• Protest against the closure of Richmond Road Hackney
    I understand the situation with trying to make a greener borough and as a cyclist myself I have no problem with limiting roads around schools. However unless you provide an alternative route for the weight of traffic needed all you do is concentrate that traffic into a smaller area which creates terrible traffic jams and terrible amounts of pollution. I have been a resident of Graham Road for over 15 years, I now have a daughter who has severe asthma living in a house constantly filled with trucks idly sitting outside the house 24/7 in traffic since these road closures have been implemented. We must stop these changes immediately before irreparable damage is done to the area around Graham Road and the surrounding areas! We were not consulted about these changes that will dramatically change our lives. Please sign my protest.
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    Created by James Lockett
  • Permit only parking - Queens Drive, Kings Drive
    Residents have repeatedly contacted North Tyneside Council to raise issues around parking and capacity for residents. The council have consistently failed to engage with residents regarding changes to parking or in response to issues which have been raised. The council has made parking related decisions in the interest of local business, and whilst important, have prioritised these over the needs of residents within our community. There has been no consideration of changes to parking which impact on parking for residents, and minimal consultation. Our request is a permit only scheme on Queens and Kings Drive.
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    Created by Charlotte Gordon
  • Support Diversity Dance
    To understand how significant the 15k complaints are
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    Created by James Brown
  • Save The Assembly Rooms
    This building is arguably the finest 20th century building in the City of Derby. The ‘Brutalist’ architectural style is currently at its nadir but as time passes it will inevitably be re-evaluated, as has happened with other, once controversial, styles. Commissioned by the City Council following an national architectural competition, it was judged to be the right design for the important civic role it was to fulfil. It was opened by HRH The Queen Mother in 1977. The designer, Neville Condor CBE of Casson Condor Architects, was a founder of the prestigious architectural practice Casson Condor Architects. Another competitor, Sir James Stirling RA, in a frank comment following the outcome (in a recording held by the British Library) generously accepted Condor’s design deserved to win. Quite apart from the architectural quality of this important civic building there is a strong argument on environmental grounds for the re-use of buildings containing significant amounts of embodied energy. The City Councils' own Policy CP2 requires the council to respond to climate change by reducing carbon emissions, while its Policy CP3 places great emphasis on design. It is inconceivable that the building cannot be modified, whilst retaining its architectural qualities, to continue to fulfil its role as an entertainment venue. Surely modernisation of a substantial and robust existing structure represents better value for tax-payers money than expensive demolition and rebuilding? It would be simply disgraceful for this distinguished building to be destroyed. It would be yet another nail in the coffin of the city’s architectural heritage.
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    Created by Robert Evans
  • Music Industry
    This is important because during the pandemic and now we are entertaining people that enjoy watching shows and listening to the music.
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    Created by Daisy Drag
  • Sharp disposable bins
    Syringes are not only unpleasant to see lying around, they could have infections on, never mind the obvious they have traces of drugs, witch could be fatal if a child or animal come in to contact with them.
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    Created by Lisa Rae
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    Created by Mark Cooper
  • Campaign to save the Shooting Star charity shop in Ashford, Surrey
    Even before Covid-19 and the lockdown, the Shooting Star charity shop has always been extremely popular in our area, particularly as it specialises in selling good quality second hand (and often brand new) items for babies and children of all ages at reasonable prices, and all for a very important cause. There are a huge amount of young families (many on low incomes) in Ashford who benefit from the large selection of toys, games, equipment and clothing. Not only is it the only place in our local high street to have such a large selection of children’s items, but if you needed something urgently, the only other choice would be to travel to Staines and many don’t have their own transport to do so easily. It is an absolute asset to our community and has been for many years, being only the second Shooting Star shop to open. Without it and it’s fundraising the Shooting Star House hospice wouldn’t have been able to be built. At this present time, many families are struggling financially because of the affect of Covid-19. Many have lost their jobs due to lockdown or are unable to work due to shielding. People in this situation really will miss the benefits of this essential charity shop. So although we are all in difficult times, it doesn’t make any sense to close the shop for good, especially as it was so popular and is now in more demand than ever before. We all need it as much as they need our donations. Also a large housing project is being built on Church Road which will mean that very soon, even more families will be in the area, so a shop like this will be in even more demand. Not only this, but the wonderful ladies who work there will be without jobs. There are all so friendly and welcoming and have worked so hard for this great cause We implore Shooting Stars Children’s Hospice charity to please think again about keeping this absolute asset to our community in Ashford.
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    Created by Pauline Wilson
  • Petition for the urgent reopening of Clovenstone Community Centre
    As the only remaining Community Centre in the Wester Hailes area it is a vital hub, providing a safe welcoming space for people to meet and interact, where they can make new, and strengthen existing community bonds. We have never needed the facilities more than now, and would urge the council to consider reinstating their staff to run groups within the centre, in the same safe and considered way as their staff in schools.
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    Created by Clovenstone Residents Picture
  • Make National Theatre Live available to ALL
    Recently, The National Theatre provided NT at Home to keep us entertained during lock-down. It was available to all, including those who are never able to visit a theatre or cinema. The easing of lock-down and the return of National Theatre Live to (some) cinemas, means a return to the exclusion of many.
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    Created by Helen Nixon
  • Furlough Redundancies in The National Trust
    My husband has been a volunteer for 10 years at a NT nursery. It’s run mainly by volunteers with a small paid staff. This has been a lifeline for many volunteers. These people work together as a team. The nursery makes money and over the last few years the infrastructure and reputation that the nursery has built has made it successful and profitable for the NT. The profits have helped the NT. They sell plants to customers in their gift shops- the money made is ploughed back into the NT and the houses they support. Cornwall has suffered during this Covid pandemic. Lots of people depend on work which is below the national average, we need to keep these people at work. The NT should be looking at keeping their people employed- it’s the staff and their volunteers that keep our heritage alive.
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    Created by Teresa King
  • Wooton cinema
    It would mean a lot to me as this cinema is one of the oldest in the United Kingdom and if it goes we again our losing apart of history in they area this cinema has been here for 93 years and as announced it is closing its doors for the final time which would not only be a shame as the history in the building alone as the movies this cinema has shown over its 93 years
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    Created by Shaun Summerfield