• Bristol to de-twin from Guangzhou
    Our sister city, Guangzhou is implicated in the Chinese Communist Party’s multi million pound forced organ transplant industry. Evidence has been found that many forced organ transplants have taken place in Hospitals in Guangzhou. BBC Points West report organ harvesting in Bristol's twin city Guangzhou 17 10 18 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXYjTW6UB5w&t=1s Bristol and Guangzhou have been sister cities since 2001, an agreement signed between Bristol City Council and Guangzhou Municipal Government. However, the sister city relationship is managed by Bristol City Council, Bristol and West of England China Bureau and supported by a number of other organisations in the city. This sister city relationship emphasises economic, educational, technical and cultural collaboration. The CCP uses its influence to entice foreign cities with prospects of economic gain. These sister city deals are managed by business associations that come under control of the Chinese government, leading to a soft stance on human rights violations, accepting dis-information, self-censorship, and in the worst cases, acting on their behalf. A sister city deal consequently supports the CCP’s violations of universal rights, and allows unethical practices to be normalised. This cannot go continue, especially so in Bristol which has improved leaps and bounds in the area of human rights over the years. Many years ago Bristol made the mistake of putting commerce before ethics, even today, citizens are still learning from the past, and finding ways to rectify the social construct where possible. In 1984 the CCP put in a place the ‘1984 provision’ which allows executed prisoners to be organ ‘donors’, this bill violates international guidelines already in place. 2001 reports on organ transplant showed a sudden increase compared to previous years. In 2006 an Independent investigation by Canadians David Kilgour and David Matas (Bloody Harvest) concluded that forced organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners has taken place on a large scale across China. Falun Gong is a spiritual practice of the Buddha school, based on the universal principles of truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance. In 1999, a widespread crackdown on Falun Gong started, practitioners were arrested and asked to denounce the practice. Those who did so were released. Those who did not were tortured. Those who still refused to recant after torture disappeared into the Chinese gulag- China's network of labour camps, detention centres, psychiatric hospitals, prisons, and black jails, sometimes referred to as the "Laogai System." Within this Laogai system, prisoners of conscience- Falun Gong; Uyghurs; Tibetans; and House Christians are used in a state run illegal mass organ transplant system unlike the world has ever seen. Part of this extensive Illegal organ transplant system is taking place in our sister city Guangzhou. Our relationship with Guangzhou goes against the collective vision we have for our beloved city. Efforts are being taken nationally and internationally to confront these crimes against humanity, yet we have an opportunity to take the lead and take an ethical stance. To cut ties is one step closer to turning the tide, it can help saves lives. Cutting the tie with Guangzhou will be heard in Beijing, it can help our city officials from being unwittingly complicit in this genocide through business ties to the CCP. We believe we have an opportunity in Bristol for it to live up to our name- Bristol is meant to be a city of sanctuary meaning people are welcome, free from violence or persecution. Bristol told to de-twin from China’s Guangzhou over ‘forced organ harvesting’ https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/news/bristol-news/bristol-told-de-twin-chinas-2117845
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  • Keep Sheffield in Yorkshire
    To pursue a "Greater Sheffield" region on Manchester-lines is to disregard Sheffield's small-town feel, to create an unnatural identity over the top of a stronger and older regional sense of self, and fails to serve the people of Sheffield. The Northern Powerhouse project has failed to revive post-industrial communities from within; to attempt to revitalise South Yorkshire by expanding its influence to a non-diverse, middle class commuter belt is an insult to the old steel and coal communities of the area. Sheffield can either choose to be a city that serves those outside it or serves those within it. Sheffield does not have the financial or political clout of Leeds. No, Sheffield and Rotherham make things. We can either be the failed pseudo-capital of an ahistorical creation, or the industrial and engineering centre not just of a devolved Yorkshire, but of the UK. Sheffield does not have, and does not want the economic basis to be a regional capital. Sheffield wants jobs, and jobs that play to our strengths-what is the point in trying to be something we aren't, a financial and business centre, when we are already the Steel City? The choice of the councils is not one that affects merely municipal politics, it is one that affects history. Sheffield and Rotherham are being erased-piecemeal from Yorkshire and both the rest of the county and the two areas stand to lose. Since 1974 there has been a cynical and apathetic treatment of regional identity in the UK. The exit of Middlesbrough from Yorkshire demonstrates that once a city leaves, it doesn't come back. Sheffield and Rotherham councils are choosing to dilute their Yorkshire past rather than play on its strengths. At a time when the national vision of England both is weaponised by the fringes and reflects the landscape, language and lifestyle only of the South, surely it is wise to invest in existing identities that stem from place, not race. Sheffield's diversity and multiculturalism is better mirrored by West Yorkshire than Derbyshire. Yorkshire identity has played a great role in the integration of new communities elsewhere in the region, couldn't it have the same effect in Sheffield? A Yorkshire Mayor would not only reinforce Yorkshire's proud history, but encourage often isolated communities to participate in shaping the future of such a rich heritage. For those living in the rest of Yorkshire, remember what Sheffield has and will give you: Pulp, steel, Arctic Monkeys, The Full Monty, Sean Bean, a member of Monty Python, the setting for multiple TV series, and three England footballers. We are the quaint but stoic arthouse of Yorkshire, and will stubbornly remain so.
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  • Stop Chepstow Town Council removing Able Seaman Williams Gun
    At the Chepstow Town Council meeting on 12 September 2018, a discussion was had about the possible removal of the gun tribute to Able Seaman Williams. Two town councillors openly questioned the connection of the memorial gun to Chepstow Town and a third called for a vote, on removing the gun there and then. Fortunately, a vote was not taken on the night. The discussion point was not on the formal Agenda nor captured in the Minutes with the Town Council dismissing the discussion as conversation. The memorial gun was gifted to the town by King George V to mark the outstanding bravery and in memory of William Charles Williams who was also awarded the Victoria Cross posthumously. Relatives of Able Seaman Williams still reside in the Chepstow area today. Chepstow Town Council lists that one of its roles on behalf of the community is to undertake 'the regular cleaning of the Town's War Memorial' presumably the Cenotaph and memorial gun. Given the current state of disrepair to both, it is clear the Town Council have failed in this regard. In minutes dated September 2016, Action 88 - a resolution was made to accept two quotations which had been sought for the specialist repairs and cleaning, Action 89 provided a full report to be tabled at the meeting on the memorial - requests for this report (89) have been made but not yet provided. Further action has happened since, and after enquiries were made this week, it was confirmed that specialist cleaning will not take place until March 2019. There has been no confirmation however on when the repair work will be undertaken on the gun which gives residents cause for concern. We the undersigned, are outraged that the Town Council is even considering, without any public consultation, removing such an important, historical structure and vehemently oppose any attempt to remove or move the gun. And we are outraged that the Town Council has not undertaken its duties in respect to the war memorial particularly given that this year sees the 100 year anniversary of the end of WW1. The plight of the gun and it's dire state was highlighted in the Chepstow Beacon on 2 November.
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  • Gt. Yarmouth Winter Gardens
    This building has been one of the main attractions for over hundred years along what once was the golden mile. You have destroyed the town centre, do you want to destroy what is left of our seafront.
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  • Keep free T.V. for over 75's
    Many older people are lonely and isolated. The only friend they have is their television. To reintroduce the licence fee, will cause hardship to those who need their T.V. most.. *Free image by Masterfile
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  • Remove Pinkham Way nature conservation site from the North London Waste Plan
    There is no justification or evidence for including this nature conservation site in the new North London Waste Plan. Haringey's own Regulatory Committee has recommended that it be removed. PLEASE NOTE: This issue will now be considered at the Haringey Cabinet Meeting on 22 January 2019, and not the one in November mentioned above. The point of the petition remains exactly the same, and it will now remain open for signing until just before the new date in January.
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  • Stop 332 Hamilton Street (previously Nursery)becoming a Hotel
    Hamilton Street is not suitable for a Hotel as it is a residential area with limited parking. A 13 bedroom hotel could attract more than 15 cars (staff included) to an already congested and busy street which has Atherton's only high school and is a route for many primary school children going to St Michael's and Parklee. A hotel is open 24 hours with people coming and going at various times day and night this will cause noise and disturbance for the streets residents. How do we know that it will not become a hostel with up to 26 people or more living in it once planning permission is granted. Many people are already of the view that this is a trick to mask a more sinister plan by the applicant. The area around the war memorial has been made an area of beauty for all the community, a Hotel directly opposite is likely to ruin all the hard work and effort which has been carried out by local people to make the area so great again. A hostel could mean our War Memorial is used as a hangout area. On a personal note I have young children and am deeply concerned about the large number of strangers that would staying overnight in a hotel/hostel close to my family with no one there to manage the hotel overnight. The plans show only 1 full time job and 2 part time so it doesn't imply a traditional hotel where staff are on site 24/7 I have lived on Hamilton Street for over 18 years and cannot believe that a proposal like this could be considered. Please support us in preventing this application from being accepted. You can view the application at https://apps.wigan.gov.uk/planapps/PlanAppsDetails.asp?passAppNo=A/18/86272/CU Thank you
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  • Closure of day centres for the elderly
    Loneliness is considered to be one of the main problems among elderly persons which can have a serious effect on health so why would the government close such active community centres?
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  • Almerias Dirty Little Secret, Modern day Slavery
    Human rights are being abused for profit, the public should be made aware of the where and how their food is being grown at the expense of human life and the environment. There are many issues here, the British and Spanish Governments must be made aware of the horrifying scenario immigrants are being subjected to. Thousands of people toil under the polythene sheeting that make up the huge greenhouses. They’re mostly migrant workers, Moroccans, Senegalese and Malians, who have gone to Spain seeking a better life, many risking their own lives on the way. Working in the polythene greenhouses temperatures can sometimes soar to 50 degrees. Up to 120,000 people work producing nearly three million tonnes of fruit and veg every year for export to Britain and across northern Europe. Some actually live inside this plastic hothouse. At night, when the security gates are closed, they are locked in. Some who dare to complain of any ailments can be blacklisted, leaving them stranded with no money to get back to wherever they travelled from. Some of the Physical illnesses are caused by pesticides, which are sprayed during working hours where workers are exposed to the deadly and toxic atmosphere, they are not given masks or safety goggles to protect themselves from potentially fatal outcomes to the exposure. How can we sit at our dinner tables knowing that the men and women, who are someones, mother or father, son or daughter are being treated like modern day slaves in order to feed the rest the UK and the rest of Europe. Michael Gove and George Eustice need to be sure that the food they claim they want to be safe and sustainable is not jeopardizing human life in the process..The most heinous thing about this is this nothing new, this has been going on since the 1980s!!!! What will it take to make these Governments stop and change this shocking situation..DEFRA need to scrutinise the integrity of who we buy and import our food from! Together with the environment ministers who should question the side effects of the disposal of the discarded polythene..Please sign the petition to get fair working conditions for these poor migrants, they are human beings.
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  • A Zebra Crossing For Monmouth Drive For Safer Entry To Sutton Park
    Sutton Park is the heart and lungs of our town and everyone should have safe easy access to enjoy all that it offers. Further, we should encourage people to leave their cars at home and walk. This is healthier, greener and, with proposed future parking charges, financially prudent. But trying to get into Sutton Park on foot through the Boldmere Gate entrance on Stonehouse Road can be a dangerous business, especially if you are elderly or walking with children. Our community includes many families and older residents who may be be put off enjoying the park, or end up driving there out of road safety concerns. We are, therefore, launching a major campaign to look into getting a proper zebra crossing at the site. We understand the complex nature of the junction but also that Royal Sutton Town Council have substantial funds accumulated from our precept that could fund the work.
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    This Cottage was donated to the communities of THURNSCOE, GOLDTHORPE, and BOLTON UPON DEARNE. It is to be used freely of charge for the development and use of outdoor pursuits. For many years, pupils and families in the Dearne area enjoy this place as an activity wonderland for camping and outdoor pursuits, being self sufficient at no charge from any commercial enterprise. In the past twenty years it has help produce many athletes at all standards of abilities up to school, town, district, county, National and international level due to its free access and voluntary coaching. In many instances this has been the only holiday recreation our pupils have thoroughly enjoyed from these three mining villages of a most economically deprived part of South Yorkshire. We have used much of our initiatives to utilise the council open woodland for running, jumping, survival and throwing exercises. Through this, dozens of our pupils have represented Yorkshire, England, and Great Britain,. One special feature we created was outdoor central heated winter climbing frames and Athletic related Gymnastics structures. All due to the communities children's ingenuity and initiatives. Some of these pupils grew to to become excellent ambassadors for our community some of which have have been soldiers promoted up the ranks. On a visit to the near by town of Denby Dale our youngsters helped recover stolen property from a burglary in the Town and was honoured by a special invite to a celebration dinner at the Barnsley Lord Mayors Parlour. We wish the TRUSTEES to continue this development and not to Sell it off to Private developers.
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  • Ban "Hunt Tourism" in Scotland!
    Scotland is blessed with a diverse range of beautiful and unique wildlife. Often, a lack of natural predators means that grazing animals such as deer and wild goats are subject to culls, which are unfortunate but necessary, and conducted by professionals to limit the suffering of animals. What is unnecessary is the "hunt tourism" industry that encourages "tourists" from around the world, particularly Americans, to visit Scotland for the sole purpose of stalking, torturing and killing our beautiful and unique Scottish wildlife for pleasure. This is not the kind of tourism that we want in our country.
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