• Regenerate Squire St
    This street has been an eye sore for years. It is targeted by fly tippers, litterers, criminals and is an environmental issue with many rats often spotted. It is pulling down prices of houses costing home owners thousands and making it harder for people to get insurance. The people of Whiteinch should not be left behind anymore whilst Partick and other areas are being redeveloped.
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    Created by Cassia Mae
  • Keep the statue of Jen Reid in Bristol centre until a permanent replacement is decided upon.
    The statue of slave trader Edward Colston stood in the centre of Bristol for 124 years, where it has stood as an offensive provocation to the black community, in the literal centre of our city. For at least the last 30 years the statue was the subject of controversy, and many pleas to Bristol City Council that it be removed; finally, in June 2020 the matter was taken into the hands of the people, who forcibly removed the statue, as BCC were clearly unwilling to do so, despite voluble popular feeling. Within a few weeks, in an act of guerilla art, the empty plinth of the Colston statue was filled with a sculpture by renowned artist Mark Quinn of Jen Reid, a BLM protestor involved in the removal of the Colston statue. In contrast to their 30 years of procrastination over removal of Colston's statue, BCC sprang into action to remove this popular addition to Bristol centre within 24 hours of its installation. The people of Bristol were not consulted about this removal, and we'd like the new, improved statue put back until such time as a long-term replacement can be found. It won't be permanent, we understand, but it's an appropriate placeholder that symbolises Bristol's rejection of racist iconography, and our pride in our multicultural community. People should have a chance to see it in place, and allow it to heal some of the harm done by 124 years of glorification of Bristol's shameful involvement in the slave trade, and the council's subsequent disrespect for its black community. - [Jen Reid] recalled climbing onto [the plinth] after the Colston statue was pulled down and spontaneously raising her arm in a Black Power salute. "It was like an electrical charge of power was running through me." "My immediate thoughts were for the enslaved people who died at the hands of Colston and to give them power. I wanted to give George Floyd power, I wanted to give power to Black people like me who have suffered injustices and inequality. A surge of power out to them all. Creating this sculpture is so important as it helps keep the journey towards racial justice and equity moving, because black lives matter every day." “This sculpture is about making a stand for my mother, for my daughter, for black people like me. It’s about black children seeing it up there." “It’s something to feel proud of, to have a sense of belonging, because we actually do belong here and we’re not going anywhere." We're asking Bristol City Council to restore the statue to the plinth, so that Jen's daughter and other children can see it.
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    Created by Gavin Brockis
  • New statue in Bristol
    It would be a fitting memorial to the African slave trade and a recognition that the wealth of the UK and cities like Bristol was created directly from the persecution and enslavement of other human beings.
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    Created by Rod Hamilton
  • Properly fund Community radio
    Community Broadcasters provide a platform to impart information, they are manned mostly by unpaid volunteers and provide an essential service to local communities. Commercial broadcasters are now centralising their programming, resulting in fewer local information sources.
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    Created by alex jenkins
  • Save Our Ponds - Hampstead Heath
    The Women’s, Men’s and Mixed bathing ponds on Hampstead Heath are world-renowned gems for wild swimming – cherished by a large and diverse community who swim in all seasons and across the decades to maintain mental and physical health. Some people come in search of quiet solitude in nature; others for community, solace or sanctuary. The unique setting, atmosphere and inclusive ethos of the bathing ponds are threatened by the City of London Corporation’s decision to impose compulsory charges and use intrusive technology. The Corporation has replaced voluntary payments of £2 (£1 concession) with compulsory tickets that cost £4.00 (£2.40 concession). Many pond users have previously contributed to a donation-based system but support the fight to oppose compulsory charging because it will destroy the inclusive and diverse pond community. The Corporation’s proposed charging regime would mean that regular swimmers must now expect to pay £624 to visit 3 times a week, an increase of 500% on the previous cost of purchasing a £125 season ticket. At a time of unprecedented health and financial emergencies, and when inequality is an urgent social concern, it is wrong for the Corporation to demand payment.
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    Created by Save Our Ponds - Forum '71 Picture
    This outdoor venue has become a community hub. The Cove Cafe sells produce that is unavailable elsewhere locally. Is an excellent inclusive facility for wheelchair and mobility scooter users. Provide childrens discos, Live music events, Italian Long Table evenings, etc.
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    Created by Val Hempstock
  • Save Whiteinch Burgh Hall
    Formerly housing Whiteinch Police Station and Whiteinch Fire Station, the 1894 building was last used as a social work and community centre, but has lain derelict since 2002. The Burgh Hall has an unusual and unique style. The architectural language of the Burgh Hall can be seen elsewhere in other Scottish buildings of the period, with an Italian renaissance influence. The building bears the coat of arms of the Burgh of Partick, only becoming part of the City of Glasgow 1912. The building has received essential and remedial repairs in previous years, including roof repairs, stonework repairs, removal of vegetation and general maintenance. In total, over £18,000 has been spent over these years with the works aimed at ensuring public safety, securing the building and keeping the building wind and watertight by City Property Glasgow.
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    Created by Màiri MacDonald
  • Say No to Outside Seating at the Duke of Buckingham Pub Old Portsmouth
    1. Anti-social behaviour associated with the pub is an ongoing problem that the Landlords do not adequately deal with in a quiet residential neighbourhood close to schools and sheltered housing. We believe the proposal will make worse the noise, littering & intimidatory pavement blocking already occurring at a time when social distancing is mandatory. 2. The Safety of drinkers and residents will be impacted with seating placed on the road in parking spaces & at the rear in the public highway turning circle on a very quiet residential street. 3. The proposal takes scarce parking spaces from local residents.
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    Created by Rebecca Crow
  • Revoke the -12points for Wigan Athletic, EFL to change their systems
    This is a massive blow to our community. Wigan have fought so hard to gain the points they have and now through no fault of Paul Cook or the players they are back to fighting to stay in the same league after being given -12 points from the EFL due to being in administration. The EFL have made errors in their tests for football owners and Wigan should not be paying that price. This could effect any club, look how many clubs have been put into administration and the EFL is supposed to be there to protect the club's. This is not just a fight for Wigan Athletic this is a fight for football clubs!
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    Created by Natalie Sinclair
  • Delay the opening of pubs and clubs untill after pandemic has passed
    This is important because as a nation we are still recovering from covid-19 and its way to early to allow pubs and clubs to open or sell alcohol until the pandemic is over. Most people can control them selves but you always get those who can't and will drink to excess and get drunk these intoxicated people will then get loud, disorderly stop social distancing and even start trouble like get into fights, and that's how the pandemic could get going again because at least a few of those people will have covid-19 symptoms and it only takes one or two spreading it for a few days to force another lockdown. This would also put pressure on police and the NHS who could do without having to deal with intoxicated people arriving in A&E when they could be helping people who rally need it, its to early to be doing this.
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    Created by Graham Rawlings
  • Save Sam & Rich
    Dear BBC, For 10 years Sam Bonham and Rich Pitt have presented BBC Introducing, first in Bristol then across the West Country. During that time they have been instrumental in championing new music in the area. They have helped launch the careers of big bands and artists such as Idles and George Ezra. And they have supported thousands of smaller acts too. As well as simply promoting new music, Sam and Rich have helped develop new talent navigating the music industry with advice and support. Their understanding of music, musicians, venues, promoters (and all the other things that make the West Country's music scene tick) is second to none. Right now, with the music scene in disarray, what we really need from BBC Introducing is promotion and support from a team that knows us. Sam and Rich are the only people who can do this. For 10 years Sam and Rich have gone above and beyond what they needed to do for so many people working in music across the south west, including me (a promoter in Wiltshire and Bristol). They’ve interviewed me on stage at 2000 Trees Festival, they’ve done live outside broadcasts (in the rain) from some of my gigs, and they’ve invited me in to the studio as a guest to celebrate my anniversary as a promoter. To lose Sam and Rich now would be an unquantifiable loss to the music scenes around Bristol, Wiltshire and beyond - and one that would take years to rectify. We request that the BBC reverses its decision to replace Sam and Rich. Yours sincerely.. We the undersigned.
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    Created by Kieran Moore
  • Alcohol free zones in Old Leigh
    Following the easing of the Corona Virus lockdown, and before the pubs have reopened, the conservation area known as Old Leigh in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, has witnessed hordes of people who have brought their own alcohol, sitting on the sea wall, drinking and then and throwing their empty bottles and cans into the sea. We think that this trend will continue after the pubs reopen, especially as the pubs will not be able to accommodate the same numbers of drinkers as before lockdown. We are also concerned that other aspects of anti social behaviour that have been taking place, such as urinating on local private property, will continue at night after the pubs close their facilities, if people are allowed to continue consuming their own alcoholic drinks in these areas. We want this ban so that we can reclaim our lovely historic area for the ordinary day trippers and tourists who visit our famous fishing village and who have recently been deterred by these anti social gatherings.
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    Created by Ronald Sverdloff