• Road side danger
    Huge lorries, now using our A routes, are a constant worry simply size and the overgrowth has there body of the vehicle over the centre line. The growth of county hedges have not been cut or maintained ever, I know of several A routes that have never been maintained in fifty years. It is the responsibility of land owners and the highway maintainence to keep our routes safe.
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    Created by Elizabeth Jarvis
  • Lidl Store Mercia Road Gloucester
    There is already a Lidl store within a 5 minute drive of the proposed new development. The new development will potentially create more traffic in an already congested area.
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    Created by Jason Draper
  • Put politicians on minimum-wage
    So we can see how fast things change for the working class
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    Created by Alex Timmins
  • Make haircut prices the same for men and women
    I want it to be equal between men and women I don't think it's fair that a woman has to pay £32 for a cut and blow dry and a man only has to pay £5 for the same thing.
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    Created by Sharon Bishop
  • Save our youth club
    It is a safe place for our kids to meet, make new friends, learn new things and be safe. Without it what will the kids do? My kids love it they cook, play games, help raise funds and much more thanks to Joe and his team.
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    Created by Karen Brown
  • Release Public Donations for Grenfell to buy Housing and Possessions for the Survivors. Now
    Money Held and not used for the purpose it was Donated is Theft
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    Created by Susana Walker
  • Bexleyheath Police Station Front Office Closure
    We believe that the alternative location at Sidcup will restrict the majority of Bexley resident’s access to police services. Not all residents have access to internet facilities nor do they have their own transport to travel to Sidcup. Both of these points are particularly relevant to Bexley’s older and more vulnerable residents. Bexleyheath police station is central to the entire borough with superb public transport links to all locations. Travelling to Sidcup by public transport is challenging. There is a very limited bus service to Marlowe House and parking facilities are both limited and costly. The proposed new location would therefore make using the front office extremely difficult, especially for people living in the north of the borough. Neighbourhood policing – a strategic priority for the London Mayor – would also be adversely affected. SNT officers will be spending more time travelling from this Sidcup location to their wards thereby limiting their time engaging with ward residents when on duty.
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    Created by Bexley Safer Neighbourhood Board
  • More Funding For the Mental Health department in Southmead Hospital
    We are a group of ten teens who are participating in the National Citizen Service Programme. For our social action, we decided to address issues around Teens' Mental Health. Statistically 1 in 10 teens struggles with their mental health. However, there are many more that don't speak out because there are many restrictions in their way. One of these restrictions is stigma which we want to address in our social action. Another big restriction is the lack of support available. We want more funding's from the NHS to help people around Bristol who are suffering with their mental health. One of our group members struggled with their mental health; here is her story. "Over the past few years, depression has been an unwanted friend. During this period, I also dealt with abuse and bullying which affected me emotionally. This caused me to give up with everything. I couldn't be bothered to get up yet alone revise. After my GCSE's finished life at home got worse. I lost the only friends I had. I didn't leave my bed. I started to get bad thoughts about suicide which lead to self harming. I was too afraid to tell people because of my severe anxiety. Once i opened up and told my friend, I realised there were people that wanted to help me. I was just looking in the wrong place. I decided to not end my life there and then but now I continued it until this day where I can say I'm recovering." Another member of our team had an experience where their sibling's treatment for anorexia was significantly delayed due to a bed shortage because of the lack of funding. These are just two peoples stories. Since so many teens have their own experience, we want to help make it easier for others to receive the support they need as early as possible so they don't have to suffer in silence.
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    Created by Stigma Stoppers
  • control private landlords rent increases
    thousands of people are homeless everyday if the government took control of the landlords and set a basic rent for 1,2 and 3 bedroom properties no matter of the postcode or location just based on the number of rooms in the property something has to be done there are to many people homeless and struggling to pay their rents!!!!!!
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    Created by Sara Mc Namara
  • Get bebington high uniforms back to our local supplier
    The current supplier carries no stock and the uniforms supplied are of disappointing, ill fitting poor quality, and the location is not easily accessible
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    Created by Shelly Sadler Flinn
  • Stop selling 'Disposable' POWER HIT chargers.
    The Power HIT one-time-use 'disposable' phone charger, a new product owned by the 'Solent Group'. are now being sold around the UK. At £3 a piece, these chargers have a great appeal and seem to be a useful product. However they could have a potentially devastating impact on the environment. Marketed as 'Disposable', these chargers contain electronics, including a rechargable lithium ION battery, which are harmful to the environment and should not be sent to landfill. Such use of these batteries is wasteful. They contain resources of which there is a finite amount, and recycling of these batteries could cut down on carbon emissions. Ontop of that, they contain plastics and other materials which are not bio-degradable. This means it could take thousands of years for these materials to break down. This is harmful to wildlife and our ecology. Please sign my petition to stop this product, and others like it, from being sold around the UK.
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    Created by Emil Carr
  • childrens act 1989
    Because we need parental right to allow grandparents to be able to get it in the same way as same sex parents or step parents. Neither of these are blood relatives. There are over 200.000 grandparents bringing up one or more grandchildren in the UK. We have to go to court to seek permission for a residence order or special guardianship order to also gain parental rights. It can take months and months instead of a trip to local court with downloaded form witnessed by a notary. It all needs to be brought into 2017. The Children's Act is to protect children and this isn't. I have my grandson due to his mothers death and mother and fathers substance abuse. I have no legal rights for my grandson. This all needs to change.
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    Created by Tina Holt