• A Donate to food bank option for on line shopping.
    Because food banks for the needy are running desperately low now many are choosing to use online food shopping to save putting themselves and others at risk of contracting the virus during Covid 19.
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    Created by Linda Weir Picture
  • Change The Count
    Taking an annual snapshot of the homeless population to get a head count. is a anual joke within the homeless organisations whom the count is taken for to secure funding for each consistuancy. Sadly its not not a good joke cause someone's saying we've only got around 4250 people living on the streets, I have lived in the streets and believe the count is wrong! So here's a solution to try and get right.
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    Created by Charles Evans Picture
  • Compensation for NHS and care workers
    To many have died and will die unless more PPI is available. These people and their families deserve financial recognition
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    Created by Graham Try Picture
  • Elizabeth Medal for NHS Workers Killed by Covid 19
    The Elizabeth medal is awarded posthumously to all Service personnel killed in action as a result of enemy or terrorist activity since 1945. Our NHS workers killed by Covid 19 have displayed the same bravery, dedication and sense of duty in their fight against Corona virus as our gallant fallen Service comrades.
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    Created by Brian Eadon
  • COVID 19 Front Line Workers Medel
    Going to work during COVID 19 epperdemic is extreamly dangerous and requires recognition.
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    Created by Ian Harrison
  • Medals for our NHS workers
    We need to fully recognise that as much as our Armed Forces go to war to fight, so our Doctors, Nurses and all the support Staff in our Hospitals and throughout the NHS are fighting a war, often putting themselves at risk and many are sacrificing their lives to save us.
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    Created by Michael Clare
    Migrant workers have played a clear and definitive role in keeping our NHS and public services going during this crisis, and have been doing so since before the crisis began. Without these people, our public services may not have survived. Therefore, they should be granted UK passports for their devoted service to our great nation.
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  • Name a hospital after Tom Moore
    Tom Moore has not only raised an amazing amount of money, he has also raised the nations spirit and he is a sign of hope and inspiration. What he has done deserves a lasting tribute and I feel that naming a Hospital after this amazing gentleman would be fitting and the least we can do to say thankyou!
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    Created by Chantelle C
  • 4th Plinth Statue for Captain Tom Moore
    A national monument for a national treasure! A WW2 veteran approaching his 100th birthday, Captain Tom Moore has captured the hearts of the nation and is a source of national pride and hope. He has been a beacon of light in the darkest of times, an inspiration to us all and a real life hero. At a time it is needed the most, Captain Tom (& his walking frame) is raising tens of millions of pounds for the NHS charities and raising morale throughout the UK and the rest of the globe. Can one person really make a difference? Yes they can! Captain Tom Moore has shown us that. A statue of Captain Tom & his stroller, would remind us all, commemorate the amazing work of the NHS and serve as a fitting thank you and birthday gift to Tom from the people of Great Britain (and hopefully a Knighthood from the Queen). This statue would celebrate the positive actions of the one and the many, during the time of this pandemic and be a memorial to the lives of those lost. Once the temporary exhibition time in Trafalgar Square has expired, it is hoped that this statue would then go on to be exhibited across the UK at different locations, on tour.
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    Created by Jane Sanderson
  • Corona medals for NHS front-line staff!
    When all this is over, issue a special new Corona medal to all our heroic NHS front-line staff, who are demonstrating every bit as much bravery in fighting this battle as military personnel do in war, who would be honoured with a campaign medal. Let's give our NHS heroes lasting badges of honour too!
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    Created by Lea Willis
  • Captain Tom for Sports personality of the year 2020
    Because he alone has done more for sporting activity than any other sports personality in 2020
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    Created by Andy Selway
  • Promote Captain Tom to Major Tom
    This is Ground Control to... Captain Tom Moore's sponsored walk has inspired people all over the world in a time of crisis, and raised millions of pounds for a great cause. If ever a 99-year-old deserved a promotion, it must be him. Brevet (honorary) promotions have a long and distinguished history in the British Army. Promoting him to Major Tom would also honour David Bowie, one of the greatest ever singer-songwriters ever. Check ignition, and may God's love be with you.
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