• Devolve policing from Westminster to the Welsh assembly
    It seems ludicrous that Westminster is considering devolving policing to Greater Manchester, a region of England, yet completely brush the issue to the side when it comes to Wales. Scotland too has their own criminal justice system, so how does it make any logical sense not to devolve this area of government to Wales?
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    Created by Ifan Jones
  • Put Back the X64 Bus Route
    I no longer have a bus that will take me to the QE hospital, or to my GP. This is crazy.
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    Created by Jess Shapero
  • Label foods if it is suitable for vegans!
    It will prevent people making errors, when they purchase an item that is suitable for vegetarians, but may contain items such as milk or honey.
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    Created by Sharon Chrismas
  • We want prescription tranquilliser support group in Birmingham
    My husband who has been housebound for over 2 years is an involuntary benzo prescription addict in withdrawal and as research has shown would benefit from talking to others like him in this city. Other cities have this support but Birmingham hasn`t and the Cross City CCG has the power to helpbut only helps illicit drug users not prescription addicts like Phil. There are an estimated 250,000 prescription benzo addicts in England and The Cross City CCG has the 4th largest population in England so there must be many benzo prescription addicts like my husband and sharing their strategies to deal with the neuropathic symptoms will help.Phil has had no contact with anyone in this city ;he has to phone charities in Bristol, Oldham and Bradford . Birmingham is described by them as a disgrace .Help is urgently neededand the CROSS City CCG can easily identify others like Phil. This was done in Oldham in 2004.Please help to get our CCG to act.
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    Created by Margaret Braithwaite
  • Number 10 bus first bus glasgow
    This is my way of travelling to work i normally get 2 buses now i need to walk to get 3??? This is also one on main buses for football fans travelling to ibrox.also kids travelling to darnley primary or st angelas
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    Created by Davina Mcgillivray
  • Accountablity for rochdale grooming scandals 2007-2012
    An independent inquiry is needed because the people of the town and the victims feel that they have been let down. It is clear from evidence supplied that people at the top in the police and council were aware of the situation and neglected to act. These people have either been allowed to resign with pension rights or else carry on in their jobs. We need a full and transparent inquiry into who failed these girls.
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    Created by Linzi Millington
    You're messing with peoples lives and this system is wrong and cruel and was invented by someone who couldnt care less. I lost my job because the NHS did not give me my treatment when i needed it, I was awarded DLA indefinately then it was taken away when PIP took over, I'm now in £7,000 worth of dept because i had to buy my mobility car as i cant use public transport. I have an outwork job which pays below the minimum wage but its work, I want to work but i also need help. but i; like millions of others don't seem to matter. This system is not fair and needs to be changed.
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    Created by Sue Allen
  • New Skatepark in Milton Keynes
    Skateparks provide a safe designate environment for people both young and old to ride. Further more they keep the youth away from open landscape architecture which then becomes damaged due to the lack of skateparks and skate spaces for them to use as it becomes the secondary place of use. To follow this it keeps the users of skateparks (bikers, roller bladers, kids on scooters) away from others places such as Costco and the Blum building where they use ledges and other areas such as underpasses as a unsafe way of practising based on the lack of space and early skatepark closing times. Asides from the fact it benefits the users, it also benfits Milton Keynes as a whole, other than our large shopping centre which attracts thousands of people each day, lots of people visit MK for the skateparks and will travel to try them out for a day, e.g the BUSZY is actually a famous park across the country as a street spot, having these parks draw in a niche group of people who come to Mk for the day, spend there money in shops whilst they ride and then return in the future, we believe having these skateparks is one of the many desirable things that keep Milton Keynes a desired place to live for the youth as there's many places that don't have the luxury of the parks that we have, and then some others that are benefited with much more. We as the community doing this petition would also ask that if this goes to plan and we are able to renovate one of these parks or build another, that we could get involved in the design, there are many of us that are good with this and some studying architectural courses and would love to get involved, as we believe we could create a more safe and fun environment for us to use. This would also then remove the problem that we currently have where particular members of the community try to create there own DIY parks within our skateparks. We hope this is something you see valuable to the community as without these parks we are left with the streets which we believe is both a safety hazard for those riding, as well as a problem as it ruins so much of the beautiful architecture we have here in MK, so keeping, improving or even making new parks can resolve these issues.
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    Created by Harry Braddish
  • Keep Shine for St Ursula's E-Act Academy PE Lessons
    Shine offer professional coaching in a variety of sports that children may not be able to access ordinarily. The coaches provide positive role models that children are very comfortable with and they offer an alternative to parents and teachers in this respect in children's lives. They make engaging in physical exercise fun and achievable for all. The school believe that an internal coach facilitating sport through class teachers offers an effective, cost cutting solution in times of educational economic austerity. However we believe that the move will be to the detriment of our children's enthusiasm for sport, that they will be less active overall as they will not be as encouraged to join in physical activities outside of school, the range of different sporting activities available to them will decrease and the level of sporting prowess that many of the children currently possess (as demonstrated by St Ursula's achievements in inter-school matches and tournaments) will decline. In a world that promotes physical exercise as healthy this move suggests that E-Act do not hold physical educational as important as other aspects of the curriculum. Whilst the parents understand the need for the school to future-proof against the closure of the community hall and therefore the loss of Shine from the neighbouring building, the parents have long understood (as promoted by the school themselves in previous academic years) that Shine would operate from within the new school. The possible community hall closure has not yet been decided upon and even if that were to happen Shine would be on-site to continue their activities if what parents were previously led to believe is correct. Many parents selected St Ursula's as their child's primary school because of the close association between the school and Shine. E-Act are correct when they say that E-Act and Shine are two separate business organisations. However E-Act have, as recently as the autumn of 2016, used the association that exist between the two to promote their school. Many parents, on hearing that Shine will not be teaching PE to at least one key stage, feel that they have been mis-sold the school.
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    Created by Georgina Moden
  • Access to open access journal articles to those with no current institutional affiliation
    Current Government policy on pensions provision is based on the assumption that one third of one's life post starting work will be spent in retirement. The ability of retirees' ability 'to retain our intellectual, cultural and social capital' (Hartman, 2009) is compromised by the reluctance of university libraries to allow retired staff access away from university sites to e journals (see Paul Armstrong, Univ leeds, conference paper, undated but after 2011). This issue of the the defenestration of retired academics was given prominence by an influential survey of Retirees' views by Barbara Tizard widely reported in 2000-04. Access to journal articles by a substantial proportion of the UK population is severely limited, especially by those who cannot afford the exhorbitant rate of downloading one-off articles. The problem is writ large in terms of equity worldwide. Whilst most UK research councils (for example MRC, Welcome) now require publishing in open access journals and open access is on the increase, many journals still do not have an open access policy. The cost of such a policy should be born by a charge to institutions for publication in turn funded by research grant funding enhancements. The contribution of substantial expertise and dedication amongst academic and other retirees in particular is being compromised by this short sighted policy. (note: all these references can easily be obtained in a Google search by entering Barbara Tizard retirees)
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    Created by Russell Ecob
  • Money back on rubbish collection
    Not very healthy to have those rubbishes on our streets. Not very respectful from council. No consideration for the public. Save the binmen jobs and no cut.
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    Created by claudia vukulu Picture
  • Restore A&E 24/7 at Weston General Hospital
    Currently A&E at Weston General is closed between 10pm and 8am. Seriously ill and injured people are being taken over 20 miles to Bristol or Taunton.This puts patients health under grave risk and fatalities are inevitable due to the time it will take to get people to a functioning A&E.....if an ambulance can be found.
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    Created by kevin roy