• Save Remploy Firms for the Disabled
    These disabled people are suffering enough with their disability and surely we as a caring society should be helpful and be prepared to help them in their fight with the government to keep their factories open.
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    Created by Alan Fox
  • Urge the Conservative Party to return the donation from Polly Peck
    John Major and other senior party members pledged to return the donations if Nadir was found guilty of fraud - this was a Conservative party commitment which they should honour.
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    Created by Angela Steatham
  • Debate the failure of the Military and Dubai police to find Timmy Maccoll.
    Timmy has a heavily pregnant wife and 2 children Cameron and Skye, they need there daddy and the whole family deserve answers. Dont forget he was servig our country..why arnt we doing more to find him!????
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    Created by louise davies
  • Saving the British Pub
    The British Pub is being extinguished by the fact it so much cheaper to buy beer in supermarkets and drink it at home. If my idea was adopted I do not believe the Government would lose much income because of the companion sales of wines and spirits to the companions of draught beer drinkers. The pub is much more than a drinking den, it is where people meet and interact, play games and socialise.
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    Created by Roy Murchie
  • Make Cycling Safer for everyone
    We have been in the Common Market for over thirty years and we have been made to accept many unwanted changes to our lifestyle and laws. The time has come for us to have some of the good things that the rest of our European Partners enjoy. In Belgium cyclists have right of way over motorists. In France cyclists know that they will be treated with respect by other road users. This is very noticeable, in most of the EU it is safe to cycle on major roads. Please act now, to encourage more people to feel it is safe to cycle on our roads.
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    Created by Mike Christy
  • None of the Above
    With record low turnout for elections, the democratic mandates of our governments and local councils are seriously undermined. It could be argued that the majority of the public is already voting for "None of the Above". The public is currently unable to exercise any choice over the individual candidates put up by each party, but permitting them to reject the listed candidates in an election would allow a new set to be put up.
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    Created by Paul Warren
  • Work towards a Single Land Tax in Great Britain
    The current system of taxation is over-complicated, inefficient and filled with loopholes. What's more, in taxing income or business transactions it disincentivises productive enterprises and encourages the wealthy to spend time and money avoiding paying taxes. A single tax based upon the value of unimproved land, as described by the economist Henry George, would recognise that natural resources are public property, would be easy to collect with a minimum of bureaucracy and would not decrease productivity. It would also significantly reduce inequality and counteract the worst effects of poverty. Such a tax is exactly what this country currently needs, and is the route to a better economy.
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    Created by James Winterbotham
  • Truth of cheques cleared/uncleared on bank statements
    Most people do not know that if a cheque is marked as cleared in their bank statement it may well not be, but that the money to the amount of the cheque can be used. This is, however, well know to fraudsters who have making the most of it. The banks know this fraud is happening but still mark cheques as cleared and expect their customers to carry the costs.
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    Created by Renée Kern
  • Get churches to move their money
    It has long been suspected that the Christian churches in this country ( and, no doubt, elsewhere) appear to be in thrall to the Big Money powers, as represented by the City, for example. The remaining influence which some churchmen still have could be turned to the good of working (i.e., not speculating) people, since a massive movement of church money to the ethical banks would be both a positive move and a slap on the wrists of the mega-greedy. The churches should, finally, for their own credibility, be seen to be on the side of the less-rich.
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    Created by David Marchesi
  • Electricity from Sea Power
    Tidal generation is totally reliable in the constancy of its output. Turbines could be placed at locations where the tidal race is particularly strong. The mere rise and fall of the water level could be utilised where high and low water are particularly marked. A barrier could be built across an estuary and the tidal flow harnessed in both directions. Wave power is almost as reliable but the equipment is more subject to storm damage. The capital investment required is large, and only the government can wait as long as will be required for the return, but this is exactly the kind of scheme which would help to start the economy moving and benefit the nation in the long run. Wind power will not be enough in itself to see us through the crisis point which is approaching as fossil fuels run out, and it requires backup generation capacity to cover times of calm.
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    Created by William Brown
  • Make our Councils Accountable to the People
    This will show constituents who gets paid what from our council taxes. It will also show who in our communities make the decisions that affect us on a local level. It will show if a locality is held to ransom by a small band of councillors who control everything.
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    Created by Enda Farrell
  • Stop The Stench
    This site belches out foul smelling odours which choke the local communities and give rise to serious health concerns
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    Created by Peter Gardiner