• New plaque for the removal of Edward Colston's statue
    This historic moment must be remembered as a part of the Black Lives Matter campaign. It wasn't a violent act of vandalism, or a removal of history, but a peaceful protest against a racist icon. Colston's plaque previously read "one of the most virtuous MPs to have ever lived". This statement is an affront to history. The purpose of a plaque at the spot where Colston was thrown into the water would be to remember Bristol's history of slavery and those responsible for it, as well as the historic moment that the people of Bristol rejected this racist icon
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  • Change the name of 'Colston Hall' to 'Big Jeff Hall'
    Edward Colston does not deserve to be associated with Bristols Music and Arts scene. Thankfully the venue acknowledges that and has decided to change the name. "We want to look to the future and ensure the whole city is proud of its transformed Hall. The name Colston, and its associations with the slave trade, does not reflect our values as a progressive, forward-thinking and open arts organisation. We want everyone to feel like they can come to the Hall and enjoy amazing music.” I believe we should honour local legend 'Big Jeff' and name the venue after him, he's the heart of the local music scene and a true Bristol icon.
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  • Create more all weather paths in Elmfield Park
    This is important to encourage cycling and walking in our local area, particularly as the park is used a lot for travel to and from local schools. In the winter, the park gets very muddy. If there was a path all the way around, this could also make the park more accessible for wheelchairs, mobility scooters and pushchairs.
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  • Pedestrianise Felstead Street
    For safer streets, cleaner air and improved well being of Hackney Wick’s Community. To claim back spaces from the dominance of cars on our roads and to create spaces and infrastructure that is designed, developed and installed by us the community for the community for a greener future of us all. This project is a response to Covid-19 and we have been able to push through the possible road closure with the councils support. The last 2 months have shown the great need for more outdoor space and green areas.
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  • Black British history
    It should be important for black history to be taught within the education system because it is paramount for many people who are of black heritage aswell as people of colour to know their history and where they are coming from, because many black individuals are lost. History is taught in the curriculum but not every history is taught in the curriculum, black history should be taught so black children do not get lost in the unrealities of society. Albeit, though we do have black history month it is not enough as everything is not covered within that said month to the same extent that European history is taught. It is important that this is done so that equality is seen within the education system regarding the histories of others who have actually contributed to this system, learning about this is just as vital as learning about any other topic within the education system. This is important that every person of colour and not of colour should be taught black history the same way we are taught European history to show equality in the education system, because teaching us European history has allowed us learn about them but non-blacks haven’t learnt about us. Every other nations history is taught in the curriculum but when it comes to black history we are at an disadvantage. Many third generations children of my grands do not know their history , the parents are to busy trying to make a living and not educating their children on their ethnicity, we as a race of black parents must teach our young men and women to stand up and be proud of their race, instead of shying away from the facts. I strongly believe because of the lack of black history thought in schools from the early 1950’s to 1960’s has damaged the way how 1st 2nd & 3rd generations blacks in the uk think and If these individuals were taught from day 1 by their parents and curriculums were put in place in schools they would be more understanding of their identity and cultural background.
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  • save the junction
    The building is not only a famous landmark in featherstone it is the hub of our community. For many years it has been at the heart of peoples lives from wedding receptions, birthday parties, and funeral wakes. Many people in the area tell stories of happy times in the junction, more recently it has become a music venue and also a supporter of local charities. We have a hardcore of regulars who want the pub to remain and the clientele has greatly increased thanks to the efforts of the recent landlord. It would be a tragedy for the town were it to be sold and re-developed.
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  • Emergency services Bank Holiday
    I believe it is important to recognise and reward their unwavering dedication, hard work and professionalism when faced with incredible odds.
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    The Arts & Culture sector has already been eroded by years of austerity. But Culture will play a crucial part in helping people to recover from the crisis. Museums, galleries and the arts are also responsible for a significant contribution to the economy and will be important in signaling when it is safe for people to enjoy culture and travel again. We are concerned that DCMS might plan instead to cut funding for arts organisations to pay for the costs of Coronavirus crisis. We believe that this would be a serious mistake. This would be likely to threaten the very staff, often the lowest paid, who continued working in museums and galleries during the shutdown to keep the nations treasures safe. Financial guarantees now would also remove the pressure on institutions to reopen before it is safe to do so.
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  • Parades For Our NHS And Key Worker Heroes
    Across Britain, our NHS and key workers have been working day and night to save lives and keep our country's heart beating. We are asking for the government to support us as we arrange a series of nationwide parades, when it's safe to do so, in as many towns and cities as possible. We will parade through town centres and later gather in parks to celebrate those who have looked after so many of the people we love. Please sign this petition, follow us at https://facebook.com/ParadeForHeroes and sign up to volunteer at https://paradeforheroes.com.
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  • Save theatres & entertainment industry all live music venues Cinemas & Pubs
    Theatre & Television sets are busy crowded places. The audience requires large numbers to huddle together. Theatres cannot be profitable while we are social distancing for so many reasons and unlike other industries, we cannot work from home. Furlough schemes only take us to October 2020, but the industry is unlikely to reopen until 2021. Bectu says “ The industry is facing a potentially catastrophic impact from COVID 19 and government, employers and workers must come together to develop a strategy for our cultural sectors’ survival.” The entertainment industry has never suffered such a crippling blow. The impact is unprecedented and we must protect this great British institution.
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  • Save BBC 4
    BBC 4 has valuable, sensible, intelligent and interesting documentaries, with 'grown up' subjects, which are well presented. It also has excellent dramas. If, like me, you are elderly, then subtitles are essential and these could not be provided if BBC 4 were to be moved to small screens used by younger people. With an ageing population, account must be given to the more senior members of society.
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  • Mayor of Hackney, Hackney Council, support food growing in Hackney!
    Both the climate emergency and Covid 19 have shown the importance of local community food growing both in driving down carbon emissions, more so than tree planting, and in providing food autonomy for the residents of Hackney. We know it is possible to grow good cheap food for residents in cities when supported by the local, regional or national authorities, as various growing schemes have shown, but we are in an emergency and need to dramatically scale this up. Unlike Detroit, famed for it's urban farms, Hackney has little spare or free land. So we need the council to support this both by providing land and in terms of financial support. This petition has been produced by Clapton / Homerton Urban Growers Organisation
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