• Save The Railway Tavern In Hensall
    This is our village pub. It has a long and proud history. It has the potential to be a great asset to our community like many other pubs in neighbouring villages. It would be devastating to see it knocked down and turned into housing.
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  • Keep the skatepark
    This is important because it is a way for children to relax, exercise and have fun. To take this skatepark away from us is like taking away our home. I know myself I go down there everyday and always have a good time.
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  • Don't Lease Shire Hall - Keep Council-Run for Social Good
    More than 3,000 people from Cambridgeshire signed the first petition calling to keep the site in Council ownership. Now the County Council leadership have opted for a 40 year lease to Brookgate - who have demolished other historical and beautiful Cambridge buildings. During this time, untold changes and destruction could be caused to Shire Hall and other areas of the estate. Brookgate will profit from what should be a public amenity. Would it ever return to Council use? Brookgate has sufficient wealth to challenge the covenant that is in place and potentially charge for access to Castle Mound or deny it altogether should they wish to. Non- listed buildings on the site including Shire Hall could be destroyed or significantly altered ruining their architecture. The whole Shire Hall site has great historical significance. This was the seat of government since the Middle Ages when Cambridge Castle was built soon after Norman invasion of 1066. The site has been loved and used continuously by the public. Shire Hall, a beautiful 1930s building is needed as a place of democratic governance, arts and community. The land is owned by Cambridgeshire County Council however Councillors are elected to uphold the best interests and wishes of the people they represent. Insisting on our rights for this site will be an emblematic move toward the sort of society we want. As a public treasure this could benefit society now and for the future. Are we willing to relinquish it? Please sign, share and comment asking others to do the same. We need people to know about this and to show the Country Council that we oppose sale or leasing of the entire site. Feel free to suggest uses of spare space in buildings on the estate or approve other suggestions made. Please also send us statements, photos and videos of time spent at Castle Mound over the last 20 years. Post on social media or email them. They are needed as evidence for the Town Green application..
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  • Sort out our green spaces and play areas
    Our green spaces and play areas are a disgrace. There is no care being taken, grass is not being cut and rubbish not collected
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  • Cancel the TV show “Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away”
    The Jeremy Kyle Show - which exploited people by turning human suffering into entertainment - has been permanently cancelled. But TV shows like it which profit from peoples humiliation are still allowed to exist. “Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away” - which follows bailiffs as they knock down doors and devastate the lives of families in debt - is one of the worst culprits. It’s already coming under the spotlight and people are starting to speak out. The show was even sued earlier this year for a breach of people’s privacy. If you think TV bosses shouldn't turn suffering into entertainment, please sign the petition to cancel "Can't Pay? We'll Take it Away" now.
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  • reality TV shows ban all
    To stop people from taking there own lives or feeling depressed
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  • Full transparency of Facebook pages
    Far too many people can hide behind Facebook pages and are allowed to behave however they see fit, facing no consequences for harassing innocent people. By Facebook enhancing the page transparency feature to include a list of admins this would hopefully make it more difficult to hide behind a page to troll individuals or organisations.
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  • Save Kingston's Rose Theatre
    Due to Council cuts, the beloved Rose Theatre may be forced to close: the Council "will strip the Rose Theatre of its £265,000 annual funding by 2022 and will not replace a £147,000 bursary, which it paid the final instalment of this year".(1) This is at a time when the Council is ploughing millions into its reserves and raising its Councillors' allowances. We the undersigned know that Kingston Council is not bankrupt; it has the money to save the Rose -- the cultural heart of Kingston -- and must not cut its funding. I personally visit The Rose a lot with my wife. There have been some fantastic productions and it's a great night out that's affordable! It has strong connections to organisations across Kingston, including with the University. It really is a centre of culture and would be a tragedy to lose it. (1): https://www.standard.co.uk/go/london/theatre/rose-theatre-kingston-closing-council-funding-sir-peter-hall-a4140701.html
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  • Cap personal Loan's to 100% APR
    Toxic consumer lending rates of over 1000% APR are like loan sharks. Imagine your 19 year old relative, he works part-time, borrows £500 to buy a trending fashion item; a toxic 1,000% APR pay-day loan would mean in a year he'd repay £5,500. Of-course it will be advertised very cleverly to attract him to borrow and over a shorter time. A Cap in consumer lending APR % to 100% protects vulnerable consumers and is fair. Governments duty is to protect everyone, laws stop toxins polluting our rivers, we need laws to stop toxic APR rates polluting our communities.
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  • Keep Castle Green Public Toilets Open Beyond 4.30pm!!
    It feels like there is zero logic behind the open hours of the public toilets in Castle Green. They close at 4.30pm each day, the same time as many students finish college and a full hour before the shops in town close and before many people even finish work to come out to enjoy the park and the beautiful weather. This seems absolutely absurd and ridiculous (and unheard of in any other city I personally have visited) that public toilets should close so early. For MEN, it means having to, still in the prime of the day, find a bush or tree to relieve themselves behind (which is a public decency issue). For WOMEN however, this is made an issue which is in fact deeply sexist as they are left no option but to have to end their time in the park to either go home, or have to trek a long way away from the park into town to find a shop, in which toilets are intended for paying customers only. People should be able to visit and sit in the park after work without having to find a bush to relieve themselves in, or worse yet, feel they have to go home when they begin to feel the need to use the bathroom. Access to the taps to refill water bottles should still be avalaible throughout this period also. There is no reason I can see either why this should be an issue for the council employee who opens up & closes the toilets. Surely, it is only necessary for them to come out briefly to clean and lock up the toilets so why should it make any difference if this is done at 4.30pm or 7.30pm? I can understand them closing earlier in the winter, perhaps at 5.30 or 6pm, but in the summer why should they not remain open until 7.30pm as in other normal civilised cities?
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  • Ban Stephen Yaxley Lennon from Kenilworth road
    Racism has no part in our society, especially in our wonderful diverse town. We must stand up to it together. Football clubs have sadly in the past been used as recruitment centres for fascist troublemakers, let's not let our stands become the same.
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