• bring down retirement age to 64
    adults who have worked hard for years cannot expect to do hard manual work over the age of 64.
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    Created by Bradley Pugh
  • Against Donald Trump's war (nuclear or conventional) against North Korea
    At the presant time the UK and North Korea are on fairly civil terms, we do not want to be dragged into a war because Donald Trump wants one.
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    Created by David Duchovny
  • Keep CRIME WATCH on TV
    Because it helps to catch criminals, rapists, and paedophiles, so that they can be bought to justice and put away. Therefore it can be a safer place for us to live in, and give justice to victims and families who have lost loved ones.
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    Created by Braxia Wardle
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    Created by steven fraser
  • Local Post Office, Chiswick Station
    The large retail and service operators like the Coop and the Post Office often seem to put profit maximisation ahead of convenience and service. The Coop claims to support communities and sustainability but if it does not maintain the existing Post Office in its new local store then it is not living up to what it claims is seeks to be. On the other hand the Post Office seems to want to make us only use big, centralised facilities which are souless, often not conveniently located ( particularly for the elderly) and usually very busy with long queues. It is time see some corporate common sense and reflection of community values and thus halt this relentless consolidation.
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    Created by David Kerr
  • Open Deerpark Surgery in Witney
    They care less that the other surgeries in Witney are now struggling with all the extra patients they had to take on. Now its 6-8 weeks to see a GP. Meantime more and more houses are being built in the vicinity of the Deerpark surgery. This means that a MINIMUM of 10.000 people will be wanting to sign onto a surgery. The local GPs are already overstretched and find it very difficult to see all patients, I myself have complex health problems and in 6 months I have seen my GP once. I have had to attend the surgery at other times and have experienced lack of care in no follow up and terse nurses, who are also under pressure. I am 72 and don't have any quality of care as I did with Deerpark. Not once had my BP checked or my Diabetes, both these were checked regularly before. I am also at serious risk of a heart attack or stroke, I just feel this could happen and no one will even care. All patients of the surgeries in Witney need to sign the petition as this affects them greatly too.
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    Created by Yvonne De Burgo
  • Plastic reduction in supermarkets
    The oceans are already choked with plastic and by 2050 , there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. This could mean starvation to many people and countries that depend on the ocean to survive. This is the sort of environment that breeds conflict and war, thus causing more pollution. I have 5 grandchildren who will be part of this polluted world along with billions of others. We have no need to worry about world war three, as pollution will eradicate the population before , if we don't take action now. If we target supermarkets like Asda, then we can pressurise them into making a difference.
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    Created by Nicholas Perry
  • Increase Apprenticeship Wage
    I would love to undertake an apprenticeship in Business Administration but as I am unemployed £3.50 is not sufficient as the National.Minimum Wage is over £ 7.00
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    Created by Danielle Axford
  • Biggleswade station disabled access
    Please sign this petition to raise further awareness of the problems faced.
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    Created by Robert Lamb
  • Sandown bay needs a sixth form
    The sixth form at Sandown bay has always been successful. The 2017 results were above average again, despite the turmoil created by the current uncertainties in the future of the school. There is no alternative in the area. Transport issues including costs will put off those who are capable of post 16 study but will have to travel. Younger students need to see a visible 6th form to aspire them to learn and give them an educational goal to work towards.
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    Created by Dawn G
  • Increase funding for the NHS through increasing taxation by 1p in the £
    The NHS is essential to the U.K.- it is at danger of ceasing if a commitment to increasing its funding does not occur immediately and sanctioned by the forthcoming budget.
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    Created by Sue Vernon
  • Basic first aid to become part of the National Curriculum
    Lives could be saved and injuries could be lessened if everyone was aware of even the most basic of first aid. From nose bleeds to broken bones, concussion to knife injury, if people knew the 1st steps, basic ‘what to do’ in a situation whilst waiting for paramedics, further injury or trauma could be minimised.
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    Created by Ali Edge