• Keep Leamington's landmarks public
    The future of Leamington's landmark buildings is again under threat. Warwick District Council has already given control of these properties to a private developer and their very ownership is now potentially at risk. We want to take back control. Verbal promises are not adequate. We need a solid commitment that they will remain in public ownership, for our community and for future generations.
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  • Allow Forest Road Temple to Keep Their Festival Chariot!
    This chariot is an essential piece of Kali Amman Temple's annual celebrations. Kali Amman Temple is the only temple dedicated to Kali in the United Kingdom and a very important part of the Tamil community in the UK. The ability to hold traditional celebrations is deeply important for the Tamil community and this particular artifact means a great deal to everyone involved. Though the six-metre-tall chariot has been (quite visibly) housed in the same back garden for nearly a decade, this year the council served a planning enforcement notice to have it removed. Technically the chariot is slightly taller than the house whose garden it occupies, but it is not taller than the next-door neighbour's house. More importantly, neighbours have already written to say that they don't mind having this beautiful religious artifact where it is. Why is the council demanding changes now, when the chariot has been in the same location for nearly a decade? The chariot is made of wood from Sri Lanka and needs to remain in its current location so that a carpenter with the appropriate skills can maintain it. Properly maintained, it can last for generations! The chariot procession is designed to make temple functions available to everyone, including those who might be unable to leave their houses or who might not feel confident coming to temple. It is a festival specifically designed to include EVERYONE, and allows local residents to experience a bit of Sri Lankan culture and connect with their Hindu neighbours. Council paperwork seems to indicate that the chariot is being viewed as an industrial item, when in fact it is a religious one! As Waltham Forest celebrates its year as the first ever London Borough of Culture, many are wondering why such a deeply treasured cultural artifact, representing peace and hope to the community, suddenly cannot be accommodated? Don't rob the Tamil community of this precious religious artifact! (Read more from the Guardian here: https://www.guardian-series.co.uk/news/18015285.hindu-temple-chariot-needs-new-home-following-council-notice/)
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  • New ARDEN Theatre for Titchfield
    The new application. For the Arden theatre is due to be heard on 21st August and it would seem pretty sure that it will be refused by both FBC officials and Councillors. It is clear that there is a degree of protectionism for the revitalization of Fareham centre which is ailing and failing with footfall down by a third. This includes the refurbishment for Ferneham Hall. It would seem that we are direct competition to this and FBC require a clear playing field in which to invest £4 to £10 million of public money. We have never been competition so not sure how we are suddenly seen as this now? Of course FBC Officials and Councillors will deny this and give other reasons cited below which they can conveniently hide behind. perhaps we can explode some of the myths!. CAR PARKING Yes we know we have not enough parking on site, yes we don't encourage parking in the lane and have called on several occasions for the authorities to yellow line the lane to no avail. Yes we have tried to purchase,lease, licence or rent the whole, part or a strip of the adjacent field. We have approached HCC Councillors and officials at the highest level all to no avail. They will not even meet us to discuss anything. They insist the field is for start up agriculture use,despite the field having lain unused and uncropped for over 5 years! They will deny this but everyone knows it's TRUE since we all have eyes and can see for ourselves! We have had initial contact with the farmer who leases the land and he would be keen to do a joint venture with us. This would ensure that the field has a viable agriculture crop as well as give him a rental income. The farmer is however precluded from discussing this very viable project with us and has clearly been warned not talk to us. Again HCC Councillors and officials will deny this but the field being unused speaks volumes! (No doubt the field will now get immediately ploughed and the farmer made to sow an unviable crop...lets face it he would have to grow a marijuana crop or something similar to recoup the amount of cash he could make via TFT!! ) Despite the above TFT are nothing if not lacking in innovation. There are over 300 combined parking spaces available at the Great Barn, Holiday Inn and in Titchfield itself this is besides the parking onsite at TFT and possibly in St Margaret's Nursery. We have proposed a park and ride scheme initially using 2 electric buses to and from these locations, if successful we would increase this to 6 electric buses. On average 1 parking space is required for every 3 patrons. We would therefore require 300 spaces only if all three theatres operated at the same time at full capacity! This even in our wildest dreams will never happen! In reality we will never need no more than 200 spaces and we will never have all 3 theatres operating at the same time. Instead of embracing this green,sustainable option Councillors and officials have completely pooh poohed the idea...and will not even give the idea the chance to work. NOISE Did you know that you, our patrons according to our neighbours, FBC officials and Councillors are an unruly,noisy drunken bunch who keep them up at all hours slamming car doors and screaming at the tops of your voices! We get the impression that perhaps the neighbours have us mixed up with the centre of Fareham on a Saturday night. Especially since no noise complaints have been made to the local authorities in the 9 years we have operated at St Margaret's lane! We see no reason why this would change particularly as there are no extra parking spaces available at our site so risk of increased traffic fro there..( in fact there will be less as there will be no traffic from our industrial neighbours!) Patrons would come and leave as quickly and quietly as they always have done even those using our park and drive scheme who can wait in the foyers and bars until the buses are available to pick them or their drivers up. But obviously our patrons cannot be guaranteed to do.this.Perhaps we should hand a gag out with every ticket! SETTING We are likely to be told that the setting of the building we are proposing is not in keeping with the area. We believe it is self evident that turning a rundown 1960s warehouse into a new theatre which will look like a modern day globe can only be an improvement to the area. We have already made the lane look so much better with the new frontage and the rest of the building which cannot be seen from the lane but only from the A27 will further improve the area. Yes the building will be higher but this will not be seen from the neighbours in the lane since the angle of vision is too close or obscured by bushes. Clearly officials or Councillors haven't got an an ounce of design knowledge between them to recognise this. Nonetheless they are allowed to pontificate what we propose is not acceptable to the neighbours and essentially to all those hundreds of fleeting cars who will look at the building on the A27! Frankly neighbours should be giving us money for increasing the value of their properties by getting rid of an unsightly factory. One has only to look at the size of the Estee Lauder building at Kites Croft now shrouded by trees to know that this is a complete whitewash of an argument. It is a sad situation when a Local and County Council Authority are willing to forego a £3.6m input into what is already a thriving Community Arts centre in order to safeguard an ailing and failing council run white elephant on the say so of less than 500 people who responded to their miserable survey . Both FBC and HCC are still in complete denial of what many academics and leading authorities are saying . That is- that William Shakespeare definitely spent time in Titchfield (not Fareham) and instead of celebrating this fact by allowing a first rate world beating theatre to flourish they would rather plough millions into their Arts black spot (The Arts Councils words not ours)
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  • Save former Friends School for community opportunity & education. Protect the buildings & trees
    Friends School was very kindly bequeathed by local man George Gibson 'for the education and benefit of the community' Saffron Walden has a desperate shortage of both sports facilities and other public open space, and so it is important that these are protected. Last year, in response to widespread public concerns, the Town Council made its position clear in writing in relation to the developer's proposal to build on the former Friends School. Development of new homes on the site of the former Friends School is against both national and local planning policy and therefore should be rejected. All of the playing fields and other open spaces, as well as the sports hall and swimming pool, are specifically protected unless replacement facilities are provided that are at least as good in terms of location, quality and quantity. This planning application (Ref: UTT/19/1744/OP ) does not comply with these requirements, so the Town Council’s position has not changed. It is disappointing that the public consultation for this planning application is during the summer holidays (when many people are away) and the deadline is coming up very soon. The Planning Committee meet on the 4th of September) Public comments can sent to Uttlesford District Council. via email [email protected], via Uttlesford District Council online planning portal, or else via letter (several can be delivered in one envelope) Comments need to give Ref: UTT/19/1744/OP and It's helpful to give reason/s for objecting.
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    This is important because it is ruining the biggest and the best sport in the world. It is ruining it because fans don’t even know when to celebrate. For example, Manchester City vs Tottenham. In the UCL, where tensions are the highest, no one realised that the player was offside which is the referees fault for not realising and the players fault for not calling it. I know it makes the game more fair but it also slows the game down tremendously which is unfair for people who buy the ticket just to go watch referees decide whether that was a penalty or not. Also, it takes away the atmosphere factor in the game as it slows the game down so much. For example, there were more penalties in the 2018 World Cup than any other World Cup, which resulted it in being more boring as it took too much time out of the game looking at VAR. Right now, football is trying to counter that by not listening to every VAR call which is very unfair. For example, Tottenham VS Manchester City, the referee didn’t review the city player being fouled in the box but reviewed the slight handball later on. If You want football to return the way it was sign this petition. If you have PASSION and If you have LOVE for the game then you would sign this petition to remove VAR or make it better. Thank you for reading through this
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  • Complete Footpath From New Cumnock To Cumnock
    This is the link between New Cumnock and the main town, Cumnock. The path was constructed after a man was fatally injured on this stretch. As it is quite a level section it would help able bodied, disable, sight impaired people to both exercise and commute in safety. Many cannot afford to commute by bus for groceries etc.
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  • Amazon - play fair with TheGivingMachine Charity
    Amazon partners with thousands of other websites and businesses and pay sales commissions for the sales that generates for them. Their standard rates start around 5% and go up to 11%. https://affiliate-program.amazon.co.uk/help/operating/schedule When TheGivingMachine.co.uk first started working with Amazon, they paid us the standard rates but for some reason, they didn't like the fact that we gave away our income to schools, other charities and community groups all across the UK. Amazon cut our % from 5% to 3% and then more recently to 1%. This is an unfair business practice and we need your help to get that changed. Please sign up and help Amazon understand that this is wrong and they should restore this vital income to thousands of great causes across the UK. Why does this matter? Over £400,000 in charitable income has been lost so far and this affects thousands of smaller organisations, many too small to be charities, across the UK but serving some of the most vulnerable. It is wrong that "for profit" businesses can make at least 5x as much income from Amazon than we can - all because we want to make the world a better place. Thank you Richard Morris co-founder and CEO TheGivingMachine TheGivingMachine is a registered charity (1159320) and a company limited by guarantee (09017447 England) Correspondence Address: 49a The Shearers, Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire CM23 4AZ Registered Address: 14a Grange Park, Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire CM23 2HX
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  • Ofcom: Put wellbeing of TV show participants first
    Reality TV shows are putting people at risk. Broadcasters are sacrificing the mental health and wellbeing of their participants and countless reality TV stars have spoken out saying that their participation in shows have left them feeling vulnerable, and battling mental health issues. It’s costing lives. This year the Jeremy Kyle Show was taken off air after the tragic death of show participant Steve Dymond. And in March Love Island star Mike Thalassitis was the second cast member of the show to die by sucicide following the death in June 2018 of Sophie Gradon, who appeared on Love Island the previous year. In response to the huge public outcry following these deaths, media regulator Ofcom has proposed new safeguards to protect reality TV stars. Under the new rules, British TV and radio stations will be explicitly required to protect the “welfare, wellbeing and dignity” of individuals who take part in their programmes. But broadcasters are pushing back against any regulations that might hurt their ratings - and we need to make sure that Ofcom stay true to their commitment and introduce new rules to protect the wellbeing of reality tv show participants.
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  • A petition for the preservation of the Manchester International Society
    The University of Manchester has one of the largest international student communities in the UK. The International Society, previously housed in the beautiful and spacious William Kay House on Oxford Road, where it hosted events and activities for the international community, has long been a major part of the student experience in Manchester for many international students. In 2016, the University reviewed its support for international students and concluded its preferred strategy is to fund only one organisation to support its many international students. Consequently, it decided that, from 31 July 2019 onwards, direct University funding of the International Society will stop and be diverted to the Student Union instead. As a result, the Society has had to vacate its previous premises and has relocated to the Student Union building, and the Society’s Small World Café, one of the main meeting points for Manchester’s international community, had to be closed. For the time being, it seems the Society will remain a separate charity entity operating from the Student Union premises. However, given the limited space allocated in the Union building and the future uncertainty, this petition calls on all individuals who have enjoyed and benefitted from the programmes of the International Society, to highlight the importance of the existence of an independent International Society for our university community and international community. This petition thus seeks to draw attention to the University management board, and calls for the guaranteed continuation of all the long-running events and activities that the International Society has been able to host throughout its years, which have been a major part of the student experience in Manchester for many international students, including myself. In my personal experience, as an international student, half-German and half-Japanese, born in the UK but raised in various countries, the International Society acted as a home-away-from-home, as it provided a warm and welcoming space for international and British students and staff, as well as members of the local community, to come together and connect with people from every corner of the world. Popping in to meet familiar or new faces, to have a coffee, to play piano, or to work on language skills– the International Society always provided a welcoming and inspiring cross-cultural atmosphere none of the single-country Student Union societies were able to offer. Besides the many language classes, trips, cultural workshops and families groups the Society has been hosting for years, exemplary of this was the "International 16" project which I was predominantly involved in during my past 3 years at our university. It included a series of events to encourage students, staff and all community members to come together in a welcoming place to meet new people and learn about different cultures through cuisine and activities, thereby enriching our cultural awareness and appreciation. Previously supported by all three universities in Manchester (UoM, MMU and the University of Salford), through these activities and events, the Society has thus been positively contributing to community cohesion, and has celebrated cultural diversity since 1966. Run by international staff and volunteers themselves, the Society does an outstanding job at understanding and meeting the needs and wishes of our university’s international community, and as an international student far away from home, it is beautiful to see an entire entity dedicated to the wellbeing of internationals as its top priority and purpose. To sum up, looking back on the International Society as one of the fondest university experiences for many, including myself, this petition strives to ensure that future students, as well as the wider (international) community of The University of Manchester, will be able to continue to enjoy the International Society too.
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  • Save our Librarians* - No Closure by Stealth
    Having been reassured during July, when the leader of Essex County Council, David Finch, publicly announced that no libraries would close in the next 5 years, the truth came out at the Cabinet meeting. We now know that Essex County Council wants its libraries to be run by volunteers in community buildings. They have asked for groups to put in expressions of interest in running the libraries and have promised the miserly sum of £18,000 over 3 years to resource them. So dedicated library buildings will go, as will the store of books, computers, resources and trained staff. In will come well meaning volunteers working from a shared venue, where there will be no computers and books will need to be packed away at the end of the session. Librarians presently employed by the council, will either be redeployed or lose their jobs. Of the libraries threatened with closure, we know that some 80 groups have expressed an interest in running them. These are developers, parish councils, churches etc, but ALL will be run by volunteers in a non dedicated building. Very little funding will be available with just 250 books per community library, changed every 12 weeks and the hours of opening will be dictated by whenever the community building and volunteers are available. However good the volunteers are they cannot replicate the skill, expertise and professionalism of the present paid library staff. So we ask you to sign our petition to Save our Librarians and ensure that Essex County Council continues to provide the library service which it is legally obliged to. Essex needs fully staffed libraries. The people of Essex have and continue to pay for this service. They deserve a properly funded, properly resourced and properly staffed local library. You can find out more here: https://38d.gs/essex-libraries https://www.facebook.com/SaveOurLibrariesEssex/
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  • Roy Hudd to be Knighted
    Roy Hudd OBE has been entertaining for 63 years. His career has covered all genres and comedy and laughter has featured heavily. He has worked hard to raise money for many charities.
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  • Let's make Birstall safer!
    The A6/Loughborough Road in Birstall has seen a tremendous increase in traffic flow. This is due to the A46 junction, the introduction of the Park and Ride, and massive housing development seen primarily in Birstall, but also in the surrounding areas of Rothley, Thurcaston, Mountsorrel, Syston and Quorn. It also one of the few residential areas that does not have any form of speed regulation. Consequently, outside of peak times the majority of traffic along this stretch travels at speeds well in excess of the 40mph limit. This is a particular problem in the evening and into the early hours of the morning, when vehicles have a free rein to speed without the risk of being caught. Construction lorries and freight trucks are a grave danger from the early hours of the day; their high speeds also add to noise pollution levels. Despite the increase in traffic, there has been very little done to maintain the A6/Loughborough Road, and this requires review. The introduction of noise reducing tarmac would decrease some of the sound and reverberation that residents living on, and around this stretch of road endure. Furthermore, the speed limit should be reduced to reflect the fact that the A6 is, in fact, a residential area with a playing field/park, children's nurseries and school along its route. Action is required to improve the road surface to reduce noise and reverberation. A reduction in the speed limit to 30mph should be introduced, from entry to Birstall at the Red Hill roundabout, to the junction at the A46. Speed monitoring equipment should also be installed to deter speeding drivers and to punish those making the road a danger. Please now sign on two other important issues for Birstall. 1) A new health and leisure centre for Birstall, see petition: Let's improve Birstall's health and wellbeing. 2) Improvement of Birstall's environment, see petition: Let's make Birstall beautiful again! Please share with your family and friends. Thankyou!
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