• Save chill in the community cafe
    The chill in the community cafe is and has been a lifeline to many in York and its closure will leave so many with no where to go Please leave a message as to why you've signed
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  • Save chill in the community cacr
    The chill in the community cafe is and has been a lifeline to many in York and its closure will lea e so many with no where to go
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  • Save Charnwood College Swimming Pool
    The closure would be a disaster for residents and the community. It is the only local pool which provides one to one swimming lessons to disabled children and adults. For many disabled children and adults this is the only activity they do a week. Swimming is such an important life skill for children as they grow up. It has so many benefits https://www.swimming.org/learntoswim/why-your-child-should-learn-to-swim/ The Swim School at Charnwood College has been stopped as a result of the pending closure. How many are going to miss out? Charnwood College Pool offers the ethnic community an ideal place to swim in a private environment where there are no windows so users cannot be seen from anyone outside. The Ladies Asian group for example who have swum at the pool for many years will no longer be able to swim. Swimming is invaluable for mental health and physical well being and the effects of exercise in water is well documented: https://www.swimming.org/swimengland/new-study-says-swimming-benefits-mental-health/ https://www.swimming.org/swimengland/health-and-wellbeing-benefits-of-swimming/ If David Ross Educational Trust go ahead with their plan to close the pool it will be a complete disaster and the sad loss of a well loved and much used pool. So many children and adults will miss out. HELP US SAVE THE POOL. Thank you for adding your support with your signature NOW. We appreciate it. Cllr. Dr Julie Bradshaw MBE Cllr. Paul Boldrin
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  • Stop CF3 incinerator
    A new incinerator is planned to be built in CF3 on Newlands Road, Wentloog Cardiff. This is in very close proximity to homes & schools. For example it is only 500 meters away from Eastern High School. Many residences and other schools within the CF3 are also well within a 1/2-mile radius of it. The planned incinerator will burn 200,000 tonnes of industrial waste per year and will operate 24/7. It is planned to be built as early as 2020/21. The industrial waste to be burned will be transported to the planned site using 80 lorries everyday each carrying 20 tonnes of waste. The toxic ash generated by the incinerator will also need to be transported away. The size of the planned site is 1.5 rugby pitches in size with the main building being over 40 meters in height and the chimney stack being over 70 meters in height. We believe this incinerator is not what residents of CF3 want in their community. We believe this will generate noise, air pollution, traffic and will not be good for the health of those living in the CF3 community. We only have until the 29th of November to oppose this through consultation. We appreciate you taking the time to do this and help keep CF3 a healthy community everyone wants to live and work in.
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  • Save Kingston's Libraries
    Since 2010/11, decisions made by Kingston council administrations have caused cuts of almost 25% (roughly £700,000 ) to the local library services. Kingston Council plans to cut a further £111,000 from library budgets in the next two years. This raises the possibility of further staff cuts, to the point that libraries may begin to close.
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  • Protect kids from loot box gambling
    Children are spending thousands of pounds and being put at risk of developing gambling problems because of the widespread use of “loot boxes” in video games. Players can spend real money to get “loot boxes” containing mystery items which might help them win, while playing their favourite games. It’s a game of chance, and it’s gambling in all but name. Children have run up huge debts of thousands of pounds making in-game loot box purchases and studies have found links between loot boxes and problem gambling. But right now they’re not covered by gambling laws. Gaming companies make huge profits from loot boxes and simply aren’t doing enough to protect children. It’s time for Ministers to step in and regulate loot boxes as part of our gambling laws - and ban them entirely for those under 18.
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  • Save The Blackburne Arms
    Please note comments at WBC planning need to be in by 18th Sep latest.. view plans and or comment at. http://planning.warrington.gov.uk/swiftlg/apas/run/wphappcriteria.display ... Planning and Building Control.. See or Comment.. Application number 2019/35678. or email WBC at: [email protected] So why save The Blackburne Arms ? Locally, the Pub is listed as an asset of significant local historic value (in particular the stonemasonry and original leaded window construction) The pub dates back to 1928, being named after Robert Ireland Blackburne, a local Great World War veteran and nobleman. The building forms part of an area of local historic significance forming part of the former Orford Estate which comprised of Orford Park, Orford Hall & Gardens, St. Margaret’s CE Church, St Margaret’s CE School, Orford House, Orford Farm and the surround farm estates that can be seen on maps from 1907 and then updated in 1937 to include the Pub. There is good access for disabled people at the pub. This provides an easily accessible and inclusive space to meet with other members of the local community and provides a safe and enjoyable environment to be in. This clearly furthers the person’s individual wellbeing. The Pub has been included in a tourist & local pub guide, which attracts more people to the pub from surrounding areas which helps boost the local economy. It also puts the pub on the map as a pub worthy of recognition from the Council. Local sport teams meet in this pub. There are good transport links available to/from the pub. This means that elderly members of the community can easily and safely get to/from the pub. There is free parking available which is accessed by the wider community. This allows people to get to/from the pub safely when transport systems may be down. Also the generous parking on offer is shared with the houses adjacent to the pub as per the agreement with the local council when land from the front of their houses was used to widen the now Orford Green. The spacious parking also means that families can access the pub easily. The pub hosts quiz nights which have most patrons laughing and enjoying the event, bring the community together. There are televisions screening sporting events enjoyed by regulars and very popular especially when featuring the local clubs from Liverpool and Manchester. There is a beer garden attached to the pub which is used extensively, enjoyed by the local community, especially families with the play equipment and bouncy castle available for use daily. The pub hosts advertising for local events and charity events raising approx. £5,000 a year for local and national charities. The pub also hosts very popular events surrounding calendar events throughout the year (Halloween, Christmas, etc.) In times of adversity, the patrons of pub are well known to provide specific help, support and financial assistance to any families who are in need or have lost a loved one. Live music events are often hosted at the pub, providing a platform for local artists and contributing to the culture of the community. The pub also holds local Craft Fairs where people can make, sell and buy goods from around the local area. Each June and July the pub hosts the annual Walking Day celebrations for Orford and Warrington alike. This dates back to before the Pub was built but the pub has now become such an iconic family location to congregate and celebrate the event. All family members are welcome with the children usually being smartly dressed in accordance to the church custom. There is also wildlife of specific interest which are located within the grounds. As well as the usual urban wildlife, there is also a profusion of newts which need to be researched to see if they are endangered and therefore protected. Also bats roost in the grounds too and can be seen at dusk flying across the field and car parks.
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  • Homebase building at Gillette Corner should be listed
    The Homebase building at Gillette Corner, an innovative and award-winning building, is one of several iconic structures in Sir Nicholas Grimshaw's portfolio. Along with the grade-II listed Gillette building opposite, it forms a landmark gateway to the Brentford Golden Mile.
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  • Stop Companies from selling our information to others. Cold Calling, Leaflet Dropping
    Leaflets are not only a pain when that is all you get in your post every day, but when you get the same leaflets every two weeks it is not environmentally friendly. We are always bitching about saving the environment and yet we print millions of leaflets every year. Restaurant menus are the worse. Sales Call's about life insurance and Double Glazed windows. Venerable people get targeted By Fraudsters and con-men through sales calls such as this.. If we want you we will call you. Stop! pestering us. and destroying the environment by cutting down trees for your leaflets. Stop Knocking at our door when we are just about to eat our dinner or are trying to cook it. And stop calling us when we are busy. This is a gross invasion of privacy. Make it illegal to sell our personal information to Companies. and Open it up to the public to be able to claim compensation for the stress this causes when big companies sell our information without our permission. It does not matter anymore that you click the "No I do NOT Wish To be Contacted Box" anymore they still sell your information to other companies and make millions doing it. They cause stress to the elderly and frail. and the system opens you up to the invasion in other forms. like con-men ringing claiming they are from Microsoft trying to get access to your computer so they can hack it. or claim they are calling you from your Bank or Building society. Just think How much money these companies would save if they did not have call centers or print billions of Menus every year that end up in landfill or worse sprawled across roadways, parkland and your gardens. because people could not be bothered to deliver them all. There are many forms of no evasive ways of advertising so let's bring Cold Calling in its many forms to a stop. Make it illegal. It is outdated and Bloody annoying and stressful., and could potentially ruin someone's life.
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    This is a matter of historic principle. This is a cultural landmark that provides Maesteg with a part of its social identity. There has been a cultural genocide unleashed upon the citizens of the Llynfi Valley when our mine working infrastructure (buildings, railways etc.) were ripped out. Our schools and stonework taken out too. "Ground Zero" now at the old Ewenny factory site as well. All have added to the trauma and social decay. Our miners and others sacrificed to give us our Town Hall. They designed our present heritage. We need to keep not only their spirit but our community spirit alive too.
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  • Speed Awareness Courses to be run in schools
    People die every day from car accidents where people are speeding and there is pressure to drive over the speed limit every day and in every place as people drive too close to encourage you onwards if you are 'too slow' for them. Changing the driving culture of our country will save lives, and save people from hurting others and living with those consequences. The speed awareness course is a tool already out there which if used across the nation could change the way young people drive from the outset. They have changed the culture of smoking, they will be the ones who can change the culture of driving. We adults are failing them in this.
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  • Replace the Todmorden Bandstand
    There is a misplaced “Save the Bandstand” movement which will rob the park and the younger generation of this town the opportunity to create a usable and functional outdoor space. The town has seen an influx of young artists and musicians over the last few years that has brought a renewed vitality to the town beyond the heritage, semi rural and market town offering of Todmorden. Give these people a space to engage, educate and entertain.
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