• save the junction
    The building is not only a famous landmark in featherstone it is the hub of our community. For many years it has been at the heart of peoples lives from wedding receptions, birthday parties, and funeral wakes. Many people in the area tell stories of happy times in the junction, more recently it has become a music venue and also a supporter of local charities. We have a hardcore of regulars who want the pub to remain and the clientele has greatly increased thanks to the efforts of the recent landlord. It would be a tragedy for the town were it to be sold and re-developed.
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  • Emergency services Bank Holiday
    I believe it is important to recognise and reward their unwavering dedication, hard work and professionalism when faced with incredible odds.
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    The Arts & Culture sector has already been eroded by years of austerity. But Culture will play a crucial part in helping people to recover from the crisis. Museums, galleries and the arts are also responsible for a significant contribution to the economy and will be important in signaling when it is safe for people to enjoy culture and travel again. We are concerned that DCMS might plan instead to cut funding for arts organisations to pay for the costs of Coronavirus crisis. We believe that this would be a serious mistake. This would be likely to threaten the very staff, often the lowest paid, who continued working in museums and galleries during the shutdown to keep the nations treasures safe. Financial guarantees now would also remove the pressure on institutions to reopen before it is safe to do so.
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  • Parades For Our NHS And Key Worker Heroes
    Across Britain, our NHS and key workers have been working day and night to save lives and keep our country's heart beating. We are asking for the government to support us as we arrange a series of nationwide parades, when it's safe to do so, in as many towns and cities as possible. We will parade through town centres and later gather in parks to celebrate those who have looked after so many of the people we love. Please sign this petition, follow us at https://facebook.com/ParadeForHeroes and sign up to volunteer at https://paradeforheroes.com.
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  • Save theatres & entertainment industry all live music venues Cinemas & Pubs
    Theatre & Television sets are busy crowded places. The audience requires large numbers to huddle together. Theatres cannot be profitable while we are social distancing for so many reasons and unlike other industries, we cannot work from home. Furlough schemes only take us to October 2020, but the industry is unlikely to reopen until 2021. Bectu says “ The industry is facing a potentially catastrophic impact from COVID 19 and government, employers and workers must come together to develop a strategy for our cultural sectors’ survival.” The entertainment industry has never suffered such a crippling blow. The impact is unprecedented and we must protect this great British institution.
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  • Save BBC 4
    BBC 4 has valuable, sensible, intelligent and interesting documentaries, with 'grown up' subjects, which are well presented. It also has excellent dramas. If, like me, you are elderly, then subtitles are essential and these could not be provided if BBC 4 were to be moved to small screens used by younger people. With an ageing population, account must be given to the more senior members of society.
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  • Mayor of Hackney, Hackney Council, support food growing in Hackney!
    Both the climate emergency and Covid 19 have shown the importance of local community food growing both in driving down carbon emissions, more so than tree planting, and in providing food autonomy for the residents of Hackney. We know it is possible to grow good cheap food for residents in cities when supported by the local, regional or national authorities, as various growing schemes have shown, but we are in an emergency and need to dramatically scale this up. Unlike Detroit, famed for it's urban farms, Hackney has little spare or free land. So we need the council to support this both by providing land and in terms of financial support. This petition has been produced by Clapton / Homerton Urban Growers Organisation
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  • national monument for coronavirus staff on front line who have died
    The Government has used warlike terminology throughout this crisis and should now do what it would do after a violent war by remembering all those who gave their lives for their fellow citizens, and holding a rememberance service once a year like the one we currently have at the Cenotaph.
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  • changing Rooms
    because we need light relief, many people are doing terrible DIY projects and it would good to have stuff from the archives that *weren't* educational or cultural or crime
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    Black rock lave net fishery is the last lave net fishery in wales and the last on the Severn estuary. A tradition dating back 100's of years. Over the past 25 years the fishermen & others have promoted this as a tourism /heritage site ,inviting folk to interact and watch the fishing. The fishery has led the way in accepting a salmon fish limit of 5 per month for the group during the 3 month season but typically over the past 25 years only catch an average of 6 for the entire season This sustains the fishery. This agreement was facilitated by the Welsh assembly government in 2008 Natural Resources wales will if not stopped impose further restrictions which will undermine and destroy the future of the fishery
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  • #goodbyeviberzshow
    because we think we deserve a goodbye after everything we have done for them an we need to say our final goodbyes
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  • Amend the Editor's Code to prevent media exploitation in illness and death
    The Editor's Code tries to protect the loved ones of a deceased person in grief and shock - but it doesn't go far enough. There is ambiguity about the use of social media by the press that needs to be rectified by clarity within the Code to stop stories being manipulated - and a death or illness exploited. My brother, Felix Schroer, died on 20th March 2020. He had worked for the soap Hollyoaks and his employers of 20 years, Lime Pictures, announced the closing of production at the same time as issuing a press release about my brother's death, which clearly stated that the family were not connecting the unexplained sudden death with Covid 19. We had no idea why my brother had suddenly died. Desperate for a celebrity Covid 19 story, my Twitter feed was mined by the press and comments I made in a tweet were taken completely out of context. The press misrepresented what I said to suggest that I had 'confirmed' my brother had died in 'fear of the virus' or suspected that he had it. In this way the death could be linked with the closure of the soap due to Covid 19, when in fact it was just coincidental. Felix had explained the soap would probably close to me the day before he died. As I explained on Twitter, anyone with a persistent cough would be concerned about Covid 19 in the pandemic - and on its own this was not a news story at all. We wanted answers about why my brother died and I hadn't confirmed anything. No one ever spoke to me to make sure they had understood the points I was trying to make. I am a health professional/health researcher and use Twitter for campaigning and raising awareness about political and social injustices - and I had every right, as a citizen, to question the government's policies on Covid 19 testing - asking why some people were getting tests and other's weren't. I had a right to ask questions about why my brother might have died - whilst also saying we must wait for answers, which I did. The day after the press reports, the coroner called me to say the post mortem we had been informed would take place might not happen - if Felix had died from a pre-existing condition there was no need for a post mortem. Even IPSO asked me if I had indeed tweeted a particular tweet before the post mortem. I had to point out the press coverage may have jeopardised the post mortem ever taking place. I wrote to the coroner. I explained that my brother had experienced what he felt was a very strange reaction to taking the antibiotic medication doxycycline, which was prescribed for a chest infection. The coroner agreed to conduct a post mortem after our conversation and a post mortem was done on 27th March. This examination revealed my brother had very clearly died of a heart attack - there was no respiratory infection at all. I then completed an MHRA (Medicines Health Regulation Authority) Yellow Card to report the Adverse Drug Reaction as a cardiac adverse reaction and I reported the drug was linked with a fatality. I informed my brother's employers about the heart attack on 27th March but still - two weeks after my brother's employers had learned the cause of death, the tabloids continued with the story relating the death to Covid 19. This happened after Felix's colleagues at Lime Pictures paid a tribute to him, (which he would have very much enjoyed), by wearing blue, the colour of the football team he supported. The story was again taken from social media. His work colleagues who wanted to honour Felix ended up feeling devastated they had caused upset to the family - who had been extremely distressed by the press coverage. But this was not their fault. Even though it was my twitter feed that had been used to create the false narrative, ever since March 31st, Felix's employers, Lime Pictures, ceased communication with me. The company stonewalls me and neither Felix's oldest and closest friend or I cannot get them to deal with the press to put things right - they just do not answer our emails. This is absolutely devastating for us as all this only happened because of Felix's connection to Hollyoaks as he is not a celebrity or famous person. This story should have been corrected immediately after the company learned my brother died of a heart attack. They should also have denied links made between the closure of the soap and the death of my brother. The argument I found myself confronted with, before communication with me ceased, was that there was no shame in dying of Covid 19. The real story was the missed illness in the pandemic - and the fact that so many more may die of heart disease when the symptoms are so similar to respiratory illness. Felix's respiratory symptoms resulted from pulmonary oedema - fluid on the lungs - because his heart was increasingly failing - not an infection. Patients with heart disease need to be carefully triaged in this pandemic or their illness will be missed - as my brother's was. I just wanted something positive to come out of my brother's death for others. I hope this petition will raise awareness - to help others with heart disease. The least my brother deserves after such a tragic and potentially preventable death is accurate reporting about why he died. This isn't about blaming anyone in the medical profession - it is about appreciating there may be uncertainties and challenges when people are ill and in death and relatives have every right to ask questions without fear they will be targeted to create false narratives. Anyone who has lost a brother or sister will know just how hard this is - especially when the death comes out of the blue like it did. I should not have had to deal with all this on top of his death. I would like IPSO to clarify the way that social media can be used by the press in illness and death so this doesn't happen again.
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