwide stores is consuming landfills at an astronomical rate.
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    Created by Sam Wells
  • Stop the closure of Combat Stress Audley Court Newport Shropshire
    This facility looks after veterans with mental health problems and PTSD.
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    Created by Keith Page
  • Spouse Visas for non EU Individuals
    I know this Petition will be a touchy subject for those who have had to apply for a Spouse Visa in the last four years to allow a non-EU domiciled spouse into the UK from abroad. I have made every effort to keep this petition explanation short and hope my point comes across to your clearly and concisely, and that you will support my initiative to urge our fellow Minister of State, Rt Hon Brandon Lewis to look into this as a matter of urgency and bring about a change in pricing policy. Here is my Story: I, Andy Wilkinson am a UK Citizen and married my wife Sylvia Alexis in 2010 who was from Pretoria, South Africa. She joined me in the UK as my partner having acquired a spouse visa - costing around £600 in 2010. In March 2012, we decided to move to Cape Town for few years for a job opportunity for which I had been accepted. Late last year, my role came to an end, and we had to move back home. After reviewing the criteria for the UK Visa, it was obvious I would have to come back to the UK alone and find a job that qualified me for the financial requirement of the minimum income threshold which was required. In June 2017, we were set to apply for Sylvia’s Spouse Visa and was advised the cost to be £1,464 pounds. The Issue: Given the current recessionary economic climate in the UK, a huge population of the work force just about get by with what they earn (See my link to the Guardian’s newspaper below to see the income situation of UK Citizens). What happens when a UK Citizen finds their match from abroad, and have to pay £1,464 to bring them into the UK, this becomes a sticky situation an unaffordable price for many. Therefore a number of questions have come to mind? Why has the government which came into power in 2010, suddenly hiked the prices of a spouse visa for a UK Citizen’s partner. Ofcourse the government has an ambition of curbing the national debt, but penalizing UK citizens for having chosen a partner from abroad is not one of the best ways of doing it. A visa cost of £600 in 2010, and the same visa in 2017 costs £1,464. It would frustrate any logical minded person how the steep increase of 140% is justified. Or is the government simply trying to rake in as much money as it can from a situation they know the applicant has no alternative choice but to pay. I feel this is a penalization technique to those who have found their match from abroad. Ofcourse it will be argued that this has been a decision to curb exploitative marriages. But what about those who have been married for many years, those who have kids, certainly they cannot be labeled as exploitative – so why should they have to pay such a hefty visa cost? Finally, it may also be argued this is to stop UK Citizens bringing in partners from abroad. This cannot be something the government decides. It is every Human’s Right to marry whomsoever they wish. It is not justifiable for the government to apply strong charges, as if to punish a UK Citizen from marrying outside the borders of the UK. Referring back to the article by the Guardian, many people who have spouses abroad will have to wait, or pay the cost using expensive methods of credits (credit cards, loans etc), and this certainly can’t be a reasonable strategy. What do I want? I want your support to urge our Minister of State, Rt Hon Brandon Lewis, to look into reducing the cost of a spouse visa for UK citizens who plan to bring in their spouse’s from abroad. The visa costs should be designed so that they are equitable to all UK Citizens, not assuming everyone is a high income earner. (For I am not a high UK earner, but am grateful Sylvia has now joined me in the UK). I also understand that the government has taken a consultation process to determine fee levels for certain visas, but the visa that I am concerned is for UK Citizens who have/plan to bring their spouse from abroad. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2017/feb/20/one-in-four-uk-families-have-less-than-95-in-savings-report-finds
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    Created by Andy Wilkinson
  • Ban pro lifers from protesting outside hospital
    This is important because if pro life protests target abortion clinics it could cause a woman who wishes to seek an abortion, to be too scared to attend appointments because of fear of judgement and condemnation. This could have disastrous consequences for her. Abortion is legal in this country therefore these protests are infringing on a woman's right to choose. This is important because these protests invade on a safe space. A space that is much needed for women
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    Created by Gemma Paintin
  • Stop the speeding
    Cars have been speeding round these streets at break neck speed something needs to be done before someone is killed
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    Created by Lucy Savage
    The funding of £1m was given to this area in 2012 over a 10 year period and one main priority should be education for our children and young people, there has been a great demand for supplementary education but we cannot afford to fund this ourselves. Whilst the funds for this Big Local Area has been inappropriately allocated to pay Big Local Co-ordinator’s salary, run activities and events that attempt to address short term needs of some members of the community to the detriment of Barnfield children education. We therefore solicit that the Barnfield Big Local funding subsequently be allocated in a way that prioritise our children’s education.
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    Created by Barnfield Resident
  • Permanently ban fracking in North Yorkshire
    Why is this important? fracking in North Yorkshire could: pose a risk to health contaminate water hit house prices increase traffic in nearby communities and make it harder to meet climate targets NYCC ignored the will of the people. It is vital we overturn their decision and ban fracking to protect North Yorkshire’s people and environment from a dangerous form of energy extraction.
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    Created by Julian Shaw
  • save the crooked billet
    jobs, independent local, history,
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    Created by Rahil Imam