• Save our Libraries Essex (SOLE)
    Essex County Council have announced plans to close 25 libraries and to turn a further 19 over to be run by local communities to save money. My local library, in West Mersea, employs 2 people for 21 hours a week. Not only will they lose their jobs if these closures go ahead, but so will all the staff at the threatened 44 libraries. My library is thriving. It is always busy with people of all ages reading newspapers and periodicals, borrowing books, DVDs and CDs, accessing the internet, researching their family ancestry and speaking to others. Libraries are fantastic assets to the community and need to be saved. No libraries in Essex should be closed or downgraded to being run by volunteers The elderly population of Essex need these libraries. Many do not have computers and some of them may not speak to anyone else in their day. We need local libraries in local communities which can be accessed on foot or bike, by all sections of society. Please think again before implementing these closures.
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  • Save Cole Thomson
    Cole Thomson is only 6 years old and has uncontrolled focal epilepsy of which he has now become drug resistant. He has tried 16 different types of medication and had his first brain surgery when he was only 2 years old. To date nothing has been able to stop his seizures. Unfortunately there has been a steady decline in his health since May this year. Coles speech, vision, movement and memory are all continuing to deplete and he has also developed Todd Paralysis, which is extremely distressing for his 9 year old brother Dylan when he takes an attack as well as his parents, grandparents, other family members and especially 6 year old Cole himself. Currently the next step in Scotland is invasive testing, which for Cole would potentially be in the first quarter of 2019. He has a 1 in 100 chance of not surviving the operation, to see if he is a suitable candidate for further exploratory brain surgery. We are looking for your help to enable a step in between which could negate the need for surgery by allowing him legal access to cannabis based medicine. After speaking to Coles mum we became increasingly concerned at the amount of unlicensed, untested products being offered to her on the black market to apparently “help Cole”. Coles parents are unwilling to take the risk with any of these products. This does not take away from the fact that they’ve been offered unlicensed products by numerous different sellers and shows that currently there is a market feeding off of the fears of vulnerable families, who are desperately looking for answers to improve their children’s quality of life or indeed save it. We are looking to support the family by putting a campaign forward to you The Scottish Government to enable Cole to gain legal access to prescription cannabis based medicine. This would be the step before invasive surgery which would give him the opportunity to try a more natural drug which has a very high success rate for children like Cole all over the world. Please support our campaign to Save Cole Thomson by allowing him to get prescription cannabis based medicine.
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  • All4 back to Freesat
    To ensure All4 is inclusive and available to all the population and does not exclude those who cannot receive it by other means.
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  • Killen area, Demand we get the correct signage and spelling
    As you can understand we all have had a beloved family member or friend who has sadly passed away in the Killen Coalisland area, You may have seen the signage has recently been changed in our area as Killeen, this might not make a big difference to you now but what about or family/friends headstones with the correct spelling (Killen) the impact so far has changed Bus names, Signage, Satnav's, Google services, Royal mail, electoral register, Credit reporting, council information, We need to stand up and become one voice, Fight for the right to have our area spelt correctly (KILLEN). Royal mail has advised they will update the address if enough people sign the campaign which will force others to take action. Royal Mail will right to everyone in the area to obtain a vote. Please stand up for our area and demand a change. I have lived here for 30 years and the area has always been spelt Killen, do a quick google check on Lakeview Park Killen and click images you will see everyone spells it correctly as KILLEN
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  • Save Welshpool Library
    The County Council wish to relocate the library to the museum, which is half the size and result in the downgrading of both services. Welshpool Library is purpose built in a central location which is convenient for all. It has parking spaces and is instantly recognisable. In the proposed location, it would house less than half the current bookstock, and there is very little space for children's storytimes and activities. The Museum would be squeezed into an upstairs space and jobs would be lost.
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  • Acklam Village License Amendment Petition
    Simply, these constraints are putting yet another Portobello institution at risk as sales have dropped because, most people want to buy their lunch from a stall, get a drink from the bar and sit down and relax in the open air child friendly zone. Unfortunately, at present they would be unable to purchase an alcoholic drink outside and drink it open-air so, they go elsewhere. This restriction has not been applied to any of the pubs in the area-few of which field live music all day for free and many of which are far more expensive than Acklam and not child friendly. So, what we are asking for is a license amendment that allows us the right to serve drinks in the bars at Bay 57.58 and the Market Area till 7pm. It’s not a lot to ask.
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    Essex County Council have announced a list of 44 libraries across the county which are at risk of closing down including 4 in Tendring. Libraries are a part of the fabric of our local community which have provided generations of families with access to literature, education, knowledge, learning and support. Libraries are an essential part of public services just like Schools, and Hospitals enabling poor children from disadvantaged families to access information, knowledge and skills to give them a decent chance in life. Libraries are fantastic assets to the community and need to be saved for future generations. https://www.essexlive.news/news/essex-news/future-every-library-essex-revealed-2221093
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  • Open a new homeless shelter on Morley Street, Brighton
    The building will make a big advance towards ending rough sleeping in Brighton & Hove by 2020 and be self-financing with housing benefits and volunteers. The building at 1-2 Morley Street, known as 'PsychoSocial', is currently unoccupied, meaning it would be easy for the council to purchase. It is also in a great location, as it is close to an excellent health centre, thereby lightening the load on A&E at the hospital. We've had two major successes so far in improving and increasing the amount of night shelters for Brighton's homeless. First of all in 2017, we won a campaign for Brighton and Hove Council to commit to opening night shelters for rough sleepers. Then we won a campaign for Brighton and Hove Council to have shelters open 365 days a year. These achievements only cam after thousands of us signed a petition. Brighton Centre should be open this November (2018) but by the middle of winter users will have to relocate to other venues. Now, we need a permanent shelter for Brighton's homeless, and Morley Street is the perfect location.
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    Huncoat Colliery is one of the best places in Hyndburn to see butterflies, wildflowers and other wildlife. Since the Colliery stopped operating in the 1960s, the land has been reclaimed by nature and is now a haven for wildlife. Although classed as brownfield land, Huncoat Colliery is more like a nature reserve. 21 butterfly species are present at Huncoat Colliery, 13 of which are in decline, including 2 species classed as a priority in the UK Biodiversity Action Plan (Small Heath and White-letter Hairstreak). Butterflies are attracted to Huncoat Colliery by large areas of wildflowers, including stunning patches of wild orchids. Huncoat Colliery is an accessible site which gives local people easy access to nature, as well as providing educational interest. Sadly, Huncoat Colliery has been earmarked for housing development. This could be terrible news for local biodiversity, as we stand to lose an area rich in wildlife at a time when it’s more important than ever to protect the precious habitat we have left. This site has the potential to be a destination and a contribution to tourism in the Borough.
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  • Re-think the Stoke Park path
    Many users of Stoke Park value it as our little slice of 'countryside' in what is an ever-increasingly developed area of Bristol. We don't want that green space criss-crossed with wide modern tracks. We are concerned that this path will be the first of many, and will lead to the urbanisation of Stoke Park as the council seeks to turn it into a “destination park” (words they have used to describe their longer term aims). There is a valid argument for providing some form of improved access to the park for those people with mobility issues, or for parents with buggies and/or toddlers. However, if this is to happen then it should cause the absolute minimum of visual impact via a different route (i.e. not their proposed routes) and provide the added benefit of linking up to the existing woodland paths, to maximise the benefit to those users. We feel that the council have presented their idea and consultation in a very steered way in order to single-mindedly pursue what they want, and are concerned that transport mitigation money is being used in this way. Although the council have consulted on their specific route proposal, they could of/should have engaged with the community much earlier in the process, to seek ideas about where any path should go and what it should achieve. We are therefore expressing that we object to the council's proposed path and the consultation process which they are using to support it. See an alternative proposal that some local community members of Friends of Stoke Park came up with - https://www.facebook.com/stokeparkpath/ Council proposal for 'active travel connection' - https://travelwest.info/projects/stoke-park-accessible-path-proposal
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  • Offer Asia Bibi asylum in the uk
    Everyone should have the right to freedom of speech and for the ruling of a fair trial to be upheld against objections based on extremism/hate and free from oppression/fear of reprisals from hardline/extremist groups. The court and judiciary should be kept independent and free of pressure from outside influences, be they political, religious or other.
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  • Retain our membership of UNESCO
    Living in Norwich, England's first Unesco city of literature, I was appalled to read about our possible withdrawal from Unesco in an article today ('The UK's withdrawal from Unesco is historical and cultural vandalism', Emily Thornberry, The Guardian 13/11/2018). At a time when our need to collaborate and co-operate is greater than ever, as is the need '...to build peace though international co-operation in education, science and culture' (Unesco.org), I am shocked and concerned at this decision. Many of us will have visited some of the 31 Unesco World Heritage Sites in the UK (perhaps without even realising it) and its successes and priorities are surely worth our involvement.
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